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Christian-conservative journalist, activist, speaker, and terrorism survivor who is internationally targeted by racist, hateful, intolerant, pro-Islam bigots.

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Written by Dom the Conservative for Mad World NewsDuring a protest at Berkeley a month ago, an Antifa college professor got away with brutally beating a peaceful Donald Trump supporter with a bike lock, leaving him with a gruesome gash in his head. However, as soon as he thought he was untouchable, the smug educator received a satisfying dose of karma when he answered a knock at his door. [...]

Written by Dom the Conservative for Mad World NewsWhen the student body president of a California high school created a video that Muslims found "insensitive," the school board immediately punished him by removing him from the position he earned. However, once his conservative mother heard about the retaliation, she did something that made the entire school district change their tune. [...]

Written by Dom the Conservative for Mad World NewsShortly after a jihadist bombed the Manchester Arena, killing 22, a fed-up Texas sheriff bucked political correctness to tell Americans to "wake up" and to point the finger of blame at what he feels is the motivation for terrorism. However, as soon as angry Muslims demanded an apology for his "Islamophobic rant," he instead offered them 4 extra words. [...]

Written by Dom the Conservative for Mad World NewsJust hours after Salman Abedi slaughtered 22 people in the Manchester terrorist attack, his Muslim father was arrested by counter-terrorism police. However, before he was whisked away by officers, the panicked dad accidentally let slip a game-changing detail about his jihadist son that completely debunks the mainstream media's narrative of the attack. [...]

Written by Dom the Conservative for Mad World NewsNot long after 22 people were killed in an Islamic terror attack in Manchester, grieving families and community members set up a heart-warming vigil to honor the young victims. However, as soon as local Muslims spotted the tragic memorial, they shocked bystanders with their undeniably disgusting response. [...]

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