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Stunning news: Trump State Department opens the flood gates, refugee admissions will explode in coming weeks

Refugee Resettlement Watch, by Ann Corcoran on May 27, 2017: Betraying the voters who elected Donald Trump, the Department of State slipped the news to the contractors on Thursday who then slipped …

Ramadan begins with ambush slaughter of Egyptian Christians

Conservative Review, by Jordan Schachtel, May 26, 2017: The Muslim holy month of Ramadan began Friday with the attack of unidentified militants on a bus carrying Egyptian Coptic Christians. At leas…

The Manchester Bomber: Martyr or Murderer?

Crisis Magazine, by William Kirkpatrick, May 24 2017: The most radical part of President Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia was not the moment when he referred to “Islamic extremism” and “Islamic terro…

Unfinished Business: What it will take to make America safe again

Weekly Standard Magazine June 5th issue, by Thomas Joscelyn: Donald Trump is fond of claiming that his predecessor mismanaged America’s role in the world. “And I have to just say that t…

Analysis: UK investigating possible ‘network’ behind Manchester attack

Long War Journal, by Thomas Joscelyn, May 25, 2017: Note: This article was first published at the Weekly Standard. The investigation into the Manchester Arena bombing quickly turned to the possibil…

UTT Special Report: U.S. Submits to Islam

Understanding the Threat, by John Guandolo, May 25, 2017: Not understanding the Global Islamic Movement and what drives its actions is the reason America lost the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sin…

Bill Warner Moment: The Problem of Islamic Reform.

Published on May 23, 2017 by The Glazov Gang

Why Jihadis Attack Concerts: Understanding the Manchester Massacre

Published on May 23, 2017 by Acts17Apologetics On the four-year anniversary of the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby by two converts to Islam, a Muslim suicide bomber named Salman Abedi attacked …

The World Is Too Comfortable with Terror

Western countries would rather accept a certain level of threat than do what it takes to mitigate it. National Review, by David French, May 24, 2017: Make no mistake, there is an emerging bipartisa…

Drive them out: Time to deport known American jihadis

CJR: Listen to Phil Haney pointing out that the phrase “drive them out” appears in the Quran and has been used by jihadists to exhort Muslims to drive out the infidels. This phrase the…

Dershowitz: Terrorism Persists Because It Works

Gatestone Institute, by Alan M. Dershowitz, May 23, 2017: Every time a horrendous terrorist attack victimizes innocent victims we wring our hands and promise to increase security and take other nec…

Trump’s ‘Principled Realism’ Is Not Very Realistic about Islam

The principal fiction in the president’s speech in Saudi Arabia was the claim that we share ‘common values’ with the sharia society. National Review, by Andrew C. McCarthy, May 22, 2017: So for wha…

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