American Defence League

We are Americans United Against the Infiltration of Islam. We Stand Together as One United Voice Against Sharia Law. With Our Lives, We Stand Upon the Walls of Our Beloved Republic and Guard the Gates of Freedom. May Our Lord Guide Our Endeavor.

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U.S. Armed Forces - We Must Fight - President Reagan (HD) 2013

JOIN AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT: ******* Support Wounded Canadian Soldiers - Facebook ******* http://www.facebook.com/groups/70038643684/10151700044903685/?notif_...

Tommy Robinson's press conference on resigning from the EDL.

Broadcast on Sky News - October 8th 2013. Sky coverage of a segment of a joint press conference between the former leaders of the EDL, Tommy Robinson and Kev...

Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll Resign as Leaders of the English Defence League (EDL)

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer Also Break Ties With the EDL by, Pamela Geller | Atlas Shrugs Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll are announcing their departure from the English Defence League...

Madison Rising: The Star Spangled Banner

This is the Greatest Country on Earth! To the men and women who fought before us and who will stand up after us, I say thank you. ... Thank you to all of the...

American Defence League (ADL)

Until we are safe from Islam... Islam will not be safe from us

EDL leader interviewed by Andrew Neil on Sunday Politics (16Jun13)

The leader of the English Defence League (EDL) talks about the party's supporters and attitude to Muslims. Recorded from BBC Sunday Politics, 16 June 2013.

Video Footage of the Assault on Tommy Robinson and Subsequent Arrest

Tommy Robinson is assaulted while walking with Kev Carrol, right in front of the police. Police then stop Tommy and Kev, surround them and arrest them for no reason. No reason except British comp...

Breaking News: Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carrol Arrested on Way to Woolwich

by, Schuyler Montague We have just received word that Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carrol of the English Defence League were both arrested on their way to Woolwich to lay flowers at the site whe...

In Loving Memory of Lee Rigby

by, Schuyler Montague Our hearts and our prayers are with the family and friends of the honorable Lee Rigby and all of the citizens of England. I assure you that your loss is Heaven's gain....

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