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Roll of Dishonour

The BBC can’t help itself….it just keeps on rolling with the anti-Western, anti-British narrative that serves up the endless stream of recruits to the Jihadi cause.

Barnett or Barnum?

If arrests are being made every day, if plots, radicalisation and attempts to head off to Syria are prevented every day, if bombs went off during Labour’s time in office…how is it ‘Prevent’ has failed and recent police cuts are to blame for the Manchester bomb?  How can a man who fought Gaddafi, his...


The Wall Street Journal tells us that Salman Abedi thought Muslims in Britain were ill-treated and that he became increasingly religious…


The New York Times was one of the rags that launched a highly critical attack on Trump claiming [probably falsely]  that he had disclosed intelligence from another country without permission thus putting operations at risk as well as further co-operation.

From Russia with Love

In testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, former CIA Director John Brennan refused to answer a question in an unclassified setting about whether the Russians possess damaging information on Hillary Clinton that was not revealed during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Burnham..slippery & two faced as ever

Burnham was on the Today show this morning, admirably he refused to be drawn into making a political statement despite Mishal Husain trying to coerce him to do so.   However that’s where the good news ended as he went in to a little rant about the bomber not being Muslim and that he didn’t represent...


True to form, the BBC Today programme was busy this morning making it clear that the real danger from the Jihad bombing of Manchester arena is  — yes, Islamophobia. They had an interview with a Muslim teacher from a girl’s school (sic) who warned us that one of her pupils (in Islamic veil) had been…...

All You Need Is Love

It didn’t take long for the BBC to marshal the troops gathering together a veritable army of voices ready to spin us the usual platitudes and lies.

Our Fault

Nicky Campbell & Co are at the scene and sounding very concerned, talking to relatives and locals, giving out phone numbers…how long before that turns to condemnation…of the security services, of British foreign policy…the bomber a victim of racism, marginalisation and Islamophobia?  Remember these…

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