28 Too Many

28 Too Many is a charity created to help eradicate Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in the 28 countries within Africa where it is practiced and the diaspora.



Freelance #Conflict Analyst & Mapper | Analysis, Infograph, Maps


Monitoring international airstrikes against ISIL etc in Iraq, Syria and Libya. Tracking civilian casualties. Archiving war reports. And counting the numbers

Accuracy In Media

AIM is America's original media watchdog, promoting fairness, balance, and accuracy in news reporting

An Inquiry Into Islam

To educate non-Muslims about the basic principles of mainstream Islam


Armed Conflict Location & Event Dataset produces real-time data for disaggregated conflict analysis and mapping. Posts on conflict, politics and data

Angry Foreigner

The unofficial tour guide of Sweden.

Anne Marie Waters

Director of Sharia Watch UK

Agathocle Desyracuse

Historian, Conflict analyst, #Map maker, #MiddleEast, #Syria. Editorial team of @magorient


Defending America & the Constitution from the Council on American-Islamic Relations

Anni Cyrus

My mission is to bring hope and healing to women and girls forced to live under Islamic rule. I lived through the nightmare. #NotoIslam


Acid Survivors Foundation India purports to be a leading NGO in India for prevention of acid burn violence,providing support services to survivors.

Act For America

We are the NRA of national security. The nation's largest non-profit, grassroots organization devoted to promoting national security & defeating terrorism.

Always On Watch

A teacher who woke up on 9/11.

Answering Muslims

Answering Muslims is a Christian apologetics website dedicated to responding to the questions, objections, and arguments of Muslims.

American Islamic Forum For Democracy

American Islamic Forum for Democracy advocates for the principles of the United States Constitution, liberty and freedom through separation of mosque and state.

American Defence League

We are Americans United Against the Infiltration of Islam. We Stand Together as One United Voice Against Sharia Law. With Our Lives, We Stand Upon the Walls of Our Beloved Republic and Guard the Gates of Freedom. May Our Lord Guide Our Endeavor.

Acid Survivors Trust

Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI) is the only organisation whose sole purpose is to work towards the end of acid violence across the world.

American Freedom Alliance

The American Freedom Alliance promotes and defends Western Values.


American Freedom Defense Initiative, a human rights organization dedicated to freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and individual rights

Antonio F Branco

A Grassroots Conservative Political Cartoonist for Conservative Daily News, Net Right Daily, and Legal Insurrection. Spread our message with humor.


Biased BBC

Exposing the reporting bias of the BBC

Bosch Fawstin

Cartoonist, blogger, creator of the anti-jihad superhero, Pigman. Eisner Award nominee. AFDI Mohammad Cartoon Contest Winner

Breitbart News

Conservative news and opinion website founded by the late Andrew Breitbart.

Britain First

Britain First is a patriotic political party and street defence organisation. Here you can join forces with patriots like you!

Boycott Halal

The Boycott Halal Community will aim NOT TO BUY from any company or organisation that promotes or uses Halal products and services.

Bomb Islam is Political Action Committee. We believe Islam needs to be eradicated worldwide.

Bare Naked Islam

It isn't Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you


Conservative Infidel

Honoring Service Members who fought/died for Honor & our Freedoms.Follower of Jesus Christ; Right Wing Extremist.Gun Loving American.

Citizen Warrior

Our goal is to oppose Islamization by exposing, marginalizing, and dis-empowering orthodox Islam.

Clarion Project

A non-profit educational organization providing a platform for human rights activists and for challenging Islamic extremism through facts.

Christian News Ir

The voice of iranian christias

Creeping Sharia

Documenting news on the threat of Islamic sharia law and jihad to freedoms in the US and beyond

Christian Fightback

"Today you are going into battle against your enemies. Do not be fainthearted or afraid; do not panic or be terrified by them. For the Lord your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory."

Center For The Study Of Political Islam

We are a non-profit, non-political and non-religious international educational movement. Our aim is to educate the world about political Islam.

Cair Observatory

This site documents many questionable actions on the part of CAIR, but the unifying concept is that CAIR is acting as a foreign agent.

Campus Watch

Campus Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum, reviews and critiques Middle East studies in North America with an aim to improving them

Counter Jihad Report

Constitution, Limited Government,Fiscal Responsibility,Free Markets. End Political Correctness - Purge Gov. of Stealth Jihadists!

Christian Action Network

Christian Action Network has been protecting America's Moral and Religious History since 1990

Counter Jihad

We are a movement of American citizen-activists dedicated to safeguarding the country from the danger posed by Islamic Supremacists.

Cultural Jihad

Independent Researcher/Consultant - Former federal agent (CI/CE/CT)

Californians For Population Stabilization

CAPS works to advance policies & programs to stabilize the population of CA, the U.S. & the world to preserve the environment and a good quality of life for all

Conservative Daily Post

A Conservative News Company that strives to bring all of our viewers, listeners, and readers the most up-to-date and accurate information possible


Freedom of speech is my primary field of interest, something that lacks a lot here in Sweden


Dave Cullen

YouTuber, Social Commentator, Technology Reviewer, Skeptic, Traditional Conservative, Free-Thinker, Lover of Sushi & Staunch Defender of Free Speech.

Diana West

Lie-Buster. Author of American Betrayal & The Death of the Grown-Up

Dom The Conservative

Christian-conservative journalist, activist, speaker, and terrorism survivor who is internationally targeted by racist, hateful, intolerant, pro-Islam bigots.

Dr Mark Durie

Dr Mark Durie is a theologian, human rights activist and Anglican pastor. He has speaks and writes on Christian-Muslim relations and religious freedom.

Diversity Macht Frei

"There was times when people would burn books because they didn't like what people were doing." - Michael Berryman


English Defence League

The world is a dangerous place to live in; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. – Albert Einstein, refugee from Nazi Germany


EuropeNews represents the principles of freedom of the press, clarification & human rights against canons of religious intolerance and terrorism.

Eye On The World

“The road to truth is long, and lined the entire way with annoying bastards.” · ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ · Illegitimi non carborundum

Examine Islam

Examine Islam is a new campaign started in 2015, in response to the surge in terrorist activity both in the West but also worldwide - Isis and Boko Haram etc. We want to make our leaders stop and think. Is Islam in fact compatible with our values of Democracy, Tolerance, Freedom and Human Rights?

End FGM Network

16 member org'ns = END FGM European Network. We want the EU to combat female genital mutilation at home and abroad.


FGM Questions

How can FGM be eradicated, in the UK and elsewhere? We want to share good practice and ideas! Let's work together to make FGM history

Farsi Christian News Network

Farsi Christian News Network (FCNN) exists to communicate the plight of Christians facing persecution in Iran. FCNN is purposed to speak for the unheard voice of the Christian church in Iran.

Freedom Fighter Radio

Americas enemies will not be stopped by an appeasing attitude.


Families Against Terrorism and Extremism is a network working across Europe & North Africa to prevent radicalisation & counter violent extremism

Freedomain Radio

The largest and most popular philosophy show in the world. Hosted by Stefan Molyneux.

Foundation For Defense Of Democracies

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) is a non-partisan institution focusing on national security and foreign policy.

Faith Freedom

Saved by Christ, anti Islam, anti UN, anti EU, vegan, founder of , conservative, irredeemable, pro Israel, banned on Facebook.

Freedom Outpost

Don't tread on us.

Family Security Matters

Dedicated to men and women who are seeking answers to the most important question of our time: How to keep our families and our country safe and secure.

Facing Islam Blog

An Orthodox Christian Confronts the Religion of Muhammad


Gates Of Vienna

Striving 4 Western values:primacy of the person, free speech; rule of law, and property rights. Gratitude wins

George Garbow

Humanitarian Writer banned by Twitter for criticizing corrupt politicians, Islam, Muslim terrorists and for supporting Donald Trump. I have always disliked liars and bullies and in Islam I see too many of both.

Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch

An Intelligence Digest Covering Developments In The Worldwide Muslim Brotherhood Network

Gatestone Institute

Not-for-profit, non-partisan policy organization dedicated to innovative research and analysis that promotes global security and freedom

Genital Autonomy

A Human Rights advocacy charity working to protect children from unnecessary genital surgery.

Global Alliance Against Female Genital Mutilation

Female Genital Mutilation - action to accelerate ending this harmful tradition

Girls Not Brides

Girls Not Brides is a global partnership of 600+ organisations committed to ending child marriage & enabling girls to fulfil their potential. #EndChildMarriage

Global Patriot Radio

Striving to Educate America and the World about the Freedom and Liberty provided by the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and American Exceptionalism...


Hazem Farraj

Politics & Religion By Force. #ExMuslim Rebel, Inspired Thinker, Human Rights Guy, Philosopher, American by Birth, Palestinian by Blood, Christian by Choice

Hindu Defence League


Halal Choices

Exposing halal certification schemes in Australia

Hamas On Campus

We expose the Students for Justice in Palestine as Hamas On Campus

Human Rights Voices

Human rights are the most powerful political currency of our time. But the UN human rights system has squandered the commitment and passion of its original benefactors

Horowitz Center

The defense of free societies whose moral, cultural and economic foundations are under attack by enemies both secular and religious, at home and abroad.

Honest Reporting

Defending Israel from media bias. Promoting fairness and accuracy, effecting change in media coverage of Israel. RT, follows do not constitute endorsement.

Haram Sheikh

The fear of Islam is rational. People only admit this when shit hits the fan and it's too late.


Islam Watch

Unveils and combats lawful Islamism, which exploits the freedoms of Western society incrementally, to undermine from within.

Infidels Of Britain

This is the official Twitter page of INFIDELS OF BRITAIN. We are a political movement (for the Indigenous people of Britain) to take our country back.

Islam Exposed

I am an atheist who has come to the realisation that Islam is a fascist ideology masquerading as a religion, whose votaries intend to destroy our society.

IHS Defense And Security

IHS delivers critical insight and independent analysis of military capabilities, defense industry and market trends, terrorism and insurgency trends, country risk, competitive intelligence and strategy.


Maybe Vulgar & Graphic Tattooed White American. Protective Husband, Father & Grandfather. Love America! Hate Islam and all it stands for! I Love God & Son.

Irish Infidel

Dedicated to exposing the man made origins of the Quran, it includes videos made by ex-muslims and skeptics


Unapologetically Principled,Certifiably Insane Psychonaut. Facts Are Pure Antiseptic To The Bacterial Disease Called Liberalism.


Fighting for Freedom & Liberty on the Frontlines of Truth Journalism #Infowars

Institute For The Study Of War

An informed understanding of military affairs through reliable research, trusted analysis, and innovative education.

Ibn Q. Al-rassooli

Disproving Muhammad's prophet hood & the alleged divine origin of his Qur'an (Koran) based entirely on the Arabic language of the Quran & Hadiths.


Jihad Watch

Director of Jihad Watch, author of the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad

Jerusalem Institute Of Justice

Unveiling hidden #injustices and promoting #humanrights is our driving force and main passion. Follow us to learn more about those issues in the #Middleeast

Jewish Defense League - America


Judicial Watch

A conservative, non-partisan educational foundation, promoting transparency and accountability in government.


Academic website that curates new primary source material from global jihadis.


Horrible 'Secular-Fundamentalist' Occasionally releases videos & doesn't tweet.


Documenting the Global Jihad


Kirralie Smith

NSW Senate Candidate for the Australian Liberty Alliance. Promoting and working for a strong, prosperous & free country.

Kafir Central

I oppose all who aim to shut down free speech and personal liberty under the guise of 'tolerance', 'multiculturalism' or 'progressive social justice'.

Kafir Crusaders

Opening Peoples Eyes To The Threat Of Islam. Against : Sharia / Halal / Mosque Building / Muslim Grooming / Rape Jihad / FGM / Stealth Jihad / Islamization


Life After FGM

What is life like after #FGM and other forms of sexual violence? We tell your story. Victim or Survivor?

Liberty Gb

UK political party headed by @PaulWestonLibGB. Not scared to talk about Jihad and the threat of third world immigration.


Middle East Forum

Think tank promoting American interests. Middle East Quarterly, Campus Watch, Islamist Watch, Legal Project, Washington Project. Headed by Daniel Pipes

Muslim Statistics

International statistics, government statistics, newspaper articles and reports related to Muslim immigration and Muslim issues in non-Muslim societies

Mark Dice

Mark Dice is an author and media analyst who exposes the liberal agenda, our celebrity obsessed culture, and the role mainstream media plays in shaping society.

Maryam Namazie

Maryam Namazie is a political activist and rights campaigner.

Money Jihad

Exposing terrorist funding.

Makelove Notscars

A youth initiative to creatively put an end to acid and gender based violence.

Michael Ramirez

Ttwo-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Reuben winner and Nationally syndicated Editorial cartoonist with Creators


The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) is a not-for-profit press monitoring and analysis organization with headquarters in Washington, DC

Media Research Center

The Media Research Center is a conservative media watchdog group dedicated to bringing balance to the news media.

MEMRI - Jihad Threat Monitor

News, updates and information based on primary sources from MEMRI's Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor.


Mothers Against Radical Islam & Sharia

Marine Le Pen

I am a free woman, a mother, a French and I chose to commit myself for my country

MEMRI - Cyber Jihad Lab

The CJL monitors, tracks, translates, and researches cyber jihad originating from the Middle East, Iran, South Asia, and North and West Africa.


No FGM Australia

No FGM Australia is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to protect Australian girls from female genital mutilation, and to support and empower survivors of FGM.


Homeland security,terror alerts, disaster survival, news,breaking news,emergency preparedness.

News Busters

America’s leading media watchdog in documenting, exposing and neutralizing liberal media bias.

Ngo Monitor

Promoting critical debate and accountability of human rights NGOs in the Arab-Israeli conflict


Our Eye On Islam

Exposing Islam, Islamic jihad & those who both practice it & wage it! Knowledge is Power.

One Law For All

One Law for All is a group dedicated to opposing Sharia courts in Britain (and, by extension, any religious courts)

Outlaw Morgan

just an average guy who makes videos, podcasts, live feeds that floats around the internet


Pegida Canada

To raise awareness, politcal and social, of the increasing Islamization of the west

Pamela Geller

Author, Columnist, President, AFDI. All that and a bag of chips

Plain Talk With Paula

Maker of YouTube videos. If you're easily offended now would be a really good time to fuck off! Approach with caution. Or cake.

Pat Condell

Former stand-up comedian. I make videos advocating secularism, democracy and free speech. I'm not on Facebook. All Facebook pages in my name are fake.

Project Purge

Founder of

Pegida Uk

PEGIDA UK is the official British branch of the Dresden-born PEGIDA movement. We stand against radical Islam and wish to protect our national identity.

Palestinian Media Watch

Palestinian Media Watch monitors and analyzes the Palestinian Authority through its media and schoolbooks

Project Veritas

Exposing the world for what it is.

Pi News

Europe's Top Political Blog: Against the Mainstream · Pro-American · Pro-Israel · Against the Islamisation of Europe · For Fundamental Laws and Human Rights


WE DO NOT PRODUCE LOVE STORIES ... only fake dramas


News, original commentary, and video in inimitable, innovative ways, bringing you interviews from the nation’s political leaders, newsmakers and conservative entertainers.

Pfander Films

There are challenges that face Christians and Muslims that need to be answered in a public forum, so people can get involved, have their say, and ask questions.

Paul Joseph Watson

Contrarian polemicist, InfoWars Editor-at-Large.

Peter Mcloughlin

Author of 'Easy Meat', chronicle of the State's cover-up of the Muslim rape gang epidemic. Next book proves Islam is a religion of war.

Political Islam

Bill Warner, PhD - Islam is a political system that has subjugated civilizations for 1400 yrs We must know Islam to defeat political Islam


Questioning Islam

Author and independent researcher focused on Islam based in Australia


Refugee Resettlement Watch

Created blog Refugee Resettlement Watch in 2007, but it's more than that now. Immigration (legal and illegal), if not stopped in 2017, will destroy America.

Radio Infidel Show™

News the MSM won't tell you

Raymond Ibrahim

Raymond Ibrahim is author of Crucified Again and The Al Qaeda Reader, and writes on current events in the Middle East, Islam, and Christianity

Ryan Mauro

National Security Analyst at Opinions & snarky tweets do not reflect any group I associate with. Independent/Cynical Political Junkie

Reverse Jihad

Why is the global jihad gaining ground and how can we reverse it?

Real Clear Israel

Leslie-Ann Stoffel. I believe in supporting and protecting the only Jewish Homeland in the world as well as the only Democracy in the Middle East.

Reforming Islam

Islam needs to be reformed. The dialogue needs to start now.

Restore Australia

Our Mission Amend Section 128 of our Constitution to give all voters the right to INITIATE referendums. Power to the People to decide our FUTURE.

Rebel Media

A fearless source of news, opinion and activism. And some fun, too.

Refugee Crime Map

This archive portrays the effort to document systematically the failure of the government with regard to refugees, migrants and integration.

Red Fox

Islamic Issues and sharia law


Steve Pieczenik

Dr. Steve Pieczenik is a New York Times Best Selling Author with over 20 years experience in resolving international crises for four U.S. administrations.

Sharia Unveiled

illuminating minds and opening eyes... to the truth about islam and sharia law.

Site Intel Group

SITE Intelligence Group, the world’s leading non-governmental counter-terrorism organization.

Sharia Watch Uk

ECHR: Sharia is undemocratic and incompatible with human rights

Support Israel - תמיכה בישראל

#israel #banislam #bansharialaw #supportisrael #standwithisrael #stopislam #IDF #benjamin #BenjaminNetanyahu #isupportisrael #WakeUpAmerica #TCOT #MiddleEast

Stop Islamization Of The World

This profile is solely to raise awareness about increased islamization of the world, and to defend freedom of expression for all people.


Stop Islamization of America, a human rights organization dedicated to freedom of speech, religious liberty, and individual rights


I am a sceptic, a non-theist and anti-theist and refute false claims and stupid ideas by Muslim apologists who use dawah

Sye Ten

Knuckle-dragging bigot

Syrian Civil War Map

Live Map covering the war in Syria and Iraq. Posting relavent news and important updates.

Sweden Report

An American in Sweden providing news and commentary on the country that had it all, yet decided to chuck it out the window for political correctness.

Secure Freedom

Secure Freedom, formerly The Center for Security Policy, is a think tank dedicated to identifying challenges & opportunities likely to affect national security.

Stop Rape In Conflict

The International Campaign to Stop Rape & Gender Violence in Conflict unites groups and individuals into a coordinated effort for change.

South Asia Terrorism Portal

The Institute has provided consultancy services on terrorism & internal security to a number of governments within India and abroad.

Stone Cold Truth

A well-known voice in politics for over forty years, Roger Stone often gives insights on behind-the-scenes political agendas on Infowars and has been banned by CNN and MSNBC for his outspoken and politically incorrect criticism of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Smyth Radio

Military Veteran Talk Radio, Saving America From the Mental Disorder "Liberalism" also known only in the state of California to cause cancer.

Small Wars Journal

Assist in the creation, capture, sharing, and application of knowledge of small wars

Stop The Islamization Of America

An American Patriot trying to save our country from the islamic/muslim invasion

Stop Acid Attacks

A message of awareness on acid attacks that brings people together against this crime.

Stop FGM

Termination of Female Genital Mutilation. A Project of the Loreto Sisters, East Africa.

Shariah Finance Watch

Shariah Finance Watch is a project of the Center for Security Policy‘s program to educate the public and policymakers about the dangers of Shariah.


The Muslim Issue

A non-partisan and non-profit geopolicy think tank dedicated to educating the public on the trojan dangers of medieval fascism

The Sean Hannity Show

Sean Hannity is a multimedia superstar, spending four hours a day every day reaching out to millions of Americans on radio, television and internet.

The Daily Signal

We believe high-quality, credible news reporting on political and policy issues is of paramount importance to an informed and free society.

Talk2Me Radio

Talk2Me Radio is the radio revolution. It is radio without transmitters, regulation and a rigid schedule.

The Jinn And Tonic Show

The Jinn And Tonic Show is an online bi-weekly panel discussion show on Islam.

The Religion Of Peace

A non-partisan, fact-based site which examines the ideological threat that Islam poses to human dignity and freedom

TaskForce FGM

The TaskForce's work aims to protect little girl children in Europe from Genital Mutilation.

Terror News Network

Global Terrorism News

The Glazov Gang

Host of The Glazov Gang, Editor of Frontpage Magazine, Author of 'United in Hate'.

The Genocidal Turks

#NotAllTurks were mass killers, some saved the innocent, but #TheYoungTurks were responsible for the Armenian Genocide.

The Gorka Briefing

Irregular Warfare Strategist, author of NY Times bestseller DEFEATING JIHAD

The Masked Arab

An ex-Muslim and free thinking Youtuber. I'm masked since my non-belief is apostasy and punishable by death. People need to see all the evidence and decide.

Tree Of Logic

Never Let Fear Decide Your Fate

The AHA Foundation

AHA Foundation works toward a society where women’s and girls’ rights are promoted and protected, and they can live their lives free from the threat of violence

The Hizbut Tahrir Watch

Keeping a watchful eye on Hizb in America.

Terror Trends Bulletin

Tracking and Analysis of Jihadist Terrorism

The United West

Our Mission: Defend the US Constitution, Fight for Israel, Fight against Islamic Jihad, Fight against President Obama policies

Terror Monitor

Monitoring terrorist groups globally. We are trying to develop this as a complete online to inform about terrorist outfits, activities and its impact worldwide.

The Investigative Project On Terrorism

The Investigative Project on Terrorism, founded and directed by Steven Emerson, is the premier counterterrorism institute and data center.

Tarek तारिक Fatah

Author, 'Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State' (Wiley 2008), 'Jew is Not My Enemy' (Random 2010), 'Balochistan Betrayed' ( 2017), 'Hindu is Not My Enemy' (2018)

The Long War Journal

The Long War Journal is dedicated to providing original and accurate reporting and analysis of the Long War, also known as the Global War on Terror


The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center publish Information Bulletins on a range of topics related to terrorism, anti-Semitic propaganda and incitemen

The Pharaoh

An #Atheist Ex-Muslim YouTuber from Egypt, Trying NOT to be an asshole while enduring the religion of #peace.

Tommy Robinson

Ex Leader and Founder of the English Defense League. Now avid speaker of Truth without Fear or Compromise


Un Watch

Speaking Truth to Power

Usa Patriotic

Upholding Freedom, The Constitution and Combatting Radical Islam

Understanding The Threat

Understanding the Threat provides threat-focused strategic and operational consultation, training, and education.

Uncut/voices Press

UnCut/Voices Press is a publisher dedicated to ending Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Book sales support projects against FGM.

Usa Talk Radio

Why is immigration such a large issue? Immigration impacts many of the most important challenges confronting our nation today.


Vlad Tepes

Events in history may be closer than they appear


Walid Shoebat

Former PLO Terrorist whom now speaks out for USA and Israel

Western Journalism

News, commentary, videos for Americans who love freedom

Women Against Shariah

The mission of Women Against Shariah is to prevent and outlaw the imposition of shariah law in the United States for both Muslim and American women as either a parallel legal system or a replacement for existing laws. Additionally, we hope to empower women worldwide to resist shariah

We Need To Talk About Islam

We Need To Talk About Islam brings to the forefront the issues that need open and candid discussion.

War On The Rocks

War on the Rocks is a platform for analysis, commentary, debate and multimedia content on foreign policy and national security issues through a realist lens.


Critical articles on various areas of Islam based on its own sources, the Qur'an, hadith and Islamic scholars.

Winds Of Jihad

All the latest from the winds of jihad


XYZ - ABC Watch

Given the gross failure of the ABC to self-regulate, more shockingly in this week’s episode of QandA when the ABC became a platform for an Islamic extremist to make a call to arms, it is clear that the ABC is failing the Australian public.


Your Voice Radio

YourVoice has rocketed to #1 in Politics on with over 50,000 listeners a month because we present a positive, uplifting message in a new way

Your Daily Muslim

Humorously chronicling the violent mischief of the religion of peace.


When you're scared of jumping, you'll never get anywhere...


إشهد | Eshhad

Eshhad is a platform that gathers information on religiously-motivated violence in Egypt, allowing individuals to also self-­report their experiences.

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