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The American Intelligence Media is more than an alternative news site or a cutting-edge news aggregator. Citizens are rewriting history–real time, based on truth, not on the lies of the main stream media and government controlled propaganda. The mission of AIM4Truth is to archive the progress we are making as we find out who we really are and where we really came from and are headed.

Truth News Headlines July 27, 2017
Thursday, July 27, 2017 10:47 AM

Scaramucci Tags Priebus in Tweet Blasting ‘Felony’ Leak of Financial Disclosure Form


In three minutes, Jimmy Dore proves Hillary and media invented Russia narrative in 2015


Rep. Steve King: Imran Awan Had Access to ‘All the Communication of the Foreign Affairs Committee’


Congress: Hillary Clinton Set To Be Investigated By Special Counsel


Judicial Watch Asks Trump Administration to End Congressional Obamacare Exemption


Senate Votes Against Obamacare Repeal Only Bill

Seven Republicans voted against the measure, including: Sens. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, Susan Collins of Maine, Dean Heller of Nevada, John McCain of Arizona, Rob Portman of Ohio, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.


Congressman Luis Gutierrez Calls Donald Trump A ‘Major Criminal’ That Must Be ‘Eliminated’


Grocery Stocking Robot About To Eradicate 1,000’s Of Minimum Wage Jobs


X22 Video: The Moment Of Truth Is Upon Us, Which Path Are We Going Down?


Judicial Watch Video: The Clinton Email Scandal


Imran Awan conspiracy in a nutshell and arrest


Swedish Government On Verge Of Collapse After Admitting ‘Accidental Leak’ Of Entire Nation’s Info


Church Caught Trafficking Children in Major Bust


U.S. Crushes All Other Countries In Latest Obesity Study

90% Of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Tests Positive For Monsanto’s Glyphosphate


Played by the Ruling Elite’s Control System, It’s Time for a New Paradigm


Another Benchmark in the Downfall of Modern Society


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Truth News Headline posts do not stay on our website permanently. These are current events that are symptoms of the greater history that is evident in our deeply researched foundation articles. The daily headlines “float” on the mountain of evidence that we are amassing for the day of truth and reconciliation or judgement. If you wish to read and research Truth News Headlines beyond our posting dates, please follow us by email. You will receive Truth News Headlines in an email format which can be saved for as long as you need them.

Truth News Headlines Evening July 26, 2017
Wednesday, July 26, 2017 9:41 PM


Is The Clinton Crime Syndicate Finally Going Down? Something Is Terribly Wrong With The Media Narrative And Questions Need To Be Asked


Trump Blocks Transgender Individuals From Military Service

“After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail.”


Scaramucci Singles Out Obama’s “Political Holdovers” As White House Leakers


The GOP’s repeal-and-replace plan got shot down. Now what?


RNC Chair: ‘Debbie Wasserman Schultz Has Obstructed at Every Level’ With Former IT Staffer Imran Awan

7 Fast Facts About Imran Awan, Wasserman Schultz’s Jailed IT Vendor


Central banker transition is happening quietly in the background


One Year Later, Journalists Exposed By WikiLeaks Carry On As Before


Not Just for Humans — Watch CBD Oil Stop This Dog’s Seizure in Under a Minute


Below is an article by Fake News CNN about how influential Drudge is at the White House. Apparently, he and the inner circle are quite cozy. We have a hard time believing this. Drudge is just a internet news aggregator created to keep you on the MSM-propaganda reservation. After awhile, you will see that the hyperlinks go to fake news corporate media sites, with a dash of alt media links here and there to keep you on his fake news aggregator platform. Frankly, what is so brilliant here? Drudge just posts headlines that the corporate media pushes out to conservatives who use the internet for their information. And now CNN comes out to “bless” Drudge for being so honest and upright in his great insight into Trump, even if it means taking the President down.

Matt Drudge is firing warning shots at Trump, and that should worry the president


Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality


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Weapon of Mass Intelligence

American Intelligence Media free app available on Apple and Android. Our app is a discreet way to check the day’s headlines and truth news. If anyone suspects that you are gathering intel, let them think that you are checking your tweets.

Truth News Headline posts do not stay on our website permanently. These are current events that are symptoms of the greater history that is evident in our deeply researched foundation articles. The daily headlines “float” on the mountain of evidence that we are amassing for the day of truth and reconciliation or judgement. If you wish to read and research Truth News Headlines beyond our posting dates, please follow us by email. You will receive Truth News Headlines in an email format which can be saved for as long as you need them.

Truth News Headlines July 26, 2017
Wednesday, July 26, 2017 11:58 AM

DNC IT Staffer Imran Awan Arrested At Dulles Airport Trying To Flee Country – Charged With Bank Fraud


Awan Wired $300,000 to Pakistan Before Arrest at Dulles


Pastor: Senior Republican Told Me of Plan to ‘Take Out’ Trump


#sthash.epMNrgen.N6r7o8dl.dpbs" target="_blank">Tulsi Gabbard: US Addicted to Regime Change; CIA Funded and Armed Al Qaeda in Syria


The Mooch Draws First Blood


Fox News Viewers Plummet As Global Rejection Of Mainstream Begins

Trump Dossier Firm Are ‘Highly Paid Smear Experts,’ Human Rights Activist Will Tell Senate

Peter Schweizer talks to Lou Dobbs about the possibility of a Clinton investigation


Senate Votes to Start Debate on Obamacare Repeal as Pence is Forced to Break Tie


Voices of the Right Cry Out in Dismay as Trump Steps Up Attacks on Sessions

Trump: “I had 40,000 people. He was a senator from Alabama. I won the state by a lot, massive numbers. A lot of the states I won by massive numbers. But he was a senator, he looks at 40,000 people and he probably says, “What do I have to lose?” And he endorsed me. So it’s not like a great loyal thing about the endorsement. I’m very disappointed in Jeff Sessions.” (Emphasis added)

“There’s An Effort Underway To Tear Up The Constitution” As The Economy Nears Collapse


Cartoonist A.F. Branco talks about the big lie



Central Europe Takes on the Soros Empire


VIDEO (starts at 1:40) Roger Stone Reveals Sessions On Way Out – Here’s The Short List For Next AG


Chester Bennington’s Friend: ‘He was Murdered by Elite Pedophiles’


Presidential Tweets Today


Weapon of Mass Intelligence

American Intelligence Media free app available on Apple and Android. Our app is a discreet way to check the day’s headlines and truth news. If anyone suspects that you are gathering intel, let them think that you are checking your tweets.

Truth News Headline posts do not stay on our website permanently. These are current events that are symptoms of the greater history that is evident in our deeply researched foundation articles. The daily headlines “float” on the mountain of evidence that we are amassing for the day of truth and reconciliation or judgement. If you wish to read and research Truth News Headlines beyond our posting dates, please follow us by email. You will receive Truth News Headlines in an email format which can be saved for as long as you need them.


Examining L U C I F E R in the light
Saturday, July 8, 2017 7:43 PM

Each day we scan hundreds of headlines, read dozens of articles, and watch hours of video in order to offer you an intelligent picture of the world from an American citizen point of view. We use the research from our Anonymous Patriots intelligence reports as a guide on what we should be uncovering “next” as we take down the Deep State Titans. As “Odin and Frigg,” we use conscious clairvoyance, a form of reading the Akashic Record, to see the future or to find historical truths that are being hidden from us. We use both capacities–intellect and intuition–to compose each Truth News Headline post.

Our readers are an interesting and eclectic group. Some are intelligence agents and geo-political strategists in countries worldwide who find that our citizens intelligence reports hold vital information for them in resisting the Deep State Titans and provide a clear picture of criminal enterprises both in the United States and in other parts of the world. Other readers are spiritual scientists that have a longer view of the war of good and evil and see the day’s events as symptoms of a greater unfolding happening in the evolution of humanity as we ascend into a higher vibration. We also welcome the casual readers who surf in and out, selecting the nuggets that are of interest to them and moving on to their next site.

With a wide range of readers and subscribers, we are always striving to provide rich and relevant content that will stretch your consciousness no matter if you are a geopolitical or spiritual reader, or a convergence of both. If this post doesn’t interest the “hardcore geo-political reader,” then check out our in-depth citizen intelligence reports on the site.

Max Igan onGiving Life to Lucifer

We begin with an interesting audio regarding Lucifer, 5G, evil, usury, hidden networks, CERN, and sigils. Max does a good job tying all of these concepts together and presenting an esoteric picture of today’s world events. Before reading the article links below, we recommend that you take time to listen to the lecture. For readers that want to go know more about 5G, Max references 5G – The Elephant in Your Living Room


Max discusses CERN in the audio above. Below are articles that we have written about CERN that can give you a deeper understanding of this project. 

CERN: Biggest Science Scam in History False Flag of All Time


Is CERN a False Flag Operation?


Why CERN’s Big Bang Research is a Big Fraud


Also discussed in Max’s audio, is the concept of sigils. We recently posted an article about the Qube and sigils that we invented in order to “antidote” the detrimental energies of lower vibration sigils.

An important esoteric concept in grappling with evil is that one is more successful in “taking it on” from a higher dimension. It is through the path of spiritual consciousness that we will defeat evil and redeem Lucifer in the physical world.


Occult Significance of the Great Truth Revelations we are now witnessing


This is what our sigil looks like.


Why is evil in the world?

This is a question that we hear frequently – especially as the greatest crimes of humanity continue to be revealed with more and more horror each day – global pedophilia, human trafficking, organ and blood harvesting, satanic cults, and religions that have turned to serve this evil. In the audio below, a selection from the writings of Tyla and Douglas Gabriel is read and may bring you comfort in hearing that evil can be used to awaken us.


The Story of Lucifer

The esoteric story of Lucifer is a grand one, indeed. Douglas Gabriel, who worked with Marcia Lucas in developing the characters and plot of Star Wars and Kathleen Kennedy with Indiana Jones, has often said that a far greater tale lies in the story of Lucifer. If you are not familiar with the anthroposophic foundations of Star Wars and Indiana Jones, you might be surprised at how far and deep great spiritual truths have been disseminated in popular culture. We just need to AWAKEN THE FORCE that has already been implanted in the hearts and minds of people throughout the world.

Source of the Force: Secret Behind Star Wars Inspiration


The Enduring Legacy of Hans Solo and Indiana Jones


Lucifer’s Grail


Are you one of the 48 called upon to lift the consciousness of humanity?

All humanity is engaged in the battle that Max Igan describes so well in his audio. We want to “arm” as many of you as possible to fight these forces at higher dimensions. Rudolf Steiner says that it takes 48 of us to do so. If these words resonate with you, then you are one of the 48 who have been called upon to lift the consciousness of humanity by keeping your own consciousness above the mortal battlefield.

Sometimes it takes only a few dedicated people or “warriors” to turn the tide and win the day. The brave soldier who lifts up the fallen flag and leads forward may bring the rest of the army along with him. Often, history is changed by one single person following her inner truth. Even when insurmountable odds may stand in the way, a truth seeker may become the David that slew Goliath with a single stone. How much more encouraged we can be when four groups of twelve gather together, virtually, physically, or spiritually, to “hold the light” for humanity and focus on truth, goodness, and beauty.

These 48 fully awake and conscious individuals are a homeopathic remedy for the world’s ills and can be the pillars that hold up the edifice of the temple that houses wisdom and integrity as a stronghold against the onslaught of evil from Lucifer, Ahriman, the Ausuras and even the Sun-Demon himself – Sorath.

Evil is good that has been turned against the work of the progressive spiritual beings. Those beings, including Christ and Sophia, stand ready to assist any spiritual aspirant to overcome the stumbling blocks on the path of self-development. As these spiritual helpers aid us in our work, so, too, the efforts of spiritual groups working together are a help to the rest of the world.

It only takes one single quartz crystal to transform an entire vat of amorphous quartz into perfect crystals. Sometimes, just being the first one to jump into the mix creates a revolution. We should never underestimate the power of a single individual who sticks to the agenda of good to topple the plans of evil.

For those of you willing to be vigilant souls, please see the following articles to keep your consciousness focused on helping our brothers and sisters find the way to ascension.

Surviving the Apocalypse: How to Create an Ark for the Future

Ahriman: Occult Annihilation of the Soul


Perception as a Bridge to the Spiritual World

Christian Rosenkreutz is Calling His Pupils. Are You One?


 Audios are organized on the American Intelligence Media Apple and Android apps.  Available also on the American Intelligence Media Network channel.


Presidential Tweets Today


Weapon of Mass Intelligence

American Intelligence Media free app available on Apple and Android. Our app is a discreet way to check the day’s headlines and truth news. If anyone suspects that you are gathering intel, let them think that you are checking your tweets.

Truth News Headline posts do not stay on our website permanently. These are current events that are symptoms of the greater history that is evident in our deeply researched foundation articles. The daily headlines “float” on the mountain of evidence that we are amassing for the day of truth and reconciliation or judgement. If you wish to read and research Truth News Headlines beyond our posting dates, please follow us by email. You will receive Truth News Headlines in an email format which can be saved for as long as you need them.

Our Bitcoin address 1DFDmoKrcxoXYWLc5J4cfvKvZMZeYcXZW4



EXPOSED: Ukrainian Atlantic Council Connection and the Russian Hacking Hoax
Sunday, June 25, 2017 9:06 PM

Three related audios on this subject matter provide more depth to this article since it was posted:
Comey’s Treason Exposed: Citizens are Awake!
Russia Collusion Illusion or Delusion?
George Soros Has Failed

In January 2017, after much hullabaloo from the Democrats about Russian hacking of the 2016 election, the Anonymous Patriots set out to get the record straight about who was hacking who. Using basic internet research, along with our ability to separate fake media narrative from actual truth, we posted a citizen intelligence report entitled:

Russian Hackers Found

In this article, we disclosed that Dmitri Alperovitch is the Russian DNC hacker. Yet to date, the corporate media remains silent on our report and intelligence agencies have not updated the lame report that they originally provided as evidence of Russian hacking (see PDF link below). While the Deep State operatives in the media and intelligence agencies continue to suppress vital intelligence that the American people need to make America great again, the American Intelligence Media has moved on to disclose more about Alperovitch and the Crowdstrike operations.

In the audio below we have provided an overview of additional information that gives a full understanding of the hacking narrative. After you listen to Thomas and John, you may want to deepen your own intelligence analysis by reviewing the supporting links that we have provided.

Ukrainian Atlantic Council Connection and the Russian Hacking Hoax

As you heard in the audio, Barack Obama’s favorite cyberwarlord was Dmitri Alperovitch, whose loyalty to the United States is certainly questionable. Is it odd to you that Alperovitch, known as the best criminal Russian hacker in the world, was at one time arrested by the FBI?  If James Comey is the “D.C. Fixer” for the political elite, then Dimitri Alperovitch is the “Cyber-Fixer” for the Deep State. Whether it’s Russian, Korean, or Chinese “hacking” in American, it is always Dmitri who is the only expert the Deep State calls on to quickly examine the evidence and then hide or destroy it.

Also discussed at length in the audio above is connection between the Ukrainian Atlantic Council to the DNC, Clintons, NATO, Evelyn Farkas, George Soros, and the globalist gangsters. The anti-Russian propaganda of NATO’s Cold War machine (Atlantic Council) used Dmitri Alperovitch’s Crowdstrike to disrupt the U. S. Presidential election and Ukrainian/Russian relations. Additional resources to support the audio discussion are:

Why Crowdstrike’s Russian Hacking Story Fell Apart- Say Hello to Fancy Bear


Why Crowdstrike’s Russian Hacking Story Fell Apart 2 The DNI Report Faked Sources


Ukraine Tried to Tip the Election in Clinton’s Favor


#more-43149" target="_blank">What is CrowdStrike? Firm Hired by DNC has Ties to Hillary Clinton, a Ukrainian Billionaire and Google


The official Director of National Intelligence Agency report on Russian hacking (meddling) in the U. S. presidential election is hyperlinked below – thirteen pages of a big “nothing burger” that does not have a single piece of evidence. This is an embarrassing waste of U.S. taxpayer dollars..

Note that the entire “evidence” on Russian hacking of the DNC server is one paragraph containing zero evidence.

Background to “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions
in Recent US Elections”: The Analytic Process and Cyber
Incident Attribution

Another fake intelligence report claims to describe how Dmitri Alperovitch’s Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear work in cyberspace. This report is another sad, expensive report that is nothing more than a disinformation piece produced and published by two U.S. intelligence agencies – the FBI and Department of Homeland Security – to propagandize Americans. What the report actually describes is well-known and freely available Ukrainian malware that is old and has nothing to do with Russia.

GRIZZLY STEPPE – Russian Malicious Cyber Activity

The report does not prove that Russia hacked the 2016 U.S. election, but it does reveal that the PHP malware sample that the government provided from the CrowdStrike report is:

  • An old version of malware. The sample was version 3.1.0 and the current version is 3.1.7 with 4.1.1 beta also available.
  • Freely available to anyone who wants it.
  • The authors claim they are Ukrainian, not Russian.
  • The malware is an administrative tool used by hackers to upload files, view files on a hacked website, download database contents and so on. It is used as one step in a series of steps that would occur during an attack.

Wordfence (cyber analysis company) analyzed the IP addresses available in the declassified report and demonstrated that they are in 61 countries, belong to over 380 organizations and many of those organizations are well known website hosting providers from where many attacks originate. There is nothing in the IP data that points to Russia specifically.

Furthermore, the report claims to contain technical details regarding the tools and infrastructure used by the Russian civilian and military intelligence services to compromise and exploit networks and endpoints associated with the U.S. election, as well as a range of U.S. Government, political, and private sector entities.

If you read this report, remember that it is propaganda, and the authors assume that you know nothing about anything and count on you “believing” multiple U.S. intelligence agencies who really work for the Deep State and not the American people.


Occult Significance of the Great Truth Revelations we are now witnessing
Saturday, June 17, 2017 7:44 PM

For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all. Luke 8:17

The day has come where citizens around the world demand that their governments be truthful and transparent. To that end, the American Intelligence Media offers readers and viewers Truth News Headlines that capture the day’s trending news and provides top headlines of what we see as relevant and truthful in the re-establishment of the American government in its original form, aligning ourselves again with the U. S. Constitution, in the purest possible way. Some have called this movement the Second American Revolution.

Citizen Intelligence Reports

At a deeper level, the American Intelligence Media brings you intelligence reports that you can use to educate yourself and share with others in pursuit of truth and justice, whether it is sharing the information through your social media network or printing a copy of a report and mailing it to your elected official with a demand that criminals be prosecuted. We call these citizens intelligence reports (CIRS) and many have found that they offer more “intelligence” than our 17 U.S. intelligence agencies.

CIRS are permanently located on our home page and are easily found using the search bar – just type in the topic, place, event or person that you want to know the truth about, or browse the front page and see all of the incredible CIRS we have prepared for you. History books, like the legacy media’s newspapers, magazines, and digital and televised platforms, are nothing but propaganda tools that the global elite have weaponized to keep humanity in the dark about the ugly, dark secrets they keep in order to maintain their dominion over the earth.

A Spiritual War is Raging

The truth, however, goes much deeper. If you haven’t noticed, pedophilia, human trafficking and slavery, wars for profit, blackmail and lies abound. We are fighting evil at several levels. At the most profound level, we are engaged in spiritual warfare with evil satanist global elites and their mercenaries. Today, it is even more important to know who our enemy is, which includes, but goes beyond, the Globalist versus Nationalist narrative. To see our spiritual foe, we must lift our consciousness to a higher level of awareness. Spiritual evil is working hard to defeat us in our thinking, our bloodstream, and our consciousness, as well as on the battlefield, in the financial markets, and our schools and universities.

Thank goodness we have alternative media outlets that have been exposing readers and viewers more and more to esoteric and spiritual truths of how other intra- and extra-dimensional beings keep us imprisoned from knowing truth. Today’s post is about how evil bombards us at higher levels with the goal of destroying all that is human, good, and natural.

We offer you some solutions and explanations that you may find intriguing and enlightening.

One of our favorite news contributors is SGTReport. In the video below, which has over one million hits, Dave and his guest tackle the problem:

The Elite Don’t Want You to Know that God is Real


Did you know that there are forces beyond 3D (space) and 4D (time) that seek to harm you? Don’t believe us? Watch the video below to see how patented technology is used to keep you enslaved in limited awareness of self and the world.

How dark forces use esoteric principles for mind control 

.Now read for yourself in the article below about this technology with patents cited.

The patents and technology behind Hulu


Mind Control Technologies and Patents


The chart to the left illustrates sigils that are used in their patented technology. Sigils are explained in the video above. The demonic sigils use the principles of vibration and resonance to create dissonance in your higher bodies (astral, etheric) which can create spiritual, physical, and emotional disturbances in your life field.

Even the government uses this technology –  as we explained in an audio entitled Esoteric practices of remote viewing used by CIA, NSA, and government 



Long before we started posting CIRS and geopolitical articles, we developed the Qube and our own sigil as a way to antidote the technology that is being used against us in higher dimensions. We offered it to all of our readers and viewers and know first-hand that they have been placed around the world.

The Qube creates a world-wide resonance that can shield you, your loved ones, and your environment from demonic sigils and electromagnetic frequency bombardment.

How does the Qube work? 

Our sigils are in tune with the Qube and can be downloaded for free and used anywhere you want to transmute detrimental energies into beneficial energies.

People all over the world use these sigils in a variety of ways. You are welcomed to use them anywhere your imagination takes you.

How to use sigils

Download sigils for free


Task of Evil is to Promote the Ascent of Man


Midichlorians and the Force Revealed


The Invisible College Lessons

Secrets of the Invisible College

Penetrating Higher Levels of the Invisible College

Discovering the Spiritual World

The video below shows us what the world has become, and points us in the direction of revelation and truth.


Remembering those that died in a war that has no name
Monday, May 29, 2017 2:05 AM

An audio of this article is located here.

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembrance of people who died in military service. For Memorial Day 2017, the Anonymous Patriots ask you to join us in remembering those who died fighting a war that has yet to be named. It includes the smaller wars with names we know– like World War I and II, Korean, and Vietnam, but there is a much greater war that could not be identified or named until enough time had passed and we could see a clear timeline of what was happening to the citizens of the world and who our enemy really is.

Patriots of the the world, we have been fighting a war between We the People and the Deep State.

The war started decades ago as the central banks usurped the power of the U. S. Treasury by creating the Federal Reserve, a private money-printing haven that the banks used to create their wealth. The central bankers used our land, our livelihoods, and our lives to fill their coffers from the profits generated when heroes spilled their blood in places around the world and at home, whether in Normandy, La Grange Battle, Afghanistan, Benghazi, or New York City. Their wars would never stop because the real business of the central banks is the business of war. In order to keep their profits coming in, they had to sell products–bullets, guns, chemicals, bombers, uniforms. They needed customers with a “product or service need” so they created enemies for us to oppose and used false flags to terrorize us. Citizens paid for the military industrial complex to keep us safe, but we were actually feeding the beast that has been killing us.

Knowing that we would never agree to unlimited war, they fed us dreams of hope and victory. All the while, they were filling our water with fluoride to dumb us down, while watering down our educational system. They poisoned our land, suppressed free energy, rigged the markets and precious metals. They hid their real intentions of culling our worldwide population to 500 million, yet brazenly carved their plans for the New World Order on the Georgia Guidestones.

Our food no longer nourishes us as it is stripped of vitality due to genetic modification and irradiation. They spray chemtrails down upon us like we are vermin that need to be exterminated. They force our babies to be injected with a horrific cocktail of mercury, aluminum, MSG, and formaldehyde which they euphemistically call vaccinations. And when the war profits weren’t enough, the Central Bankers-Deep State started taking over the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. To keep this business profitable, they make sure we stay sick and only use their medicines, doctors, and hospitals for treatment.

They use entertainment and fake news, keeping most citizens distracted, uniformed, and confused. They marginalize the heroes who speak out, calling them “conspiracy theorists.” When labels don’t work anymore, they censor our social media or cut off our advertising revenue streams. When those tactics don’t work, they resort to assassination.

In their modern feudal system, the Central Banks-Deep State use the IRS as their collection henchmen and write special rules for themselves to preserve their wealth. They use the FBI to shield them from investigations, and the Department of Justice protects them from prosecutions. They use the CIA and its network of private intelligence contractors to keep a Big Brother eye on us.

They conned us into the greatest Ponzi schemes of all time – which like all Ponzi schemes WILL come crashing down. Our social security system, stock and derivative markets, pension and retirement funds, and healthcare are all Ponzi schemes that will wipe out the wealth of millions of Americans.

If you aren’t awake yet, you need to stop hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock.

The Deep State is not only the domestic enemy of Americans, it is also the enemy of any sovereign nation in the world. If you don’t do as they say, they will use their mercenaries, intelligence agencies, private contractors, and rogue factions of the FBI and military to bring your country to its knees, rape your homeland of its bounty and resources, and enslave your children to its debt yoke.

There have been thousands and thousands of heroes in our war. There was the recent hero Seth Rich who was trying to tell us about the corruption he saw in our political system. There was H. P. Heidner’s group which had completed extensive research on oil cartels, dirty banking deals, and the CIA only to find their exact Pentagon offices hit by a missile on 911, killing them and destroying their work. Don’t forget our hero sons and daughters who lost their lives and limbs as they were forced to protect the Deep State’s poppy fields and opium markets.

The victims of this GREAT WAR are the soldiers that we send who shed blood on foreign lands, women who are enslaved and raped in their human trafficking networks, and thousands of children tortured in their pedophilia blackmail operations. God rest our souls, if these crimes alone don’t wake us up to fight EVIL with every breath we have. 

Some say that this has now become an information war. If so, we say that the way to win the information war is to attack the enemy from a “higher” level or position. It is not good enough to have information anymore. If we want to defeat the Deep State, we need



We don’t want the fake intelligence that the rogue intelligence agencies use against citizens as legal propaganda. We need deeply researched citizen intelligence that can be used immediately for the arrests and prosecutions of the real traitors and enemies of our country.

The Deep State – Globalists – Central Banks – CIA – Evil (whatever names you know evil as) can only have power over us if we let them. Evil exist where shadows are long, the light is dim, there is no transparency, and secrets are protected. We, the Anonymous Patriots, do not accept this anymore. Please join us in whatever way you feel best to demonstrate, in a peaceful, but highly efficient manner, your unwillingness to participate in their blood-sucking, life-killing, wealth-hording machinations.

Wake up and say “no.”

If you haven’t educated yourself about who our enemy is, please start reading the citizens’ intelligence reports that we have provided you at the American Intelligence Media. On Memorial Day 2017 honor the men and women who have fought the Deep State Leviathan of Evil, knowingly or not. Do your homework and demand that the traitors be immediately arrested, then tried. If they are found guilty, then the full force of the law needs to be applied without prejudice of their former fame, positions, or wealth. We believe we have enough citizens’ evidence to make a case for many Grand Jury indictments.

What do you think?

What can you do?


James Clapper, James Comey


Barack Obama, James Comey, James Clapper, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan 


Leslie Ireland, John Brennan, Loretta Lynch, Lois Lerner, Barack Obama, James Clapper, Mike Rogers, Susan Rice, enemies at the Federal Reserve, CIA, U.S. Department of Treasury




Woodrow Wilson, Richard Nixon, George Bush Sr. and Jr., Edwin W. Pauley, John Foster Dulles, Prescott Bush, Henry Kissinger, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission


James Comey, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and entourage




U.S. Patent Office 






The Neo-Cons






The Podestas, the Pedophiles, and the Pope






George Soros




The Corporate Media






The Banksters, the CIA, Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schroeders, Bushes, Neocons, Federal Reserve






The CIA, James Clapper, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, James Comey, John Brennan, Dick Cheney, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Brent Scowcroft, James Baker, Lloyd Bentsen, Richard Armitage, Richard Perle, Henry Kissinger



The Russians 




The Jesuits, Corporations of the United Nations and New World Order, the Monarchy





If you don’t see a name that you think should be on our citizens’ arrest list (of course, some are now deceased), please go to the top left of the page and type in his or her name. See which citizens’ intelligence reports appear. If you still don’t see a particular Deep State enemy on our site, then use the comment box at the bottom of the most pertinent article to name them yourself and detail their crimes.

God bless America.

God and Goddess bless us all.


Saturday, May 27, 2017 10:36 AM

Domestic Enemies under James Clapper Destroyed the Credibility of the U.S. Intelligence Community

The recent declassifying of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court review of the Inspector General’s (IG) investigation into the National Security Agency’s compliance with existing surveillance laws was eye-opening. Basically, the NSA failed miserably on all accounts, and this assessment includes the CIA.

U.S. citizens are being surveilled and recorded in an unprecedented fashion negating the Fourth Amendment rights of Americans.

James Clapper was the head intelligence boss at the time this report was given in the late-fall of 2016. For the five years prior to this report, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (Clapper) was in open non-compliance and the FBI was in worse condition because they refused to report at all on their surveillance of U.S. citizens both inside America and outside.

The report was so bad that Clapper should have been put in jail for his outright defiance of U.S. laws and his continued lies and perjury concerning surveillance of U.S. citizens, especially the Trump team. For Clapper to say that Trump was not surveilled is a bold-faced lie according to the FISA Court’s report. The very cloud-computing systems that James Clapper and his Office of National Intelligence created cannot be made to be compliant with U.S. laws. Clapper’s system, aided by Obama’s executive orders, surveils everyone in America who uses a computer tied to the internet or a cell phone.

These facts were revealed by Snowden as well as other leakers and whistleblowers.  Clapper repeatedly lied to Congress under oath about these systems and later changed his tune. He has been changing that tune continuously ever since.

As the DNI, Clapper was the boss of all 17 US intelligence agencies and about 44 corporate intelligence agencies, all who use Clapper’s cloud-computing system. Part of the DNI’s cloud memory contract was awarded to Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon and the Washington Post, for $600 million. The NSA’s Utah collection center is the other large cloud memory storage facility that, until recently, housed the spy data for years. Only now is part of that data being erased by court order. There are hundreds of thousands of people with top security clearances who can simply log unto the Clapper system and query the NSA data base and access “unmasked” raw intelligence.

This is why Susan Rice could simply go into the White House SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) and spy on the Trump team any time she wanted, as she recently said on national news. Susan Rice said that she was following the standard procedures for “minimization of raw intelligence” and the “unmasking procedures under the section 702.”  Yes, she was spying legally because of James Clapper’s negligence to follow U.S. laws concerning surveillance and his spy data-base.  No one needed to “unmask” anyone, they are all unmasked. But if that is known and understood, then we would realize that a “corporate intelligence coup” has already been effected and that U.S. military intelligence has been supplanted.

James Clapper is a criminal who has lied again under oath about the Trump/Russia collusion, Trump “wiretapping,” Trump Russian dossier, General Flynn, and a host of other issues related to the intelligence community’s attacks against President Trump, before and after the election. Clapper was Comey’s boss who would have, by necessity, had to have reported everything concerning Trump to his boss because it was not only a “national security” issue but an “international security” issue, which is beyond the domain of the FBI or the Attorney General’s Justice Department.

Only Clapper could have allowed an FBI investigation of Trump to continue during an election and then only with the FISA court approval.

But Clapper and Brennan both testified that they have only ever approved a few “unmasking” in their tenure. This would be impossible to believe until you understand that Clapper’s cloud-computer system does not require “unmasking” and it does not leave a paper-trail. They have created the perfect spying system for every corporate intelligence agency or foreign government to hack.

It is from “Clapper’s Spy System” that most of the corporate intelligence contractors gained access to such voluminous amounts of data to steal and leak. It was stolen quite easily, just like Wikileak’s Vault 7 data that should have been the most protected information in the NSA. Broad access to classified information was always “need to know” basis before Clapper let hackers into the system to destroy all credibility in U.S. intelligence systems. If it were up to Clapper, who worked for the leading corporate intelligence agency SRA, only private contractors would have access to NSA information and the NSA would be run by corporate intelligence agencies. Clapper would cut the military out of the intelligence community all together so that the huge intelligence budget would go directly to corporations who, by the way, also work for many other foreign countries unfriendly to America.

No matter how you cut the pie, Clapper was (and perhaps still is) working actively against America and that is why he sees Trump as a threat. General Flynn’s plan was to cut the corporate intelligence agencies out altogether. That is why the intelligence community worked so hard to get Flynn fired. They knew that their days were numbered if Flynn became the head of U.S. intelligence.

In this exclusive American Intelligence Media citizen intelligence report, we outline the details of Clapper’s crimes and let his own words and actions indict him for treason, sedition, and being a hostile foreign agent. The perjury charges alone found in Clapper’s testimonies should put him in a federal penitentiary for the rest of his life. The good news for patriots who are working to take back America and restore the rule of law is that when Clapper falls, the entire compromised intelligence community will, too.

Clapper’s New System Unmasks Everyone Without Leaving a Trail

Clapper served as Obama’s DNI from 2010 to 2017, and in 2011, he set into motion wide-ranging “reforms” that created a cloud-computing platform tied to Intelligence Community IT Enterprise, or ICITE. Clapper justified his move in the name of improving information-sharing among intelligence officials and breaking down barriers between agencies. But Clapper’s changes lowered security standards for sharing NSA and CIA intelligence data. As a result, many intelligence officials were enabled to access raw intelligence about U.S. citizens simply by using a password.

Clapper’s creation of a cloud-computing platform in 2013 made it far easier for officials like former White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice to ‘unmask’ individual Americans without creating a digital paper trail leading back to her. For a citizen intelligence report on Rice, see our report Susan Rice Unmasked: White House War Monger.)

Clapper’s system enabled tens of thousands of government officials to share previously off-limits intelligence information. His efforts dramatically altered the rules that previously barred access to phone records of U.S. citizens unless there was prior approval following rigorous NSA review.

After the technology and the workplace policies had changed, basically that access was based on ‘user permissions’ that would allow an intelligence employee to look in the database itself. You didn’t have to ask anyone at NSA to retrieve the information. A key aspect of cloud technology is that to do that retrieval, you don’t have to set up the whole line of an ‘audit-able’ chain.

KEY POINT:  Obama also pushed for more aggressive information sharing in the final days of his administration when he authorized all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies to access raw NSA data through Executive Order 12333.

The number of Section 702 American citizen “targets” since Clapper’s system began in 2013 has surged from 898 in 2014, to 89,000 in 2015, to 106,000 in 2016. Clapper’s $600 million contract for the new system met fierce opposition from other high-tech companies when it was awarded to Jeff Bezos’ Amazon Web Services. The rivals charged that Bezos received preferential treatment. Clapper failed to evaluate prices comparably, and he waived the bidding requirement for Amazon.

Corporate Intelligence Agencies Rule America

James Clapper knows privatization from his own experience. From 1998 to 2001, he was the director of intelligence programs for SRA International, the predecessor to CSRA. Moreover, his DNI office was crawling with contractors. According to a declassified ODNI budget that was released under a Freedom of Information Act request, contractors hold 44 percent of the positions in Clapper’s office, including 13 percent of his senior leadership. That total is twice as high as contractor penetration in the rest of the intelligence community, and further evidence of how much of our country’s spying is done for profit.

Since the late 1990s, the bulk of the contracted intelligence work went to a handful of companies: Leidos, Booz Allen Hamilton, CSRA, SAIC, and CACI International. The fact that much of this privatized work is top secret—and is generally underreported in the press—undermines the accountability and transparency of U.S. spy agencies.

In public, Clapper makes no bones about those corporate ties. “If you can’t get a job in the IC, then sign on with one of our contractors,” he told an intelligence conference last fall. “Industry is absolutely crucial to our continued viability and success.”

What’s at stake in intelligence outsourcing is not just the movement of money and goods, but also the security of the American public and control over the information that keeps us safe. Market concentration in this sector, therefore, has deeper and more sinister implications than in civilian industries such as finance or telecommunications. Concentration means that fewer and fewer companies control the information that guides our military and civilian leaders and, by extension, shapes America’s view of the world and the military and political actions it takes.

Leidos is now the largest of five corporations that together employ nearly 80 percent of the private-sector employees contracted to work for U.S. spy and surveillance agencies which is worth about $50 billion. Leidos Holdings, a major contractor for the Pentagon and the NSA, completed a long-planned merger with the Information Systems & Global Solutions division of Lockheed Martin, the global military giant. The 8,000 operatives employed by the new company do everything from analyzing signals for the NSA to tracking down suspected enemy fighters for US Special Forces in the Middle East and Africa.

Here is a breakdown of the corporations that dominate and rule U.S. intelligence:

CSRA Inc. (8,000 personnel) was created out of a merger between CSC, which developed and manages the NSA’s classified internal-communications system, and SRA International, a highly profitable company with a long history of involvement in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR). It has close ties to the U.S. Air Force, provides 24/7 support for the “global operations” of U.S. commands in Europe and Africa and manages the “global network of intelligence platforms” for the most advanced drones in the US arsenal.

Booz Allen Hamilton (12,000 personnel) is partly owned by the Carlyle Group, serving the Director of National Intelligence, Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, national intelligence and civil agencies, and military intelligence.

SAIC (6,600 personnel) is a well-known military contractor that has expanded into spying by buying Scitor, a company deeply embedded in the Pentagon’s top-secret satellite operations and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), which manages those satellites and integrates downloaded signals and imagery from space for the NSA and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).

CACI International (10,000 personnel) is the Pentagon contractor that recently acquired two companies doing extensive work for the NSA and the CIA: National Security Solutions and Six3 Intelligence Solutions. It recently won a new Army contract to provide intelligence to U.S. military forces in Syria.

Together, Leidos and its four competitors earned nearly $16 billion from government IT contracts in 2015. The key to their dominance lies not with their revenue but with their employees—specifically, their approximately 45,000 contractors with security clearances who work alongside government employees at the NSA, the CIA, and other agencies.

Added together, the five companies employ 44,600 cleared personnel nearly 80 percent of the total contractor workforce of 58,000 and about one-fifth of the total workforce of 183,000 civilians, contractors, and uniformed soldiers working in national and military intelligence.

The spies-for-hire workforce includes thousands of professionals from the still-formidable intelligence divisions of Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Raytheon, BAE, and Accenture, and a handful of smaller companies, including ManTech International Corporation, Engility Corporation, L-3 Communications, and PAE.

Yet with few exceptions, intelligence privatization has been largely ignored by the national media and the publications established to expose what they call the “surveillance state.” Congress, by ignoring this huge elephant in the room, is simply not doing its job.

In public documents and congressional hearings, however, intelligence overlords frequently recognize the existence of this private army of corporate intelligence agencies as “core contract personnel.” The ODNI, in its public testimony, describes them as “functionally indistinguishable from U.S. government personnel whose missions they support,” performing activities that include “collection, analysis, information technology, training, and education.”

It’s time for Congress and the media to finally recognize spying as a joint venture between the security state and the private sector. In the end, intelligence is a public resource that deserves to be controlled by the people and for the people, and not benefit a small group of corporations and the oligarchs they’ve spawned.

James Clapper – Head Intelligence Liar Obstructs Justice

At a March 12, 2013 Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing, Senator Ron Wyden asked Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, “Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?” Director Clapper responded, “No, sir … Not wittingly. There are cases where they could inadvertently perhaps, collect, but not, not wittingly.”

On June 6, Clapper told the National Journal, “What I said was, the NSA does not voyeuristically pore through U.S. citizens’ emails. I stand by that,” Clapper said.

Two days later, in an interview with NBC, Clapper further explained that he found himself in a difficult position when confronted with Wyden’s question.

“I thought though in retrospect I was asked ‘when are you going to stop beating your wife’ kind of question, meaning not answerable necessarily, by a simple yes or no. So, I responded in what I thought was the most truthful, or least most untruthful manner, by saying, ‘No.’”

Clapper later said he made a mistake. In a letter to the committee’s chair, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Clapper contended that he thought Wyden was referring to something other than the phone metadata program, one that targets foreigners. Under that program, Clapper contended, his characterization that American data would only be collected through “inadvertent” means, would be correct.

But he admitted his answer, as stated, was wrong.

“My response was clearly erroneous,” he wrote.

Disclosures by Snowden reveal that the NSA is, in fact, engaged in collecting private data on millions of Americans through the PRISM program, that the NSA was doing so at the time of Director Clapper’s testimony, and that he was aware of this when he testified. On June 8, after the existence of the PRISM program was revealed, Director Clapper told NBC he made the “least untruthful” statement he could without divulging classified information. Director Clapper later sent a letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein, chair of the intelligence committee, claiming to have misunderstood Senator Wyden’s question.

By testifying falsely, Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper appears to have violated laws prohibiting false statements and obstruction of a congressional inquiry. Clapper must be held accountable for deliberately lying (called perjury) to Congress.

Clapper’s Own Words Indict Him

James Clapper told Chuck Todd on Meet the Press that evidence between President Donald Trump and Russia do not exist. Below is a transcript of what Clapper said, followed by a clarification of his obfuscations.

“We did not include any evidence in our report, and I say, “our,” that’s NSA, FBI and CIA, with my office, the Director of National Intelligence, that had anything, that had any reflection of collusion between members of the Trump campaign and the Russians. There was no evidence of that included in our report.”

Counterpoint: Later Clapper says he doesn’t keep track of what the FBI and CIA do.

“There was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president-elect, at the time, or as a candidate, or against his campaign,” Clapper said on NBC’s Meet the Press, March 5, 2017. Clapper also said that “no FISA order was ever issued against Trump.”

Counterpoint: We know both that a FISA order was requested twice and granted once and that Trump’s entire team was surveilled (wiretapped).

“The first week in intelligence school, you learn there are only two conditions in life. There is policy success, or there is intel failure. There is no other condition in life.”

Counterpoint: Intel schools teach you to lie to have policy success or you have failed in your task. His interrogators in these situations are not foreign agents, but reporters and elected officials, all which by Clapper’s standards are “the enemy.” His answers and testimonies are given as any trained spy would give under interrogation. 

“During my tenure as DNI, it was my practice to defer to the FBI director — both (former FBI) Director (Robert) Mueller and Director Comey — on whether, when, and to what extent they would inform me about such investigations.”

“We must remain mindful of the potential impact of over-correcting the authorizations of the intelligence community.”

Counterpoint: Clapper permitted authorizations more than anyone in the intelligence community before him.

Clapper’s Testimony is Full of Holes

The following quotations of James Clapper and Sally Yates are taken from the Washington Post, May 8th full transcript of Sally Yates and James Clapper testimony on Russian election interference at a Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

James Clapper testified to the Senate and said:

“As you know, the Intelligence Community Assessment was a coordinated product from three agencies; CIA, NSA, and the FBI not all 17 components of the intelligence community.”

Counterpoint: This does not agree with the report Clapper submitted in December nor his public comments.

“They found that the Russian government pursued a multifaceted influence campaign in the run-up to the election, including aggressive use of cyber capabilities.”

Counterpoint: There is absolutely no evidence presented for any cyber-attacks nor any discussion of such prior to Clapper’s remarks.

“The Russians used cyber operations against both political parties, including hacking into servers used by the Democratic National Committee and releasing stolen data to WikiLeaks and other media outlets. Russia also collected on certain Republican Party- affiliated targets, but did not release any Republican-related data.”

Counterpoint: There has been zero evidence that anyone hacked the Republicans.

“The Intelligence Community Assessment concluded first that President Putin directed and influenced campaign to erode the faith and confidence of the American people in our presidential election process.”  

Counterpoint: There is no evidence except Dmitri Alperovitch’s (a private contractor) opinion, which he said was his opinion, that Putin had anything to do with meddling in the election.

In Alperovitch’s words we learn:

“Putin did so to demean Secretary Clinton…”

“Putin sought to advantage Mr. Trump. These conclusions were reached based on the richness of the information gathered and analyzed and were thoroughly vetted and then approved by the directors of the three agencies and me.”

Counterpoint: I guess Clapper forgot that James Comey and he have disagreed over these points and they have said so publicly and that only Crowdstrike ever looked at the DNC server.

“On several occasions during my six and a half years as DNI, I requested the identity of U.S. persons to be revealed. In each such instance, I made these requests so I could fully understand the context of the communication and the potential threat being posed. At no time did I ever submit a request for personal or political purposes or to voyeuristically look at raw intelligence nor am I aware of any instance of such abuse by anyone else.”

Counterpoint: We know from descriptions of Clapper’s new cloud-computing spy system that everyone is unmasked and that Clapper’s remarks about “unmasking” are a bold-faced lie.

“I’ve long maintained during my 50-plus year career in intelligence that leaks endanger national security, they compromise sources, methods and tradecraft and they can put assets’ lives at risk. And for the record, in my long career, I’ve never knowingly exposed classified information in an inappropriate manner.”

Counterpoint: If this is true, why did James Clapper not investigate the massive amounts of leaks?

“During my tenure as DNI, it was my practice to defer to the FBI director, both Director Mueller and then subsequently Director Comey, on whether, when and to what extent they would inform me about such investigations. This stems from the unique position of the FBI, which straddles both intelligence and law enforcement. And as a consequence, I was not aware of the counterintelligence investigation Director Comey first referred to during his testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee for Intelligence on the 20th of March, and that comports with my public statements.”

Counterpoint: Clapper oversees the FBI and DOJ intelligence agencies, and especially “counterintelligence” and it would be a dereliction of his duties to be “uninformed” about an investigation about Trump or Russians meddling in the election. These are simply more spy lies to cover the lies of America’s spying and lying agencies.

“In conclusion, Russia’s influence activities in the run-up to the 2016 election constituted the high water mark of their long running efforts since the 1960s to disrupt and influence our elections. They must be congratulating themselves for having exceeded their wildest expectations with a minimal expenditure of resource. And I believe they are now emboldened to continue such activities in the future both here and around the world, and to do so even more intensely. If there has ever been a clarion call for vigilance and action against a threat to the very foundation of our democratic political system, this episode is it. I hope the American people recognize the severity of this threat and that we collectively counter it before it further erodes the fabric of our democracy.”

Counterpoint: There was no previous Russian hacking of elections now or in the past and there is no evidence in any report that shows that Clapper’s fear tactics are simply more propaganda. Remember, Clapper has already said publicly that there was no Russia interference in the election.

In testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 8, 2017, Senator Chuck Grassley questions Sally Yates and James Clapper.

GRASSLEY: OK. I want to discuss unmasking. Mr. Clapper and Ms. Yates, did either of you ever request the unmasking of Mr. Trump, his associates or any member of Congress?

CLAPPER: Yes, in one case I did that I can specifically recall, but I can’t discuss it any further than that.

GRASSLEY: Question two. Did either of you ever review classified documents in which Mr. Trump, his associates or members of Congress had been unmasked?


GRASSLEY: You have? Can you give us details here in this…

CLAPPER: No, I can’t.

GRASSLEY: Ms. Yates, have you?

YATES: Yes, I have and no, I can’t give you details.

GRASSLEY: The FBI notified the Democratic National Committee of the Russian’s intrusion into their systems in August of 2015, but the DNC turned down the FBI’s offer to get the Russians out and refused the FBI access to their servers. Instead, it evidently eventually hired a private firm in the spring of 2016. WikiLeaks began releasing the hacked DNC e-mails last July. It took roughly 27,000 of the 27,500 DNC e-mails it released were e-mails sent after the FBI notified the DNC of the breach.

Mr. Clapper, would you agree that one of the lessons of this episode is that people should cooperate with the FBI when notified of foreign hacks instead of stone walling?

CLAPPER: Yes, sir. I generally think that’s a very good idea.

GRASSLEY: Mr. Clapper, you said the Russians did not release any negative information on Republican candidates. I believe that that’s not quite right. On June 15th, 2016, Guccifer 2.0 released to Gawker and The Smoking Gun more than 200 pages of the DNC’s opposition research on Mr. Trump — hundreds of pages of what I would call dirt. This happened just two days after The Wall Street Journal published a plan for Republican Convention delegates to revolt to prevent Mr. Trump from securing the nomination. Why wasn’t the Russian release of harmful information about Mr. Trump addressed in the Russia report? And was this even evaluated during the review?

CLAPPER: I would have to consult with the analysts that were involved in the report to definitively answer that. I don’t know personally whether they considered that or not.

Counterpoint: The many lies involved in the quotes above are too many to address.  But I am sure you have noticed that Clapper never says the same thing twice and therefore his lies are profoundly obvious.

Clapper said in March that he had seen no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. During the hearing, he added a huge caveat — that he did not know about an ongoing FBI counterintelligence investigation into whether there was collusion. But Clapper said any evidence from that investigation was apparently not sufficient to include in their assessment on January 5, when three intelligence agencies issued a statement that Russian President Vladimir Putin had interfered with the U.S. elections against Clinton. Clapper said under oath:

“The evidence, if there was any, didn’t reach the evidentiary bar in terms of the level of confidence that we were striving for in that intelligence community assessment.”

Counterpoint: Thus, even though there was an investigation he did not know about it did not provide good enough evidence to be included in any assessment that he would have known about. Clapper also later told Grassley that he had no reason to believe that any agency withheld any relevant information from him. He said there was also not enough evidence of a Trump business interest in Russia to put into the intelligence community’s assessment, by the time he left in January.

The intelligence community could not corroborate the Trump dossier that was reportedly used as the basis of a FISA warrant on former Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page, and as the “roadmap” for the FBI’s investigation on Trump. Clapper also said the dossier — produced by ex-British spy Christopher Steele and paid for by anti-Trump and pro-Clinton donors, could not be corroborated.

“We couldn’t corroborate the sourcing, particularly the second — third-order sources,” Clapper testified.

Counterpoint: It was all confabulation that was “unauthenticated and unverified.”

Clapper revealed that he had requested the unmasking of both a Trump associate and a member of Congress at least once each. He also said he didn’t know who unmasked Flynn, meaning he had unmasked a different Trump associate. Since Clapper had left office on January 20, this means the Trump associate he had requested the unmasking for was a Trump campaign or transition team official, again confirming Trump’s assertion that Trump Tower was being surveilled. It also implies that someone else in the short chain of command “unmasked” Trump associate names, even beyond the White House unmasking them through the White House SCIF by Susan Rice.

Statistical Transparency Report Regarding Use of National Security Authorities 2016

In June 2014, the Director of National Intelligence began releasing statistics relating to the use of critical national security authorities, including the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), in an annual report called the Statistical Transparency Report Regarding Use of National Security Authorities. Subsequent Annual Statistical Transparency Reports were released in 2015 and 2016.

On June 2, 2015, the USA Freedom Act was enacted, codifying a requirement to publicly report many of the statistics already reported in the Annual Statistical Transparency Report. The Act also expanded the scope of the information included in the reports by requiring the DNI to report information concerning United States person search terms and queries of certain FISA‐ acquired information, as well as specific statistics concerning information collected pursuant to call detail records. See 50 U.S.C. § 1873(b).

Both FISA Title I and FISA Title III require a probable cause court order to target individuals within the United States regardless of U.S. person status.

FISA Title VII Sections 703 and 704 similarly require a court order based on a finding of probable cause for the government to undertake FISA activities targeting U.S. persons located outside the United States.

Section 702 of FISA

2016 number of targets – 106,469*

2016 number of queries concerning a known U.S. person – 30,355

*None of the quoted statistics include those conducted by the FBI who refuses to report.

As part of their regular oversight reviews, DOJ and ODNI review disseminations of information about U.S. persons that NSA obtained pursuant to Section 702 to ensure that the disseminations were performed in compliance with the minimization procedures.


2016 number of unique identifiers used to communicate information collected – 125,378

Call Detail Records

2016 number of call detail records from providers and stored in NSA repositories 151,230,968.

Essentially, what this report is telling us is that Clapper and the CIA/NSA surveil everyone they can without discrimination and without care for the rights of U.S. citizens.

The FBI surveils anyone they want to and do not report to anyone including the FISA Court. Just the Call Detail Records numbers alone show that half of all Americans have been “accidentally” targeted and spied on. It is easy to see that even these numbers, that had to be forced out of James Clapper, are just a smoke-screen for the complete and total illegal surveillance of all Americans.

Clapper and Comey Ignore Whistleblowers

The same day House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes gave a press conference stating that Trump and his transition team were under “incidental surveillance,” attorney and founder of Judicial Watch, Larry Klayman, sent a formal letter to the House Committee on Intelligence demanding they investigate the claims and evidence on more than 40 hard drives with over 600 million pages of information presented under oath at the FBI Field Office in Washington, DC by his client – CIA/NSA Whistleblower Dennis Montgomery.

Klayman claimed in a Newsmaxreport that Montgomery, “holds the keys to disproving the false claims that there is no evidence that the president and his associates were wiretapped.” Montgomery’s case was largely ignored. Montgomery then contacted Attorney Klayman, who then approached the FBI:

Says Klayman, “Under grants of immunity, which I obtained through Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis, Montgomery produced the hard drives and later was interviewed under oath in a secure room at the FBI Field Office in the District of Columbia. There he laid out how persons like then-businessman Donald Trump were illegally spied upon by Clapper, Brennan, and the spy agencies of the Obama administration.

“Montgomery left the NSA and CIA with 47 hard drives and over 600 million pages of information much of which is classified. He sought to come forward legally as a whistleblower to appropriate government entities, including congressional intelligence committees, to expose that the spy agencies were engaged for years in systematic illegal surveillance on prominent Americans, including the chief justice of the Supreme Court, other justices, 156 judges, prominent businessmen such as Donald Trump, and even yours truly. Working side by side with Obama’s former Director of National Intelligence (DIA), James Clapper, and Obama’s former Director of the CIA, John Brennan, Montgomery witnessed “up close and personal” this “Orwellian Big Brother” intrusion on privacy, likely for potential coercion, blackmail or other nefarious purposes.”

“He even claimed that these spy agencies had manipulated voting in Florida during the 2008 presidential election, which illegal tampering resulted in helping Obama to win the White House.”

Montgomery’s claims aren’t new, as other whistleblowers have alleged the same. Former head of the NSA’s digital spying team William Binney also came forward. Binney disclosed as fact the U.S. was spying on everyone in the U.S. and storing the data forever, and the U.S. was quickly becoming an Orwellian state. Binney says the Feds tried to intimidate him into shutting up as his lawyer reports:

“Numerous FBI officers held a gun to Binney’s head as he stepped naked from the shower. He watched with his wife and youngest son as the FBI ransacked their home. Later Binney was separated from the rest of his family, and FBI officials pressured him to implicate one of the other complainants in criminal activity. During the raid, Binney attempted to report to FBI officials the crimes he had witnessed at NSA, in particular the NSA’s violation of the constitutional rights of all Americans. However, the FBI wasn’t interested in these disclosures. Instead, FBI officials seized Binney’s private computer, which to this day has not been returned despite the fact that he has not been charged with a crime.”

Other Uninvestigated Evidence Ignored by Clapper and Comey

Russ Tice, a former intelligence analyst for the United States Air Force, Office of Naval Intelligence, Defense Intelligence Agency, and NSA, alleged that the Obama administration tapped judges and SCOTUS. Tice continued on Sibel Edmond’s BoilingFrogsPost, saying that they even “tapped members of Congress and the military.”

Guccifer 2.0’s content from the DNC server has never been investigated or it would be found that it is the same content as the first and second Wikileaks content.

Guccifer 2.0’s content from the Democratic Congressional Caucus that was hacked and released has been completely ignored and is directly pertinent to the DNC hacking and the leaks coming from members of congress.

The Awan brothers and their wives and cousin need to be investigated. Imran, Abid, and Jamal Awan made $4 million from 2010 – 2016. They were banned from Capitol Hill and finally are under D.C. Capitol Hill investigation for theft. The proxy server that they established is undoubtedly part of the intelligence leaks and constitutes a national security espionage case of enormous proportion. Debbie Wasserman Schultz protected Imran Awan from being fired by changing his title to “advisor” instead of technology support.

Wikileak’s content from the DNC server shows fraud in the Democratic presidential  primary, as well as the George Soros/Podesta connection and the strategies that led the fraudulent activity of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Furthermore, the D.C. leaks and George Soros connections with the DNC, CIA, the Democratic Caucus, Nancy Pelosi, and John Podesta affiliations with Russians are lying just beneath the surface of Washinton’s nasty swamp.

The death of Seth Rich who was an alleged DNC leaker murdered in Washington D.C. and the reports of detective Rod Wheeler that indicate the gross discrepancies in the botched police investigation and the involvement of the FBI.  Seth Rich’s computer was confiscated and “lost” somewhere in between the FBI and D.C. police.

Dmitri Alperovitch (CrowdStrike) who had previously been arrested by the FBI for cyber hacking, and his father Michael, former Russian Nuclear Scientist and now chief U.S. cryptologist and encryption specialist.  CrowdStrike has placed its remote access called Falcon on over 80 congressional computers after the Guccifer 2.0 hacking of the DCC.

Clapper also refused to conduct a national security assessment after revelations that former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had used a private server to store work-related emails — including some that had classified information.

In other words, Clapper and Comey never looked in the right places to find the true evidence of Russian meddling in the presidential election or Trump/Russian collusion.  Comey was the source of the three October surprises of the Trump Russian dossier, Trump Towers server, and the alleged Russian hacking of the DNC server to support Trump and demean Hillary Clinton. Comey has worked non-stop since 2015 to make sure that Hillary Clinton would become president without all those inconvenient investigations getting in the way.

Comey was there to once again “fix” Clinton crimes and evade investigations and prosecution.  If the true evidence were to come to light, Comey would go to jail.  That is why Comey and Clapper are continuously making mistakes in their testimony; they are terrified that the truth will come out. For more information on James Comey and Robert Mueller, please see our citizen intelligence report entitled Detailing the Commission of Comey Crimes.

The Tweet that Unmasked the Enemy

What we are witnessing is the continuous erosion of the U.S. intelligence community that is about to collapse altogether. The corporate intelligence “house of cards” is being blown over by the Trump-effect that is like a mirror that reflects to criminals the very crimes they have committed. The dominoes are all lined up, and as we look back in history, we may see that the tweets pictured below became the first domino to expose the rogue surveillance state that has gutted the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

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