Horrible 'Secular-Fundamentalist' Occasionally releases videos & doesn't tweet.

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Yassmin Abdel Magied is a liar and a religious zealot

Examining Yassmins claims about sharia made on the ABC and the aptly named buzzfeed clone "junkee"

Regressive Media 2: Internet Activism

I'm amazed at how much media has degenerated in my lifetime.

Auslam 3: integration & immigration

Auslam part 3 - a brief look at how well muslims integrate in Australia and muslim immigration.

Safe Schools Coalition

Apologies for the gap between videos. lately I've had trouble finding time to record. Sources Download the unit guide for yourself http://www.safeschoolscoal...

2015's Terror Attacks: welcome to reality

oh boy another video on Islam. this should have been a very quick video that was up a lot earlier but I've only just had the chance to finish it. I'm about d...

Auslam 2: Waleed Aly

an obscurant & nothing more. Waleeds ISIS talk on the project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxNJLkIkYQM Full Pauline Hanson sunrise clip https://www.youtub...

Auslam 1: Islamists, Apologists & Political Games

An ongoing look at Islam in Australia. I'll be finishing and uploading a second video very soon to make up for not uploading recently. Sources Q&A - Social C...

The Indie Crew

Taking a look at GameLoading: Rise of the Indies to dissect the indie scene. Feel free to back up and mirror in case of false DMCA Sources GameLoading: Rise ...

A Mystery

Still haven't had the time to finish off my video on the indie scene. in the meantime can you solve this mystery?

4 Corners: Pay for my religion

Hastily done video retreading old ground from "Halal certification in Australia". I had this fucking video finished yesterday but couldn't upload it because ...

Regressive Media: Criticizing the ABC

looking at "progressives" in Australian media, specifically the ABC. the #GamerGate 730 report hitpiece is one of the most biased disgraceful things I've see...

Reclaim Australia: Round 2 - SJWs & Islam vs free speech

Round 2 SJWs & Islam vs police. Even the dumbest #ReclaimAustralia protesters have the right to free speech. Sources Protesters get pepper sprayed (the video...

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