Dr Mark Durie

Dr Mark Durie is a theologian, human rights activist and Anglican pastor. He has speaks and writes on Christian-Muslim relations and religious freedom.

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Muhammad killed many, Jesus none: Pastor

Anglican Pastor Mark Durie questions people's ability to recognise that religion has shaped culture.

The Bolt Report

‘Muhammad killed a lot of people, Jesus killed nobody’: Mark Durie weighs in on the ‘conversation that makes secular people uncomfortable’.

Social Justice, Israel and Palestine

A panel of experts will address the topic and answer questions about Social Justice, Israel and Palestine. The experts will include Jewish, Palestinian, Muslim and Christian speakers, namely Bishop George Browning, Yousef Alreemawi, Ron Jontof-Hutter and Nadia Ghaly. The session will be moderated by...

Dr Mark Durie in Melbourne on 10 Feb 2017.

Dr Mark Durie speaks at the QSA Fundraiser Event in Melbourne on 10 Feb 2017. Mark explains the questionable rationale for the recent invention of halal cert...

Iraq prelate backs preference for minority refugees fleeing genocide

Archbishop Bashar Warda of Erbil tells Crux that as long as special preferences under Trump's new refugee order are for all victims of ISIS and not just Christians alone, it will help, and that Christians "celebrated when Trump won" in hopes it would mark an end to US neglect.

4. The Third Jihad – The Three Jihads

In episode 4 of The Third Jihad, Clarion Project exposes the three Jihads from war to cultural domination. Often call stealth Jihad, radical Islam plays the ...

Should America’s Refugee Policy Put Persecuted Christians First?

Four evangelical experts offer their take on Trump’s controversial plan.

Spiritual Freedom From Islam

Join us for "Spritual Freedom from Islam", a seminar presented by Dr. Mark Durie! The cost is $15 per person (which includes coffee, refreshments, and lunch). We have limited seats available for this event, so pre-registration is required! All participants are also welcome to join us for an afterno...


Our Understanding & Answering Islam conference starts TOMORROW, Jan. 13! It's not too late to register. More information here: http://understandingandansweringislam.org/ Speakers: Abdu Murray, Andy Bannister, Stuart McAllister, Mark Durie, Sasan Tavassoli, Richard Shumack, and Al Fadi.

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