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It isn't Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you

It gives new meaning to the phrase “robbing the cradle”
Wednesday, May 23, 2018 8:05 AM

Everyone here knows about forced child marriage, a widespread practice in much of the Muslim world, where adult men are allowed to “marry” and rape little girls, as young as 10, under the guise of marriage.

But this one tops them all. A 19-year-old Muslim girl, allegedly in Egypt, was forced to marry an 11-year-old boy, who also happened to be her nephew.

HOW REFRESHING! Tough talk on Iran that isn’t all talk
Wednesday, May 23, 2018 6:27 AM

 Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has outlined the Trump administration’s new plan on Iran, saying the administration is prepared to “crush Iran” with crippling sanctions if it does not change course.

And just one day later, the Trump Team was already making good on its threats to impose new sanctions on Iran. A senior Iranian military official said Iran’s people should deliver a “punch in the mouth” to Mike Pompeo.

FRENCH AUTHORITIES warned that Muslims will set fire to the neighborhood in a Paris migrant-populated suburb if forced to remove ‘Ramadan tents’ illegally placed in a private car park
Wednesday, May 23, 2018 6:04 AM

The unsightly and filthy tents, illegally erected in the commune of Sevran, northeast of Paris, and used by Muslims for praying during the month of Ramadan, were ordered  removed by the court, fueling anger and warnings that the situation could escalate into riots (as always happens whenever the Muslim freeloaders don’t get their way)

Breitbart(h/t Marvin W)  If the tents are not removed by the deadline, the city could face fines of €2,000 per day.
Mostefa Arar, secretary general of a local Muslim association, said: “It has been four years since we installed the tents on this parking lot, at the furthest place from the houses to disturb as little as possible.”

“In all the other neighbourhoods of Sevran donors allow associations to install tents, why should not we have the right to do so?” Arar added and called the court case a “provocation”.
Sevran has a high number of residents with migrant backgrounds, most from Muslim-majority countries. As far back as 2013, it was shown that more than half of the residents of the area, declared a “sensitive urban zone” or NO GO Zones, were from migrant backgrounds.
Riots are not uncommon in Paris’s suburbs and are usually ignited by interactions between locals and the police, as was the case last year when major rioting broke out after a resident  claimed police had purposely inserted a baton into his rectum. Later evidence and expert testimony cast doubt on Theo’s original claim.

HUNGARY SAYS NO! Refuses to sign Marrakesh Declaration that would massively increase legal immigration to the EU from the Middle East and African nations
Wednesday, May 23, 2018 3:17 AM

Even more unbelievable, EU countries such as Sweden have described these mostly Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and jihadists posing as immigrants as “desirable, enriching, and inevitable.”  

Hungary has ingeniously devised a way to keep all the immigrants out of its country.

WHERE is the world condemnation? WHERE are the UN resolutions against Egypt for demolishing thousands of civilian homes, businesses, and farms in Sinai in their war against ISIS?
Tuesday, May 22, 2018 4:14 PM

WHERE is the threat of UN investigators being sent in as they do EVERY time Israel retaliates against terrorists? Human Right Watch has accused the Egyptian army of unlawfully destroying thousands of homes, businesses and farmland in northern Sinai, as part of its campaign against the Islamic State (ISIS).

Al-Jazeera(h/t Maurice)Using satellite imagery and local testimony, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in a report on Tuesday that many lifelong residents of Sinai have been displaced as a result of at least 3,000 homes and commercial buildings being destroyed by the Egyptian military.
The army is waging a campaign in the area against a group affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS). 

HWR also accused the Egyptian military of demolishing several homes in al-Arish, “in retaliation against terrorism suspects, political dissidents, and their relatives”.
Residents who have fallen victim to the recent round of demolitions told HRW that the army began demolishing houses and razing farms around the al-Arish airport, soon after President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi announced a five-kilometre airport buffer zone in January 2018.

While the Egyptian government maintains that its campaign has been successful in rooting out armed group members, Mohannad Sabry, expert on security and the Sinai Peninsula, and author of Sinai: Egypt’s Linchpin, Gaza’s Lifeline, Israel’s Nightmare, says the campaign has done little in that regard.
“The one solid accomplishment of the Egyptian army over the past four years is displacing close to 80 thousand people from more than 20 villages and the city of Rafah. 

“Most of those people are literally thrown out of their homes, their farms and sources of living destroyed, and are left stranded with no help whatsoever, the majority of which are now living in clusters of plastic shacks on the outskirts of El-Arish and Bir El-Abd.”
Commenting on the report, Sabry said that the demolitions taking place in the Sinai were a crime against its people that have been taking place since 2014.

“The home demolitions in Sinai is a region-wide crime committed by the Egyptian army against its own people, a crime even the Israeli army did not commit over the course of 14 years of occupying the peninsula,” Sabry told Al Jazeera. 
Between July 2013 and August 2015, Egyptian authorities destroyed around half of the town of Rafah, on the border with the Gaza Strip, evicting thousands of families, and demolishing at least 3,255 buildings, according to Human Rights Watch.

SERIOUSLY??? Germany will now train potential Muslim jihadists to be truck drivers
Tuesday, May 22, 2018 9:02 AM

Due to an acute shortage of professional truck drivers, the German Trucking Association has launched a new project to train swarms of Muslim invaders posing as refugees and asylum seekers for the job. Hmmm…what could possibly go wrong?

Voice of Europe  The project, which is named “The drive into your new future” intends to make it easier for asylum seekers to become truck drivers.
In this way, the German Red Cross (DRK) and the Logistics Organization (UVL) want to alleviate the shortage of truck drivers. The concept was developed together with the SVG Driving School North, reports newspaper DVZ.
During the training the candidates have to pass through two exams. In addition to its general suitability, the DRK also wants to check the language skills and the status of residence. In addition, a separate “refugee representative” should look after the participants during the three-year training.

The initiative is extremely popular: “Within a few days, 90 interested parties from all over Schleswig-Holstein and even from Hamburg have reported that 50 more refugees have been placed on a waiting list,” says Ilka Hübner, the head of the Red Cross in Kiel.
But not everyone is happy. “We clearly say no,” says the president of the Federal Association of professional motor vehicle associations, Wolfgang Westermann. “You can not put everyone on a forty-ton and let them go with it,” he says.
It’s unclear how the German public thinks about the initiative. On 19 December 2016 asylum seeker Anis Amri drove a truck deliberately into a Christmas market in Berlin leaving 12 people dead and 56 injured.

“HONOR.” The interpretation of which is one of the many reasons why Islam will NEVER EVER be compatible with Western society
Tuesday, May 22, 2018 1:10 AM

Burning, cutting, mutilating, raping, throwing acid in the face, and even killing a daughter or wife or sister who has somehow ‘dishonored’ the family, is considered legal ‘honor’ violence in many Muslim countries and punishment for it, if applied, is rare and minimal.

Oh, Puhleeeese! Claiming ignorance of the Arabic word “taqiyya” (lying to/deceiving unbelievers ) just proves what a taqiyya-artist this Muslim actually is
Monday, May 21, 2018 11:19 PM

He’s the kind of Muslim who makes more and more people believe that you can never trust anything a Muslim says.

But wait, there’s more:

Did you know that Muslims working in Israel earn on average four times more income than Muslims in Palestinian territories?
Monday, May 21, 2018 9:50 PM

All of which means, if the Muslims were ever to achieve their ultimate goal of wiping Israel off the face of the map, they’d have to go back to begging for handouts from the West to keep their people from starving.

MORE DIRT on the hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars being stolen from fake Somali Muslim daycare centers and transported to Somalia
Monday, May 21, 2018 7:33 PM

Corrupt Muslim congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) thinks it’s fine for his fellow Muslims to steal money from the US government and hand it over to foreign terrorists

Apparently, Law Enforcement officials (many of whom are Muslim in Minnesota) were aware that the Somalis were going back and forth to Somalia with suitcases full of cash and did nothing about it, even though much of it was likely ending up in the hands of terror groups such as Al-Shabaab.

MINNESOTASTAN: Somali Muslim scam artists have been sending suitcases full of government money overseas, part of which goes toward the funding of terrorist groups – $100 million in 2017 alone