American Defence League

We are Americans United Against the Infiltration of Islam. We Stand Together as One United Voice Against Sharia Law. With Our Lives, We Stand Upon the Walls of Our Beloved Republic and Guard the Gates of Freedom. May Our Lord Guide Our Endeavor.

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10 January 2013 1630 hours Subject: EMERGENCY RESPONSE DIRECTIVE Petitioner (‘s): American Defence League (ADL) – United Coalition of Infidels (UCI) – (+) 17 Additional Organizations Respondent (‘s): Mr. Abu Dharr Azzam, Mr. Anjem Choudary, Taliban Pakistan, Taliban Foreign Legion and All Others The American Defence League (ADL) has received word of the announcement of […]

A Request to All Current ADL Members:
Saturday, December 22, 2012
We recently updated our Security System to a state of the art InfoSec. Encryption Network. The previous encrypted files containing our members contact information cannot be transferred over to the new system. This is a built-in security feature. We are requesting that all current members of the American Defence League (ADL) Please go under […]

19 November 2012 2230 hours Subject: EMERGENCY RESPONSE DIRECTIVE Petitioner (‘s): The American Defence League (ADL) (and) The United Coalition of Infidels Respondent (‘s): Mr. Anjem Choudary The American Defence League (ADL) has received word of the intended announcement of a fatwa on Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan who is currently […]

Sean Smith, left, and Glen Doherty died in the recent attacks on the U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi, Libya. Tyrone Woods, former Navy SEAL commando working as a diplomatic security officer Chris Stevens, US Embassador to Libya – This is an open letter to those heroes who recently gave their lives in Benghazi, […]

Proclamation of Declaration of War
Wednesday, September 12, 2012
11 September 2012 2130 hrs. Declaration of War We, the citizens of the Free and Independent Republic of America do hereby announce on this 11th day of September, 2012, on the 21st and one-half hour, a pronouncement and acknowledgement of a Declaration of War against Islam. We, the citizens of the Free and […]

To Whom it May Concern;
Friday, September 7, 2012
Many before us have fought for our freedoms… and, many before us have died for our rights… Many before us have shed their blood… and, many before us have given their lives. Do you really think WE will ever allow this to be taken from us…?? You better think twice ! […]

They counted on us to be silent… they counted on us to be passive… and, they counted on us to submit. Well, They Counted Wrong !! We Seek A Constitutional Free Republic… FREE of SHARIA LAW ~ FREE of ISLAM ~ FREE of MUSLIMS !!! WE SUPPORT the EXPORTATION of ISLAM — […]


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