Boycott Halal

The Boycott Halal Community will aim NOT TO BUY from any company or organisation that promotes or uses Halal products and services.

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Boycott Halal - UK

NOT TOO LATE TO COMPLAIN TO YOUR LOCAL MP if you are in Peterborough Area... Especially now at election Time! 'Cardea' South Peterborough halal poultry slaughterhouse proposal ... APRIL- MAY 2017 11 Apr 2017 - PROPOSED POULTRY FARM AND SLAUGHTERHOUSE at KINGS DELPH DROVE, FARCET, PETERBOROUGH for MR N HUSSAIN. https://parkfarmneighbourhoodwatch.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/cardea-halal-poultery-slaughterhouse.html

Chronological Evidence 2

Chronological evidence about how Muslims gangs - mainly Pakistani gangs have been exploiting young underage girls by grooming them as sex slaves.


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Boycott HALAL Pharmaceuticals, Vitamins & Health Products

Click 'LIKE' & note: Capsules are now halal gelatin from Ritually Slaughtered bi-products! Alcohol is forbidden, so surgical wipes, mouthwashes are changed

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