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Defending Israel from media bias. Promoting fairness and accuracy, effecting change in media coverage of Israel. RT, follows do not constitute endorsement.

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Syria's wounded risk retribution to receive treatment at Israel hospital

An Australian-Israeli doctor describes the emotional experience of a program where people wounded in the Syrian war receive treatment from their long-time enemy Israel.

From Manchester to Jerusalem, a War on Our Way of Life

The terrorist organization Islamic State has officially claimed responsibility for the vicious attack on the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester on Monday that left 22 people killed — many of them children — and injured at least 59. It was not immediately clear whether the attack was ordered or insp...

Opinion | A Terrorist’s Teenage Target

I was a 17-year-old waiting to get into a disco in Tel Aviv when a suicide bomber approached.

Not only in Israel: Now Egypt has its own 'Muezzin Bill'

The new legislation has led to widespread national anger ahead of the festival of Ramadan.

Corrected: “Occupation Wall” Comes Down

HonestReporting prompts a correction from The Independent after Israel's security barrier by Bethlehem is described as an "occupation wall."

IDF Soldiers Liberate the Old City of Jerusalem

In June 1967, Israel's soldiers overcame Arab troops and reached the Western Wall -- the ancient remnant of the Jewish temple. At that moment, the Old City o...

Israelis and Palestinians as Co-Workers

Opportunity, not separation, is the key to peace.

HR Prompts Newsweek to Correct Tel Aviv Error

Following contact from HonestReporting, Newsweek issues a correction to an article that three times implied Tel Aviv was Israel's capital city or center of political power.

1967 | The international media and the Six-Day War

Professor Meron Medzini served as the Director of Israel’s Government Press Office (GPO) in Jerusalem during the Six-Day War. In this fascinating memoir, he recalls the atmosphere of the time and th...

Israeli Settlers Weren't Always So Religious—They Were Once Secular Hippies

The American Jews who moved to the West Bank thought they were living out the civil-rights dream, a new book argues.

In unseen snaps from ’67, soldiers, worshipers and a very bored girl

David Ben Gurion, Zalman Shazar among those photographed celebrating Israel’s Six Day War capture of Western Wall

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