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Defending Israel from media bias. Promoting fairness and accuracy, effecting change in media coverage of Israel. RT, follows do not constitute endorsement.

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Foi grande a cobertura televisiva da visita de Trump a Israel esta semana, abordando a postura do presidente, suas declarações e atitudes. Mas na hora de contextualizar o público sobre questões históricas e políticas envolvendo os personagens do conflito israelo-palestino, a mídia mais uma vez escolheu meticulosamente quais informações passar e quais não. Em dois telejornais diferentes da...Original article can be viewed at Telejornalismo na Globo: Jerusalém Não Segue Plano da ONU por Causa da Ocupação Israelense on HonestReporting.

Today’s Top Stories 1. Is the US pushing Israel to transfer parts of West Bank to PA administrative rule? Here’s what Israeli media is reporting: Despite a series of economic incentives approved on Sunday by the Israeli cabinet, the US wants to see greater concessions to the Palestinian Authority and views the recent measures as...Original article can be viewed at US Pushing Israel to Transfer Parts of West Bank to PA Rule? on HonestReporting.

HonestReporting prompts a correction from The Independent after Israel's security barrier by Bethlehem is described as an "occupation wall."Original article can be viewed at Corrected: “Occupation Wall” Comes Down on HonestReporting.

Today’s Top Stories 1. Turns out Facebook has been instructing its moderators to flout Holocaust-denial laws in a number of countries. The Guardian obtained internal internal documents from the social media giant that raise a lot of questions: One 16-page training manual explains Facebook will only hide or remove Holocaust denial content in four countries...Original article can be viewed at Documents Reveal How Facebook Flouts Holocaust-Denial Laws on HonestReporting.

Following contact from HonestReporting, Newsweek issues a correction to an article that three times implied Tel Aviv was Israel's capital city or center of political power.Original article can be viewed at HR Prompts Newsweek to Correct Tel Aviv Error on HonestReporting.

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