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The clip above went viral on Facebook in Sweden, 2 million views in 24 hours. A lot of people are baffled at how cowardly the police are. Well, let me explain something about Sweden and put this into context. In 2015 two security guards apprehended two young immigrants whose age is uncertain. The mainstream-media insisted … Continue reading 5 Swedish cops fail to arrest 1 refugee

The Truth About YouTubes Demise
Monday, March 27, 2017
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This video perfectly summarizes everything that’s going wrong with YouTube lately, and where the site is headed in the future. It’s not about left VS right. All kinds of political channels are being censored through “restricted mode” and having their content demonetized, as well as channels that only deal with entertainment. While both left-wing and … Continue reading The Truth About YouTubes Demise

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The Government of Sweden released an article in English attempting to repair the image of Sweden abroad. Let’s go through some of their statements and take a look at how they might be problematic. My sources are hyperlinked so just click the coloured words to reach them. Claim: “Sweden had its first islamic terrorist attack not … Continue reading Sweden’s Government Isn’t Entirely Honest

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Here’s a question to all of you who mocked Donald Trump, because “nothing happened” on the 17th of February – which was referred to as #LastNightInSweden. Did you miss that a gold-store got robbed by three men wielding kalashnikovs? They rammed a car into the store and pulled out automatic weapons, it looked like a … Continue reading #LastNightInSweden – Armed Robbery with Kalashnikovs

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Aftonbladet is probably the biggest newspaper in Sweden. When Donald Trump mentioned what happened “last night in Sweden” they were quick to mock him, and soon followed up with a serious article attempting to debunk Ami Horowitz documentary Stockholm Syndrome. It’s just a shame it’s full of fallacies. Let’s begin. Claim: “Weapons crime and rapes … Continue reading No, Fox News and Trump aren’t lying about Sweden

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Sweden recently came in the spotlight when minister Isabella Lövin mocked Donald Trump. This picture was widely praised online and became international news when Huffington Post, BBC, The Guardian, and even Miley Cyrus picked this up and celebrated it as a feminist action. And of course Swedish media went crazy over this international recognition as well. The … Continue reading Trump mockery goes viral, but Lövin is a hypocrite

The nazi punch that echoed around the world
Saturday, January 28, 2017
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Alt-right leader Richard Spencer got punched on live TV: I’m so tired of seeing people celebrate this retarded stunt. First of all, I can’t believe the amount of people cheering over a sucker punch. Quite possibly the most cowardly way you can attack someone, and people let their morals out the window as soon as … Continue reading The nazi punch that echoed around the world

No, Angry Foreigner is Not Alt-Right
Sunday, December 4, 2016
I do not consider myself alt-right, and I never have. I don’t even consider myself ordinary right-wing. Every political test I’ve done places me left of center, and although Im not interested in labeling myself politically it should at least give testament to people’s misconceptions of me. Ever since Hillary Clinton’s speech, all of a sudden … Continue reading No, Angry Foreigner is Not Alt-Right

Trolling as a political tool
Monday, November 28, 2016
I was reading this article about the alt-right, and I came across a piece about how trolling can be used as a political tool, that I found quite fascinating: ”On the personal side, these folks find trolling progressives online almost orgasmically cathartic; in the longer game, they believe that repeatedly poking communities of so-called “Social … Continue reading Trolling as a political tool

On the 6th of October the police sent extra units to Gotland in order to calm down furious Swedes, after a woman in a wheelchair was gangraped by 5 asylum seekers. The woman reportedly “broke down” after the horrible ordeal. On the 5th of October cirka 100 people demonstrated in support of the woman. According to … Continue reading Migrants raped woman in wheelchair – Swedes have had enough

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