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Director of Sharia Watch UK

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When things go wrong, that’s when leadership is both tested and defined. Only weeks after innocent people were murdered in Westminster, we have again in Britain have had our wayRead More...

FOI Request to West Midlands Police
Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Freedom of Information Request sent to West Midlands Police, February 28th 2016 Dear Sir/Madam, Having read some of the tweets posted by West Midlands Police (@WMPolice) recently, I would beRead More...

A lot has been written about the absurd “Women’s March” that took place in Washington recently. Feminists from across the world bravely came together to protest against a man whoRead More...

In August, two young friends from Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, were walking through the town when a group of men pulled up alongside them and ordered them to “get in the car”.Read More...

Email to Chief Constable Jeremy Graham, Barrow in Furness police, December 9th 2016 Dear Mr Graham, I am a freelance writer, researcher and campaigner and I am currently lookingRead More...

BBC – Tell the Truth About Sharia Law
Saturday, November 12, 2016
Please sign the petition to demand that the BBC provide full and honest coverage of sharia law in the UK. BBC Complaints PO Box 1922 Darlington, DL3 0URRead More...

Islam Kills Free Speech
Tuesday, November 1, 2016
Speech given at the Dangerous Words conference in Stockholm, October 2016 In 2016, we might assume that the most dangerous words we could utter would be words that are criticalRead More...

We live in an era of petitions. This is perhaps because old-school democracy is now so strictly controlled (i.e. over) that petitions give us a chance to feel as if we still have a voice. I have been sent a new petition and I understand entirely why people would expect me to support it – I do not. I respectfully disagree, quite profoundly. This particular change.org petition calls upon the BBC to stop “using the euphemistic ‘honour killings’ to describe murder”. To my mind, it’s about the only thing the BBC does right, particularly regarding anything related to the Religion of Peace. I would think that there are rather greater problems with the BBC than its accurate use of the term “honour killing”. That it consistently refers to pro-democracy activists as “far-right” is one I’d prefer to see challenged. The petition states the following; To use the term ‘honour killing’ when describing the murder of a family member – overwhelmingly females – due to the perpretrators’ believe [sic] that they have brought ‘shame’ on a family normalises murder for cultural reasons and sets it apart from other killings when there should be no distinction. Murder is murder, whether it be for cultural excuses

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