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Truth News Headlines Evening July 18, 2018
Wednesday, July 18, 2018 7:48 PM

They are trying to cover up the greatest illicit meddling in an American election in history: by American intelligence agencies. In their desperation since the defeat of the candidate they covertly supported, who would have covered it up for them, they have been trying to maintain the fraud of collusion and conflate it with the trivial and routine interventions of some Russian operatives in the 2016 election. Source

Putin Drops Bomb on Mueller: Russia Seeks Charges Against Obama-Era U.S. Ambassador & U.S. Intel Agents Allegedly Linked to Browder



John Brennan Colluded With Foreign Spies to Defeat Trump

A supporter of the American Communist Party at the height of the Cold War, Brennan brought into the CIA a raft of subversives and gave them plum positions from which to gather and leak political espionage on Trump. He bastardized standards so that these left-wing activists could burrow in and take career positions. Under the patina of that phony professionalism, they could then present their politicized judgments as “non-partisan.”


Comey Meddles In 2018 Election


Who is Bill Browder?


Trump: “Russia Has Agreed To Help With North Korea”




Trump 2020 ad is a homerun


Left-wing socialist poster reveals EXACTLY what the United States will become if Democrats win

The goal is to make America ungovernable


San Francisco Gives Illegal Aliens The Right To Vote


Grizzbear2008 threw this bead in to the game.


Minnesota Democrat Congressman Keith Ellison, one of only two Muslims ever elected to the United States Congress, supports the domestic terrorist organization ANTIFA!


Judicial Watch Victory: Court-Ordered Consent Decree Requires Kentucky to Clean Up Election Rolls


Folks, roll up your sleeves and get active in your state election voting process. It will take much more than cleaning up election rolls to have honest and fair elections.

YOUR INDIVIDUAL EFFORT to write a FOIA request or letter to your election board can make a difference. In these articles (below) we tell you exactly what you need to ask for. Just lift text right out of our articles to create your own letter.

This is something that YOU can do TODAY that could make a huge difference in your state election process. Doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or Republican to demand your state get rid of these rigged machines.

If you belong to a citizen, patriot, or any concerned group, send your letter as a group. Then continue to follow up frequently with calls and letters.

This is NOT the responsibility of your elected representatives to do. Citizens are responsible for the election process. Let’s get some traction on this, patriots.

Please feel free to share your progress with us.

Technology is not good for everything – especially when it comes to voting integrity!

Evil Men Who Rig Our Elections

Learn what is really happening with these George Soros – Mark Malloch-Brown – Mitt Romney rigged voting machines.




Miner Finds: Mark Malloch-Brown and the Shell Foundation



AIM4Truth Tim recommends:

I think the best way to fight election fraud is at the state level. If there could be a website for each state that we could do a petition for paper ballots. It is much easier to contact state representatives for change. The best part is that we can use the Russian hysteria that the Russians are going to hack the election machines. You could even pull the Trump haters on board with this one.


“I Think He’s a Very Bad Person”




Trump MAJOR Accomplishments (Year 2)

  1. President Trump has signed Space Policy Directive 2 (
  2. Congress approves Dodd-Frank repeal (
  3. President Trump issues orders making it easier to fire federal employees (
  4. President Trump negotiates the release of Venezuelan hostage (
  5. President Trump signs Right to Try bill (
  6. Trump administration: Parents must be fingerprinted to get back migrant children (
  7. US to shorten length of visas for some Chinese citizens (
  8. Hiring in manufacturing is off to the best start this year since 2012 (
  9. The unemployment has dropped to 3.8%, tying an 18-year low (
  10. Black unemployment has dropped to 5.9%, an ALL TIME low (
  11. Hispanic unemployment has dropped to 4.8%, an ALL TIME low (
  12. Wages have increased 2.7% since May 2017 (
  13. US oil output jumps to record high in March (
  14. Work begins on existing border wall replacement in San Diego (
  15. ICE agents arrest 114 in sting at Ohio landscaper
  16. Trump has arrested 110,568 illegal aliens in his first 500 days in office
  17. Trump signs the VA Mission Act
  18. Total jobless claims running at lowest level in 44 years
  19. Trump to drastically reduce size of federal government, combine agencies
  20. So many illegal immigrants are being arrested that ICE is sending 1,600 to federal prisons
  21. Electric, gas and water rates falling due to tax cuts
  22. Americans’ wealth now more than $100 trillion
  23. Sessions tightens asylum standards for Central American women
  24. North Korea agrees to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula after Trump-Kim summit
  25. Trump administration launches denaturalization effort to strip citizenship from those suspected of naturalization irregularities
  26. More than 2.300 suspected online child sex offenders arrested during operation Broken Heart
  27. Food stamp enrollment dips to lowest level in 8 years
  28. The number of jobless claims declined to a near 44.5 year low
  29. Pakistan Taliban leader killed in US drone strike
  30. Ongoing unemployment drops to lowest level since December 1973
  31. USA withdraws from the UN human rights council
  32. President Trump has announced the creation of the American Space Force, a new branch of the United States military
  33. Border crossing arrests are at historic lows
  34. WIC welfare participation at lowest level in 24 years
  35. Trump hits China with $200 billion in new tariffs
  36.  Thousands of US asylum claims in doubt after Sessions’ decision
  37.  Satisfaction with direction of country hits 12 year high
  38.  Germany will offer to scrap the EU’s 10% tax on US autos
  39.  The US Citizenship and Immigration Service gas formed a task force to identify naturalized US citizens who may have lied on their citizenship applications and to revoke their citizenship
>Manufacturer sentiment hits 20 year high
  40.  200 Korean War MIA remains returned to USA since Trump meeting with Kim
  41.  Trump signs Executive Order to end family separation at the border – keeps families together in detention – jumps them to the front of the queue for a swift trial and deportation
  42.  Trump administration has instructed immigration agents to give 2 options to parents separated from children – leave the country with your kids or without them
  43.  Supreme Court internet sales tax
  44.  OPEC countries give into Trump’s demands, agree to increase oil production by almost 1 million barrels a day
  45.  Record $300 billion repatriated to USA
  46.  US freezes Palestinian aid budget
  47.  Supreme Court blocks California law requiring anti-abortion nonprofits to inform pregnant patients about availability of free to low-cost abortions elsewhere and inability to provide medical help
  48.  Supreme Court upholds Trump’s travel ban
  49.  Supreme Court rules against unions
  50.  601 people charged in healthcare fraud and opioid-related crimes
  51.  RNC has record setting May, brings in $14.6 million
  52.  ICE raids an Ohio meatpacking plant, 146 arrested
  53.  Thanks to tax cuts, companies’ overseas profits now flooding back to US
  54.  Disability applications plunge as economy strengthens
  55.  95.1% of manufacturers have a positive outlook for their companies
  56.  Border control arrests 5000 criminal illegal aliens attempting US entry in fiscal year 2018
  57.  The IRS is cutting the 1040 form in half, making it easier to fill out
  58.  Justice Department charges 601 people in massive $2 billion healthcare scam
  59.  Trump administration to rescind Obama guidelines on race in college admissions – schools must ignore race
  60.  Sessions rescinds 24 Justice Department guidance documents that have been deemed “unnecessary, outdated, inconsistent with existing law, or otherwise improper”
  61.  Preliminary stats suggest zero tolerance policy helped reduce illegal immigration
  62.  There are more jobs available then people trying to get them
  63.  Trump has added 3.7 million jobs since election day
  64.  A record 155,576,000 Americans are currently employed
  65.  Hispanic unemployment rate drops to all time low in June
  66.  ISIS capital captured in Afghanistan, over 160 fighters killed by US and Afghani troops


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Truth News Headlines July 18, 2018
Wednesday, July 18, 2018 10:07 AM

Lights Out at the White House

Yet, in this temporary darkness, we see an angelic image and Holy Trinity shining brightly behind POTUS.



President Trump Just Dismantled Brennan


BILL BROWDER: The CIA Asset and Neocon Zionist Who Was Used to Restart the Cold War with Russia


Russia Reset: In 2009, Clinton Pushes Reset Button With The Russian Foreign Minister


Rand Paul: Trump ‘Did a Good Thing by Meeting with Putin’ — ‘Mistake’ to Turn Meeting Into a ‘Partisan Escapade’



Louie Gohmert Discussing Lisa Page Testimony: “The guilty dogs are barking pretty loud”



EXPOSED: Peter Strzok Grew Up In Iran, Worked As Obama and Brennan’s Envoy To Iranian Regime


FLASHBACK to December 2017

SEC Associate Director And Wife Of Fired Anti-Trump FBI Agent Appears To Scrub Facebook Page Of Obama-Clinton Likes


Melissa Hodgman, Peter Strzok’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Two AIM audios inside link below:

Trump Puts Media into a Spin Zone of Crazy


POTUS was tired – that’s all folks


Tucker Carlson Interviews President Trump



The EU’s New Data Protection Rules Are Already Hurting Europeans

Netflix stock slammed after earnings, as subscriber growth and revenue fall short


Evil men who rig our elections.


Top Voting Machine Vendor Admits It Installed Remote-Access Software on Systems Sold to States

Remote-access software and modems on election equipment ‘is the worst decision for security short of leaving ballot boxes on a Moscow street corner.’



The Real Reason the Ruling Class Hates Putin


Puerto Rico: Mayor Arrested, Trump Vindicated, & People have Power Restored (VIDEO)


Senators: Your Smart TV Might Be Spying On You


In the eye of the storm


Here is a file we have been keeping on Aitan Goelman. Many documents come from his work at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

#F!BjACkAxK!F3ji053rBMHjGHK_EVQ9ow" target="_blank">AITAN GOELMAN


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Truth News Headline posts do not stay on our website permanently. These are current events that are symptoms of the greater history that is evident in our deeply researched foundation articles. The daily headlines “float” on the mountain of evidence that we are amassing for the day of truth and reconciliation or judgement.
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Truth News Headlines July 17, 2018
Tuesday, July 17, 2018 12:16 PM






“President Trump: Before I won he said this is nothing and it can’t happen. It’s a very dishonest deal. We have to find out who did Peter Strzok report to because it was Comey and it was McCabe and there was also probably Obama. 

If you think Obama didn’t know what was going on, when you watch, and I said it today when you watch Peter Strzok’s performance, the lover of Lisa Page, the FBI, I tell you I know so many people… He’s a disgrace to our country. He’s a disgrace to our great FBI.” – Source



Trump Accuses Peter Strzok of Working with Barack Obama to Take Down His Campaign


Putin Claims U.S. Intelligence Agents Funneled $400 Million To Clinton Campaign



Paranoia May Destroy Ya’ – The Collective Response From the Co-Conspirators


“Consider the tweets from James Comey (former FBI), John Brennan (former CIA), Sally Yates (former DOJ), and statement from Ash Carter (former DoD).

Think about the bigger questions: Why would former administration officials feel the need to engage in such discourse? What exactly does their response say about their personal attachment to current events?  …and more importantly, what do they all have in common?

If you note they are all connected to the intelligence apparatus, and more specifically the well documented FISA abuse, well, yeah, things start making a lot of sense.  After all, at the center of all the intelligence corruption in 2015/2016 is the exploitation of FBI/NSA databases for political opposition research and weaponization.”



Thanks, AIM4Truth Jim, for reminding us why we say FOX NEWS is FAKE NEWS.

These Fox News Hosts Just Broke With Trump

Fox News shows its globalist horns after Trump’s interview with Putin. This tells me unequivocally that the globalists are engineering a ‘cold war’ polarization between Russia and America…thereby furthering their one world total controlled agenda with no nation states. I think the ‘conclave’ is the only real news on the planet at this time. Everyone else reads from the same ‘Avid teleprompters’, or are so full of invective against reason they are geopolitically naïve.

Fox Business Network anchor Trish Regan, normally an enthusiastic Trump booster, described the press conference as “horrible.”

“From what I saw, I did not like that our president was not defending us and honoring his intelligence community,” she said during her Monday show.

Fox & Friends Weekend host Abby Huntsman—daughter of Jon Huntsman, Trump’s ambassador to Russia—also minced no words in criticizing the president whom she regularly defends.

“No negotiation is worth throwing your own people and country under the bus,” she wrote in a forceful tweet following the presser. Her comment appeared to be pushing back on an emerging pro-Trump argument that the president’s deference to Putin was a means to making diplomatic in-roads with Russia.​

Fellow Fox host Stuart Varney, who routinely boosts Trump’s policies, bashed the president for what was “not a very forceful presentation.” Two of the conservative host’s guests joined in, saying Putin came out ahead.

“He outmaneuvered our president,” FBN business reporter Ashley Webster said. “I was very surprised. I thought Trump was going to push hard.”

Neil Cavuto of Fox Business calls Trump’s press conference “disgusting”, “That sets us back a lot.” — Axios (@axiosJuly 16, 2018


Video Montage: Cable News Sees the Apocalypse in Trump/Putin Summit – MUST SEE VIDEO MELTDOWN


Chris Wallace Gets RedPilled by Putin. The many interruptions by Wallace translates to mean: “You’re not giving me the answers I’m looking for.”



Why was it such a necessity for @MarkWarner to communicate in secret with a Russian oligarch funding anti-Trump smear campaign in the US?

— Robert Barnes (@Barnes_LawJuly 17, 2018




John Brennan Unravels


Right on cue … globalist pull out their final weapon – a global monetary crash….

The Global Reset Will Come Like A Thief In The Night


RINO Globalist Mitt Romney Helps Democrat Globalist Howard Schultz to Raise Money for 2020 Run


A4T maidenmessages writes on July 16, 2018:

Today is the greatest day in history of the world!

God Bless America and God Bless Russia!

Listen to the Magnificent National Anthem of Tsarist Russia – God Save the Tsar



From an A4T reader:

Here is a link to the fact sheet for the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty between the U.S. and the Russian Federation (short summary):

Here is a link to the original treaty from 1999:



Hollywood Melts over Trump-Putin Summit: ‘Arrest’ this ‘Treasonous’ ‘Urine Lapper’


Sleeping Giants’ Anonymous Founder Unmasked; Top Ad Writer Behind Boycott Campaign Targeting Breitbart, Ingraham



The law of reaping and sowing


Presidential Tweets Today


Weapon of Mass Intelligence

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Truth News Headlines Evening July 16, 2018
Monday, July 16, 2018 9:29 PM

Trump, Putin speak at joint press conference in Helsinki 07/16/18



Donald Trump Defends Summit with Vladimir Putin as ‘Bold American Diplomacy’



Putin Destroys Deep State – Blows Up Mueller’s Indictment of Concord Management


Red Alert: Evidence Points To Deep State Planning Of Massive Election Fraud



Debrief on Trump-Putin Presser – There are High Crimes to Be Hidden, and Trillions Still at Stake


yy4u posts:

Putin speaks fluent German, Melania speaks fluent German, I know it would blow the heads off the media (and every one else) but wouldn’t it be interesting if the three of them sat down and conducted the meeting auf Deutsch with Melania doing the translating. Then NOBODY would know what was said except the Trumps and Putin.


Calling on all truth sleuths:

How is Peter Strzok’s Attorney Aitan Goelman Connected to Rudy Guiliani and Roger Ailes?




This was the only election hacking we saw during the campaign.



Mueller Spox “Declines to Comment” on Putin’s Offer For Mueller to Send Reps to Russia to Observe Questioning of Indicted Military Officers



Desperate Deep State Puppets Rosenstein & Wray Unveil Charges Against Russian Grad Student to Derail Trump Putin Summit




A little glass bead from a reader with a sense of humor


Presidential Tweets Today


Weapon of Mass Intelligence

American Intelligence Media free app available on Apple and Android.  You can also load on to your PC here. Our app is a discreet way to check the day’s headlines and truth news.

Truth News Headline posts do not stay on our website permanently. These are current events that are symptoms of the greater history that is evident in our deeply researched foundation articles. The daily headlines “float” on the mountain of evidence that we are amassing for the day of truth and reconciliation or judgement.
If you wish to read and research Truth News Headlines beyond our posting dates, please follow us by email. You will receive Truth News Headlines in an email format which can be saved for as long as you need them.
Our YouTube playlists are organized at: AIM4Truth on YouTube
Betsy and Thomas audios are also arranged in this free ‘glass bead’ by an AIM reader- iTunes podcast link,
Check out the Gabriel bookshelf and join us on a journey towards enlightenment.
Here is a handy Symptom List we created for friends and family that are following the ASCEND protocol.  Learn about our special formula of enzymes here. Vibes Enzymes
Have you tried our recipe for colloidal silver water? The Best Homemade Recipe for Multi-Use Colloidal Silverwater
We are sorry that we cannot answer all of your emails. Please feel free to leave your questions/comments below in the comment box. We have an amazing AIM4Truth community that can help you if we can’t get a response to you.
Any errors or omissions are inadvertent.

Notices: Unless marked otherwise, American Intelligence Media (AIM),, copyright claims are waived. Reproduction is permitted with or without attribution. This content and its links may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Fair Use is relied upon for all content. For educational purposes only. No claims are made to the properties of third parties.
Muslim Imam Rips-off U.S. Charter Schools
Sunday, July 1, 2018 10:34 PM

Would you believe that the second largest charter school company in America, that has received $2.1 billion in taxpayer money, is run by a known radical Islamic terrorist and is protected by his powerful lobbying of U.S. politicians?

Would you believe that this group, Hizmet, has been indicted and convicted of many crimes and yet still operates and launders U. S. tax dollars to terrorist organizations?

Hizmet is Fethullah Gulen’s educational cult that has made massive donations to U.S. politicians and has hijacked the U. S. charter school movement with his 167 “public” charter schools.

Here is a short list of crimes that Gulen’s Hizmet (FETO- Fethullahci Teror Orgutu) U. S. charter schools have been convicted of:

  • Gulen charter schools in four states are under FBI probesfor fraud, forgery of documents, unlawful profits and irregularities.
  • Three charter schools in California, operating under the name Magnolia, could be shut down for bringing unqualified teachers from Turkey using temporary work visas.
  • Magnolia schools also engaged in poor financial management and inconsistent and incorrect internal policies.
  • Magnolia was accused of fraud and financial malfeasanceworth over $18 million.
  • Hizmet charged with fraudulent relations with the North American University, another alleged Hizmet institution.
  • Concept Schools (Hizmet) fraudulently funneled $5 million from federal grants to Gulenists with which they had “close ties.”
  • Money laundering and fraud.
  • Failed yearly audits.
  • Periodic insolvency.
  • Excessive funds spent on immigration for unqualified male Turkish teachers.
  • Misappropriation of public funds.
  • Inappropriate commingling funds.
  • Funneled public funds from schools to shell entities.
  • Widespread abuse and fraud of the H1B visa program.
  • Discrimination against non-Muslim students and families.
  • Use of fake lotteries for enrollment.
  • Segregating girls from boys and mandatory hijabs for all females.
  • Loose internal controls.
  • Cheating on standardized tests.
  • Lying about student data concerning college attendance.
  • Bullying Jewish and non-Muslim students.
  • Discrimination against students with special needs.
  • Kickbacks to Turkish companies.


Fifteen Hizmet schools have been closed or transferred to new owners, with no connection to Gulen’s movement since 2010. In at least eleven of those cases — including in Georgia, California, Pennsylvania and Ohio – the management firms or individual schools themselves had faced official investigations.

In addition to the schools, followers run a loosely affiliated collection of businesses, civic associations and charities. Some Turkish-American-owned contractors who do business with the schools have been targeted in state and federal investigations over allegations they received preferential treatment.

A series of bond sales have totaled $683 million since 2006 that have benefited four Hizmet schools.

Federal records show Turkey’s lawyers requested meetings in January 2018 with politicians in 26 states and the District of Columbia, including attorney generals, influential legislators, and at least one governor — Michigan’s Rick Snyder. The legal team has already sat down with an official in the Arizona attorney general’s office, worked on legislation in Texas, and attended school board meetings in California, Louisiana and Massachusetts.

The Takeover of U. S. Charter Schools

Today, there are more than 7,000 charter schools with about 3 million students (total enrollment in public schools is 50 million). Charters are more segregated than public schools, prompting the Civil Rights Project at UCLA in 2010 to call charter schools “a major political success” but “a civil rights failure.”

The charter universe includes corporate chains that operate hundreds of schools in different states. The-second-largest has 167 schools and is affiliated with Turkish preacher Fethullah Gulen.

There are 150 charter schools affiliated with the Gulenists in the U.S. The charter schools in four states are under FBI probes for fraud and forgery of documents, unlawful profits and irregularity. Most schools linked to Fetullah Gulen are located in the states of Texas, Ohio and California (see table below to see exact numbers per state). These schools generate about $500 million in revenue per year.

 Gulen’s Charter Schools Throughout America

Los Angeles Times wrote on 12 October 2016 that three charter schools in California operating under the name Magnolia could be shut down for bringing teachers from Turkey using temporary work visas. Magnolia schools engaged in “poor financial management and inconsistent or incorrect internal policies,” according to the newspaper. President of the board of directors of Magnolia Schools, Umit Yapanel, admitted he was a Gulen follower in an interview he gave to the LA Times on 31 August 2016.

According to Amsterdam & Partners LLP, a law firm that investigates the FETO charter school network in the U.S., “the Gulen-affiliated Harmony Public Schools have been allegedly engaging in widespread abuse of the H1B visa program, misappropriation of public funds, and discrimination against certain students and families.” A former Harmony student said she was bullied by a teacher after some teachers learned that the student was Jewish. A former teacher from Harmony explained (see Vimeo video below) with a video clip she recorded that students with special needs were discriminated against by teachers.

Furthermore, the school was “accused of fraud and financial malfeasance worth over $18 million.” The complaint filed by Amsterdam & Partners LLP against Harmony Public Schools put forward that the fraud in question rested on the fact that a company dubbed Charter School Solutions contracted by Harmony to manage its buildings and properties was in fact run by a Harmony employee.

Another controversial aspect of Harmony schools, which brags about a “100 percent” college acceptance rate, is its surreptitious relations with the North American University, yet another alleged Hizmet (FETO) institution. A Washington Post #_ftn2" target="_blank">article indicated that “a sizable number of Harmony graduates are accepted to the North American University” which did not comply with “its own admissions standards” and had “deep financial and governance ties” to Harmony schools.

In a news story based on court records, Concept Schools, another charter school chain linked to Hizmet, were “suspected of involvement in a $5 million fraud operation over accusations that they funneled the money from federal grants to Gulenists.” Just as Harmony, Concept Schools were also accused of engaging in financial activity with companies with which they had “close ties.”

Gulen’s network of charter schools were featured on a recent segment aired by VICE News on HBO on January 18, 2018. The segment featured an interview with international lawyer Robert Amsterdam, who acts on behalf of the Republic of Turkey and who recently published a 600+ page book on the Gulen charter schools titled Empire of Deceit.

Amsterdam says he is continuing the investigation with an upcoming second book, commenting, “the Gulen organization and the movement are a danger to the national security of the United States.”

“Turkish teachers came in every year, they were not certified, they were not very strong with their English language skills, so a lot of times the kids would struggle,” said Patrick McGowan, a whistleblower and former teacher at the school interviewed by VICE News. “It’s almost like a Turkish mafia runs the school.”

Another former human resource manager at the Syracuse school explains that in order to meet state requirements and get more public funding, the school would falsify academic records: “The first time I actually witnessed this type of cheating it came from the teacher, and that teacher showed me the documents of grades being changed on students’ report cards,” the whistleblower said in the interview.

Parents and students interviewed by VICE News were also outraged by the subpar quality of education at the Gulen schools. Gwendolyn Muok, whose daughter attended the Syracuse Academy of Science, says “I think the goal of the school is to get the taxpayer dollars to help fund their movement.And our kids our paying the price for it.”

Recently, the alleged abusive conduct of the Gulen schools has attracted attention of civil rights groups. In November 2017, the California chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) passed a resolution demanding investigations into this organization. But in many other states, politicians have been hesitant to act because of the lobbying strength and pervasive political contributions of Gulenists.

“Gulen and his PR people have been extraordinarily effective at deflecting the conversation,” Amsterdam said to VICE, explaining how the organization has managed to escape accountability. “Even Gulen’s representative interviewed in the segment had no answers, no specific factual disagreements with the public record evidence published in Empire of Deceit,” Amsterdam says.

This book is about the unregulated nature of a very dangerous cult in the United States,” says Amsterdam, “and that’s what matters.”

Empire of Deceit is available as a free download at

FBI Investigations and Charges

The FBI has investigated Concept Schools, which operate 16 Horizon Science Academies across Ohio, on the suspicion that they illegally used taxpayer money to pay immigration and legal fees for people they never even employed, an Ohio ABC affiliate discovered. The FBI’s suspicion was confirmed by state auditors. Concept Schools repaid the fees for their Cleveland and Toledo schools shortly before the story broke, but it’s unclear whether they have repaid—or can repay—the fees for their other schools.

In December 2013, the FBI raided another Gulen-linked charter school, Kenilworth Science and Technology Charter School, located in Louisiana. The investigation, initially for tax-related purposes, led to the discovery of a business link between the school and Harmony Public Schools, another Gulen-linked charter school district based in Texas that makes up the state’s largest charter operator.

Two schools, located in Texas, have been accused of sending school funds—which are supplied by the government—to Gulen-inspired organizations. Last year, The New York Times reported that some schools were funneling some $50 million in public funds to a network of Turkish construction companies.

Utah’s Beehive Science and Technology Academy was $337,000 in debt, according to a financial probe by the Utah Schools Charter Board. The Deseret News tried to figure out where all this taxpayer money had gone. “In a time of teacher layoffs, Beehive has recruited a high percentage of teachers from overseas, mainly Turkey,” the newspaper reported. “Many of these teachers had little or no teaching experience before they came to the United States. Some of them are still not certified to teach in Utah. The school spent more than $53,000 on immigration fees for foreigners in five years. During the same time, administrators spent less than $100,000 on textbooks, according to state records.” Reports have also claimed that the school board was almost entirely Turkish.

In August 2016, former head of the American Federation of Teachers’ Strategic Campaign Department Gene Bruskin wrote an article for AlterNet arguing that the Gulen movement’s charter school network “severely tested” the American model of a secular state, due to what he sees as the missionary nature of the Gulen movement and the way the Gulen schools often played down their links to the movement. He also asserted that publicly-available teacher rosters and labor condition applications for the Turkish teachers frequently employed in the Gulen schools illustrated that American teachers employed by the schools were often paid less than their Turkish counterparts.

Who is Fethullah Gulen?

Turkish Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen

Over the past two decades, Gulen’s Turkish followers have opened taxpayer-funded charter schools in the U.S. Some parents have expressed concern about the connection to the Gulen movement. The FBI is investigating whether Gulen’s followers have skimmed money from those schools in order to fund his movement internationally. A senior State Department official believes Gulen-linked charities and educational institutions in the U.S. look “a lot like the ways in which organized crime sets itself up… to hide money for money laundering.”

Turkish President Recep Erdogan accuses Gulen of being behind a bloody coup attempt. Gulen lives in the United States but Turkey is lobbying the U. S. government to extradite Gulen back to Turkey. Gulen, who the Turkish government blames for inciting the coup attempt, has lived in a Pennsylvania compound for 16 years.

Gulen’s followers run publicly-funded science and math-focus charter schools in the United States. They’ve opened 136 charter schools in 28 states, operating on more than $2.1 billion taxpayer dollars since 2010. But former teachers at those schools have said it is a scheme by Gulen’s followers in the U.S. to take advantage of the American charter school system and fund Gulen’s movement.

Ersin Konkur was once a follower of Gulen. He worked as a math teacher at schools founded by Gulen supporters in New York and Texas. But he said school officials made a special demand of the teachers who worked there: a kick-back from their taxpayer-funded salary.

“They’d force you to give some of that money back to them?” CBS News correspondent Margaret Brennan asked.

“Yes,” Konkur responded.

“Were you writing checks?”

“They were asking cash. But in my last two years, I paid some of them in check,” Konkur said, adding that he’s paid “maybe a lot more than $20,000” in total to the movement.

Mustafa Emanet was an IT administrator at a Gulen-inspired charter school in Ohio.

“How much money do you think you gave?” Brennan asked him.

“I was paying around 40 percent of my salary,” Emanet said.

Based on information provided by Emanet, federal investigators believe former officials at his Ohio school illegally paid themselves about $5 million in federal contracts and then sent those U.S. tax dollars to Bank Asya, a bank in Turkey linked to Gulen’s followers.

The charter schools that employed Konkur and Emanet strongly deny any official links to Gulen himself, but we found nearly all Gulen schools have ties to a network of non-profits, many of which lead back to Gulen or his top associates.

The International Gulen Movement

The international Gulen Movement schools are a network of private or semi-private schools founded by the members of Gulen’s Hizmet movement. In 2009, it was estimated that members of the Gulen movement ran schools that serve more than 2 million students, many with full scholarships. Estimates of the number of schools and educational institutions varied widely, with about 300 schools in Turkey and over 1,000 schools worldwide.

Prior to the 2016 Turkish coup d’état attempt, there were many Gulen schools in Turkey. The schools were all subsequently banned by law, as were other Gulen schools in countries with large Turkish populations.

All of Gulen’s schools outside of Turkey offer Turkish as either a mandatory or elective foreign language. The greatest majority of the teachers are drawn from members of the Gulen network, who reportedly encourage students in the direction of greater Muslim piety.

In April 2009, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty published a piece about the Gulen schools in Central Asia stating the “Turkish educational institutions have come under increasing scrutiny. Governments as well as many scholars and journalists suspect that the schools have more than just education on their agendas.” The article quoted Hakan Yavuz, a Turkish professor of political science at the University of Utah, as calling the Gulen movement:

“A political movement that has always been political. They want to train an elitist class that will then turn Turkey into a center of the religious World, Islamise the country. It is the most powerful movement right now in Turkey and there is no other movement to balance them in society.”

There are many allegations about money-laundering, kickbacks, investigations, and raids concerning Hizmet schools founded or operated by Gulen followers.

The Gulen Turkish Mafia

Essentially Gulen’s educational cult, Hizmet, has made a massive investment in U.S. politicians and has hijacked the U. S. charter school movement quite effectively. Hizmet operates in the U.S. through various nonprofits, most of which are organized under the umbrella of the New York-based Alliance for Shared Values. Yuksel Alp Aslandogan, the Alliance’s executive director, is also Gulen’s aide and translator.

Hizmet inspired school are technically not part of the Alliance. “These schools were established by Hizmet sympathizers,” Aslandogan acknowledged, although they regularly deny institutional links to Gulen’s movement. “Without an exception, all of the Hizmet-associated institutions have been shut down by Erdogan, including 35 hospitals, 15 universities, and 500 K-12 schools,” he said.

Morocco has closed its Hizmet schools, while Afghanistan and Ethiopia have turned theirs over to a foundation run by the Turkish government.

Today, Gulen’s schools established by Hizmet sympathizers can be found in at least 100 countries. But only in the U.S. are they funded with public money.

Austin, Texas attorney and independent filmmaker Mark Hall produced the 2016 documentary, Killing Ed, which claims corruption, discrimination, and academic fraud are commonplace at Harmony and other Gulen-linked charters.

“There’s no document with Fethullah Gulen’s signature on it that establishes a charter school in California or Texas or Ohio or wherever,” Hall noted. “So, a lot of people in the Gülen movement itself have said, ‘We have no formal, legalistic connection between Harmony and Fethullah Gulen.’ And that probably is not true.”

An investigation found that ten Texas state lawmakers, along with 141 of their colleagues from other states, took trips to Turkey between 2006 and 2015 that were funded in part by Hizmet nonprofits like Houston’s Raindrop Turkish House and the Dialogue Institute.

In January 2011, the Texas Senate adopted a resolution to “commend Fethullah Gulen for his dedication to working toward a better world through education, service, tolerance, and the free exchange of ideas and extend to him best wishes for continued success.” At least three of its five co-sponsors—two Democrats and a Republican—had taken Hizmet trips.

There can be only one sensible conclusion concerning Gulen schools that any U. S. citizen will arrive at after hearing the information presented above:

All Gulen related schools and organizations in America must be closed immediately and Fethullah Gulen must be recognized as an enemy of America and prosecuted as such to the full extent of the law.

Fetullah Gulen’s retreat in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania

Fetullah Gulen, whose Gulenist Terror Group (FETO-Hizmet) is blamed for Turkey’s foiled coup attempt in Turkey and various other crimes, is the “special guest” of a retreat run by the Golden Generation Foundation, an offshoot of his sprawling empire spanning companies and schools all across the globe. The Golden Generation Worship and Retreat Center, established in a 100-acre land in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania is the place where Gulen has lived since he traveled to the United States for “treatment” in 1999.

The Golden Generation acquired nonprofit organization status in 1994 in the United States and was a little-known organization until the FETO leader employed its services for his lengthy stay. It’s reported revenue in 2015 was $5.2 million.

The rapid rise in revenues coincides with Turkey’s crackdown on the terrorist group after it was designated a national security threat in 2014. A barrage of trials followed and authorities issued arrest warrants for hundreds of people. The arrest warrants raised over time and considerably increased after the coup attempt that killed 248 people across Turkey.

It is suspected that donations to the foundation rose in an attempt to support the lives of fugitive FETO members who seek to be close to GUlen, a revered cult figure they are devoted to. Turkish media outlets recently reported that FETO members acquired properties near the retreat and plan to build houses for fugitive members.

The Golden Generation is run by Joseph A. Polat, Huseyin Copur and Sezai Sablak. Sablak is currently on trial for membership in a terrorist organization and financing terrorism in Turkey. The trial is about The Respect Institute, another FETO-linked organization, and Sablak serves as vice president of the institute, which is also known for its donations to Democrats, including former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

An investigation into The Respect Institute has revealed that some 147 people from Turkey, all FETO suspects, donated more than $2 million in total to the institute between 2013 and 2014. Sablak also runs several companies which are apparently front companies as their phone numbers are the same as the numbers of the retreat.

The Golden Generation is only one of the numerous nonprofit organizations and private companies linked to FETO in the United States. Gulenists run a vast network of schools around the globe, but are primarily invested in charter schools in the United States. The schools receive government funding but operate independent of the public school system. Dozens of schools associated with FETO are facing criticism and are under investigation over the alleged misuse of federal grants and the abuse of a visa scheme being used to funnel foreign teachers into charter schools who are brought from Turkey to live in the United States.

FETO is also called Hizmet (Service). In May 2016, the Turkish government declared the organization a terrorist organization and gave it the name Fetullah Gulen Terror Organisation (FETO). It is now a matter of public knowledge that followers of Gulen infiltrated state institutions and tried to overthrow the democratically elected government of Turkey in December 2013.

Gulen established the cult starting from the 1970s in Turkey and then it became international in the 1990s. Today the cult has an extensive network throughout the world. They have national and international educational centers, non-govermental organizations, television channels, hospitals, even a bank and several insurance companies belonging to the movement.

Fetullah Gulen received an Islamic education in a madrasah and memorized the Quran at the age of 10. He was appointed as the main Imam in the city of Izmir in 1966. He was arrested in 1971 and charged with reactionary activities. When he was released, he worked as an Imam in various cities. In 1979, he started to write editorials for the monthly Sizinti (Fountain) magazine, published by his followers.

The emergence and evolution of his movement corresponded to the funds collected from his followers (tithes) and articles distributed across the nation. The movement, also called Hizmet, established its own educational institutions, media outlets, non-governmental organizations, banks, insurance companies and business associations in the following years until the movement was accused of infiltrating important state institutions such as education, the judiciary, the police, security forces, and the military.

The primary unit of the cult, called Houses of Light, was founded in Izmir by Gulen himself through funds collected from the community attending the mosque at which he worked. Students were permitted to stay in these houses on the condition that they followed a number of written rules determined personally by Gulen. In 1970, the number of these houses had already risen to 12.

The first school, Yamanlar High School, was founded in 1982, the first newspaper Zaman was taken over in 1986, the first international school was established in Azerbaijan in 1991, the first TV channel Samanyolu TV started broadcasting in 1993. A year later Cihan News Agency was added to the newly blossoming Gulenist network. The following years witnessed the large expansion of the network.

Gulen’s Media Kingdom

Media is seen “an essential and inevitable tool for the Gulen movement to reach out to larger society.” Gulen encouraged his followers to engage in publishing as a way of spreading the message of the importance of education and service. Inspired by Gulen, his followers established a massive media network with TV and radio stations, newspapers, magazines, journals, news agencies and printing houses starting from 1979 with a monthly journal called Sizinti. It came out with an editorial written by Gulen himself.

In 1986, participants of Gulen’s cult bought Zaman newspaper. It was published in multiple languages in 35 countries with the purpose of being “the voice of the unheard, weak and ignored.” However, when the archive of the newspaper is examined, it is possible to see racist and discriminative news stories particularly against Christians and Armenians at the beginning of the 1990s.

Zaman started to publish in the English language with the name Today’s Zaman on 16 January 2007. However, the English version was often significantly different from the Turkish one. A journalist, Claire Berlinski, explains in an article that “remarks about enemies of Islam, perfidious Armenians, and Mossad plots are edited out of the English version, as are other comments that sound incompatible with the message of intercultural tolerance”. She gives the example of Gulen’s criticism of the government over the Kurdish issue, in which the English version omitted Gulen’s curse of Kurdish people:

“Knock their [Kurds’] homes upside down, destroy their unity, reduce their homes to ashes, may their homes be filled with weeping and supplications, burn and cut off their roots, and bring their affairs to an end.”

Likewise, Gulen’s rebuttal of his followers’ infiltration to state institutions was published in Today’s Zaman but some of the original quote was omitted:

“To urge fellow citizens to seek employment at state institutions is not called infiltration. Both the people urged and these institutions belong to the same country. . . . It is a right for them to be employed in state posts.”

After a magazine with editorials written by Gulen and a newspaper were published, the group set up a television channel called Samanyolu TV in 1993. By the late 1990s, the corporation already had offices in Azerbaijan, Germany and the U.S.

Dunya Radio went on air in 1993. In 1994, the group launched its own news agency Cihan. A year later, another radio station “Burc FM” started broadcasting. The 2000s marked the expansion of Gulen’s media empire with more television channels in different languages, broadcasting news, cartoons, sales, religious content, culture and entertainment. All channels belonged to the Samanyolu Broadcasting Company.

Mehtap TV started broadcasting in 2006. The shows included “Fetullah Gulen – Hercules Tunes”, “Hadith Reading”, and “Islam and Life”. Ebru TV, a cable TV network, was set up in the US by the Gulenist Samanyolu Broadcasting Company in the US in 2006. Its purpose was to introduce Turkish culture.

In 2007, Xəzər TV started broadcasting in Azerbaijan. In the same year, a channel for children went on air, becoming the first free public television channel. Dunya TV started broadcasting in Kurdish after it was founded in 2010. Tuna Shopping TV, with the motto “Safe Shopping,” started broadcasting in 2011. Irmak TV broadcast religious content like Fetullah Gulen’s sermons. Hira TV went on air in 2014 and broadcasted in Arabic. Some of the channels were taken over by the government within the scope of an investigation into the Gulenist group while others were shut down.

Some of the media platforms belonging to Gulenist Broadcasting Company

The media expansion continued with more magazines and journals, newspapers, news agencies, radio stations and publishing houses. In 1993, the Fountain magazine was started to be published bimonthly by Tughra Books (a Gulenist publishing house) in the US, and it was distributed throughout the world. It included articles by Fetullah Gulen. The magazine has its headquarter in Rutherford, New Jersey but has offices in Istanbul, Cairo, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow and Sydney.

Tughra Books is a Gulenist publishing house based in Clifton, New Jersey, US.  It publishes books on Islam, Islamic history and art, Islamic spirituality and traditions. Gulen himself is a featured writer with ten books.

List of Gulen’s books published by Tughra Books

The Blue Dome is another Gulenist publishing house based in the US that focuses on academic works in the fields of interfaith dialogue, intercultural studies, philosophy, art, culture and history. There is a special category of books for Fetullah Gulen. Some of these books aim to introduce the Gulenist cult, others give information about Gulen himself.

Gulen’s Educational Empire

American Gulenist Harmony Academies

FETO (Hizmet) established many educational institutions both in Turkey and worldwide, including private schools and prep schools for university entrance exams, as well as student houses and dormitories. These served as centers for inculcating students with the organization’s propaganda, cultivating new members and generating a large circulation of money.

In Turkey, the followers of Gulen’s cult established 934 schools at various levels ranging from preschools to high schools, 15 universities in ten cities, and 109 private dormitories for university students. FETO established its first school, known as the “Yamanlar High School,” in the city of Izmir in 1982. Gulen was said to have a room of his own in the building before he fled to the US in 1999.

The educational institutions of FETO extended beyond the borders of Turkey with more than 2,000 charter schools in 160 countries. The first protocol was signed to open a Turkish high school in Azerbaijan’s Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in 1991. Gulenists have a broad network in most countries in the Balkan region. The cult has been active especially in Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The activities of FETO in Albania dates back to 1993 when it established the Gulistan Foundation. A year later, the Sema Foundation was set up to run privatized Islamic education facilities. In the capital Tirana, it runs three schools and two major universities Epoka and Beder, and two elementary schools in cities of Shkodër and Durrës. The group also runs Albania’s preschool education institution called Meridian.

Schools affiliated with the Gulenists in Bosnia and Herzegovina include four preschools, five elementary schools and one university (the International Burch University) in capital Sarajevo. Likewise, the cult owns schools in Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro along with education centers and foundation assisting to run the schools.

International Gulenist Schools

Germany and the UK are other countries where FETO has been active since the 1990s. There are 24 schools and several foundations to support these schools in Germany. The first FETO organization in the UK was Axis Educational Trust which operates a number of prep centers and a school. Axis Tuition Centers are a chain of prep schools with around 1,000 students in 15 different locations.

The Lighthouse Educational Society is another FETO-linked institution in south London with four branches in the Welling, Croydon, Harrow, and Tooting areas. The Amity Educational Foundation is based in east London, while Wisdom Primary and Secondary School is located in Tottenham in north London, where many Turks reside. These so-called education centers are supported through Gulen-affiliated foundations in the UK.

Gulen’s Banking Industry

Gulen’s Bank Asya Closed

Gulen’s cult, described as “civil movement based on tolerance, interfaith and intercultural dialogue”, was also engaged in finance through a bank, a number of affiliated insurance companies and a large business federation.

Gulenists’ engagement in finance started with Bank Asya on 24 October 1996 in Istanbul. It had 182 branches, 2 national and 1,300 foreign correspondent banks in addition to the head office units as of 2011. A probe into the bank revealed that the bank did not have a transparent partnership structure open enough to allow effective regulation. Therefore, the partnership rights were transferred to the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF) in mid-2015.

Bank Asya had required 185 of its real and judicial shareholders to submit information and documents to prove that they meet the requirements applied for founders, but only 63 out of 185 shareholders presented the requested documents. One of the shareholders, a businessman called Hasan Sayin, explained that he was defrauded by Gulenists who used the funds for other purposes. He said in his testimony that a total of 30 million TL ($ 9.066 million) he transferred to a school in the United States was intended for the prosperity of his daughter and other female students studying there.

Further investigations into Bank Asya’s activities revealed that the bank engaged in money laundering for the Gulenist cult, and opened accounts in the name of children as young as 2-years-old to stash tens of millions of liras of the cult’s money. The accounts opened for 30 children aged between 2 to 8 contained more than 26 million TL ($ 8.235 million). On 22 July 2016, Bank Asya’s banking permission was cancelled by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Board (BDDK) in Turkey.

Bank Asya had subsidiaries including pension and insurance companies: Asya Pension Inc., Asya Investment Inc., Tuna Investment Inc., Isik Insurance Inc., Nil Real Estate and Management Inc, Asya Fin Insurance Inc, Asya Card Technology Inc.

Think-Thanks and Cultural Organizations

The Journalists and Writers Foundation was established in Istanbul in 1994 as a nongovernmental organization. Fetullah Gulen was the founding member and has served as the honorary President since then. Its aim is written as follows: “promotion of peaceful coexistence through dialogue and understanding at global, regional and local levels”. the world including Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, and Ukraine.

An article in the Times published on 1 August 2016 revealed that the Journalists and Writers Foundation paid £ 115,994 to Sir Edward Garnier, a Conservative MP, to get him co-research and author a document titled A Report on the Rule of Law and Respect for Human Rights in Turkey.

The report written by Sir Edward was promoted by the London-based public relations company Hawthorn, which offers “reputation management.” Copies of the report were sent to prominent figures in British politics, including then-Prime Minister David Cameron and his then-Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.

Sir Edward did not reveal that the report was commissioned by an organization linked to Fetullah Gulen even though the Gulenist cult had been listed as a terrorist organization in Turkey.

The Alliance for Shared Values is a so-called umbrella organization that comprises several Gulen-linked groups in the US. There is a detailed section devoted to the cult leader Fetullah Gulen on its website. Gulen’s video-messages are also shared through the website.

An article published in 2016 revealed that the group spent thousands of dollars and hired the Podesta Group, a lobbying firm, to lobby Congress on its behalf. The groups’ executive director Alp Aslandogan also donated to political campaigns according to campaign finance records. It is been documented that Gulenists try to gain favour with politicians in the United States through donations made by Gulen-linked non-profits.

Gulen Non-profit Organizations

The Atlantic Institute is another Gulen-linked non-profit organization located in the Southeastern United States. Its headquarters is in Atlanta, but has branches in Florida, Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina. The Atlantic Institute funds trips to Turkey.

The Rumi Forumwas founded in 1999. The honorary President is Fetullah Gulen and special sections on the website are dedicated to Gulen’s personal life. The headquarters is located in Washington, DC, with local branches in Maryland, Kentucky, Delaware, North Carolina and Virginia. It organizes fully-funded international trips for students and academics.

The Pacifica Institute another organization under the Alliance for Shared Values funded 13 lawmakers’ trips to Turkey in 2011. Likewise, a USA Today article revealed that in August 2013, Rep. Mike Honda took an eight-day trip to Turkey sponsored by the Pacifica Institute, which claimed on congressional disclosure forms to be an IRS-recognized non-profit covering the $5,700 cost of the trip. But the IRS has no record of Pacifica being a recognized non-profit.

The Dialogue Institute of the Southwest‘s headquarters is in Texas, and has 13 chapters throughout the US. It organizes funded “cultural exchange trips”. The Dialogue Institute sponsored two groups of travellers in 2008. One group was from Austin’s University Presbyterian Church and the second group included State Rep. Valinda Bolton and Bolton’s husband, Associate Judge Andy Hathcock, and Travis County Constable Bruce Elfant and his wife, Lisa Harris. The trip, which included eight days of sightseeing and visiting with host families, included stops in Istanbul and Izmir, as well as the Turkish capital of Ankara; Austin’s next sister city, Antalya; and Sanliurfa.

The Niagara Foundation is headquartered in Chicago. There is a special section on the website dedicated to Fetullah Gulen who has served as the honorary president of the foundation since 2004. The foundation organizes Turkey trips. For example, the foundation sponsored the trips of twenty students, faculty, board members, and administrators from Rochester College in March 2012.

Likewise, the Niagara Foundation sponsored the trips of 24 professors and classroom teachers. Niagara funded the airfare from New York City to Istanbul; local transport in Turkey, including to Ankara, Iznik, and the return to Istanbul; the lodging while in Turkey; the meals; entrance to museums and historic sites; and other miscellaneous costs which arose on the trip.

The Peace Islands Instituteis headquartered in New York with five chapters in the US. Fetullah Gulen serves as the honorary president. In 2010, the Institute sent an invitation letter for a sponsored Turkey trip to New Jersey mayors on behalf of Interfaith Dialog Center, which is renamed as the Peace Island Institute.Institute.

The Raindrop Turkish House was founded by Turkish-Americans in Houston, Texas in 2000. It serves as the hub of Gulenist cultural activities in the US. It operates in six states: Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Mississippi, New Mexico and Oklahoma. It sponsors trips to Turkey.

The Turquoise Center was established in 2008 through donations from Gulen followers. The money goes “to pay for a student’s scholarship, to provide start-up capital for a new school, to send a group of influential Americans on a two-week trip to Turkey or to sponsor an academic conference devoted to Fetullah Gulen,” according to Dr Joshua Hendrick.

Turquoise Center in Houston

The Institute of Interfaith Dialog is located in the Turquoise Center. It was founded by Fetullah Gulen himself according to court documents. It sponsors lectures on interfaith relations and finances the Gulen Institute at the University of Houston.

Gulen-affiliated Charities

Apart from think tanks, there are also charities established by Gulenists. Kimse Yok mu? (Is Anybody There?) is an international humanitarian aid and development organization based in Turkey with 31 branches throughout the country which also provides humanitarian relief in over 113 countries.

A report issued after an inspection by the Interior Ministry revealed certain infractions of the Gulen-affiliated charity Kimse Yok mu? According to the report the charity did not register donations in its bank account and took donations abroad without the knowledge of related government institutions. The report said that the foundation held a donation campaign for a needy citizen and collected 30,000 TL, but did not give the donation to the citizen.

Based on this, a cabinet decision banned the charity from collecting donations on 2 October 2014. It was shut down in July 2016 over accusations of laundering money for the Gulenist group. The group was also accused of diverting Kimse Yok Mu? funds to political donations in the United States where the cult’s leader Fetullah Gulen resides.

Another Gulen-affiliated charity, Helping Hand for Relief and Development, was founded in 2005. It “responds to human sufferings in emergency and disaster situations around the world.” Its headquarters is in Michigan, and has 15 chapters throughout the U.S.


Fetullah Gulen’s followers have carried out lobbying activities in many countries. They donated for election campaigns and financed all-expense-paid trips to Turkey. The target was mostly politicians through whom Gulenists aimed to extend their influence over decision making processes.

Gulenists have been actively lobbying in the United States. They have made political donations and funded trips for US lawmakers and university professors, students and etc. Their agenda was facilitating and legitimizing the Gulenist agenda, and counteracting any negative publicity about the Gulen charter schools in the US.

Dozens of Texans – from state lawmakers to congressional staff members to university professors – have taken trips to Turkey partly financed by the Gulenist foundations. The Raindrop Foundation covered the expenses of State Senator Leticia Van de Putte’s travel to Istanbul in 2010. In January, she co-sponsored a Senate resolution commending Gulen for his ongoing and inspirational contributions to promoting global peace and understanding.

Killing Ed is a documentary about Gulen’s charter schools in the U.S.

A documentary film called “Killing Ed” on the Gulenist group’s charter schools in the United States exposed a list of high level officials – senators, congressmen, mayors and police officials – who went on trips to Turkey between 2006 and 2013. The trips, which reportedly cost about $15,000- $30,000 per person, were funded by Gulenist institutions in the US. Among them are The Atlas Foundation of Louisiana, the Raindrop Foundation, the Niagara Foundation, the North Carolina-based Divan Center, the Pacifica Institute.

The group do not always reveal their sponsorship of all-expense-paid trips to Turkey. An office of Congressional Ethics probe in 2015 revealed that the Gulenist funding was carefully concealed in the case of hundreds of trips for members of the US Congress. A USA Today investigation reported on 29 October 2015 that Gulenists secretly and illegally funded “as many as 200 trips to Turkey” for members of Congress since 2008.

Below is a list of Gulenist sponsors for members of US congress based on information from the Legistorm website..

Gulenist foundation, the Rumi Forum, sponsored the trips below:The Rumi Forum seems to have spent $73,980 in 2008 alone, yet it declared on its 2008 International Revenue Service (IRS) Form 990 $0 in expenses for “Payments of travel or entertainment expenses for any federal, state or local public officials.” The Rumi Forum also declared $0 in “lobbying” expenses.



An excerpt from Dr Joshua Hendrick’s thesis (2009) is telling of the Rumi Forum’s agenda:

“With modest beginnings in 1999, the Rumi Forum is now a recognized Turkish lobbying organization… Far more than a cultural or religious institution, the Rumi Forum has cultivated relationships with dozens of US congressmen and senators…The Rumi Forum locates sponsors and hosts events that specifically target people of influence in the DC area and among national political representatives.”

Yet, the Rumi Forum denies any activities of lobbying:

Gulenists also made large sums of donations to politicians. For example, Texas Republican Sheila Jackson Lee was given $23,000 in October 2013, which according to the documents filed with the Federal Election Commission made 18 percent of individual contributions given that Jackson Lee raised just more than $130,000 in that cycle.

The donors are mostly those working at Gulen affiliated charter schools and institutions. For example, Erdal Caglar, chief financial officer at Gulen-affiliated Harmony Charter School, gave $1500 to Jackson Lee in October 2013. He said that Jackson Lee was helping Harmony’s effort to open a charter school in Washington, DC. He said: “She has been always a supporter of our schools. She has attended all major events that Harmony organized. As an educator, we support whoever supports our mission and vision and supports our activities.”

Leading figures of the Gulen group deny that there is any top-down organization of the donations, but the patterns of giving suggest some level of coordination in a community beginning to flex its political muscle. Gulen himself reportedly told followers in 2010 that they could only visit him in the Poconos if they donated to their local congressman, according to theWall Street Journal.

Political Influence

The investigation also said the schools have been used as tools to influence civic and political leaders in the U.S.

“A number of prominent Turkish nationals connected to the charters or their vendors have emerged as fundraisers and contributors to Hillary Clinton and [then-U.S. President Barack] Obama, among other political leaders,” said the article.

For instance, Furkan Kosar, former head of the FETO-linked Science and Technology charter in Paterson, New Jersey and current head of the Council of Turkic American Associations, raised more than $500,000 for Obama’s 2012 re-election bid.

By reviewing state records, websites, resumes, and tax forms of people linked with the schools’ administration, the investigation also found deep connections between school leaders and Gulen sympathizers.

The story also claimed that the schools organized special tours to Turkey in order to get support for the Gulen network.

It looked into a number of schools — including the Bergen Arts and Science Charter School, Passaic Arts & Science Charter School, Paterson Arts and Science Charter School, Paterson Charter School for Science and Technology, Thomas Edison Energy Smart School, Central Jersey College Prep, and Hudson Arts and Science Charter School — giving evidence of the schools’ close ties with the Gulen network.

Gulen’s Network in the News Headlines

Gulen and his FETO terror network are accused of masterminding the deadly coup attempt in Turkey. At least 248 people died and nearly 2,200 others were injured in the July 15 failed military coup.

Gulen is also accused of leading a long-running campaign to overthrow the state through the infiltration of Turkish institutions — including the military, police, judiciary, and educational institutions — forming what is commonly known as the “parallel state”.

Turkey has officially submitted to the U.S. evidence that Gulen’s network established a quasi-state within Turkey in an attempt to topple the government and ultimately take over the country in a bloody coup.

Turkish authorities have also issued an official request for Gulen’s extradition under a 1979 treaty between Turkey and the U.S.

Ankara has also urged governments abroad to shutter local FETO network schools, saying they do not want FETO institutions to undermine the rule of law in other countries the way they tried to do so in Turkey.


US officials reject FETO-linked foundation’s demand to open 3 new charter schools in Tennessee

The board of education in Shelby district decided that the organizational and financial links between the foundation and the schools to be opened were contradictory, the curriculum was insufficient and it was copied from another FETÖ-linked school in Washington, D.C., the Harmony Public Schools.

On the other hand, the FETO-linked foundation’s annual revenue is a staggering 4,1 million dollars, 3,4 million of which is federal and state funding appropriated for the students’ educational costs.

FETO runs one of the biggest charter school networks in the U.S. with over 167 schools all across the country.

FETO’s schools in the U.S. are usually gathered under an umbrella organization and are managed through foundations. As an example, there are 46 schools, all operating under the “Harmony” name in Texas, 30 schools under the “Concept” name in and around Ohio and 11 school campuses under the name “Magnolia” in California.

Fetullah GUlen, a fugitive preacher living in self-imposed exile in the States since 1999 runs the shady cult, which tried to overthrow Turkey’s democratically elected government last July.

Many schools run by the cult are under Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) scrutiny for infraction of rules, corruption, tender fraud and forgery of documents.

More than 45 Bank Asya stockholders arrested in Turkey

Police launched an Istanbul-based operation to arrest 68 former shareholders of Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO)-affiliated Bank Asya on Wednesday morning, nabbing 49 so far, according to a police source. The bank was recently declared bankrupt.

The nationwide operations had been initiated by a prosecutor’s office that specifically targets former shareholders who had authority to elect their executive board and take trade-related and administrative decisions, the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to restrictions on talking to the media, said.

The operation was being carried out in 9 provinces.

FETO and its U.S.-based leader Fetullah Gulen orchestrated the July 2016 defeated coup, which left 250 people martyred and nearly 2,200 injured.

Ankara also accuses FETO of being behind a long-running campaign to overthrow the state through the infiltration of Turkish institutions, particularly the military, police, and judiciary.

Int’l lawyer: FETO spends vast amount to attack Turkey from US

The U.S.-based leader of Gulenist Terror Group (FETO), Fetullah Gulen, pays a “vast amount of money” for lobbying activities in Washington to “attack Turkey,” said Robert Amsterdam, an international lawyer who provides assistance to Turkey regarding the investigation on FETO.

“Gulen has spent a vast amount of money on donations to officials. He spends anywhere from half a million to a million dollars a month just on lobbying in Washington,” said Amsterdam, adding that Gülen spends money to attack Turkey, and anyone working for Turkey, as well as to promote and protect his activities in the U.S.

Amsterdam & Partners LLP was retained by Turkey to pursue a global investigation into the suspicious activities of Gülen, the mastermind of the July 15, 2016 coup attempt. He has previously documented over $243 million worth of fraud by the group through its charter schools operating in America.

Mentioning “Empire of Deceit: An Investigation of the Gulen School Network,” a book published by the law firm in September, Amsterdam said it demonstrates the FETo’s undertakings.

“The activities of Fetullah Gulen were shielded as in any criminal conspiracy. A tremendous amount of effort is made to shield Gulen,” he said.

Amsterdam added that FETO schools were run as secret cells of the group. He said that more than 200 schools of Gulen’s network operate in the U.S.

The law firm has already initiated a multi-jurisdictional investigation into the Gulenist network.

City officials ask New Jersey to block FETO school

City officials in Linden, New Jersey, have asked the state to block the opening of a charter school linked to the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO), according to a media report.

The Linden Board of Education’s 65-page petition regarding the already-approved Union Arts and Science Charter School (UASC) says the school’s application contains “forged and fraudulent” documents, according to

“The egregiousness of UASC’s conduct in submitting what can only be characterized as falsified documents, in support of an application for a charter school to be funded through public tax dollars, cannot be justified or condoned,” the petition reads.

It says the approval process was “dramatically and fatally flawed”, calling on the state’s education agency to stop the school’s inauguration.

“This is the ideal stage at which to halt the process and get to the truth of matters,” the petition said.

A CBS News report in March said the FBI is looking into a network of charter schools linked to FETO leader Fetullah Gulen that spans 28 states.

For the past two decades, Gulen’s followers have been expanding the network of U.S. taxpayer-funded schools the FBI is now investigating.

Gulen is accused by Turkey of leading the shadowy FETO cabal and of masterminding last year’s failed July 15 putsch. He currently lives in self-imposed exile in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania.

The FBI is seeking to determine whether Gulenists have been secretly taking money from the science and math-focused schools to fund FETO in Turkey.

The schools, which comprise a total of 136 institutions according to a CBS count — some estimates put the number higher — have used more than $2.1 billion in taxpayer money since 2010, the news outlet said.

A senior State Department official told CBS the schools look “a lot like the ways in which organized crime sets itself up … to hide money for money laundering”.

Angola orders Gülen-linked school to close

Angola has ordered the closure of a school linked to the Gulenist Terror Group (FETO), the group said to have perpetrated the failed July 15 coup attempt, an official source said Wednesday.

Luanda also expelled all of the Turkish staff working at the Colegio Esperanca Internacional (Coespi) and their families – 66 people in total – due to national security reasons.

Turkish President Recep Tayip ErdoGan has rallied African leaders on the continent to help him fight Gulen’s influence, lobbying hard against his longtime rival’s African network during a recent visit to the continent. In the decree signed by President Eduardo dos Santos and seen by AFP, Angola’s long-time ruler said that the closure was to “protect the well-being and security of the citizens…and territorial integrity.”

All of the Turkish staff linked to the school and their families have already been removed from Angola, an official source said. Coespi was the only school linked to the FETO in Angola and had 750 students aged between 5 and 14 years old. Last week, Angolan Interior Minister Angelo de Veiga Tavares defended the closure during an interview on state TV, saying that it was a “sovereign” decision for Luanda to take.

The Turkish Maarif (Education) Foundation has been tasked with taking over FETo schools around the world. The foundation is keen on creating a FETO-free Africa in the near future. Guinea, Niger, and Somalia have so far been the three countries to hand over all of the FETO schools. Furthermore, the governments of Chad, Burkina Faso, Sudan, Senegal, Gabon, and Mauritania have signed deals with the foundation to hand over the schools.

So far, over 80 FETO organizations operating abroad, including schools and training centers, have been shut down or transferred to the government.


Queen Elizabeth II and Privy Council Rig Elections Worldwide
Saturday, June 30, 2018 1:53 PM

Queen Elizabeth II Rigs Elections Worldwide

Queen Elizabeth II Rigs Elections Around the World


 Queen’s Privy Council / SES / Soros have backdoors into voting machines in 17 U.S. States


Foreign Meddling in U.S. Elections Since 2005

As Americans awake from their 242 year sleep thinking the American Revolution had been won and the United Kingdom was its ally, we find that the Queen has not only been interfering with our elections since at least 2005, she was also the top-dog in orchestrating the overthrow of Trump’s presidency through her Privy Council, Strategic Communications Laboratories, Christoper Steele, and a whole cadre of ‘Sirs’- Richard Dearlove, Geoffrey Pattie, George Mark Malloch-Brown – and, of course, the Queen’s most favored hitman – George Soros.

This is why the U.S. needs to strike new alliances in the world. Read our blockbuster reports and audios (below) on the Queen’s interference in elections and her plan to overthrow the presidency of Donald J. Trump in the many articles we have posted below.

Then….ask yourself. Why haven’t these headlines appeared on Drudge or top stories on Fox News? We know that the BBC and CNN would never run these stories, but aren’t you always told that Fox News is “news you can trust” and Drudge is “brilliant”? We call b.s. They are propaganda tools for the Queen’s to keep you stupid and uniformed.


Indictable Evidence: Foreign Interference in US Elections Since 2005


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and the Privy Council Interfered with the US 2016 Presidential Election


Will Romney Defeat Jenny Wilson by Rigging Utah Election with Smartmatic Machines?


Bipartisan Chain of Custody Act


EXPOSED: All the Queen’s Agents and Corporations that Control the World


Queen’s Henchman Geoffrey Pattie Fails to Overthrow Donald J. Trump


Obama-Clinton-Schmidt-Zuckerberg Election Rigging Failed


Spygate was Directed by the Queen, not Russia


International Espionage, Spygate, and All the Queen’s Men



Senior Executive Service Stephan Halper: All Roads Lead to the Queen




Zodiac Killer and the Secrets of Napa Valley
Tuesday, June 26, 2018 8:19 PM

Who Was the Zodiac Killer?

“The self-proclaimed Zodiac Killer was directly linked to at least five murders in Northern California in 1968 and 1969 and may have been responsible for more. He taunted police and made threats through letters sent to area newspapers from 1969 to 1974, before abruptly ceasing communication. Despite intensive investigations, no one was ever arrested for the crimes and the case remains open. The mystery surrounding the murders has been the subject of numerous books and movies, including director David Fincher‘s acclaimed 2007 feature Zodiac.”


Napa Valley Secrets of the Zodiac Killer


THE 340 CIPHER: Dead Ends…..

…..until June 25, 2018, when the American Intelligence Media released this interview with Professor Thomas Horan. Zodiac Killer Named.


340 Code Cracked

Gold at private lake Napa whats the problem

Reynolds kill got help

Kurt will go ahead

Zodiac people already know his Napa

People Ken Snook

Go pricks

Vallejo police dept


Got real cop Napa involved.

signed Zodiac Snook


What does this revelation mean today as we take a longer view of history? What are the secrets of the Napa Valley that live on after the Zodiac killer.


Manual referenced in the above audio:

TM_11-485_Advanced Military Cryptography Manual


Truth News Headlines Evening June 24, 2018
Sunday, June 24, 2018 7:45 PM



Obama’s Cyber Chief: Susan Rice Gave ‘Stand Down’ Order In Response To Russian Meddling




Trump Calls For “Immediate” Deportations Of Illegals With “No Judges Or Court Cases”


There are 10 US Consulates in Mexico that Mexican citizens can go to in order to seek asylum. They can also start the process of legal citizenship and won’t be killed, raped, robbed or separated from their families like most are by gangs when trying to cross illegally.

— The Sicilian, but not god (@TweetOfTristonJune 24, 2018



Just a little reminder of Clinton’s racketeering operation which is one of the things the Mueller Investigation is trying to hide.

Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton’s State Department


The FBI DELIBERATELY IGNORED ‘Golden Emails,’ Crucial Abedin Messages And More



So many creative names for the FBI you guys are sending us…thought we would share some.

Fornication Bureau of Incompetents * Federal Bureau of Intercourse * Fumbling Bumbling Idiots * F*king Bohemian Initiates * Fornicating Bestiality and Incest




AIM4Truth Mike submits the article below with this note of caution:

This is not a plan! It’s surrogate propaganda on behalf of RINOs who don’t want to be sidelined, seems to me. (They are prepping to stay on both sides of the game.) Remember, Newt Gingrich as Speaker of the House allowed the Clinton-Chandler-FBI-NSA-CIA spy machine to flourish in the mid-90’s. He’s either stupid or was complicit.

Newt Gingrich: GOP Innovation Agenda will bring incredible benefits to America


Censorship: Entire European Identitarian Movement Permanently Banned From Facebook



AIM4Truth Dorothy writes:

I’d like to share two articles with you. The first is about White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Joseph Hagin. He announced his resignation on Friday and received praise from the President. He was at the North Korea Summit in Singapore, but there was a bit of a problem with his having withheld secrets from POTUS. Underlying this is the fact that he worked on behalf of NXIUM with the Bronfmans for several years. Not good.

Trump’s deputy chief of staff is out: Joe Hagin to leave White House after keeping North Korea summit secrets from Trump to stop him from tweeting – and revelations of links to sex cult

And another indirect or direct connection to trafficking, concerns Mexico’s frontrunner for President in the upcoming elections, Andres Obrador. He claims it is a “basic human right” for the poor of the Americas – North, Central and South – to leave their villages and seek a life in the United States. Having promised the Cartel kingpins amesty, he’s backed by them and believes he can make life difficult for America. He’s basically declaring war on the American way of life. Meanwhile, Canada is still taking in some migrants but has closed its doors to Mexican migrants.

Mexican presidential candidate calls for mass migrant invasion of U.S.




Alabama sues over undocumented residents in Census counts


Maxine Waters: Harass Trump Officials at Gas Stations, Restaurants, and Shopping Malls



During both his presidential campaigns President Barack Obama repeatedly pledged he would make his the most transparent administration in the history of the United States. However, the IG’s report shows Obama’s administration not only failed to meet its own standards, but it actively worked to conceal vital information from the public. Source


Italy to Impound NGO Migrant Ferries


Pro-America Democrats are Leaving the Democrat Plantation #walkaway

“Today I’m kicking off the #WalkAway campaign by releasing my video about why I am walking away from liberalism and the Democratic Party.

It is my sincere hope that you will join me in this campaign and that we may start a movement in this country- which not only encourages others to walk away from the divisive left, but also takes back the narrative from the liberal media about what it means to be a conservative in America.

It is up to all of us to make our voices heard and reclaim the truth.”  Source



NBC Gets Redpilled:

The end of memes? Campaigners dismayed at European internet ruling



Thank you A4T Ulrich (Germany) for this glass bead. Excellent history lesson on the Illuminati, early beginnings of the media, and the use of terrorism to control social order.  What You’re Not Supposed to Know About America’s Founding. And another reason, besides the meme ban, why we need to cut all ties with the British Monarch – for good.


Presidential Tweets Today


Weapon of Mass Intelligence

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Free Speech is Now a Whisper
Friday, June 15, 2018 4:36 PM

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. U. S. Constitution, Amendment 1

The American constitutional right of Free Speech is being attacked by Google’s Digital News Initiative, Facebook’s total surveillance and privacy rip-off, the warlord corporate news media’s 97% fake news and lies, and the weaponization of all 17 U. S. Intelligence agencies. Trump has taken this “bull” by the horns and has wrestled it to the ground through his superior understanding of the power of the media.

Trump “tweets” have destroyed his 17 Republican opponents, won an unprecedented election that was a landslide, stopped Obama’s ISIS and Bush’s Al Qaeda, manifested historic tax cuts, added $7 trillion to U. S. assets, ended the worst trade deals ever, signaled the end of the cold war, put Iran in its place, created more jobs than any other president, and has brokered peace in North Korea, and much, much more “winning.” Those who try to battle Trump on the “Tweet Battle Field” are annihilated, like Justin Trudeau who had his face proverbially slapped and his eyebrows discombobulated by trying to out-tweet Trump. No one can stand the fury of a Trump tweet storm.

Ever since Mueller’s parrot, Rod Rosenstein, announced that the illegal special council has found no “Russian/Trump collusion” and that there will be no “fake indictment” of Trump, Donald has unleashed a Tweet War on “Fake News” (corporate main stream media) – which essentially is a battle-cry for reinstating “Freedom of Speech”, honesty in reporting, and enforcement of the Decency in Broadcasting Act, which is violated by every newscaster who knowingly lies about Trump and his administration.

It is not a conspiracy theory that the Rothschild’s banking empire outright owned Reuters news agency and the Associated Press in their early days. Bankers use media to broadcast propaganda that manipulates people to enrich the Warlord Banker’s bottom-line. The main stream media in America is owned by six major corporations who then feed news to the Associated Press that provides those unverified, salacious, and spurious reports to almost all main stream media news outlets.

World news in America is almost completely controlled by Reuters Thompson who is the megaphone and echo-chamber for Corporate Warlords who drive industry, economics and steal over 50% of yearly income and hide it in off-shore tax havens without paying a single penny in taxes. Warlord Corporations also lie and place their “headquarters” in a country that charges little or no taxes. These corporate crimes are part of the established “Fake News” that hide these crimes and distract viewers with sensationalism, consumerism, entertainment, and political lies so we don’t see the daily crimes of corporations who act with corporate impunity.

Propaganda is legal in America because of new clauses Obama added to the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. The Department of Defense’s Board of Broadcasting Governors and the Global Engagement Center conducted extensive “election meddling” during the 2016 presidential election using $86 million in tax-payer dollars to attack Trump and help Hillary win. These “Fake News” attacks, advertisements, memes, and Mueller’s imaginary Russians were, in fact, directed by Obama’s administration as “legal propaganda” against an opposing candidate. But this wasn’t the only propaganda Obama spread, just the one he got caught doing.

Soon, Google’s Digital News Initiative will finish analyzing all written and spoken news on the Internet and name the news agency they say are “Fake News.” The U. S. government is paying Google to conduct these attacks against Free Speech. Google itself is the biggest culprit of “Fake News” and warring against Free Speech evidenced by Eric Schimdt’s $1.5 billion donation to create a “template for winning the election” which included changing all search algorithms to attack Trump and benefit Hillary.

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media corporations also joined in the attack and committed crimes by helping to “rig” the election, thus controlling what Americans heard and saw in the news.

See our blockbuster report on election rigging here:

Absolute Proof: Obama Rigged Elections


The Fourth Estate, media, has become falsehood politics acting in an age of untruth under the control of corporations who act with the authority of monarchs and the impunity of a “holy church.” The Fourth Estate was supposed to inform We the People so that our overlords – church & state – do not get out of control and become despots who take away American civil liberties.

Since the Fourth Estate, main stream media, protects corporate crimes and political lies, We the People must mobilize like minute-men and women and rise up to battle “Fake News” until it is ignored and goes bankrupt or is convicted for the crimes they knowingly commit.

Citizen journalists have arisen on this battlefield who carry the Trump Banner of truth and Freedom of Speech, and they will not be silenced. Just like Trump Tweets, truth must be used as a weapon to defeat the lies of “Fake News.”

Fortunately, Trump was such a great candidate and Hillary was such a pathetic candidate, that even all the cheating and manipulation of the news couldn’t stop Trump’s landslide victory. Truth and Free Speech triumphed the day Trump won the election and dealt a severe blow to the established propaganda of main stream media and the Silicon Valley Tech Warlords who tried to throw the election and depose our elected president.

With news corporations being merged into even larger conglomerates (criminal syndicates) through buy-outs and purchases that are allowed by the government, “Fake News” is mustering for the final battle. Fortunately, Trump is ready for the battle and with a few “Trump Tweets” about monopolies, anti-trust laws, unpaid taxes, and RICO charges he will have the Warlord Corporations shaking in their tax-free boots. Just remember that a few Trump Tweets set Amazon back billions in assets in a day.

News agencies are becoming more and more vulnerable while Trump is becoming more and more invulnerable to “Fake News.” CNN would have gone under if not for Facebook picking it up after Mark Z lied about Facebook not being a news agency. Without Soros’s huge cash infusion into the New York Times, it would falter and die soon. The evil Media Warlords are terrified of Trump disrupting their status quo and their steady diet of lies, subliminal manipulation, and yellow journalism.

When Trump was elected, every corrupt economic cabal met to plan his demise. The Bilderbergers, Trilateralists, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Atlantic Council, the Royal Institute for International Relations, and all the others committed to stealing Free Speech and keeping Americans in the dark went into a condition of WAR. Never before have we seen such a mountain of lies and obfuscation pouring out of the news agencies to destroy one person, Trump.

They all competed in being the biggest liars and “Fake News” mongers. At this point, the entire world’s news agencies have gone crazy trying their best to dissuade their audiences from believing the self-evident truth of Trump’s non-stop winning. The main stream media and their corporate overlords are losing battle after battle in American as their audience turns off their garbage and lies and their income drops like a rock in a pond.

Will American’s win this war against those who wish to hide the truth and kill Free Speech?

Early this year, Trump gave Dan Coats, the Director of National Security, thirty days to come up with a plan to stop all illegal surveillance of Americans and rectify the overt abuses of the FISA court by the U. S. Intelligence community. After those thirty days transpired, we started to see unusual occurrences among news agencies and throughout the U. S. intelligence community. Most people have not noticed these changes, but we suggest that it is Dan Coats’ and Trump’s plans that are being implemented. Let’s review some activity that might be battle strategies and initial attacks against those who wish to destroy American civil liberties and Free Speech.

Here is a list of possible behind-the-scenes actions of Trump that are weakening the strangle-hold of the mechanism of “Fake News” and the evil corporations that have tried to undermine and control We the People.

  • Mark (Dude) Zuckerberg was sanctioned and fined in Australis for being a thief of private online data, selling stolen personal data to anyone who wants to buy it, selling Facebook data to corporations that target voters during elections, breaching Facebook’s security agreement, and many other crimes.
  • Dude Zuckerberg has been sanctioned and fined in Europe after his testimony before the EU. Billions of dollars in lawsuits and fines are being leveled against Facebook for their crimes.
  • Dude Zuckerberg lied before the U. S. Congress when he testified concerning privacy violations and charges that Facebook is simply a psyops project weaponized for commercial and political purposes.
  • Eric Schmidt has resigned from Google (Alphabet) but continues as a tech consultant weaponizing technology. Eric got out just in time so that he didn’t have to testify about his crimes. He didn’t want to have to go through what Dude Z is going through.
  • Naming Brad Parscale as Trump’s 2020 campaign manager baited the “Fake News” to attack Cambridge Analytica for using the same targeting of voters that Eric Schimdt did for Hillary. Parscale only used a sample of 270,000 names from England, not America, so the attempt to slander Trump and Parscale backfired. This baiting caused the “Fake News” to try to attack Parscale’s association with Cambridge Analytica which exposed its mother company in England, SNL Elections, that now has gone bankrupt along with Cambridge Analytica and SNL USA. SNL Elections was paid $86 million by Obama to run the Global Engagement Center’s attacks on Trump throughout the election. These bankruptcies and the exposure of SCL Election’s use of the Global Engagement Center being revealed in the news was no accident.
  • The revelations about “spies” in the Trump campaign planted by Comey, Lynch, Kerry, Brennan, and the gang have all risen to the surface by congressional investigators who seemed to know just where to look.
  • The “sex for national security leaks” between James Wolfe (Senate Intelligence Committee Security Chief) and Ali Watkins shows the institutionalized nature of security leaks from the Deep State to spies in the media. These “leaks” are felonies of the highest order due to the “National Security” nature of the classified information. By the way, Ali’s reporting tried to make Trump look bad but the “Trump Effect” rebounded on her and her boyfriend, who broke his security agreement by having an extra-marital relationship which is clearly defined as a felony and violates his signed top secret security agreements.
  • The Imran Awan espionage spying on the Democratic National Committee and the U. S. Congress has been brought to light to show that “do nothing” Jeff Sessions is trying to hide this huge espionage attack on America.
  • The European Union quietly votes on Article 13 on June 20, 2018, which will make any possibility of free speech in Europe obsolete. Of course, the European Union and the United Kingdom have no rights of free speech and, in fact, are not even allowed to question a monarch – or the unelected members of the EU parliament. George Soros’s “fact checkers” have already been put in place to make sure that only “Soros Truth” from his Open Society’s fascist ideology will be allowed.
  • The entire U. S. Intelligence community is being restructured by Trump’s executive order demanding that federal agencies completely assess their lawfulness, effectiveness, and economic viability. June is the first month of implementation of Trump’s restructuring and we will see corporate intelligence agencies totally transformed as we have seen Lockheed Martin (British owned and Serco operated) turn their large “intelligence” department over to Leidos (CIA’s In-Q-Tel).
  • Trump has said he is restructuring the U.S. Aid for International Development which has served as a slush fund for tens of billions yearly that benefited the shadow government’s usual suspects and villains, especially the media and corporate warlords.
  • Hollywood, the Obama administration’s propaganda machine, is crumbling as ratings dive and mega-media corporations falter. News agencies are losing money as fast as viewers and a new drive for morality penetrates the media world of sex-abuse, aggression, and criminal activities. Many media figure-heads have toppled due to the “truth” coming out about the standard procedures of abuse, rape, and crime come to light.

As you can see by this “short-list” of forward movement in the battle against “Fake News”, something is going on that is new and makes the evil spin-doctors very nervous. We have even seen Trump’s victories bring some news agencies to actually speak something positive or truthful about our president. But soon, even those few Fox News pundits may be silenced by mega-mergers that try to muffle any good news about MAGA.

No less than a full-on, frontal assault by Trump against “Fake News”, accompanied by the attack of citizen-journalist cavalries and ground troops can win this life and death war against American’s right to Free Speech and Free Thought. Our government is there to serve We the People in the battle against globalists and warmongering corporations that have targeted the First Amendment of the U. S. Constitution.

This is a war, and the time has come for American minute-men and women to take up the arms of “Truth News” and engage in this battle for the American Republic and the defeat of corporations that propagandize us with yellow journalism to manipulate and control our news, the Fourth Estate.

Free Speech on Life Support

The era of free and unfettered speech on the Internet is rapidly ending. All over the world, national governments are working closely with social media companies to take control of “Internet News.” Now that these elite have seen the power that Internet News can have, they are cracking down hard.

The term “Fake News” has come to mean the reverse of the words. “Fake News” is called by main stream media, any source that would dare to question the official narratives that are being fed to us from the major networks. In reality, the push to censor “Fake News” is really just an all-out effort to eliminate independent thought.

Before the Internet, it was much easier for the elite to control the flow of information through their six major media conglomerates owned by corporate warlords. But now, they are taking unprecedented measures to control the flow of information in the digital age and hinder Free Speech in all media.

Essentially, corporate media and government censorship wants to control what we see and what we think.

If we do not have the freedom to think what we want and say what we want, it will only be a matter of time before all of our rights are gone.

If Free Speech in America dies, there won’t be any guardians of liberty and freedom remaining on the entire planet.

We must wake up while there is still time, because we are extremely close to losing the right of Free Speech.

Muzzling Free Speech

The Department of Homeland Security has just announced that it intends to compile a comprehensive list of hundreds of thousands of “journalists, editors, correspondents, social media influencers, bloggers, etc.”, and collect any “information that could be relevant” about them. So, if you have a website, an important blog or you are just very active on social media, the Department of Homeland Security is going to put you on a list and will start collecting information about you.

 If you are found to be “Fake News” – you will be eliminated.

As part of its “media monitoring,” the DHS seeks to track more than 290,000 global news sources as well as social media in over 100 languages, including Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

If this sounds extremely wrong to you and reminds you of Joseph Goebbel’s Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda (Nazi Ministry of Truth), you would be correct.

This kind of Orwellian monitoring of our freedoms is unconstitutional, it is a colossal waste of taxpayer dollars, and it violates our most basic freedoms.

We are not supposed to ask questions about government programs such as this. In fact, the  Department of Homeland Security representative stated that those that are questioning this program are “tinfoil hat wearing, black helicopter conspiracy theorists”.

If the government is going to monitor us and put our information in a database, we should have the right to ask questions.

European Death of Free Speech

If you think the Ministry of Truth is already active in America, just check out what is happening in France. A proposed law would give authorities the power “to immediately halt the publication of information deemed to be false.” Under the new law, French authorities would be able to censor all publications and news – essentially, everything you read.

Social networks would have to introduce measures allowing users to flag false reports, pass their data on such articles to authorities, and make public their efforts against “Fake News.”

The law would also authorize the state to take foreign broadcasters off the air if they were attempting to “destabilize” France — a measure seemingly aimed at Russian state-backed outlet RT in particular.

New measures under consideration by the European Union are even more draconian. All social media companies would be forced to use “content recognition technologies” to “monitor and control all uploads.”

The European Union is voting to introduce aggressive new online copyright laws and “widespread censorship” measures, which critics say could strangle new media websites and stifle satire and online meme culture. Unelected European Commission bureaucrats have already drafted legislation which detractors say could force online platforms to monitor and control all uploads to some platforms with “content recognition technologies.” They also have proposed what has been termed a ‘link tax’, which could compel blogs and other websites to pay just to reference content.

To give you an idea of what that would look like in practice, all we have to do is to consider what is already happening in China. Internet censorship in China has already achieved legendary status, and the largest social media network in China, WeChat, has already blocked at least 500 million postings in the battle against “Fake News.”

Apart from blocking the posts directly, WeChat is working with hundreds of third-party organizations in an effort to block postings and quash “rumors” as part of its overall effort to “safeguard cybersecurity.”

WeChat has built a mini-program into its social messaging application dedicated to refuting “rumors”, including postings on topics such as the disappearance of Malaysia Airline Flight 370 in 2014 and various other topics, such as “cures” for cancer. By the end of 2017, the program has quashed “rumors” for over 19.7 million users and around 37 million alerts were sent out.

The Chinese are not just filtering out a few legitimately fake news stories. The truth is that they are systematically censoring anything that does not fit the official narratives that they want the public to believe.

The American Silencing of Speech

The squelching of the Internet is the greatest threat to freedom of speech that any of us have ever seen, and this attack has started earnestly in the United States.

Late last year, YouTube made an announcement to hire 10,000 new moderators to “flag content” and those moderators have been flagging at a stunning rate.

In many cases, the moderators were pulling entire channels without any advance warning whatsoever, and most of those channels were deemed conservative. Since that time, conservative videos and conservative accounts have been “disappearing” in massive numbers.

Twitter is cracking down hard also. Multitudes of conservatives have been shadow-banned.

On Facebook the censorship of conservatives has reached epic proportions, and now Facebook has decided to kill off the “trending topics” section and replace it with filtered news from “trustworthy and quality sources” (CNN).

Ultimately, if media corporations and governments are the ones mandating the censorship, there will be nowhere to run and hide. Currently, the Department of Homeland Security is compiling a comprehensive list of journalists, editors, correspondents, bloggers and “social media influencers”, through the Google Digital News Initiative.

The end of Free Speech is within sight in the “land of the free.” The time to stop this assault has come – the time is now.

U. S. Constitutionally Protected Free Speech

Freedom of the press is a fundamental liberty guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution. As such, courts and legislative bodies have been hesitant to infringe upon the freedom of press. In fact, there are numerous state and federal statutes that seek to protect the freedom of the press, such as the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act.

U. S. Constitutional freedom of speech protects the compelling of reporters to testify. This is called, “Reporters’ privilege” and refers to the idea that a reporter is protected under either statutory or constitutional law from being compelled to testify about confidential information or sources. In Branzburg v. Hayes, 408 U.S. 665 (1972), the Supreme Court held that when a reporter is asked to testify under oath in front of a grand jury, the reporter may not invoke “reporters’ privilege.” As such, “reporters” privilege” is not protected under the First Amendment when the reporter is asked to testify in front of a grand jury.”

When a government seeks to regulate communications, courts must balance the interests of freedom of expression with the government’s desire to protect its citizens from harm. The doctrine of prior restraint is usually invoked when this issue comes up. Prior restraint refers to when the government reviews materials to determine whether publication of the material is allowed. 

In Near v. Minnesota, 283 U.S. 697 (1931), the Supreme Court determined that it is unconstitutional to exercise prior restraint with regard to print publications:

“It is plain, then, that the language of this amendment imports no more than that every man shall have a right to speak, write, and print his opinions upon any subject whatsoever, without any prior restraint, so always that he does not injure any other person in his rights, person, property, or reputation, and so always that he does not thereby disturb the public peace or attempt to subvert the government.

It is neither more nor less than an expansion of the great doctrine recently brought into operation in the law of libel, that every man shall be at liberty to publish what is true, with good motives and for justifiable ends. And, with this reasonable limitation, it is not only right in itself, but it is an inestimable privilege in a free government.”

Soros Fact Checkers

The European Union is supposedly fighting back against “Fake News” from new fact-checking software to fining Facebook and shaming Twitter. Europeans hope to “prevent a tide of disinformation from influencing national elections and spreading hate” while making sure that the Soros Open Society candidates win the day.

Amid fears that online disinformation may have influenced last years’ Brexit vote and recent elections in the Netherlands and France, European governments and ordinary citizens are taking action to counter the spread of news that is misleading, disingenuous or just plain wrong. At the same time, efforts are underway across Europe to crack down on hate speech, as worries that online vitriol — anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic and anti-Islamic tirades — may be poisoning readers. These may be good intentions, but the path to hell is paved with good intentions.

Germany is particularly worried about hate speech and neo-Nazi slogans spreading online. Nations bordering Russia or with large Russian-language minorities are mainly concerned about Moscow-based propaganda being used to destabilize their democracies. And governments from London to Lisbon and Paris to Prague are worried propaganda and fake news is undermining trust in government and the mainstream media. Much of the fight against “Fake News” in Europe focuses on Russia.

The Czech Republic’s interior ministry, concerned about the proliferation of dubious Czech-language sites with links to Russia, launched the Center Against Terrorism and Hybrid Threats, tasked with identifying and countering “Fake News”.

The Czech initiative has been attacked as an Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” by the country’s own president, Milos Zeman. Zeman, who is viewed as strongly pro-Russian and likes to style himself as the Czech Donald Trump, has compared efforts to identify and combat “Fake News” to the sort of state censorship the country experienced under communism.

In Ukraine, a group of lecturers, graduates and students from Kyiv’s Mohyla Journalism School operate the highly respected fact-checking website that publishes stories and web videos denouncing dubious claims made (mainly) by Russian-backed media, such as false claims that the Ukrainian government is run by neo-Nazis.

Several such fact-checking sites exist across Europe, including the East StratCom Task Force, set up by the European Union to counter “Russia’s ongoing disinformation campaigns.” East StratCom points to Russia’s investment of nearly $1 billion in its state-controlled media operations, including RT, the broadcaster that targets audiences outside of Russia.

Outlets like RT and Sputnik — an online Russian news site that operates in dozens of languages across Europe and Asia — mix “hard news, well reported and sourced, with fake and junk news,” says Lisa-Maria Nicola Neudert, a researcher for the London-based Computational Propaganda project.

On May 4, the Paris prosecutor’s office opened an inquiry into what it terms “false news in order to divert votes, use forgeries and false receipts,” following a complaint by now-President Emmanuel Macron. Macron charged that documents published on internet forum 4chan purporting to show Macron had a secret offshore account in the Bahamas were forgeries released in what his complaint says were part of a deliberate “campaign of digital disinformation” intended to destabilize the French election to benefit Macron’s challenger, the far-right politician Marine Le Pen.

The German parliament passed a new law targeting social media platforms themselves, imposing fines of up to $57 million (€50 million) on the likes of Facebook or Twitter if they do not delete illegal, racist or slanderous comments and posts within 24 hours of being notified to do so. Neudert of the Oxford Institute says the impact of the German law is already being seen online, with a sharp decline in “Fake News” stories being posted to Facebook accounts.

In Germany, many worry “Fake News” legislation will impinge on free speech and lead social media platforms to overreact by taking down any and all posts that could be deemed offensive.

While Facebook has responded, at least in Germany, Twitter has so far shown less inclination to adapt to local regulation. Israeli-German comedian Shahak Shapira says over the past six months he’s reported more than 300 examples of hate speech on Twitter to the company, tweets such as “let’s gas some Jews,” which violate Germany’s laws against defamation, public incitement to violence or Holocaust denial. He received nine replies and none of the tweets were removed.

While many European governments are looking to new regulations to combat “Fake News”, others are putting their hopes on technical solutions. Full Fact, a London-based independent fact-checking organization, is developing software tools to allow journalists to carry out automatic fact-checking of claims made online, on TV or in live interviews with politicians. The tools analyze statements and compare them to a database of “verifiable facts.”

New tools are already being tested by select media organizations and Full Fact hopes to roll them out more widely in 2018. The group is backed by a mix of crowdfunding, donations and sizable funding by two billionaires: the Hungarian-born investor George Soros, and the Iranian-American eBay founder Pierre Omidyar.

Article 13 – End of Free Speech in Europe

On June 20, 2018, an EU committee will vote on an internet-destroying copyright proposal that will censor everything from Tinder profiles to Wikipedia. The European Union is updating its 2001 Copyright Directive, with a key committee vote coming up on June 20 or 21.

Under “Article 13,” sites that allow the public to post anything that might be copyrighted — text, pics, videos, games, sounds, code — will have to run user submissions through a copyright filter that will check to see if it matches a known copyrighted work.

These “black boxes” of censorship will have the unaccountable power of life or death over everything Europeans say to each other online. They will ingest everything that is said and then render a judgment.

Anyone can add to the blacklist, too. Under Article 13, sites have to let people claim new copyrighted works — but the rule has no penalties for abuse. Trolls can lay claim to every word ever posted to Wikipedia and stop anyone from quoting it on a WordPress site or Twitter or Facebook.

If you get censored, your only recourse is to ask the site to reconsider its algorithmic judgment. If they won’t listen or don’t agree, you have to hire a lawyer to sue to get your Free Speech back.

Article 13 gets Wikipedia coming and going. Not only does it create opportunities for unscrupulous or incompetent people to block the sharing of Wikipedia’s content beyond its bounds, it could also require Wikipedia to filter submissions to the encyclopedia and its surrounding projects.

Google – Ministry of Truth

Google is rolling out the Google News Initiative, in which it’s investing $300 million over the next three years. The goal is to help publishers make money and to combat “Fake News,” which consists of several products designed to help newsrooms and media businesses.

Take, for example, Subscribe with Google, which will make it easier to purchase subscriptions through your Google account. So far, participating publishers include USAToday, New York Times, Washington Post, and the Financial Times.

Google is also attempting to stamp out “Fake News” through another tool of the News Initiative, dubbed Disinfo Lab. It’s working with First Draft, a project based out of Harvard’s Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center, which combats “mis- and disinformation during elections and breaking news moments.” Google is also partnering with Poynter, Stanford, and the Local Media Association on a media literacy project called MediaWise.

The AFPData project is aimed at developing the use of data in newsrooms and has been selected by the Google Digital News Initiative as the tool it will support. The project brings together Agence France-Presse (AFP), automated text specialist Syllabs, data optimization platform OpenDataSoft and Laptop user experience (UX) designers. AFPData is a new data-driven editorial ecosystem. The project can use data sets to automatically or semi-automatically produce live news content.

The project’s objective is to develop data-journalism practices in newsrooms. At the same time, fact-checking, contextualization, multiplication of sources and transparency are key factors in the credibility of media organizations in the era of post-truth. AFPData aims to make original, reliable, selected and indexed datasets easily accessible in order to assist newsrooms. The project also covers the use of enriched data for automated or semi-automated production and monetization of new types of content.

It is the second time that a project proposed by AFP has been chosen by the Google DNI fund, which has a total of 150 million euros available over three years to support and stimulate innovation in data-journalism practices in Europe. AFPInteractive, a new interactive infographics product launched in 2017, also received support from the fund.

Digital News Initiative Innovation Fund

The DNI Innovation Fund is a key part of the wider Digital News Initiative, launched in 2015 with eleven founding partners. Today, more than 200 news publishers have joined it and over 1,000 newsrooms across Europe expressed interest in the programs funded. To date, the DNI Innovation Fund has awarded €51 million to more than 252 Projects in 27 European countries.

The broad area of innovation is the creation of new processes and tools for journalism – what the Fund calls ‘Next Journalism’ – and it is by far the biggest category funded. Also found within this category are projects about investigation, verification tools and data–journalism.

There are also AI, Bots, Machine Learning, political chatbots, and other tools that help publishers debunk online misinformation and propaganda – supposed “Fake News.”

One DNI Innovation project claims to help readers sort the facts from the “Fake News” fiction. France’s Le Monde is developing their “rumor and hoax–busting” products to meet their demands to sort the facts. Le Monde noticed a growing feeling of distrust among their readers and created Le Monde’s fact-checking unit Les Décodeurs, that wants to change the way people see the news.

Le Monde developed Decodex, three fact-checking products powered by a database of 600 websites deemed “unreliable” and compiled by Les Décodeurs. Decodex allows readers to manually submit URLs that they want to test the veracity of, but it also offers a free browser attachment  which uses a colored labelling system to indicate potential “Fake News.” A Facebook Messenger bot provides mobile users with a similar experience in identifying “dubiously” sourced news.

Le Monde believes that it is possible for them to discriminate between sources and is working towards giving readers power over the facts. Decodex has reviewed over 10,000 websites and many took the classifications as criticism and an assault.

Le Monde continues to evolve this project, extending their efforts to the classroom where journalists are visiting to teach children about digital literacy.

Another DNI Innovation project is Factmata, which uses machine intelligence to provide a solution to the spread of inaccurate information in online news articles. With their online fact–checking system, the issues Factmata want to address are twofold: the reduction of online misinformation and the automation of a fact-checking process.

The original project from London-based Factmata was purely based on research, but after receiving funding they launched the company and translated their research on automated fact checking into a small AI– driven prototype. The team is releasing the free consumer tool in beta and speaking to news organizations about how they would integrate the resource to encourage their readers to validate facts. Factmata wants to progress further with news organizations to protect people from misleading information that they’re exposed to on a daily basis.

Another DNI Innovation project was Videosign Cefriel which is helping to counter “untrustworthy” news by using blockchain architecture to ensure publishers can validate their video content. The Italian team at Videosign wanted to address this issue by creating a decentralized blockchain based architecture for proof of publishing for video news. Using timestamps and authorship, Videosign allows producers to sign the content to enable publishers to validate their videos.

Another DNI Innovation project is TrustServista which uses algorithms to analyze article sources and calculates a trustworthiness score that makes readers aware of the veracity of the news they read. Using a strictly algorithmic approach, TrustServista helps journalists find information sources quickly and easily.

The machine learning–based tool calculates trustworthiness scores for online articles. The dashboard allows users to easily track where the article’s information is coming from and how individual scores were determined. By providing a transparent score with all news stories, TrustServista allows the reader to judge whether to trust and read an article. Currently working with news agencies, universities and NGOs, TrustServista plans to expand its offering to arm readers with tools to fight misinformation for themselves.

The Sad Facts about European Fact Checking

Full Fact, the UK’s independent, non-partisan fact-checking organization has secured $500,000 in funding for two new automated tools to transform factchecking and the international battle against “Fake News.” They are called LIVE and TRENDS. Both tools will be based on one powerful and modular factchecking engine. Key factcheckers from around the world will be able to plug in custom components that make their work more effective.

The game-changing investment comes from the Omidyar Network, the leading philanthropic investment firm established by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and Open Society Foundations, the largest philanthropic funder of human rights in the world, founded by George Soros.

Three leading factchecking organizations, Full Fact, Africa Check, and Argentina’s Chequeado have agreed to share open standards to make sure these tools can have a global impact and encourage other factcheckers and researchers to get involved.

By monitoring TV subtitles or other real-time sources, LIVE flags when anyone repeats a claim that has already been checked and takes you straight to the most recent factcheck.

LIVE will also spot claims that haven’t been factchecked before – but reliable data does exist for – and creates a snap factcheck on the spot using that data.

TRENDS records every repetition of a claim we know is wrong and where it comes from so we can keep track of who, or what, is persistently pushing misleading claims out into the world.

LIVE and TRENDS will be going into newsrooms and fact-checking offices in a closed beta by the end of this year. LIVE and TRENDS are planned to be more generally available in 2018.

This is the first time funding of this size has been invested in automated fact-checking tools. Google’s Digital News Initiative provided Full Fact with a prototype funding grant of €50,000 for automated fact-checking in 2016.

Billionaire eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, the Omidyar Network has granted huge sums helping organizations to fight “hate speech” on the internet, and “restore trust” in U.S. government institutions. The network also funds the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), an organization partnered with Facebook to help determine whether certain stories should be flagged as “disputed”, which is also funded by globalist billionaire George Soros.

Documents leaked last year revealed that George Soros spent $6 million to influence the 2014 European Parliament elections, his Open Society Foundations hoping to “mitigate the feared populist surge” and “limit the damage” it believed was caused by “xenophobic” and Eurosceptic campaigns.

Breitbart London reported how Soros funded numerous projects to “monitor”, “shame” and “ridicule” what the group calls “hate speech” across Europe and that while attempting to stamp down on identity politics for Europeans, the organization also sought to “amplify” ethnic minority votes in the elections.

The BBC this week said it too intends to fight “Fake News”, the state broadcaster announcing that it plans to expand its “Reality Check” fact-checking features.

Thus, the above diabolical plans to wipe-out Free Speech are well under way and are doing a marvelous job of scrubbing the news and replacing it with “George Soros approved” propaganda. The evidence is clear and abundant. The question is: What are we going to do about it?

Stop the Corporate Muzzling of Truth

If we are correct about Trump and Dan Coats’ plans, “Fake News” (corporate main stream media) is being eroded daily and its life-expectancy is shortening. Once Trump is re-elected in 2020 and he breaks the back of American “Fake News” media, We the People will see the restoration of the vision of America’s founders who wished to dissolve their ties with monarchs, despots, and warlord bankers.

Trump rules the news and creates the news that is then twisted into “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and main stream media lies. People are noticing that “Fake News” is garbage and is simply an echo chamber of the Associated Press & Reuters Thompson lies and yellow journalism that tries to control the thoughts and speech of Americans.

Those days are over. “Fake News” is on the run in America and we are busting Google, Facebook and the other Silicon Valley propaganda corporations than served King Obama and Queen Hillary and their corporate “Fake News.”

Trump is on the right track with starting with Dan Coats, who heads U. S. intelligence, and then working down from there. Let’s look at the possible solutions to the attempted murder of American rights of Free Speech.

  • Stop surveillance on all American citizens.
  • Stop FISA court abuses of spying and espionage both domestically and internationally.
  • Dissolve the CIA until the time comes that we are “at war” with someone who might then require the necessity of spying. All CIA activities are lies, deception, and subversion which we do not need.
  • Dissolve the Office of the Director of National Security.
  • Dissolve the FBI Counterterrorist Division.
  • Dissolve the Department of Justice National Security Division.
  • Dissolve the FISA Court for its constant abuse of surveillance domestic and abroad.
  • Arrest George Soros for tax-evasion, election meddling, and economic terrorism.
  • Seize all funds from Soros’s Open Society Foundation and from the 184 NGOs he recently donated $18 billion dollars to.
  • End all corporate donations to politics, and end all lobbying.
  • Break up the corporate rule of American media through RICO, anti-trust and monopoly indictments.
  • Arrest James Clapper for spying on Americans, and his subsequent repeated perjury, sedition and treason.
  • Arrest James Comey (and his gang) for conducting an attempted coup against Donald Trump.
  • Arrest, indict and imprison Imran Awan and extradite the other criminals in his espionage ring.
  • Indict and convict Google, Facebook, Twitter for illegal surveillance and targeting of Americans. Dissolve these corporations and build a free Internet.
  • Stop the NSA from spying on Americans.
  • Stop Google’s Digital News Initiative and its Fund from controlling news world-wide.
  • Arrest Eric Schimdt and Mark Zuckerberg for stealing personal data and weaponizing it.
  • End the Highlands Group, In-Q-Tel, DARPA, SAIC, Leidos, Serco, and all corporate intelligence.
  • End all surveillance, subliminal messaging, viewer targeting, viewer manipulation, neural network manipulation, and all other types of control devices and weaponization of media.


Another blockbuster citizen intelligence report by the American Intelligence Media that provides a foundation for this report is:

Yellow Journalism: Globalist Weapon of Mass Deception

Thank you, Headlines with a Voice, for giving this citizens intelligence report a voice. 
Corporate Warlord Corruption
Sunday, June 10, 2018 6:45 PM

Several weeks ago, we posted this blockbuster piece on corporations. If you haven’t read it yet, you might take a look before we continue our lessons on the corporate warlords.

We the People vs. Them the Corporations


Corporations make a tremendous amount of money by scamming us, screwing us, stealing from us, killing us, poisoning us, destroying our environment, and endless other heinous crimes. If we had a working democracy, our representative republic would stop this corporate crime immediately and resort American constitutional rights to We the People instead of condoning blatant war tactics used by corporations that are protected by courts that treat them as if they are higher than American citizens.

Corporations get rich from corruption, bribery, buying elections, buying legislators, purchasing government subsidies, tax breaks, handouts and bailouts while they are protected by many layers of courts, judges and lawyers.

Corporations use a portion of the money they are accumulating from not paying proper taxes to pay-off legislators, regulators, inspectors — Senior Executive Service members — to keep the bureaucracy from stopping the corporation from doing what is illegal or unethical. This is simply the price of doing business – political pay-offs.

Corporations, through lobbyists, pay-off career federal employees to stop the rest of the government from doing anything about the corruption, as the Senior Executive Service members avert their eyes from the scene of the crime that they created. Meanwhile, corporations spend more of those tax-free dollars on marketing, propaganda, PR, trickery and loads of subliminal programming to make everyone look the other way.

The cycle of corporate crime continues as corporate dynasties have developed that rival European monarchs who rule from their well-padded economic fortresses, often hiding behind the scenes and stashing their stolen loot one of the many Commonwealth off-shore havens. As We the People become poorer, corporations grow richer and their crimes grow more evil and pervasive. As the cycle continues and strengthens each year, corporations become more ensconced in their power and the corrupt streams of power that reach into our government at all levels.

Corporations carry out some of the most horrific human rights abuses of modern times, but it is increasingly difficult to hold them to account. Economic globalization and the rise of transnational corporate power have created a favorable climate for corporate human rights abusers, which are governed principally by the codes of supply and demand and show genuine loyalty only to their stockholders.

When corporations act like criminals, we have the right and the power to stop them, holding leaders and multinational corporations alike to the accords they have signed and the laws of the land.

All we really have to do to beat this vicious cycle of corporate corruption is remember that the first three words of the U. S. Constitution are “We the People.” We the People have unalienable rights in America, not corporations. We the People have U. S. Constitutional rights, not corporations. We the People own America and its resources, not corporations. We the People elect those who make the laws, not corporations.

After fighting a revolution to end exploitation by the British monarchy, the church, and corporations, America’s founders retained a healthy fear of corporate power and wisely limited corporations exclusively to a business role. Corporations were forbidden from attempting to influence elections, public policy, and other realms of civic society.

Initially, the privilege of incorporation was granted selectively to enable activities that benefited the public, such as construction of roads or canals. Enabling shareholders to profit was seen as a means to that end.

In our current situation, America simply needs to go back to the original foundations of corporate structure that kept corporations from acting like sovereign monarchs and were kept in check by state legislatures, not the current federal systems that are supported by “superior” federal courts. A better checks and balance system of corporations would produce a tremendous amount of taxes that are now flowing out of America at a rate that is staggering. Some say over 50% of America’s wealth leaves each year through off-shore corporations and their tax-havens.

Corporations want the rights of a “person” without any of the responsibilities. This simply must end. Corporations act as criminals far below the nature of a “person” and thus have shown the world their true nature; an immoral nature that acts with impunity, lawlessness, and with a superiority (royalty) that act as if they are “above” a person when, in fact, corporation are “less than a person.”

The “old rules” for corporations will work quite well as a new standard by which all American corporations should abide. Foreign corporations will have to abide by the same rules and make sure to pay taxes and be held responsible for all applicable laws that We the People are held accountable for as an American citizen.

The Renewed Corporate Rules of America

  • Corporate charters (licenses to exist) are granted for a limited time by an American agency and can be revoked promptly for violating laws.
  • Corporations may engage only in activities necessary to fulfill their chartered purpose.
  • Corporations may not own stock in other corporations nor own any property that is not essential to fulfilling their chartered purpose.
  • Corporations are terminated if they exceed their authority or cause public harm.
  • Owners and managers are responsible for criminal acts committed on the job.
  • Corporations may not make any political or charitable contributions nor spend money to influence law-making.

A Short List of Some Corporate Crimes

We have established that corporations often willfully conduct “misconduct” knowing that they will simply have to pay a fee, if caught. No “one” is actually conducting a criminal act because a corporation is a “person” – but is also “not a person” who can be locked up for committing crimes, even murder. The list of corporate crimes includes the crimes of the Dutch East India and British East India companies which continue to this day: war, murder, slavery, theft, rape, poisoning, torture, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseam. We the People are well aware of the crimes and have all suffered the misfortunes of corporate greed and their control of our economic, political, and personal lives.

In an effort to show some well-known corporations’ evil sins, we bring you a “short-list” of some of the more egregious criminal activities that can be found in open media. Mind you, this is a very short-list.

Dow Chemical

  • Dow Chemical ravaged the health of millions of Vietnamese and U.S. Veterans caused by its lethal Vietnam War defoliant, Agent Orange.
  • Dow developed and perfected Napalm, a brutal chemical weapon that burned many innocents to death in Vietnam and other wars.
  • In 1988, Dow provided pesticides to Saddam Hussein despite warnings that they could be used to produce chemical weapons.
  • On Dec. 3, 1984, a chemical leak from a UCC pesticide plant in Bhopal gassed thousands of people to death and left more than 150,000 disabled or dying. Dow still refuses to address its liabilities in Bhopal.
  • Dow has been producing chlorinated chemicals and burning and burying its waste, including chemicals that make up Agent Orange.
  • In New Plymouth, 500,000 gallons of Agent Orange were produced and thousands of tons of dioxin-laced waste was dumped in agricultural fields.


  • Monsanto is, by far, the largest producer of genetically engineered seeds in the world, dominating 70% to 100% of the market for crops such as soy, cotton, wheat and corn.
  • Monsanto is the world’s leading producer of the herbicide glyphosate, marketed as Roundup. Roundup is sold to small farmers as a pesticide, yet harms crops in the long run as the toxins accumulate in the soil.
  • Plants exposed to Roundup eventually become infertile, forcing farmers to purchase genetically modified Roundup Ready Seed, a seed that resists the herbicide.
  • This creates a cycle of dependency on Monsanto for both the weed killer and the only seed that can resist it. Both products are patented, and sold at inflated prices.
  • Exposure to Roundup is documented to cause cancers, skin disorders, spontaneous abortions, premature births, and damage to the gastrointestinal and nervous systems.
  • According to the India Committee of the Netherlands and the International Labor Rights Fund, Monsanto also employs child labor.
  • In India, an estimated 12,375 children work in cottonseed production for farmers paid by Indian and multinational seed companies, including Monsanto.


  • DynCorp, one of the providers of mercenary services, guarded Afghan statesmen and African oil fields, trained Iraqi police forces, eradicated Colombian coca plants, and protected business interests in hurricane-devastated New Orleans.
  • DynCorp’s fumigation of coca crops along the Colombian-Ecuadorian border led Ecuadorian peasants to sue DynCorp.
  • In 2001, a mechanic with DynCorp blew the whistle on DynCorp employees in Bosnia for rape and trading girls as young as 12 into sex slavery.

KBR (Kellogg, Brown and Root)

  • KBR, a Subsidiary of Halliburton Corporation, is notorious for its fraudulent bookkeeping, dishonest billing practices with US taxpayer dollars and no-bid contracts.
  • In June 2005, a previously secret Pentagon audit criticized $1.4 billion in “questioned” and “unsupported” expenditures.
  • In 2002 the company paid $2 million to settle a Justice Department lawsuit that accused KBR of inflating contract prices at Fort Ord, California.
  • Many third-country national (TCN) laborers have been hired by KBR with few protections and uncertain legal status. TCNs often sleep in crowded trailers and wait outside in scorching heat for food rations. Many lack adequate medical care and put in hard labor seven days a week, 10 hours or more a day.

Nestle USA

  • Nestle, the third largest buyer of cocoa from the Ivory Coast, is well aware of the tragically unjust labor practices taking place on the farms with which it continues to do business.
  • Nestle and other chocolate manufacturers agreed to end the use of abusive and forced child labor on cocoa farms by July 1, 2005, but they failed to do so.
  • Nestle is notorious for its aggressive marketing of infant formula in poor countries in the 1980s. Because of this practice, Nestle is still one of the most boycotted corporations in the world, and its infant formula is still controversial.
  • In Italy in 2005, police seized more than two million liters of Nestle infant formula that was contaminated with the chemical isopropylthioxanthone (ITX).
  • Violations of labor rights are reported from Nestle factories in numerous countries. In Colombia, Nestle replaced the entire factory staff with lower-wage workers and did not renew the collective employment contract.

Philip Morris USA and Philip Morris International

  • Among tobacco companies, Philip Morris is notorious. Now called Altria, it is the world’s largest and most profitable cigarette corporation and maker of Marlboro, Virginia Slims, Parliament, Basic and many other brands of cigarettes.
  • Documents uncovered in a lawsuit filed against the tobacco industry by the state of Minnesota showed that Philip Morris and other leading tobacco corporations knew very well of the dangers of tobacco products and the addictiveness of nicotine.
  • Although the company says it doesn’t want kids to smoke, it spends millions of dollars every day marketing and promoting cigarettes to youth.
  • Overseas, it has even hired underage “Marlboro girls” to distribute free cigarettes to other children and sponsored concerts where cigarettes were handed out to minors.
  • Philip Morris has aggressively moved into developing country markets, where smoking and smoking-related deaths are on the rise.
  • Preliminary numbers released by the World Health Organization predict global deaths due to smoking-related illnesses will nearly double by 2020, with more than three-quarters of those deaths in the developing world.


  • Wal-Mart is the biggest corporation in the world that has wiped out its competition. It owns 5,100 stores worldwide and employs 1.3 million workers in the United States and 400,000 abroad, as well as millions more in the factories of its suppliers.
  • Many people have heard of the way that Wal-Mart steamrolls its way into every possible town, destroying local supermarkets and countless small businesses.
  • We have also heard about Wal-Mart’s long track record of worker abuse, from forced overtime to sex discrimination to illegal child labor to relentless union busting.
  • Wal-Mart also notoriously fails to provide health insurance to over half of its employees, who are then left to rely on themselves or taxpayers, who provide for a portion of their healthcare needs through government Medicaid.
  • In September 2005, the International Labor Rights Fund filed a lawsuit on behalf of Wal-Mart supplier sweatshop workers in China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nicaragua and Swaziland. The workers were denied minimum wages, forced to work overtime without compensation, and were denied legally mandated health care.
  • Other worker rights violations that have been found in foreign factories that produce goods for Wal-Mart include locked bathrooms, starvation wages, pregnancy tests, denial of access to health care, and workers being fired and blacklisted if they try to defend their rights.


  • The petrochemical company Chevron is guilty of some of the worst environmental and human rights abuses in the world. From 1964 to 1992, Texaco (which transferred operations to Chevron after being bought out in 2001) unleashed a toxic “Rainforest Chernobyl” in Ecuador by leaving over 600 unlined oil pits in pristine northern Amazon rainforest and dumping 18 billion gallons of toxic production water into rivers used for bathing water.
  • Local communities have suffered severe health effects, including cancer, skin lesions, birth defects, and spontaneous abortions.
  • Chevron is responsible for the violent repression of peaceful opposition to oil extraction. In Nigeria, Chevron has hired private military personnel to open fire on peaceful protestors who oppose oil extraction in the Niger Delta.
  • Chevron is responsible for widespread health problems in Richmond, California, where one of Chevron’s largest refineries is located. Processing 350,000 barrels of oil a day, the Richmond refinery produces oil flares and toxic waste in the Richmond area. As a result, local residents suffer from high rates of lupus, skin rashes, rheumatic fever, liver problems, kidney problems, tumors, cancer, asthma, and eye problems.
  • Chevron’s Unocal Corporation, in December 2004, settled a lawsuit filed by 15 Burmese villagers, in which the villagers alleged Unocal’s complicity in a range of human rights violations in Burma, including rape, summary execution, torture, forced labor and forced migration.


  • Coca-Cola Company leads in the abuse of workers’ rights, assassinations, water privatization, and worker discrimination. Between 1989 and 2002, eight union leaders from Coca-Cola bottling plants in Colombia were killed after protesting the company’s labor practices.
  • Hundreds of other Coca-Cola workers who have joined or considered joining the Colombian union SINALTRAINAL have been kidnapped, tortured, and detained by paramilitaries who are hired to intimidate workers to prevent them from unionizing.
  • In India, Coca-Cola destroys local agriculture by privatizing the country’s water resources.
  • In Plachimada, Kerala, Coca-Cola extracted 1.5 million liters of deep well water, which they bottled and sold under the names Dasani and BonAqua. The groundwater was severely depleted, affecting thousands of communities with water shortages and destroying agricultural activity. As a result, the remaining water became contaminated with high chloride and bacteria levels, leading to scabs, eye problems, and stomach aches in the local population.


  • Pfizer is the largest pharmaceutical company in the world; it is also one of the worst abusers of the human right of universal access to HIV/AIDS medicine.
  • In addition to Viagra, Zoloft, Zithromax and Norvasc, Pfizer produces the drug fluconazole (an antifungal used by AIDS patients) under the name Diflucan, and sells it at inflated prices most poor people cannot afford.
  • The company refuses to grant generic licenses of fluconazole to governments in countries like Brazil, South Africa, or Dominican Republic, where patients are forced to pay $20 per weekly pill, though the average national wage is only $120 per month.
  • Pfizer also values shareholder profits over safety standards. In Europe in 2005, it withdrew from scientific studies of a new class of AIDS drugs called CCR5 inhibitors, choosing instead to rush its own untested CCR5 inhibitor onto the European market without full information about the drug’s side effects.

Suez-Lyonnaise Des Eaux

  • The privatization of water has had a disastrous impact on the human right to clean water, and the French company Suez is the worst perpetrator of this abuse. The company’s billions of dollars in profit come at the expense of poor people living in countries where thousands lack access to potable water, and, because of private water contracts, are also facing skyrocketing water prices.
  • Suez goes by many names around the world–Ondeo, SITA and others–to mask its worldwide net of controversial activities.
  • In Manila, Philippines, after seven years of water privatization under a Suez company (Maynilad Water) contract, studies showed that water rates increased in some neighborhoods by 400 to 700 percent. These studies also showed that the negligence of the company resulted in cholera and gastroenteritis outbreaks that killed six people and severely sickened 725 in Manila’s Tondo district.
  • In Bolivia, a Suez company (Aguas de Illimani) left 200,000 people without access to water and caused a revolt when it tried to charge between $335 and $445 to connect a private home to the water supply. Countless people were unable to afford this charge in a country whose yearly per capita GDP is $915.

Credit Suisse

  • Credit Suisse has been charged with corporate secrecy mixed with tax evasion, $2.88 billion in fines pleading guilty to criminal charges of helping U.S. citizens evade taxes.
  • Credit Suisse helped 22,000 Americans evade taxes, but the bank did not have to reveal its clients’ names.


  • GlaxoSmithKline has been charged and fined for branding and hiding safety information with $3 billion in fines after pleading guilty not only to misbranding the drugs Paxil and Wellbutrin.
  • They were also charged with hiding safety information from the FDS plus fraud, rigged prices, false claims, failure to report safety data, and aggressive marketing.
  • GlaxoSmithKline targeted physicians to promote the drugs for non-FDA approved uses. Some wonder if the $3 billion fine was punitive enough given the $25 billion in sales from the respective drugs.

Goldman Sachs

  • Goldman Sachs has been charged with representing toxic securities to investors.
  • They were charged $5 billion in fines for misleading investors about residential mortgage-backed securities.
  • Goldman Sachs was held culpable for its role in helping ignite the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

Anadarko Petroleum

  • Anadarko Petroleum was charged with passing the buck on major environmental fines, $5.15 billion in fines for trying to avoid paying fines for environmental contamination.


  • In 2014, Citigroup settled with federal and state agencies for $7 billion for its role in the 2008 financial crisis for knowing the mortgages it had sold were bad while representing the securitized mortgages as good investments.

BNP Paribas

  • BNP Paribas has been charged with flouting US economic sanctions, $8.9 billion in fines.
  • In 2014, BNP Paribas, pleaded guilty to illegally processing transactions from 2004-2012 through the U.S. financial system from countries that were under U.S. economic sanctionssuch as Sudan, Iran, and Cuba.

JPMorgan Chase

  • In 2013, JPMorgan was charged for its role in causing the 2008 financial crisis.
  • The company agreed to pay $13 billion, which at the time was the largest U.S. corporate settlement in history.


  • Volkswagen got caught cheating on emissions tests and deceiving its customers.
  • In June 2016, the German automaker agreed to a $14.7 billion settlement with the U.S. government.

Bank of America

  • In 2014, Bank of America paid out the largest settlement in history (at the time) for financial fraud leading up to and during the mortgage crisis of 2008.
  • The U.S. government concluded that Bank of America helped exacerbate the financial crisis by engaging in unlawful conduct.
  • Bank of America lied to investors about the quality of its residential mortgage-backed securities, but it also was responsible for the origination and underwriting of many of the bad mortgages in the first place.

British Petroleum

  • In 2016, British Petroleum was found guilty of criminal manslaughter and environmental crimes and ordered to pay $20.8 billion — the largest fine ever levied by the Department of Justice.
  • BP was found to be “grossly negligent” and the story of the disaster reveals a fatally flawed well design, faulty emergency equipment, inadequate safety precautions and an emergency contingency plan rife with errors and miscalculations.
  • BP pleaded guilty to eleven counts of manslaughter for the eleven crew members who died.
  • Following the disaster, BP played down the severityof the spill, and even lied to Congress about how much oil was leaking leading to a guilty plea of obstruction of justice.
  • BP faced a $525 million fine from the SECfor hiding information from investors.

Arms Dealers – Corporate Warlords

This is a list of the world’s largest arms manufacturers and other military service companies who profit the most from the war economy. The information is based on a list published by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute for 2015.

Boeing                                               96.1 billion

Airbus                                               71.4 billion

United Technologies                      61.0 billion

Lockheed Martin                            46.1 billion

General Dynamics                         31.4 billion

BAE Systems                                   27.3 billion

Raytheon                                         23.2 billion

Northrop Grumman                     20.0 billion

Leonardo S.p.A.                             14.4 billion

LC Technologies                           10.4 billion

Corporate misconduct is “standard operating procedure” which is commonly expected and government fines are simply part of “doing business.” Below are just a few example of the corruption documented at the Project On Government Oversite website at:

Corporate Global Warlords

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Amount obligated: US $40.5 billion, global $91.2 billion

Contracts awarded: 136,366

Employees: 126,000

Lockheed Martin is the U.S. government’s largest contractor. Its largest customer is the Defense Department, to which it supplies weapons systems, aircraft and logistical support. Among its products are the F-35 Lightning II fighter, Sikorsky helicopters and the Aegis naval weapons system. The company provides data services and space technology to the civilian sector. The company generated $51 billion in annual revenue and $2 billion in net income for 2016.

Lockheed Martin employs approximately 126,000 people worldwide and receives about 10% of the funds paid out by the Pentagon each year. In May 2001, Lockheed Martin sold Lockheed Martin Control Systems to BAE Systems. On November 27, 2000, Lockheed completed the sale of its Aerospace Electronic Systems business to BAE Systems for $1.67 billion, a deal announced in July 2000.

Lockheed Martin works for more than two dozen government agencies from the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy to the Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency. It’s involved in surveillance and information processing for the CIA, the FBI, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the National Security Agency (NSA), The Pentagon, the Census Bureau and the Postal Service.

Lockheed Martin shareholders include: State Street Corporation, Capital World Investors, Vanguard Group, BlackRock Inc., Bank of America Corporation.

In August 2016 Lockheed Martin spun off their Information Systems & Global Solutions business and merged with Leidos to create the defense industry’s largest IT services provider. The merger created a combined company of $10 billion in revenue, with a strong bond to the No. 1 government contractor, Lockheed Martin. Leidos was formerly the Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), the research and development branch of the C.I.A. known as In-Q-Tel. Leidos expects to grow 3% in 2018 with many high-value contracts already awarded. Leidos earned $10.2 billion in revenues last year. The mutually beneficial relationship Leidos has with Lockheed Martin makes it a virtual monopoly in IT defense contractors.

The 8,000 Leidos operatives do everything from analyzing signals for the NSA to tracking down suspected enemy fighters for US Special Forces in the Middle East and Africa. The sheer size of Leidos makes it one of the most powerful companies in the intelligence-contracting industry, which is worth about $50 billion today. Leidos is now the largest of five corporations that together employ nearly 80 percent of the private-sector employees contracted to work for US spy and surveillance agencies.

For the first time since spy agencies began outsourcing their core analytic and operational work in the late 1990s, the bulk of the contracted work goes to a handful of companies: Leidos, Booz Allen Hamilton, CSRA, SAIC, and CACI International.

Lockheed Martin’s Own Intelligence Agency

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Systems (ISR)

Lockheed Martin provides innovative, cost-efficient airborne and ground system configurations that address a wide range of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance requirements. Options are meant to be customized to meet specific ISR requirements that can support military, homeland defense, disaster relief and humanitarian assistance mission needs. For nearly 40 years, Lockheed Martin has been developed ground systems that collect, process, exploit and disseminate sensors data from manned and unmanned platforms.
Integrated Operations & Intelligence Systems

Lockheed Martin merges the capabilities delivered by intelligence processing systems with those provided by mission command and control systems to provide users with a comprehensive single picture of the battlespace. This unprecedented capability that links ISR, air operations and missile defense systems at the battle management level, allowing users to work together in a shared environment to optimize defense operations.

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance As a Service

For customers who need ISR – aircraft or ground stations – for only a short period of time, Lockheed Martin offers the ability to bring surveillance capabilities to any region immediately via the Airborne Multi-INT Lab, or AML. Lockheed Martin also offers a transition from a service that is completely contractor owned and operated to a standard procurement when the customers are ready to assume operations.

Lockheed Martin Corruption

  • Lockheed Martin is the world’s largest military contractor providing satellites, planes, missiles and other lethal high-tech items to the Pentagon keeps the profits rolling in. Lockheed Martin is not the only defense contractor that goes behind the scenes to influence public policy, but it is one of the worst. These war profiteers have a profound and illegitimate influence on our country’s international policy decisions.
  • In 2001, Lockheed Martin settled a nine–year investigation conducted by NASA’s Office of Inspector General with the assistance of the Defense Contract Audit Agency. The company paid the United States government $7.1 million based on allegations that its predecessor, Lockheed Engineering Science Corporation, submitted false lease costs claims to NASA.
  • In January 2011, Lockheed Martin agreed to pay the US Government $2 million to settle allegations that the company submitted false claims on a U.S. government contract for that amount. The allegations came from a contract with the Naval Oceanographic Office Major Shared Resource Center in Mississippi.
  • On March 3, 2012, the U.S. Justice Department said that Lockheed Martin had agreed to settle allegations that the defense contractor had sold overpriced perishable tools used on many contracts.
  • On February 20, 2013, Lockheed Martin Corp complied with the S. District Courtin New York, agreeing to pay a $19.5 million lawsuit to conclude a securities fraud class-action legal battle that had accused the company of deceiving shareholders in regards to expectations for the company’s information technology division.
  • On December 20, 2014, Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems agreed to settle a False Claims Act lawsuit paying $27.5 million to finalize allegations that it had knowingly overbilled the taxpayer for work performed by company staff who did not hold the relevant, essential qualifications for the contract.

Lockheed Martin has had 8 instances of misconduct since 1995 with fines of $767,331,643. 

The Boeing Company

Amount obligated:  $24.3 billion, global $40.5 billion

Contracts awarded: 13,589

Employees: 148,750

Boeing is an American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes, rotorcraft, rockets, and satellites worldwide and is the second-largest defense contractor in the world based on 2015 revenue, and is the largest exporter in the United States by dollar value. Boeing recorded $94.6 billion in sales, ranked 24th on the Fortune magazine “Fortune 500” list (2017), ranked 61st on the “Fortune Global 500” list (2017).

The largest amount of Boeing stock shares are held by institutional investors and mutual funds rather than by any one individual. The largest institutional holder of Boeing stock, as of the end of 2017, is the Vanguard Group with a reported 41 million shares — or almost 7% of the company. Vanguard Total Stock Market Index, holds 14.5 million shares as of the end of March 2018, or about 2.47% of Boeing. Other major shareholders are the usual culprits: Blackrock Inc., Newport Trust Co., Price T Rowe, State Street Corp., and the other good ole boys.

Boeing Corruption

  • In December 2003, the Pentagon announced allegations of corruption by Boeing. Darleen Druyun pleaded guilty to inflating the price of the contract to favor her future employer and to passing information on the competing Airbus A330 MRTT
  • In July 2003, Boeing was penalized, with the Pentagon stripping seven launches away from the company and awarding them to Lockheed Martin. The company was forbidden to bid for rocket contracts for a twenty-month period, which expired in March 2005.
  • In early September 2005, it was reported that Boeing was negotiating a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice in which it would pay up to $500 million to cover this and the Darleen Druyun scandal.

Boeing has had 68 instances of misconduct since 1995 with fines totaling  $1,456,813,493.

BAE Systems (British Aerospace)

Amount obligated: US $4.2 billion, global $27 billion

Contracts awarded: 10,133

Employees: 83,400

BAE Systems (British Aerospace) is the biggest supplier of Britain’s military and one of the biggest suppliers of the Pentagon. BAE Systems is the third-biggest military contractor in the world, with sales surpassing all other weapons makers except Boeing and Lockheed Martin.  No company has a broader range of competencies in defense and aerospace technology.  BAE builds most of Britain’s warships, most of the U.S. Army’s armored vehicles, and is by far the biggest foreign-based contributor to the F-35 fighter — the program that will replace Cold War tactical aircraft in the fleets of three U.S. military services and at least a dozen allies.

BAE is one of the Pentagon’s top suppliers and is a global leader in electronic warfare, tactical communications, flight controls, thermal sights, signal processing, and cockpit displays. but good luck finding anybody in the investment community who knows that. BAE is the only foreign-based military supplier allowed to participate in the Pentagon’s most sensitive technology exploits.

Current work: $245.3 million project for the initial production of the M109A7 self-propelled howitzer and M992A3 ammunition carrier for the US Army. The M109A7 upgrades the previous Paladin howitzer with a new chassis, and includes a high-voltage gun drive and a projectile ramming system.

BAE has had 23 Instances of misconduct since 1995 with fines totaling $596,264,756.

Raytheon Company

Amount obligated: $12.7 billion, global $25.2 billion

Contracts awarded: 11,128

Employees: 63,000

The Raytheon Company’s core manufacturing concentrates in weapons, military and commercial electronics, special-mission aircraft and is the world’s largest producer of guided missiles. More than 90% of Raytheon’s revenues were obtained from military contracts and, is the fifth-largest military contractor in the world. As of 2015, it is the third largest defense contractor in the United States by defense revenue.

Raytheon provides electronics, mission systems integration and other capabilities in the areas of sensing; effects; and command, control, communications and intelligence systems; as well as a broad range of mission support services. Raytheon’s electronics and defense-systems units produce air-, sea-, and land-launched missiles, aircraft radar systems, weapons sights and targeting systems, communication and battle-management systems, and satellite components.

In addition to its US domestic facilities, Raytheon has offices in countries worldwide, including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, CzechRepublic, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Marshall Islands, New Zealand, Norway, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

As of December 2014, according to filed reports, the top ten institutional shareholders of Raytheon are Wellington Management Company, Vanguard Group, State Street Corporation, Barrow, Hanley, Mewhinney & Strauss, BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, BlackRock Advisors, Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon, Deutsche Bank and Macquarie Group.

Raytheon had 27 instances of misconduct since 1995 with $489.9 million in penalties.

General Dynamics Corporation

Amount obligated: $12.7 billion, global $24.3 billion

Contracts awarded: 24,650

Employees: 99,500

General Dynamics Corporation is an American aerospace and defense multinational corporationformed by mergers and divestitures. It is the world’s fifth-largest defense contractor based on 2012 revenues.  It has four main business segments: Marine Systems, Combat Systems, Information Systems Technology, and Aerospace. General Dynamics’ former Fort Worth Division manufactured the F-16 Fighting Falcon until 1993, which was one of the Western world’s most-produced jet fighters. Production was sold to Lockheed Martin, but GD re-entered the airframe business in 1999 with its purchase of Gulfstream Aerospace.

General Dynamics Corporation constructs DDG 51 Class Destroyers for the US Navy with all-steel, gas turbine equipped with the AEGIS combat system, Vertical Launching System, an advanced anti-submarine warfare system, two embarked SH-60 helicopters, advanced anti-aircraft missiles, and Tomahawk anti-ship and land-attack missiles. In 2018, General Dynamics bought CSRA for $9.6 billion. CSRA Inc. provides information technology services to U.S. government clients in national security, civil government, and health care and public health. Its largest market, national security, includes the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, and intelligence agencies.

General Dynamics Corporation Corruption

  • On August 19, 2008, GD agreed to pay $4 million to settle a lawsuit brought by the US Government claiming that a GD unit fraudulently billed the government for defectively manufactured parts used in US military aircraft and submarines. The US alleged that GD defectively manufactured or failed to test parts used in US military aircraft from September 2001 to August 2003, such as the C-141 Starliftertransport plane. The GD unit involved, based in Glen Cove, New York, closed in 2004.

General Dynamics Corporation has had 22 Instances of misconduct since 1995 with penalties of $280,287,952.

Northrop Grumman Corporation

Amount obligated: $10.7 billion, global $24.5 billion

Contracts awarded: 10,476

Employees: 65,000

Northrop Grumman Corporation is an American global aerospace and defense technology company formed by Northrop’s 1994 purchase of Grumman. The company was the fifth-largest defense contractor in the world in 2015. Northrop Grumman employs over 68,000 people worldwide. It reported revenues of $24.508 billion in 2016. Northrop Grumman ranks No. 124 on the 2015 Fortune 500 list of America’s largest corporations. Northrop Gumman builds controversial and highly classified Long-Range Strike Bombers (LRS-B) designed to replace the Air Force’s aging fleets of bombers. The LRS-B would be able to deliver its nuclear payload while using its signature stealth technology.

Northrop Grumman Corruption

  • In 2000, Northrop Grumman was designated a Primary Responsible Party under federal Superfund laws at 13 hazardous waste sites and under state Superfund laws at eight sites. The corporation has also been linked to 52 superfundtoxic waste
  • Based on 2008 data, Northrop Grumman was the 62nd-largest corporate producer of air pollution in the United States, per the Political Economy Research Institute of the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Northrop Grumman facilities released more than 23,798 pounds of toxic chemicals into the air in that year.
  • In 2002, the Bethpage Community Park in Bethpage, New York, owned by the company until the 1960s, was closed due to soil contamination with polychlorinated biphenyls(PCBs). The company dumped cadmium, arsenic, chromium-tainted sludge, solvents, paints and PCBs at the site between 1949 and 1962. In November 2013, the Bethpage Water District filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Northrop Grumman in Federal Court for the Eastern District of New York for contaminating the groundwater in Bethpage
  • In 2003, the company was among 84 parties with which the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the S. Department of Justice, and the state of New Yorkreached an estimated US $15 million settlement for the rehabilitation of the Mattiace Petrochemical Company Superfund site in Glen Cove, Long Island. In the same year, Northrop Grumman agreed to pay $33,214 after EPA inspectors found hazardous waste violations at the Capistrano test site.

United Technologies Corporation

Amount obligated: $6.5 billion, $12.1 billion

Contracts awarded: 24,434

Employees: 197,200

United Technologies Corporation (UTC) is an American multinational conglomerate that researches, develops, and manufactures products in numerous areas, including aircraft engines, aerospace systems, HVAC, elevators and escalators, fire and security, building systems, and industrial products, among others. UTC is also a large military contractor, getting about 10% of its revenue from the U.S. government.

United Technologies Corruption

  • Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amhersthave identified UTC as the 38th-largest corporate producer of air pollution in the United States as of 2008. UTC released roughly 110,000 pounds of toxic chemicals annually into the atmosphere including manganese, nickel, chromium and related compounds.
  • In the 2016 University of Massachusetts AmherstToxic 100 Air Polluters Index, UTC was ranked 9th by a toxicity population exposure score. It was also reported they release 60,000 pounds of toxins into the air, the second lowest amount by the top 10 listed companies.
  • During the 2006 election cycle, UTC was the sixth largest defense industry donor to political campaigns, contributing a total of $789,561.
  • Produces F-35 fighter jet engines. Although the jet engines were plagued with issues, Pratt & Whitney, a subsidiary of UTC, stated that their reliability rate was now at 90 percent.
  • A federal judge has ordered United Technologies Corp to pay $473 million plus interest for manipulating costs to win U.S. Air Force jet engine contracts in the 1980s.

United Technologies Corporation has had 23 Instances of misconduct since 1995 with penalties of $757,463,652.

L-3 Communications

Amount obligated: $5 billion

Contracts awarded: 7,622

Employees: 38,000

L3 was formed as L-3 Communications in 1997 to acquire certain business units from Lockheed Martin that had previously been part of Loral Corporation. L3 Technologies supplies command control, communications, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems and products, avionics, ocean products, training devices and services, instrumentation, aerospace, and navigation products. Its customers include the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Government intelligence agencies, NASA, aerospace contractors and commercial telecommunications and wireless.

L-3 Communications Corruption

  • The Pentagon had awarded $24 million to EOTech, a subsidiary of L-3, for the purchase of their holographic optical sights. The sights have since been deemed defective due to their inability to perform optimally in extreme temperatures. Further, claims have been made that EOTech had waited to disclose the defect until 2013. L-3 Communications has since settled the case for $25.6 million.
  • In 2010 it was announced that L3’s Special Support Programs Division had been suspended by the United States Air Forcefrom doing any contract work for the US federal government. A US Department of Defense investigation had reportedly found that the company had, “used a highly sensitive government computer network to collect competitive business information for its own use.” A US federal criminal investigation ended the temporary suspension on July 27, 2010.
  • On November 4, 2010 L3 issued a part purge notification to prevent future use of Chinese counterfeit parts, but did not notify its customers whose display systems suffered from much higher than expected failure rates.
  • In 2015, L3 Technologies agreed to pay $25.6 million to settle a lawsuit with the U.S. Government. L3 was accused of knowingly providing the U.S. military with optics that failed in extreme temperatures and humid weather conditions. These sights were provided to infantry and special operations forces operating in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as civilians and law enforcement.

L-3 has had 19 instances of misconduct since 1995 with penalties of $137,514,466.

Patriots, Let’s End Corporate Fascism!

The Anonymous Patriots always like to point in the direction of positive change, even in the face of evil that begs to be destroyed. We believe that change can happen overnight once the force of consciousness reaches critical mass on a particular issue. Corporate corruption exists because of corrupt laws, lawyers, judges, and courts (Fake Justice) that make it perfectly legal for corporations to be immune from most types of prosecution – they are above the law like nobility and the clergy. But We the People can change the twisted laws back to the way they were when corporations in America were controlled by Americans, instead of the other way round.

We offer the suggests below as a beginning to correct the problem and put Justice back into the American system of law. We the People will then become the sovereign citizens that we are, and our unalienable rights will not be shared with international corporations that demand to have higher rights granted by some false privilege, title, or unfounded Fake Justice claim.

  • We can stop corporations from corrupting us with the money that our laws allow corporations to accumulate tax-free by simply taxing appropriately and not allowing off-shore tax havens. Corporations must pay their fair share.
  • We can end corporate lobbying completely and stop all influence peddling for money in all areas of the government. When you stop the flow of money to politicians, laws will not be geared to corporate interests and will return to We the People.
  • We can stop corporate Fake News and main stream media propaganda that is simply yellow journalism for corporate interests. Reuters and the Associated Press can be closed-down for indecency in broadcastings, false reporting, fake news, and political manipulation and propaganda.
  • We can end corporate impunity in the courts by stopping the Supreme Court’s recognition of a corporation as a “person” and restructure state and federal courts to limit federal courts to the single jurisdiction of Washington D. C., the only place they have authority.
  • We can end all corporate donations to elections and end corporate tax-free donations altogether.
  • We can close international loopholes for transnational corporations that allow them to evade taxes in America.
  • We can limit U. S. governmental contracts to American corporations.
  • We can stop U. S. funds from being given to foreign corporations which would dry up the USAID and OPIC programs.
  • We can prosecute Serco and the Crown Agents for their economic crimes, fraud, and theft.
  • We can write new legislation limiting the power of corporations (especially banks and brokers) making them responsible for the same laws that all American’s are held to, along with the punishments associated with those crimes.