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It isn't Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you

REMEMBER when FOX News was forced to grovel and apologize several times for airing a story about ‘Muslim No-Go Zones’ in France?
Wednesday, January 17, 2018 6:31 AM

Well, now there’s an app that was launched in Paris, which warns people if they are  near a ‘No-Go Zone’ and gives live alerts telling users if they are at risk of sexual assault.

Breitbart Designers of the app say it can be used to “report, locate and avoid hazardous locations around you and elsewhere”, and has already gained positive review ratings.

The app allows users to report assaults, thefts, sexual molestation, and “rudeness” in the capital city which has seen illegal migrants camping on the streets and near metro stations.

Parisian women have complained they face constant harassment from migrants in certain parts of the city. Women in the east Paris district of Chapelle-Pajol claim they cannot leave their homes without receiving verbal abuse from migrants and drug dealers who have flooded to the area.

One user reviewed the app wrote: “It is an indispensable application for anyone who thinks that the cultural ‘enrichment’ of non-natives is not compatible with our way of life.” Another wrote: “Given the current degradation, it is better to have this app … Unfortunately.”

In October 2016, the French government under then Prime Minister Manuel Valls, denied there are no-go zones in the country after visiting an area where a police officer was left in a coma following a Molotov attack.

The prime minister’s assertion was rejected by French police unions who said no-go zones do exist and that police, “firefighters and pretty much any representatives of the state” are unable to safely carry out their duties in such areas.

In February 2017, a group of French migrant-heavy suburbs in Seine-Saint-Denis, a department just outside of Paris, including one with past links to violent Islamist extremism, suffered from nights of violence and arson after a resident was reportedly assaulted whilst in police custody.

French authorities have identified 751 “sensitive urban zones” (“Zones urbaines sensibles” or “Zus”) across France, with a high number of Zus neighbourhoods in Seine-Saint-Denis.

The department, also known as “Molenbeek-sur-Seine”,  has become well known for violence, drug crime, and Islamism, shelteringthe 2015 Paris Bataclan attacker and Molenbeek, Belgium, resident Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

What’s more, some Paris Metro Stations are turning into No-Go-Zones, where, because of a surge in violence, some metro drivers won’t stop at certain stations in the north east of Paris anymore.


Remember when the Mayor of Paris threatened to sue FOX News for reporting on Muslim NO GO Zones in Paris?

Somebody please tell FOX News to stop getting its information about Muslim NO-GO Zones in France from designated terrorist group CAIR




So, what does Trudeau have to say upon learning that the alleged ‘anti-Muslim hate crime’ against an 11-year-old Muslim girl was actually an intentional hate hoax?
Wednesday, January 17, 2018 12:31 AM

He expressed relief that it wasn’t a real anti-Muslim hate crime this time, but it could have been, because there is widespread “Islamophobia” among Canadians.

NO jail time? No punishment at all for the girl and her family who likely put her up to it?

She wouldn’t get off scott free in New York City. Just this past year, the same kind of alleged anti-Muslim hate crime against a teenage Muslim girl made headlines all over the city. But when it came out that she had staged the whole thing, the backlash was swift and the punishment fitting.

As soon as it was uncovered that the Muslim teen made up the allegation that she was verbally and physically assaulted on a NYC subway train by Trump supporters, just because she was a Muslim, she was quickly arrested by the NYPD and charged with obstructing governmental administration and filing a false report.

h/t Vlad Tepesblog

Who says the “New Europeans” (African Muslim invaders) aren’t assimilating?
Tuesday, January 16, 2018 11:19 PM

Just look at them (somewhere in the UK, I’d imagine?) Where are the cops?

MISSISSIPPI Gun Store sign says: “Sorry, we don’t sell guns to terrorists or democrats…it’s too hard to tell the difference”
Tuesday, January 16, 2018 8:27 PM

After a local city councilman told residents they should go outside and throw rocks at police who chase fleeing suspects through his town, Mississippi gun store owner, Tim Wolverton, had enough. So he posted the below signs at his gun store saying exactly how he felt:

The Federalist Papers  In addition to the inane comment about hurling rocks at police, Stokes also referred to gun dealers as “terrorists, thugs and hoodlums.” Tim Wolverton told the local station that the signs started out as a joke, but he said now he’s serious.
Stokes reacted by calling Wolverton a ‘bastard.’ He did say that gun dealers were “terrorists, thugs and hoodlums” and said whoever displays the signs needs to be “held in contempt of court and put in the federal penitentiary.”
A few weeks ago, Stokes said that police who chase fugitives across the border into his town should be attacked. They put children in danger when they speed through the city, he said, and black leadership should “team up and use force.”

AUSTRALIA: Sudanese Muslim migrant whines that she’s not getting enough free money from Centrelink to support her litter of brats
Tuesday, January 16, 2018 8:03 PM

ASHA AWUR, a Sudanese Muslim mother-of-six, says there are too many laws in Australia and not enough welfare handouts, which means she will have to start stealing to get enough pocket money to give her kids for entertainment, so they won’t join gangs.

UK Daily MailShe says her Centrelink payments are not enough to raise her 6 children, which means she occasionally has to deprive them of entertainment, which she believes may have led her son to join a gang for which he was imprisoned. She also says it’s hard for her Muslim children to fit in at school in this predominantly Christian nation.  

MUSLIM HATE HOAX: 11-year-old Canadian Muslim girl’s fake story about an alleged hijab-cutter gains her an outpouring of sympathy from the media and prime minister
Tuesday, January 16, 2018 7:21 PM

Yet, after police confirm that the young drama-queen’s well-rehearsed, attention-getting story was a planned hoax, the media suddenly goes silent, while neither the girl nor her mother will be charged with a crime, despite the fact that it is against the law to perpetrate such a hoax.

Real 11-year-olds who were just attacked twice by a man with scissors don’t have national press conferences, with their smiling younger brother standing behind her. SIGN the petition to Toronto Police Service demanding that the mother be charged with a crime here:Hijab Hoax Petition

CANADIANS, do you know what happens with tens of millions of your hard-earned tax dollars that Justin Trudeau has been giving to UNRWA?
Tuesday, January 16, 2018 3:32 AM

The Canadian prime minister gives $25 million each year to UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) which primarily funds terror group Hamas-run schools for so-called ‘Palestinian refugees’ in Gaza. 

FreeSpeechTimeDuring the 2014 war in Gaza, the UN found rockets and missile launchers hidden inside UNRWA schools. In just the past year, the UN has uncovered three terror tunnels dug under UNRWA schools. UNRWA’s education program teaches children to be suicide bombers “in the name of Allah” and wage a war of jihad against the West.  
If you want to know what Canadian taxpayers are being forced to fund, be sure to watch the 2nd video at the end of this post.

Donald Trump has cut back one-third of U.S. funding to UNRWA ($125 million) and is considering cutting back the rest of it.

Why a lot of Vietnam Vets will cringe if you tell them “Thank you for your service”
Tuesday, January 16, 2018 2:42 AM

According to one Vietnam Vet I happpen to know well, Mr. BNI, who was in combat for 18 months with the U.S. Marine Corps in the late ’60’s, hearing that phrase now can never make up for the fact that returning servicemen and women never heard it back then.

When Mr. BNI, still in uniform, got off the plane returning him to the states from Vietnam, he was welcomed back by crowds of long-haired, dirty-looking hippies (as they were called at the time) waiting at the airport, chanting things like “baby killer” and “murderer,” while making gestures that included the middle finger and being spat on. Yes, it’s true, this really happened. One returning Marine was even trampled and killed by a mob of anti-war protesters in San Francisco.

There is also the problem of the over-used expression – ‘Thank you for your service’ –  which nobody said back then, but everyone says now. After something has been repeated so many times, by so many people, it starts losing its meaning and becomes something that you say automatically, whether you mean it or not (especially by those on the Left).

The Homecoming for Vietnam Veteransexplains this better than I can:

We were bombarded with hate!  People stood on the side of the road holding signs condemning the war and us returning veterans.  They chanted slogans as a group and yelled insults to us as we passed.  Once the bus began pulling away, tomatoes and eggs fell from the sky, splattering against the windows.  All of us on the bus sat quietly, shocked, jaws agape, unable to believe what had just happened.

We were treated like outcasts, blamed for a war we didn’t start, accused of killing innocent women and children, called dope heads, spit at and ridiculed by citizens, American citizens.

The news media had continued to flame the public opposition to the Vietnam War by broadcasting distorted and biased accounts from the battlefield. Reporting that the use of drugs in Vietnam was escalating, increased incidents of soldiers refusing direct orders to go out on patrols, and the military inflating body counts and misleading the public on the war – so the warriors were blamed for losing the war!

Clearly, it was unpopular for someone to be a Vietnam Veteran or even a member of the military.  In the 1970’s, Vietnam Veterans were discriminated against for jobs, publishing books of their war experiences and were referred to as the social delinquents in our society – even the VFW refused to allow us membership. It seems like every movie about Vietnam to that point portrayed the veteran as a killing machine with mental problems, bad marriages, hooked on drugs or alcoholics.

They were considered an unstable and dangerous lot – a group that citizens should be wary of and avoid.  Vets clammed up, refrained from wearing military uniforms in public, grew beards and long hair to fit it with his peers, keeping primarily to themselves.  The truth was that our country just wanted to forget about Vietnam and didn’t want any reminders circulating.

How many of you are aware that in 1998, sociologist Jerry Lembeke published a book:  The Spitting Image:  Myth, Memory and the legacy of Vietnam, which completely discredits the claims that American Soldiers were spit on when they returned home and that it was a common urban myth, constructed to ruin anti war protesters.

Shortly after the book came out, a Chicago columnist, Bob Greene, came up with an idea for a newspaper column that eventually resulted in a published book.  In a column that is syndicated in 200 newspapers nationwide, he asked the following question:  “If you are a reader of this column, and you are a Vietnam Veteran, were you ever spat upon when you returned to the U.S.?” The response was overwhelming and more than 1000 soldiers wrote in.  The many letters confirmed the rumors and make a poignant, genuine statement on their own.

Greene writes, “I did indeed include the invitation for anyone who had spat upon a returning soldier to write in and explain his or her motives, and to reflect on how he or she feels about it now.“

“There were no responses.”

Today, the American psyche is ingrained with greater respect for the military, in large part, because people recognize that past treatment of Vietnam vets was a mistake.

But to some Vietnam Vets like Mr. BNI, utter disdain for the military is still the sentiment of most people on the Left. The only difference now is, they hide it better, by saying things like “Thank you for your service.” As a tribute to him, and all his fellow Vietnam Veterans, I dedicate this video:

h/t Jim Diehl  “Gathering Of Eagles”

CANADIAN BROADCASTING COMPANY (CBC) features editorial advocating shaming Canadians who have large families in lieu of importing (mostly Muslim) migrants
Monday, January 15, 2018 11:15 PM

The publicly-funded CBC has published an opinion piece arguing that Canadians who have large families should be shamed, and that the country instead should be importing more (Muslim) and other 3rd world freeloaders.

Breitbart(h/t Marvin W) The crown corporation, which is roughly analogous to Britain’s BBC, ran the article in response to Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines’s announcement that they were expecting a fifth child.

Kristen Pyszczyk, a Toronto-based writer whose interests include “feminism, mental health, addiction, pop culture, and digital media”, claimed that having a child was not just a personal choice, but “a choice that affects everyone who inhabits our planet”.

She argued that the social media backlash the Gaineses have received represents “a conversation we need to have in order to challenge our uncritical acceptance of the life-fulfillment-through-procreation story.”

The main thrust of Pyszczyk’s piece is that Westerners should not be having children because they are bad for the environment.

“Population control is a fraught topic,” she admits, alluding vaguely to “nasty historical events” — but claims that it is “not an exaggeration to say that the survival of our species depends on it.”

“Shame is a powerful tool for changing behaviour,” she notes, suggesting that girls who are “groomed for motherhood from a very early age” should be subjected to “arguments for alternatives”.

However, she appears to contradict all of her arguments about climate change and individual carbon footprints at the conclusion of her article, in which the potential impact of falling Canadian birthrates is breezily dismissed with an appeal to mass migration.

How simply replacing Canadian children with migrants would in any way mitigate people’s impact on the environment is never explained.

Why is the British Army using taxpayer money to recruit people who share the same beliefs as the enemy they are fighting in battlefields around the world?
Monday, January 15, 2018 10:00 PM

BRITISH ARMY spits in the faces of every soldier who has died fighting the Muslim enemy by releasing a sickeningly politically correct TV commercial showing a Muslim solider performing the Islamic prayer ritual of washing his hands, feet, then lifting his ass to allah in front of his fellow soldiers.

UK Daily Mail  The British Army has released a new advert showing a Muslim soldier praying as it defied critics of an inclusive recruitment campaign which critics have called ‘politically correct’.

The new film, called Keeping My Faith, shows a soldier taking off his helmet and kneeling down in prayer while his comrades wait respectfully nearby. 

It is the latest step in the Army’s ‘This is Belonging’ campaign, which has featured adverts telling recruits they are allowed to be emotional and reassuring gay people that they will be accepted if they sign up. 

But the videos uploaded to YouTube came under fire last week when retired Major General Tim Cross said recruits needed to know that ‘we are not going to be soft and we are not going to be nice to people’.

In the latest video the Muslim soldier is shown washing his face and feet and using a prayer mat while his colleagues are forced to keep quiet. The caption ‘This is Belonging’ appears as the soldier gets up again and the squad moves on with its hillside patrol. 

Colonel Richard Kemp, who led British troops in Afghanistan, said the new campaign showed an Army ‘being forced down a route of political correctness’.

He said: ‘What it clearly is doing is appealing, trying to appeal, to a series of minorities who may or may not be interested in joining the forces. ‘And by doing that, it’s almost neglecting the main group of people who are interested in joining.’  

He added: “This also reflects the fact that the Army, like the rest of Government is being forced down a route of political correctness. “What is most important is that the Army recruits and is full of soldiers. It’s of secondary importance that they reflect the composition of society.”

But retired Army officer Major Tim Cross said the armed forces must makes sure it “reaches out to people”. A lot of people have painted these adverts as “Well, what we did before was war-fighting and now it’s all soft and cuddly and about belonging.”