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Today we discuss what happened in Manchester and what will happen moving forward. We also touch on Trump's Middle East visit and other topics related to the President.

The Bias Buzz Podcast: Liberal Media Hearsay and Finger Pointing Galore! by Accuracy In Media

Cave's Corner Podcast: Press Still Going Overboard? by Accuracy In Media

Macron absolutely crushed Le Pen in the French Election, so what exactly does that mean for France going forward?

Jerry and Bill dive into the what Meet the Press is all about and scrutinize the show unlike anybody else.

How much of a joke has the WH Correspondents Dinner become? Is the media only trying to tear down Trump without any reason to? What are they fishing for?

Has Trump crossed a line with his so-called bullying of Obama? How come Obama didn't get called out for constantly blaming Bush for everything?

Is there a double-standard with the treatment of Fox compared to liberal networks and talking heads like Anderson Cooper and Chris Matthews?

What exactly is going on with United States-North Korean relations? What does the referendum mean for Turkey? Don and Brian discuss this and much more on this week's edition of The Bias Buzz!

Jerry and Bill discuss what is going on in the White House right now, and more important topics like North Korea and Syria.

Syria and Gorsuch and Bannon, Oh My!
Wednesday, April 12, 2017

This week we discuss the Syria bombings, Gorsuch being sworn in, and Bannon being ousted.

What ramifications does voting for Gorsuch have? What impact will the nuclear option? We discuss this and much more this week in the Bias Buzz podcast! If you want to see Brian and Don on Youtube here is the link: https://youtu.be/WffOtT3FViE

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