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Obama Administration Knowingly Let Illegal Immigrants From Deadly MS-13 Gang Into U.S.

The Obama Administration really cared about permitting illegal immigrants who were criminals into the U.S. Right.

Brigitte Gabriel

We don't need to isolate ourselves from the entire world, just from you.

Brigitte Gabriel

"We are seeing a rise in Female Genital Mutilation and Honor Killing in the West"

Were MS-13 gang members released into US communities? Senator demands answers

At least 16 self-proclaimed MS-13 gang members were transferred out of federal custody and into community placement centers across the country during the border surge in unaccompanied children from Central America in 2014, according to a new letter from the Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Secu...

BOOM! Alan Dershowitz Throws Down on Idiots Who Blame Poverty for Terrorism...

"This is about a culture and ideology that supports [terror] from the very top down..."

'Speak for yourself'! Linda Sarsour's post-Manchester plea is as hollow as it gets

"This, from one of the most-hate filled individuals around."

WISE UP, UK! Manchester Bomber's FAMILY Has Terrorist Ties...

Wow, it's like a family history of KNOWN violence...

Nigel Farage

The BBC says Europe must get used to terrorist attacks. I say NEVER. Share if you agree!

Manchester: Europe Still 'Shocked, Shocked'

After hearing of the Manchester terrorist attack, politicians once more communicated their by now old-routine of "shock" and "grief" at the predictable outcome of their own policies. Most dumbfounding of all, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that she

Brigitte Gabriel

Katy Perry, Useful Idiot For Radical Islam


What should the Government's response be to the Manchester attack? Nigel Farage is taking your calls.

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