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Bob Woodward Blasts Media "Smugness" on Trump

In a conversation with Axios' Mike Allen, veteran journalist Bob Woodward criticized the media for its "smugness" when reporting on President Trump. Allen asked Woodward to comment on a statement he…

Harvard Library Waived Overdue Fees to Avoid Stressing Students Out

Harvard’s library waived their overdue book fee since it would stress students out. Huh?!

Number of Venezuelans Seeking Asylum in America Jumps 160% as Country is Starving

Once an example of South American democracy and economic success, due to the democratic freedoms its citizens once enjoyed along with the oil riches of the country, Venezuela is now staring at an…

CNN: Hillary Clinton's Email Problem was Bigger than Everyone Thought

Well, everyone in the liberal media thought it was not as big of an issue, as did the Hillary Clinton campaign. But conservatives, conservative media and the Trump campaign felt the e-mail scandal…

Liberal Media Spreads 'Fake News' about Ivanka Trump, World Bank Fund

The 'fake news' parade by the liberal media continues, this time about President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka. Ivanka was present at a meeting with the World Bank, where people pledged to donate to…

Princeton University Held Hispanics-Only Graduation Ceremony

Princeton held a Hispanics-only graduation for graduates of the Carl A. Fields Center for Equality and Cultural Understanding.

Fox News Retracts Seth Rich-DNC Emails-Murder Story

The story around Seth Rich, a Democratic National Committee worker who was shot dead in Washington, D.C., became a conspiracy theory. Some surmised that he was the staffer who leaked e-mails to…

Harvard Report: President Trump 'Received Unsparing Coverage' by the Media, Mostly Negative

Liberals might yawn at the prospect of yet another study showing overwhelming media bias against a Republican president but this report does not come from a right-wing think tank. Instead, it comes…

Liberal Media Continues to Publish Fake News about President Trump

The Federalist did a great review of thirteen 'fake news' stories that the liberal mainstream media had published as real news. It's worth a read, ranging from an alleged 'bromance' (i.e. a friendly,…

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