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Many liberals are known for being soft on terrorism. They believe that attempting to prevent terrorism is racist and bigoted. As a result, they choose to risk the lives of others rather than detain dangerous people. Because of this, potential terrorists are let back out onto the streets. For example, a man recently called the […]The post Men Found With Weapons, Bomb-Making Supplies Let Free Of Charges After Threatening Local appeared first on Conservative Daily Post.

In a time where every political victory has an enormous strategic value, the Montana special election represented a significant moment in the U.S., given the fact that winning the House seat increases the hegemony of the candidate’s party in the state. And of course, considering that we’re in Trump’s era, this political event wasn’t a […]The post Democrat Takes A Stand On Fox News, Claims Huge Loss In Montana Is Actually A Gigantic Victory appeared first on Conservative Daily Post.

The Obama administration used a discredited dossier of baseless allegations as justification to launch an investigation into Donald Trump. Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey reported to Congress that the dossier was a motivating factor in the decision to start monitoring members of the Trump campaign. Obama’s good-guy persona is belied by his political machinations. […]The post Obama Officials, Top Spies Reviewed Trump Dossier To Use As Inspiration For Baseless FBI Probe appeared first on Conservative Daily Post.

Islamic terrorist Salman Albedi killed over 20 people in a suicide attack in Manchester, United Kingdom on May 22nd. However, instead of condemning the attack, the Muslim leaders in Manchester are crying over how unfair it is that people aren’t ignoring that it was a Muslim who committed the act. Fawzi Haffar, the trustee of […]The post Muslim Leaders Declare Islam Is Being Attacked, Refuse To Condemn Horrific U.K. Bombing appeared first on Conservative Daily Post.

When Ezra Schwartz, an American college student studying in Israel, was shot dead during a random terrorist attack, his mother grieved. But, when she found out that the Palestinian government is paying the killer a monthly stipend, she took her outrage to the United Nations. In 2015, Ezra Schwartz was an 18-year-old high school […]The post Son Shot Dead In Israel By Terrorist, Mother Outraged As She Finds Out What Palestine Gov. Is Doing appeared first on Conservative Daily Post.

The recent terrorist attack in Manchester has been front page news. This horrible crime sent shock waves around the world, and those in the local area are still trying to cope with the 22 lives that were lost. A news crew in Manchester set out to interview members of the community and stumbled upon something […]The post Islamic Woman Speaks Out Against Violence, Until Crowd Notices What She’s Wearing appeared first on Conservative Daily Post.

Lizeth Villanueva is a 7th grader at Lance Corporal Anthony Aguirre Junior High in Channelview, Texas. She received an award from her AVID class teacher but was not exactly happy over her “achievement.” The 13-year-old student had been given an award for being the “most likely to become a terrorist.” The girl and her mother […]The post Mother Outraged Over The “Award” Given To Her Daughter While AT School appeared first on Conservative Daily Post.

For many, childhood is a wonderful experience. It’s a time in a person’s life filled with wonder and excitement. But tragically, for some, being a child can be a living nightmare. For example, just recently, an elementary school teacher caught a student searching for porn on one of the school’s iPads. When she asked what […]The post 9-Year-Old Caught Searching Porn At School, After Teacher Asks Her Why Police Rush To The Scene appeared first on Conservative Daily Post.

The opioid epidemic in the United States is getting worse every day. In cities across America, some addicts are lucky enough to find help through treatment. The problem with some of these treatment centers is that many of the on-site counselors are in recovery themselves. While it may seem like the best person to help […]The post Crisis Spreads To Staff As 2 Counselors Found Dead, Rehab Clinic Takes Drastic Turn appeared first on Conservative Daily Post.

The Moonlight Bunny Ranch Brothel has been destroyed. Earlier this week a crazed man rammed a stolen 18-wheeler truck into the infamous Nevada bordello, causing at least a hundred thousand dollars worth of damage. Around 4 am Thursday morning Brian Brandt drove a stolen truck full-speed into the Bunny Ranch’s front door. He tried to […]The post Bunny Ranch Brothel Destroyed, Man Wearing Full Body Armor Uses Semi Truck To Perform Demo appeared first on Conservative Daily Post.

Kendall Fells would like you to believe he is an altruistic man who goes out and fights for what he believes in, those things that are just. What he does not want you to know is that he is being paid an extremely large sum for these battles, $146,000 just last year to be exact. […]The post Protester Ditches $15 Minimum Wage, Leader Of Chicago Riot Paid $146,000 By Generous Soros appeared first on Conservative Daily Post.

When faced with a serious illness for yourself or a loved one, many of us will do anything possible to find a cure. Most rely on doctors and hospitals to find treatment options, but others turn to the internet to do their research. With medical research taking place worldwide, it is not unusual to find […]The post Pakistani Man Used Refuge In America To Sell Ridiculous Product To Over 100,000, $12.8M Scam appeared first on Conservative Daily Post.

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