Hazem Farraj

Politics & Religion By Force. #ExMuslim Rebel, Inspired Thinker, Human Rights Guy, Philosopher, American by Birth, Palestinian by Blood, Christian by Choice

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Gad Saad

Remember, if you place a "ism" at the end of an ideology, it magically turns it into a nasty variant that has absolutely nothing to do with the ideology void of the "ism." This is why we should all support Darwin but reject the militant violent extremism of Darwinism. Similarly, capital is good. But capitalism is evil incarnate. Capitalists are a small tiny minority of those who believe in capital. Remember: Darwin is good. Darwin + ism = evil. Capital is good. Capital + ism = evil. [If you don't understand the satire that is otherwise capturing a ubiquitously suicidal mindset, please ask a friend.]

Victor Marx

A rare view of D.C.

Fox News

President-elect Donald J. Trump makes stop on "Thank You Tour" in Orlando, Florida with Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

Ziyad Matti - زياد متي

رجل دين مسيحي وزوجته يعودان الى منزلهما في برطلة لأول مرة بعد مرور أكثر من سنتين .. ليروا حجم الدمار الذي خلفته عصابات "داعش"! . . . تقرير جانل فور نيوز البريطانية ..

Jerusalem Dateline

Throughout the #Islamic world many #muslims are being transformed by dreams and vision. Here's the powerful story of just one testimony out of these thousands, Hazem Farraj.


Al’Amriki (The American) is a docu-series which follows Hazem Farraj as he explores the roots of radical Islamic terrorism through his own personal experience at the hands of religious aggres…

HuffPo Columnist Lies, Downplays Sharia Law to Make It Acceptable - Breitbart

HuffPo Columnist Lies, Downplays Sharia Law to Make It Acceptable

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