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The world is a dangerous place to live in; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. – Albert Einstein, refugee from Nazi Germany

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Yesterday we were among the few who remembered the fourth anniversary of the Islamic murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich on 22 May 2013. Today we have been forced by ghastly events to think of the victims (22 killed, over 100 injured), their families, acquaintances and the people of Manchester and others who were […]

If you wanted to write a drama about child grooming, where would you choose?According to Rotherham Labour MP Sarah Chapman, there may have been more than amillion white children abused up and down the country by gangs of predatoryMuslim Asian men. Bradford, Halifax, Rochdale, Nottingham, Calderdale, there’splenty of choice.Take Calderdale where fifteen Muslim Asian men “systematically”groomed and sexually abused teenage girls in Halifax and Bradford between 2009and 2011. No, Calderdale is too complex. The police had to sift through nearly60 hours of interviews with the two victims. There were 1,848 statements, 2,963exhibits and more than 20,000 items of disclosure in what was described as a“complex and lengthy operation”. Worse still, the girls were reportedas showing “immense courage and bravery in reporting these matters to thepolice and in providing evidence”. No, not Calderdale, the victims are notvictim enough.How about Rotherham, where eight Muslim Asian men were jailed for 19charges, including rape, indecent assault and false imprisonment of girls asyoung as 13 between 1999 and 2003? Perhaps, but in an April 2017 update on theprogress of Operation Stovewood in Rotherham, the investigation initiated afterProfessor Jay’s damning report, the National Crime Agency report revealed thatsince September 2016 they have added another 2,955 lines of enquiry, bringingthe total up to 14,055. As of April this year there are 58 ‘designatedsuspects’, 276 separate crimes have been reported and an additional 185 victimshave been contacted following interviews with existing victims. Rotherham wouldbe too difficult because the abuses, the grooming, the long line of viciouslymanipulated young girls traded like pieces of meat by Muslim Asian men have notstopped and there are just too many cases.Rochdale seems almost perfect, although there are a lot of cases there too.In Rochdale, nine Muslim Asian men were jailed for offences including rape ongirls as young as 13 between 2005 and 2008. The ringleader of the groominggang, Shabir Ahmed, was jailed for 22 years after being convicted of a stringof offences including rape in 2012. Three members of the gang were convicted ofconspiracy and trafficking for sexual exploitation charges. In December 2013,another five Muslim Asian men were jailed after an investigation into thesexual abuse of a girl was reopened following the exposure of police failings.Between September and October 2014, two girls aged 13 and 15 and a 13-year-oldboy were groomed by three Muslim Asian men after repeatedly going missing fromcare. In 2015, three more Muslim Asian men were sentenced for a string of childsexual offences that took place in Rochdale.How can you write a drama about those events, you might wonder, withoutexploring the reasons why it happened? How can you put words on paper withoutwondering what motivated such inhuman violations, not spontaneous but carefullyplanned and prepared and executed not solely but in groups over a period ofyears that is so long that it defies understanding to imagine that it couldhave been happening on such a scale and for so long without someone stoppingit.The BBC must be given full credit for seemingly attempting the impossible,and the BBC’s new drama series ‘Three Girls’ will show whether they havebrought it off. With the declared goal of not giving the English Defence Leaguethe chance to “hitch … [our] … wagon opportunistically to anything” and notincluding anything that “could be used by far-right groups to further theirracist agenda”, author Nicole Taylor sets out to dramatise the suffering andmisery in a carefully sanitized manner with the same sense of politicalcorrectness that was one of the major underlying reasons why these crimes wereignored for so long.How does she intend to avoid mentioning the largest elephant in the room?How does she avoid the inconvenient truth that a British Muslim male is 170times more likely to be part of a sex grooming gang than a non-Muslim? Thatthere are no recorded instances of non-Muslims grooming Muslim girls aspart of a criminal enterprise? The drama technique is an old one, tried andtested in such more notable works as Schindler’s List and The Boy in theStriped Pyjamas - give it a personal slant, focus on the victims, theiremotions, their suffering and not what is happening to them. Keep it smallscale; choose just one case out the many with one, maybe two major characters,and if you can, find a hero or heroine and give the audience something positiveto take away from it all. And so it goes; pick just three girls from the 47victims interviewed and one social services heroine. The villains in the piece,easy; the police are an easy target, as are social services: the great andfaceless establishment; they’re a safe target, no-one will complain if you givethem the blame.Who did it? Why did it happen? No need to worry about that, after all wewouldn’t want to open ourselves to accusations of being racist, would we? Or,heavens forbid, Islamophobic. Why these girls then? No problem, call it class.Oh, but don’t mention the words ‘working class’ that might upset some peopleand might open us up to accusations of being elitist, even snobs. No, let’skeep it neutral, we’ll call it “a certain strata of society” - has a niceacademic ring to it, doesn’t it?The Daily Express reported in August 2016 that the sexual grooming ofchildren is still going on in Rotherham on an “industrial scale”. Theyhave not stopped in Rochdale either but, in the words of Maxine Peake, one ofthe stars of Three Girls, “steps have been made and things are getting better”… perhaps she and the BBC team are already planning for a sequel next year andanother after that, with a ‘return of’ and a ‘resurrection’ follow up plannedfor the years after that, if the ratings are high enough.When sentencing the Rochdale groomers, Judge Gerald Clifton said the men -eight of Pakistani origin and one from Afghanistan - treated the girls “asthough they were worthless and beyond respect”. He said: “One of thefactors leading to that was the fact that they were not part of your communityor religion.” Chair of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, TrevorPhillips said it was "fatuous” to deny racial and cultural factors.It is highly unlikely that this BBC drama willmention either the ‘M’ word or the ‘I’ word, but we encourage people to give ita chance. Sadly, we suspect that this drama which is supposed to ‘shine a lighton the trauma of sexual ‘grooming’, providing knowledge and understanding forparents and children alike’ will be a missed opportunity if the cultural andreligious make-up of the perpetrators is ignored.

If you wanted to write a drama about child grooming, where would you choose? According to Rotherham Labour MP Sarah Chapman, there may have been more than a million white children abused up and down the country by gangs of predatory Muslim Asian men. Bradford, Halifax, Rochdale, Nottingham, Calderdale, there’s plenty of choice. Take Calderdale […]

Free Speech Under Attack Again
Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Ian Crossland, Birmingham demo, 8 April 2017 On 16 April, theECHO published an article about our planned demonstration set for 3 June.We come to Liverpool to speak of the threat of Islam and against thepromotion of Sharia law, which is destroying this country. It is in factthe working classes of this country who bear the brunt of Muslim no-go zones,uncontrolled immigration, Islamic take overs in schools, Muslim hate preacherswho speak of the ‘dirty kaffirs’, etc. We remind your readers that thefear by public authorities of being called ‘racist’ resulted in the groomingand rape of 1400 children in Rotherham. We will highlight the politicalcorrectness, rigidly adhered to by these Unions, that shies away from anycriticism of Islam.We wish to speak of these things and many more. The Unions and politicians, who oppose us and want our silence, are partof the problem. The radical Left is as much a danger to our society asIslam. The radical Left do not trust the people of Liverpool to listen tous and make up their own minds. They are treating the people of Liverpoollike children.A damaged and wounded society cannot be healed unless people can, at aminimum, discuss matters in the public square. To stop that process is toexacerbate the problems and delay the discovery and application of possiblesolutions.As the ECHO article informs us, again the usual array of anti-democraticforces align themselves against our right to peacefully march and speak ourmind to the people of Liverpool.We are not surprised.Taken from the article: ‘Union leaders and politicians’ and ‘UniteAgainst Fascism’ (a misnomer if there ever was one) have vowed ‘to support afightback’ against our demonstration of 3 June.If this ‘fightback’ was merely verbal and within the bounds of civildiscourse we would welcome it. But we all know that these groups want toshut us down. They want to silence us. They do not want to discussour ideas with us. They do not want the people of Liverpool to hear whatwe have to say. This sort of control over the public square is in factFascist. It is all that they claim to be against. Their claimstherefore are revealed to be a lie.By initiating this “fightback” the Left are creatingconfrontation and division and some of their number may even be planning violence.Our demonstration in Liverpool was guaranteed to be vocal, but totallypeaceful. Now, sadly, the Left have signalled their intention to disrupt us. Weare undaunted, but we hope the Left will take a good hard look at themselves.We very much doubt that the leadership of these Unions are representingtheir members. Our members come from all levels of society, but areprimarily made up of working class people, people whom Unions should besupporting. But the leadership seems instead to be caught up in apolitical propaganda machine that ignores our concerns about the direction inwhich society is headed. The 16 April article, irresponsibly, also links us, via the term‘far-right’, to a ‘so-called “White Man march” in 2015. Weare explicitly a non-racist organisation and always have been.Finally, the article gives prominence to ‘A photo of a woman smiling at an enraged EDL protesterin Birmingham.’ Your readersmight care to know that this woman attended our Birmingham demo only for thepurpose of shutting down our right to free speech; and she shouted out duringour one minute silence in memory of the victims of the recent Islamic terroristattack at Westminster.Such are the people Society should really be afraid of.

Free Speech Under Attack Again
Monday, April 17, 2017
On 16 April, the ECHO published an article about our planned demonstration set for 3 June. We come to Liverpool to speak of the threat of Islam and against the promotion of Sharia law, which is destroying this country. It is in fact the working classes of this country who bear the brunt of Muslim […]

Background to the English Defence League demonstration in BirminghamThe English Defence League was invited to Birmingham by its West Midlands members to highlight the local Islamic influences that motivated the Westminster jihadist, Khalid Masood. But Masood is not the only jihadist from Birmingham. There has been Britain’s first Al Qaeda-inspired terrorist, Moinul Abedin in 2002, followed by Parviz Khan, Irfan Khalid, Zakaria Boufassil and Mohamed Ali Ahmed. And now Khalid Masood, who lived on the edge of Sparkbrook.The English Defence League was also determined to continue its campaigning in support of the English girls who have been the victims of Muslim rapists and abusers in over 50 English towns and cities. Our campaigning has taken two angles almost no one else will dare touch: the cover up of the child sexual abuse by the Muslim community and the urgent need to focus on prevention – preventing Muslim men from ever seeing kuffar English girls as their “easy meat”.The parties protesting against the EDL demonstrationWith an agenda like that, we expected Muslim opposition. They have shown us they will use any tactics they can to prevent these two “taboo” topics being aired in public.Our Birmingham demonstration was no exception. At one end of town the Muslim establishment used the smarmy tactic of inviting citizens in for a “nice cup of tea” – a ploy we often see when we are getting near a delicate nerve.At the other end of town, Muslim protesters came to disrupt our speeches, to prevent our words from being heard by those Birmingham citizens who wanted to hear what we were on about. The Muslim protesters were not alone. They were supported by leftist radicals whose specialty is disruption. These radicals are largely associated with Unite against Fascism, Hope not Hate, Antifa and local wannabe union oligarchs and apparatchiks. There may have been a few luvvies.Our understanding is that Saffiyah Khan did not attend the “nice cup of tea” event, but came up from London specifically to participate in the disruption, the silencing of our protest against Islamic terrorism and Muslim child groomers and sexual abusers. She also had the option, as did her co-disruptors, of attending a separate gathering away from our demo which would have reflected her ideological positions. But it was too much for her, and the many others, to allow us our right to speak to the citizens of Birmingham.The critical point in the EDL demonstrationPart way through the EDL speeches, one speaker called for a minute’s silence to pay respects to the victims of the Westminster jihadist. And part way through that silence a disruptive cry went up from the crowd opposing us. Our token of respect had been shattered and this offended our foot soldiers, some of whom, hearing the victims of the Westminster attack being deliberately insulted, went up to the disruptors to express their annoyance.An exchange of insults ensued and the disruption continued for longer than the EDL leaders could tolerate, so one of our leaders, Ian Crossland, went up to the confrontation to urge our people to return to hear our remaining speakers. Crossland spoke to a number of people, most of them from the EDL, but he also spoke with a small number of disruptors. It was in this process that the photograph of the long-time Antifa activist was taken.There were other photographs and videos taken at the time. The RT/Ruptly video shows Ms Khan being ejected from the disruptors by police and another shows her being led away, a police officer holding each arm.Ms Khan has provided the celebrity the media were thirsty for: a heroine of freedom and tolerance to stand, paradoxically, for an ideology that despises freedom and explicitly condemns tolerance. The photograph has enabled the media and social media to weave a story around Ms Khan that enables them to ignore the victims of terrorism and grooming gangs and feel good about their wilful ignorance. There is no mention of Ms Khan’s support since at least 2014 for anti-Semitism and Palestinian terrorism.Mr Crossland did the right thing to confront people – whoever they are – who disrupted our protest against terrorism and child sexual abuse. We hope he continues to do so with the vigour and dedication to the patriotic cause he showed on Saturday.Praise of Ms Khan for ‘staring down’ or ‘facing down’ Mr Crossland is unwarranted by the actual occasion. The media have pounced on this fleeting image and transformed Ms Khan into yet another tool to avoid dealing with the substance of the EDL’s message.We doubt that if the roles were reversed and a patriot was in the midst of an Antifa action and insulted them and disrupted them that he/she would have come away unscathed.The EDL demonstration continuedFollowing the disruption, our audience listened to speeches on other topics: telling parents they can ask that their children be excused from mosque excursions organised by their school, reminding the audience of their right to criticise ideas like Islam, and asking us to continue our commitment to our children, grandchildren and the English babies yet to be born – all of whom will have to live with the consequences of what we do – or fail to do – on our watch.More on Mr CrosslandAfter the demo, Mr Crossland stated on a facebook post: ‘she’s lucky she’s got any teeth left.’ Those of us who know the whole context of the photo both understand and sympathise with Mr Crossland’s frustration and anger.Mr Crossland merely stated an objective fact. Bearing in mind that nothing happened to Ms Khan and no physical attack occurred indicates a commendable degree of control by the EDL which our enemies will no doubt try to exploit in future demonstrations. For anyone who is more interested in Mr Crossland’s views than in the back of his head, we suggest they listen to his speeches on Saturday.Lessons from the Birmingham demonstrationsThe police should in future also do better at keeping more space between our demonstration and the anti-democratic and disruptive forces aligned against us. We do not ask that they be silenced or censored, merely that the police use their powers to enable protests and counter-protests to continue without making it easy for those bent on disruption or even violence to achieve those fascist aims.Our next demonstration is on 3 June in Liverpool.

Background to the English Defence League demonstration in Birmingham The English Defence League was invited to Birmingham by its West Midlands members to highlight the local Islamic influences that motivated the Westminster jihadist, Khalid Masood. But Masood is not the only jihadist from Birmingham. There has been Britain’s first Al Qaeda-inspired terrorist, Moinul Abedin in […]

After every Muslimterrorist attack, as predictable as the rain in London, we are fed blandreassurances regarding the disconnect between Islam and Muslim terrorist(s). The examples are legion. We refer the readerto David Cameron, prime minister of Britain, the day after the murder of LeeRigby (23 May 2013). The link reveals his effort at shallow propaganda onbehalf of Islam. He said then, that ‘it was a betrayal of Islam and ofthe Muslim communities that give so much to our country.’ A year laterthe judge trying the two murderers said that what those two did ‘wasa betrayal of Islam.’This connection isfurther drawnhere.The latest tragedy in Westminster, a car and knife jihad on 22 March, isno different. At the time of writing, the murdering Muslim killed fourpeople, including a police officer. Dozens more were injured, someseriously and are still fighting for their lives in hospitals around London. More may die. The Muslim, Khalid Masood, was killed at the scene.The next day, theprime minister, Theresa May assured an angry and frightened public that themurderer, though a Muslim who had acted because of his belief inAllah/Mohammed, had ‘perverteda great faith.’ Let us inform you MrsMay: the Islam you would like to believe is worthy of being called a ‘greatfaith’ just doesn’t exist. You have a well-meaning but naive view ofIslam as some sort of analogue of Christianity. With each jihadistattack, you set yourself - and the British public - up for inevitabledisappointment. We see thisperception also in the Prevent program. (Such irony in that name!) They have written to assure anxious and frightened school children that:“If the attack does turn out to be Islamist, we all know how far awaythis kind of act is from Islam and is absolutely not an accurate reflection ofwhat Islam teaches.”From: Jake Butterworth, Prevent Education Officer, of Hammersmith andFulham; 23 March 2017The interesting thingabout these two sources, and many others, is that these people never everproduce an argument to justify their assertions. God-like pronouncementsare supposed to be sufficient for a supposed simple minded and ignorant public whocannot or will not read and who will never open a Koran. If these peopleknow something about Islam that we do not, we should be told chapter and verse. Draw on the history and theology of this great religion and show us whatwe have missed. It should be easy for them, with all the resources attheir disposal to present an argument that does not insult the intelligence ofthe public.But no. The fight hasgone out of our leaders; they have become sharia-compliant. The resolvein our leaders that has helped save this country throughout its history fromenemies far and wide has dissipated into a cloud of political correctness,cowardly ambition, short-term opportunistic posturing and virtue signalling.We pay these peopletell us the truth and defend us. Instead we get the opposite: lies and mediocreresponses to terror and threats of terror. Special note of gratitude,however, goes to the police and security services which have done a superhumanjob of protecting the public from many attacks; but they are hampered by thelarger context which refuses to publicly name the enemy: Islam. If our leadersdo not name the enemy, and launch a proportionate response, we predict moreserving police officers and innocent passers-by will be killed by politicalcorrectness - the same political correctness that broke the lives of youngEnglish girls in Rotherham and elsewhere.The teachings ofIslam turn mild mannered and peaceful Muslims (and there many of them) intomurdering monsters.ISIS has claimed theattack as one of their own. Whether they had a direct hand in it is of nosignificance. What is significant, however, is that they recognise it,like the Lee Rigby murder, as consistent with the teachings of Islam. Thisgroup and others like it (Al Qaeda, al Shabaab) never tire of quoting their‘holy’ scriptures to explain and justify their actions. For their ownsurvival and that of Islam in this country, many imams in the UK are quick todistance themselves from this latest attack in Westminster. Butimams and Muslims overseas tell a different story:Abu Mohammadal-Adnani, the late ISIS spokesman, in a 2016 audio message released after thedeclaration of its so-called caliphate, instructed European followers to carryout attacks in their home countries.“If you are not ableto find an IED or a bullet, then single out the disbelieving American,Frenchman, or any of their allies. Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter himwith a knife, or run him over with your car,” he said.Car jihad wasencouraged years ago by Al Qaeda in their magazine Inspire. Last yearISIS, in their magazine Dabiq, not only encouraged truck jihad, but gaveoperational guidance. All this and so much more is known to those who are supposedto protect and serve the nation. When will our leadersact on what they, surely, must know? We are waiting. In themeantime we will put feet on the streets to educate and encourage them and thepublic.

After every Muslim terrorist attack, as predictable as the rain in London, we are fed bland reassurances regarding the disconnect between Islam and Muslim terrorist(s). The examples are legion. We refer the reader to David Cameron, prime minister of Britain, the day after the murder of Lee Rigby (23 May 2013). The link reveals his […]

23 March 2017The English Defence League condemns the jihadist martyrdom attack in Westminster yesterday afternoon, 22 March 2017.The English Defence League also condemns the politicians, media, ‘community leaders’, and organisations who are reading this statement solely to find something to condemn in our words, our tone, our stand. We’ll do our best to embarrass you, so keep reading.An Islamic attack on our people and our valuesThe Prime Minister said the attack was a serious assault on the “values of liberty, democracy and freedom of speech”. It was also an assault on ordinary people in London – up to 40 were injured, 40 that the jihadist would like to have killed outright.Despite the unambiguous nature of the attack, the Metropolitan Police warned that “our Muslim communities will feel anxious at this time because of the past behaviour of extreme right wing groups”.But Muslim communities were not in the stabbing line. We were. We feel anxious. Muslims were not singled out by the jihadist as he barrelled his car along the pavement on Westminster Bridge. That was us. And PC Keith Palmer (ex-Gunner Palmer of the Royal Artillery) was singled out as a serving police officer.The jihadist was implementing the regular Friday prayer from the Koran (2:286) for victory over the kuffar. He was “striking terror into the hearts of the unbelievers” (Koran 8:12). Join the dots people, because if you don’t do it now, we will have many more tragic opportunities in the future.An Islamic martyrdom operation, not a suicide attackYesterday’s car and knife jihad attack was designed as a martyrdom operation. The jihadist was hoping to die in war. Martyrdom through violent jihad offers Muslims a direct route to eternal life in paradise, bypassing Islam’s hell. The martyrs apparently believe that they will enter paradise instantly, having earned Allah’s redemption, when the first drop of their martyr’s blood is spilled and even while their earthly heart is still beating.We have been conditioned to play down Islamic terrorismMayor Khan told us months ago that terrorist attacks are “part and parcel of living in a big city.” His message was designed to numb us in advance to attacks like yesterday’s, to defuse our outrage and to disempower us. It was also designed to deflect criticism from his leadership.How not to respond to the Westminster attackWe predict that TellMAMA and others who regularly run interference when events like this happen will be reporting to an eager BBC and Guardian over the next few days about Muslims being ticked off or sneered at. We will be saddened if a totally innocent Muslim has her hijab interfered with by a cowardly bully. But if Muslims continue to strut defiantly in “the uniform” in the midst of an event like this, they have to expect some kickback.We will not condone such kickback, but we will understand the anger of ordinary English people. We urge people who feel this anger to direct their attention in more positive directions.How to respond to the Westminster attackThis is a time for action. This is not the time to go along with the elites who want us to be stoical and show our defiance by continuing to go about our daily business. Showing defiance by doing nothing? It is time to take a new course, to do things differently:• Join us in our national demonstration in Derby on Saturday 8 April.• Or, donate to us because we can be relied on to use donations to continue the struggle against Islam, no matter what. We do not weary.• Or, again, support other organisations active in the counter-jihad in Britain; there are many and there is bound to be one pretty close to your own style.Yes, now is the time for action. New action. Invigorated action. Action away from the keyboard. Effective action.

The English Defence League condemns the jihadist martyrdom attack in Westminster yesterday afternoon. The English Defence League also condemns the politicians, media, ‘community leaders’, and organisations who are reading this statement solely to find something to condemn in our words, our tone, our stand. We’ll do our best to embarrass you, so keep reading. An […]

EDL’s 2016 – The year in review
Saturday, December 10, 2016
JanuaryThe yearbegan for us – and for Western civilisation – in the first seconds of 2016 whenwomen among the New Year revellers in Cologne, Germany, were subjected to groping,sexual abuse and worse. It is symbolic that the attacks occurred just metresfrom the High Cathedral of St Peter. The attackers must have rejoiced that theycould display their selfish contempt for so much that we in Europe value in onefell swoop.The nextday the assault on the safety and well-being of the German people continued –but this time the assailants were the government: city officials, politiciansand police who acted as if the attacks had not taken place, and to keep theirreality from Cologne’s citizens. To cap it off, the media conspired to keep theevents from their readers and viewers.Socialmedia broke the story and we all know the result: Cologne will stand as amonument to much that ordinary Europeans are facing now and into 2017.Also inJanuaryTheEnglish Defence League began 2016 with a new Chairman of our Committee, AlanSpence from Newcastle. Our Committee sets the EDL’s overall direction. IanCrossland took on the role of leader of footsoldier operations. Ian doubled asmedia spokesman and also as MC of the speeches at demos. The Committee meetsregularly to review progress around the country and identify new opportunities.Were-opened our PayPal donations account on our “back-up” website http://edlbackup.comThe backup covered us when our old website was brought down at the time of theBataclan attacks in Paris two months earlier.ThreeSomali Muslims who gang-raped a white 16-year-old girl in a Manchester hotelwhere they had stayed to celebrate Eid were jailed for 30 years.FebruaryEDLdemonstration in Preston – We held our first demonstration of the year in Preston on 20February. We marched through Fishergate market to brave cheers (and the usualisolated jeers) and on to the speeches near the town hall. At that demo we laidout the problems Islam was pushing onto Preston – and onto the rest of thecountry:an arrogant Labour local government that raised a Palestine flag on the Town Hall the expansion from 12 to 13 mosques in the town community centres for only one (Muslim) community faith schools that shelter British Muslim kids from integration with British values halal certification, labeling and slaughter practices Muslim no-go areas like Preston’s Deepdale Muslim grooming, rape and abuse gangs and Muslim child abuse – such as that investigated by police last year at the Preston’s Aqsa Mosque.As usual,we were assured that Muslim grooming and sexual abuse was not a problem inPreston. And as usual another Muslim groomer was jailed for sexual assault onPreston children just a few weeks later.Also inFebruaryTen menwere convicted of committing sexual offences against a teenage girl inRochdale.JamalUddin, an elderly Sufi Sunni Barelwi Muslim, was murdered in Rochdale by twoSalafi Muslims.A gang of12 Muslims who raped a vulnerable Keighley schoolgirl for 13 months werejailed for a total of 140 years.ThreeMuslims who boasted they “owned” Rotherham were found guilty of rape jihadoffences.It becamewidely recognised that migrants waiting in Calais for the opportunity to breakinto Britain were being stirred up and armed by activists from the UK – some ofthe same “anarchists” who cause police problems at our demos.MarchOurFacebook “main page” was stolen from us and populated with fake news. Wequickly set up a new main page and this has been running ever since:https://www.facebook.com/EnglishDefenceLeagueOFFICIALHowever,we are attracting the attention of Facebook’s censors and we know theyhave us in their sights.On 22March Islamists attacked Brussels airport and Maalbeek railway station.On 24March, Asad Shah, an Ahmadiyya Muslim shopkeeper, was stabbed to death inGlasgow by Tanveer Ahmed, a Barelwi Sunni Muslim from Bradford.Thenumber of illegal immigrants breaking into Britain and evading Border Forcereached such a high number (around 40 a day) that the media outlets stoppedreporting groups of under five unless there was something special about them.AprilEDLdemonstration in High Wycombe – On 9 April, our demo focused on:the Islamic terrorism that has been thriving in the town since the Islamic bombing of London eleven earlier. Muslim grooming/rape gangs. We highlighted the Muslim cover-up of grooming and other criminal activity by Muslims. the increasing threats from Islamification in Britain.We werejoined in High Wycombe by Assyrian Christians who drove over from Germany for thedemo. This was a successful demo and we marched through the town centre.Despite physical opposition from UaF and Antifa rent-a-mob, we gave ourspeeches without incident.Also inAprilWeshifted our website over to a .org.uk domain and it’s been up and running eversince, providing information to members and the media and as a resource baseabout Islam in the UK http://www.englishdefeneleague.org.ukTrevorPhillips published his “What British Muslims Really Think” report. His reportshowed:40% agree that wives should always obey their husbands 30% agree it is acceptable for a British Muslim to keep more than one wife 25% support having areas of Britain under sharia law, not under British law.A Muslimgrooming abuser was sentenced in Preston.MayEDLdemonstration in Coventry – We went to Coventry on 21 May to raise:Muslim grooming/abuse/rape/trafficking in Coventry the Muslim community’s wall of silence about terrorism and grooming gangs in Coventry local government electoral fraud by Muslim community leaders condoning female genital mutilation and not reporting FGM offences.We alsogave Brexit a burst, as the referendum was just a month away.The pre-demonstrationweek featured debates in the Coventry press, including intervention by theBishop of Coventry – well-meaning, but out of his depth. The mustering pointwas spacious, the march was along major roads and we gave our speeches in alarge public space.Also inMayWe addeda forum to our website: http://www.englishdefenceleague.org.uk/forum/The forum provides a lively setting for exchange of information and ideas outof reach of Facebook’s censorship.ThreeMuslim extremists from High Wycombe appeared in court for plotting to beheadBritish citizens.SadiqKhan became first Muslim mayor of London.A Muslimgroomer/abuser from Sunderland was jailed.ThreeHigh Wycombe imams were investigated for hate preaching and glorifying a recentIslamic murderer.TheresaMay launched a review of sharia courts and councils.JuneOn 12June an Islamic murderer killed 49 people at gay Pulse nightclub in OrlandoFlorida.TheCalderdale Gang of 15 Muslims were jailed for systematically grooming andsexually abusing teenage girls in Halifax.A Somalirapist was jailed for life at Birmingham Crown Court.Anational referendum to leave the European Union was held on 23 June. The leavevotes won a majority for Brexit.Five menfrom Luton went on trial at the Old Bailey for supporting ISIS.JulyEDLdemonstration in London – On 16 July we marched from Marble Arch into Hyde Park on a beautifulsummer’s day to protest:a Muslim mayor of London Muslim grooming, abuse and trafficking gangs.Ourdemonstration also acknowledged British values and our debt to Magna Carta. Weurged a clear, complete Brexit.Also inJulyThe EDLcommittee made and broadcast a decision to ban open drink containers at demos.AManningham Muslim who groomed and sexually abused a girl was jailed inBradford.TheOxford Times reported “Child sex monsters caged for “horrendous abuse” ofteenager”.An imamfrom Dudley mosque was found guilty of sexually assaulting a vulnerablewoman.SamiaShahid, from Manningham, Bradford, died in an honour killing in Pakistan.JihadistMohamed Salmene Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, a Tunisian living in France, killed 86 people and injured434 by driving a truck into a Bastille Day crowd.Fourpeople were axed to death by an Afghan jihadist on a German train.FatherJacques Hamel, a French Catholic priest, had his throat slit bytwo Muslims while he was celebrating mass at a church in Normandy.AnjemChoudary was found guilty of encouraging support for ISIS and sentenced to 5years and six months jail.AmericanCardinal Burke lays out Islam’s fervent desire for global sharia – the mostforthright statement yet by a senior Catholic.AugustEDLDemonstration in Nottingham – On 6 August we demonstrated in Nottingham about:Nottinghamshire Muslims involved in Islamic terror-related activities 23 honour based violence or forced marriage cases investigated by Notts Police in 15 months the still-suppressed issue of Muslim grooming/abuse gangs.Our marchalong a wonderful route past the castle and through the centre of the city gaveus the opportunity give our message to Nottingham shoppers and interestedcitizens.Also inAugustA Cardiffimam preached: “Sex slaves are permissible in Islam”. The media were outraged,but he was quoting from the Koran, so the problem was with Islam, not anisolated “extremist” in Cardiff.Two menwho were arrested in Coventry on suspicion of Syria-related terrorism offences.A19-year-old Somali will be tried in February 2017 for the murder this month ofan American tourist in a knife attack and attempting to murder five otherpeople in London’s Russell Square.A Somaligang is terrorising Fishermead estate in Milton Keynes.A Muslimgroomer was jailed for sexual assault and grooming in Oldham.Telfordwas named as “the new child sex capital of Britain”. The EDL resolved todemonstrate in the town.EDLsupporters donated hundreds of pounds to buy a quality sound system for demos.Supporters donated through PayPal on our website and with cash at demos. Thankyou to all our donors – in the UK and abroad!SeptemberEDLdemonstration in Newcastle – On 24 September we marched along a superb city centre route with apleasingly low-key police presence. We protested against:the cover-up of Muslim grooming and abuse gangs investigated by Northumbria Police’s “Operation Sanctuary” the danger of “rapefugees” to English women and children the BBC’s biased coverage of Syrian refugees the cover-up by Muslim communities of Muslim grooming/abuse gangs.Also inSeptemberA Muslimwas jailed for gang rapiing a schoolgirl in Moss Side, Manchester.FourMuslims were jailed for child sex offences against two teenagers in RochdaleA Jewishman was raped and serially abused by Asian Muslims in Newham, London.A formerimam at Rugby mosque was jailed for raping a young boy.FourMuslims were convicted of the rape, trafficking and sexual exploitation ofyoung victims in Dewsbury.OctoberOurwebsite is now being used more than ever before as an initial contact point forjournalists, video crews and prospective EDL members http://www.englishdefenceleague.org.uk/contact-us/Also inOctoberA Muslimgroomer was jailed in Oxford.A Muslimteaching assistant was jailed for abduction and sexual activity with aschoolgirl in Yeovil.A Muslimgroomer in Luton was sentenced to 14 years, but is on the run.A Muslimgroomer from Dewsbury was jailed.A Muslimgroomer of two 14 year old girls was jailed for 8y 6m in Rochdale.An imamwho was convicted at Wolverhampton for abusing two girls did a runner toBangladesh.A Muslimwas jailed for life for rape in Perivale Park, London.A Muslimgroomer found guilty at London Crown Court of attempting to meet a childfollowing sexual grooming.EightMuslims were convicted of sexually exploiting teenage girls in Rotherham.Ninearrests made for child sex abuse in Oxford. They will go on trial in April2017.ACoventry grooming gang trial began with one of the Muslims charged with 11counts of rape.NovemberEDLdemonstration in Telford – On 5 November we marched and addressed the crowd on:the apparent cover-up of Muslim grooming gangs by the Muslim community of Telford, the churches and officials the need for two Royal Commissions into Muslim grooming and child abuse highlighting the danger posed to the UK by illegal immigration and those who romanticise the illegals.InTelford we used the new sound system bought with donations from our supporters.Thank you, donors! We launched our next appeal for fuel to transport the systemacross the country. Donate through PayPal on our website http://www.englishdefenceleague.org.uk/Also inNovemberThere wasa Muslim grooming trial on all month in Chelmsford.Threemembers of a Somali sex gang in Bristol who groomed, raped and subjectedvulnerable British schoolgirls as young as 14 to ‘violent and horrible’ abusewere jailed.TwoMuslims were sentenced for rapes in Yeovil.EightMuslims were jailed for a total of 96 years for sexually exploiting teenagegirls in Rotherham.A Muslimwho lied about his age on entering the UK was convicted of raping two women onTeesside.Five men(four of them Muslims) from High Wycombe, Aylesbury and Luton were charged withrape and other sex offences.A Muslimwoman was raped by her husband and left fearing for her and her children’slives after a sharia court in London forced to her reveal her address.Arapefugee aged 15 was found guilty of raping boy aged 5 in DerbyAtwelve-year jail term was imposed on a Muslim convicted of sex trafficking insouth Lincolnshire and London.DecemberWestYorkshire Police apologised personally to the Keighley girl they allowed tobecome a grooming victim for 13 months.TheArchbishop of Canterbury changed his mind and declared that his old line of“it’s nothing to do with Islam” was wrong.TheChelmsford grooming case involving three Iranians is awaiting a jury decision.LouiseCasey’s report on Muslims choosing to live in ghettos was published.2016 hasbeen a good year for the English Defence League. We have turned the corner aftera period of uncertainty. We are the original and the best! PEGIDA sort offizzled out and we kept going. The BNP has fizzled – and we kept going. BritainFirst has been distracted by legal issues – and we kept going. We believe withall our hearts in what we are doing and we enjoy doing it!Unlessthe unexpected happens and we need to get out earlier, we’ll be on the streetsagain in February. Nothing replaces feet on the streets. This is our means toget our message across to the people of this great country. Join us if you can!And ifyou can’t, get active in your local EDL division and in your community.Donate to us through our website, so that ourdemos can continue to have an impact.In themeantime, keep up with us on the web:EDLwebsite: http://www.englishdefenceleague.org.ukEDLmission statement: http://www.englishdefenceleague.org.uk/mission-statement/EDLFacebook national page: https://www.facebook.com/EnglishDefenceLeagueOFFICIALEDLTwitter: https://twitter.com/EDLofficialpageEDLRadio: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-english-defence-league-showEDLYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLTp9cur8fT1AeSPkdZ0oigEDLTumblr: http://englishdefenceleague.tumblr.com9 December 2016

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