Monitoring international airstrikes against ISIL etc in Iraq, Syria and Libya. Tracking civilian casualties. Archiving war reports. And counting the numbers

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Claims by America's Coalition allies to have caused no civilian harm are shown to be false - yet none will accept liability

Civilians are at increased risk of harm from US airstrikes under President Trump, months of data indicate

In its third year as part of the Coalition bombing campaign, Australia is finally releasing regular logs of its airstrikes in Iraq and Syria.

Among the dead in Iraq and Syria are more than 1,4000 named civilian victims of likely Coalition airstrikes. Airwars looks at the stories of some of those individuals

Airwars researcher Shihab Halep was bombed out of his Aleppo home by the regime. He shares his harrowing story of what it is like to flee under bombardment.

A new analysis of Coalition reports shows that strike locations may be as many as 90 kilometers or more from where they are listed — a serious concern for investigators.

The US-led Coalition has unleashed devastating firepower on so-called Islamic State over 1,000 days. But at what cost?

Both Aleppo and Raqqa have seen heavy assaults backed by international airpower in recent months. So why is media coverage so different for these two bombed cities?

Belgium and the Netherlands paint a sterile picture of war for home audiences. As our Amsterdam-based researcher reports, this jars with reported realities from the battlefield

The bloody battle to capture West Mosul has reportedly cost thousands of civilian lives. Airwars researcher Latif Habib asks: what went wrong?

The Coalition tells Airwars its goal is 'zero civilian casualties' in Iraq and Syria. But monitors, analysts and NGOs paint a different picture.

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