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The Left’s Road Leads to Manchester

Which is the bigger threat? Jihad terror or “Islamophobia”?

President Trump and Pope Francis Meet Face-to-Face

While ISIS's war on 'worshippers of the Cross' claims more victims.

Manchester’s Islamist Appeasing Police and Politicians Have Blood on Their Hands

Muslim sex grooming paved the way for the Manchester Arena attack.

Brennan Testimony Undercuts Left’s Collusion Narrative

Still no hard evidence revealed to support conspiracy allegations against Trump campaign.

Yet Another Jihad Massacre in Britain

Prime Minister May should apologize, and resign.

Trump in Israel

An education in Islamic terror.

A Dose Of Reality in Riyadh

Why Trump's speech to the Muslim world is a marked improvement over Obama's 2009 'new beginning.'

Peace Through Truth: One Book Dares to Tell the Truth About Israel

A conversation with David Brog, the author of 'Reclaiming Israel's History.'

The Left’s Reckless Rush to Judgment on Obstruction of Justice

Why the latest line of attack doesn't hold water.

Video: David Horowitz Talks Trump's 'Big Agenda' at Philly Constitution Center

Freedom Center founder provides the road map for the president to save America.

Teacher's Pet

If there's anything wrong with France, it's that the men are too macho.

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