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A non-profit educational organization providing a platform for human rights activists and for challenging Islamic extremism through facts.

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Manchester and the Lies of the Palestinian President | Clarion Project

Clarion Project analyst Ryan Mauro on Fox speaks about Manchester, terror and how Palestinian Authority President Abbas lied to President Trump.

Troops on the Streets as UK Ups Threat Level to Critical | Clarion Project

Britain has increased the UK's threat level to critical, which means they suspect another terrorist attack may be imminent.

Iran is Now Pro-American? Ask the BBC | Clarion Project

BBC World News anchor Katty Kay worries that Trump's trip to Saudi Arabia, Israel with antagonize the "pro-American" Iranian regime.

White Supremacist Converts to Islam, Kills Nazi Friends | Clarion Project

An 18 year old former white supremacist in Florida converted to Islam and killed his neo-nazi roommates for insulting his new faith.

LIVE: 19 dead, 59 injured in Manchester explosion

Police confirm a number of deaths at the Manchester Arena in an incident they are treating as terrorism.

Fired Student Journalist Andy Ngo Reveals Inside Story | Clarion Project

Student journalist Andy Ngo was fired after reporting on an interfaith event at Portland State University.

Erdogan Thugs Attack Turkish Minority Protesters in DC | Clarion Project

Erdogan's thugs attack peaceful protesters in Washington, D.C. during Erdogan's visit with Trump. Protesters were from Turkey's oppressed minorities.

5 Things Trump Should Say in Saudi Arabia | Clarion Project

What Trump should say during his Islam speech in Saudi Arabia to assembled leaders of Muslim countries about stopping radical Islam.

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