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Monday, July 24, 2017

 have shut-down a group called "Oatmeal English" because this person linked to my website.


facebook claim there is a malicious link on my site when people try to post any link from my domain name, this is 100% false I have asked facebook to provide me this link URL, which they have not, because they can't 

I also have a button on my facebook page which links to my domain name, this also gives a message saying my site has a malicious link if anyone clicks it, I am not able to remove or edit this button, Facebook simply does not allow me to  

This is just more facebook Censorship of a website, what Facebook is doing is the true definition of defamation

Please share this post to any and all your social media accounts and forums etc.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

New website update is being implemented as a result some things may be turned off and not functional until it is fully rolled out.

  • New website layout to use full screen and auto adjust to fit on resize
  • Added Search ability for Memes, Videos, resources and my posts
  • a new blogging feature to group related videos and stories into a single item
  • Favourites for people to save items (signed in users only)
  • Twitter campaigns to share items you like and getting your followers to help you get the message you want out
  • Memes and videos organised into new menu system and with more human readable friendly URL's
  • Ability to add badges to Twitter profile images/avatars
  • Coming soon a tool to tell you if your Twitter account is being "Shadow Banned"

New text chat and voice conference server (free) 

  • New text chat and voice conference server being set-up to discuss issues away from Twitter and Facebook
  • New website to list "Bot" commands for the text chat and voice conference server

New features for use in debate

  • 16 searchable translations of the Quran with the ability to share the verses as auto generated memes
  • Return of the latest terrorist attacks also searchable by auto generated memes
  • Access to the latest terrorist news items to share
  • New definitions section which are also shareable by auto generated memes