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Rogue cartoonist Ben Garrison, author, patriot

Hillary Revere
Friday, September 22, 2017 3:00 PM

Hillary Clinton recently compared herself to the classic American patriot Paul Revere. She claims she’s sounding the alarm to warn us all about how the Russians will steal more elections from us because after all, they stole one from her. She even claimed Putin had it in for her personally. Paranoid much, Hillary?

She claims it’s obvious the Russians influenced the election, but she offers no proof. Did Putin force all those people to attend Trump’s rallies and cheer him on? Hillary apparently thinks so. Did Putin force $500,000 into your coffers for a speech your husband made in Moscow in exchange for an American uranium deal? She doesn’t shout about that, does she?

This corrupt, murderous, traitorous, smelly, angry, arrogant and entitled witch thought she had the presidency wrapped up, but she still managed to lose despite spending over a billion dollars and having Hollywood, the mainstream media, and the Deep State on her side. She’s now been reduced to signing her whiny little book in the toilet paper aisle of Costco. Or maybe it’s the sour grapes aisle. She should be signing them in prison.

—Ben Garrison

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The CIA Unleashed
Thursday, September 21, 2017 1:13 PM

Our founding fathers never wrote the Central Intelligence Agency into our Constitution—and with good reason.

An unaccountable institution that can hide under the claim of ‘national security’ at every turn while conducting secret operations that include routine violations of our Bill of Rights and even outright torture would be unthinkable to the great men who started our Republic.

The CIA has over 21,000 employees under a $15 billion dollar annual budget and perhaps more (think about the missing trillions just before the 9-11 attack). Add up the budgets of all the secretive alphabet agencies and it pushes $50 billion per year. Combined with the tax dollars that are fire hosed into the military industrial complex and we’re looking at over $800 billion per year spent on a military empire controlled by operatives who are unaccountable to We The People. In other words, we aren’t allowed to know where much of the money is being spent. Hush hush! Just shut up and pay the shadow government.

The CIA had its origins in WWII. Spy operations and code cracking existed among the various military branches and the FBI, but it was decided in 1947 that a ‘centralized’ agency was needed to better coordinate and comprehend the data. Thus the CIA was created under The National Security Act of 1947. President Truman found that he had a private army theoretically under his power, but later on he expressed trepidation toward a ‘dangerous’ and secretive agency capable of all sorts of clandestine operations that could spark war and conflict with other countries.

Kennedy heeded Eisenhower’s warnings about the military industrial complex and secret organizations gaining too much control over our country and he decided to do something about it. CIA Chief Allen Dulles was instrumental in the coup in Iran that installed the hated Shah. He also was involved in the coup in Guatemala and failed coup against Castro. Kennedy at first praised Dulles, but wised up later on during his administration and fired him. Allen Dulles was miffed. Kennedy was assassinated. LBJ appointed Dulles to head the Warren Commission, which helped cover up evidence while pinning the blame on a ‘lone gunman,’ Oswald. With Kennedy gone, the CIA and the Deep State were able to pursue Vietnam and rake in the dough while 58,220 Americans died in a futile war. LBJ himself profited handsomely because he controlled a huge amount of Bell Helicopter stock.

The CIA has grown use to overthrowing governments and they got away with it again when Kennedy was killed. Most people in those days trusted their government and the mainstream media. They swallowed what the Warren Commission shoveled. The CIA’s string of successes made them grow even bolder. It got so bad that President Ford set up an Intelligence Oversight Board to help stop abuses. The CIA promptly made sure the board was filled with cronies by the time Bush came along. The board did nothing. Whistle blowers were harassed and silenced.

The movie “Snowden” helped reveal the CIA’s modus operandi and it’s abhorrent. Edward Snowden is the quintessential whistle blower who believes in our Constitution. He showed how the CIA and its spinoff, the NSA routinely records everything we say on the Internet and on cell phones. People are being spied on through their own web cams on personal computers. Make sure you keep that covered! Computer microphones are turned on remotely and we are listened to. They can even track us through ’smart’ TVs. This is all a violation of our Fourth Amendment and each instance is a felony, but it helps them dig up dirt to extort us all and especially Congress. The CIA chief under Obama, John Brennan, even hacked Congress directly and got away with it. It was Snowden’s duty to sound the alarm and he did that courageously. I believe he should be pardoned, but unfortunately President Trump doesn’t see it that way and even called Snowden a ‘traitor.’ You’re wrong, Mr. President. It’s the operatives in the CIA and the Deep State military industrial complex that are the traitors. It’s time to do what President Kennedy wanted to do: Break them up and make them accountable to the rule of law under our Constitution. And while you’re at it, let’s break up the central banks and end the Fed, too.

—Ben Garrison

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“Irrelevance Park”
Tuesday, September 19, 2017 4:00 PM

Hollywood’s summer box office flopped.

Revenues are down nearly 16 percent–a precipitous drop from last year. The NFL ratings are also crashing. “Thursday Night Football” is down 13 percent from last year and fewer fans are attending games. The Emmys ratings have also cratered. What’s causing these declines? It could be that leftist politics are being injected into American entertainment.

Hollywood continues to spew out the same politically correct kitsch. Their movies have become too formulaic and repetitive. There are too many comic book movies chalk full of computer graphics showing crass, physics-defying violence. And of course, political correctness is always the number one priority. Then we’re expected to endure condescending lectures about climate change and social justice from the overpaid actors who show up at the Oscars.

The NFL’s decline is due to too much political correctness as well as the feminization of men. We are supposed to fret about overpaid athletes getting concussions, which can later lead to permanent brain damage. This used to be part of the game. It has always been violent. Like boxing, such violence is part of the attraction. Don’t want to be punch drunk? Don’t box or play football. It’s their choice and they know the risks. It’s difficult for a lot of ticket buyers to feel sympathy for players who command multi-million dollar contracts and then worry about getting injured.

More rules and penalties made the game safer while also rendering it boring.

Colin Kaepernick took a knee and began the current national anthem protests. Many players can’t even articulate why they are insulting our country. Maybe something somewhere past present or future is not equal. To them, America is not perfect and must be disrespected until it is.

Why can’t they protest on their own time? Last week, a Seattle anthem sitter also gave the black power fist salute after making a tackle. It’s now on the field. Sure, it’s his free speech, but it’s our free speech to speak out against it and stop supporting the NFL. If they can dole out fines for those giving the finger to the crowd or making lewd dances after a score, they can certainly hand out stiff fines to the sitters.

The latest Emmy award show hit a new low when they devolved into a Trump hate fest. No matter what size screen, the lefty actors seem to think we’re fascinated by their Trump bashing. It has become both tiresome and predictable.

We’ve been seeing Silicon Valley and social media companies try to excoriate conservative voices from the Internet. The big money media and entertainment arms are starting to lose revenue, subscribers and viewers. They’ve long been accustomed to controlling the levers of our culture, but now they’re pushing those levers even more vigorously and blatantly toward collectivism. Americans can boycott and stop participating.

—Ben Garrison

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Your Guide to the Swamp
Saturday, September 16, 2017 3:22 PM

Trump’s election confirmed one thing for certain: The Deep State is real.

Their dedication to removing our president from power is relentless. They will continue to work against him and if Trump backs off from any of his campaign promises, they’ll use that against him and claim victory. This is currently being done with his ambivalence on the ‘dreamers,’ which is a lefty name designed to garner sympathy for illegal aliens.

My cartoon shows some of the central players involved in the Deep State. Prominently featured is George Soros. He wants to break America and Europe and see western civilization replaced by a feudal, collectivist, globalist system.

The source of the swamp is evil itself. We know that many at the top are Satanic pedophiles. It’s sickening that we’re forced to cough up tax dollars as tribute for these monsters. We are forced to endure complicated tax forms and cough up our hard-earned money because the Deep State wants us kept poor, fearful and compliant. The tyrants know most people don’t want to lose their stuff and be hassled by the IRS. We go along and don’t push back enough. That attitude puts us on a slippery slope.

We slide into the swamp and the Deep State wins.

Currently they’re pushing for more taxes and control by means of their ‘climate change’ con, led by Al Gore. Those who question it are ridiculed, marginalized, or even threatened. Slippery slopes are created to keep people going along with the Deep State program when we should be rounding up people such as Soros. Hillary should have been locked up by now. The central bankers should be broken up and their Federal Reserve needs to be ended.

There are many good people on the Internet who are exposing the Deep State and its legion of lies, but can it lead to real change?

—Ben Garrison

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“The Clinton Bookends”
Tuesday, September 12, 2017 7:30 PM

Hillary just won’t go away. Now she’s subjecting us to her mewling about how unfair things were and how deplorable people were to her. She tells us that she didn’t even bother writing her concession speech. As if she ever wrote anything. She pays scriptwriters for that. Now another writer has ghostwritten her latest book in which she blames everyone but herself. She even blames Bernie Sanders, from whom she stole the primaries. Sanders, being the politically correct wimp that he is, even supported the thieving witch, but Hillary blamed him regardless.

She blamed Trump for annoying her at one of the debates. He came too close to Her Majesty and she wished she had told him to ‘Back up, you creep!’ She probably wanted to say worse—and she did say worse to the Secret Service agents who protected her. What an inconvenience it must have been for her to actually have to spend her valuable time to debate Trump. Oh sure, she made sure she got the questions provided to her in advance, but she still had to go through the motions and debate Trump. What an aggravation! Apparently she wanted the Presidency handed to her by default. She said she was ‘gobsmacked’ when Americans had the nerve to reject her. The problem is, she won’t shut her gob now.

In addition, the Hildebeast predictably blamed ‘sexism’ and ‘misogyny’ for her loss. She complained Americans were too backward to want a female commander in chief. Wrong. Americans simply didn’t want YOU, Hillary. We’re sick of your lies, your alignment with the deep state and the central bankers who paid you many millions of dollars for a short speech. We’re sick of your contemptuous sense of entitlement, and your long list of crimes that you have gotten away with just because the Illuminati has your back.

Hillary also got away with operating an unprotected private server for her pay-for-play schemes. She obstructed justice by deleting thousands of emails to cover up her crime. Then she lied about doing it. She bleached her server to hide evidence.

The Clintons amassed a $240 million fortune according to Forbes. By doing what? What business did they have? Their business was to rip off America. Hillary in particular has always been a money grubber. That’s why she’s now asking over $2,000 for a personal ‘meet and greet’ during her book tour. The Clintons love making money by gaming the system. They use their political connections to sell out America for profit. Remember Bill pardoning the billionaire Marc Rich? In return, a hefty sum was donated to The Clinton Foundation, which is nothing but a money laundering operation. It makes it easier for them to cook the books. The Clintons used their foundation as a filter to siphon off aid meant for Haiti earthquake victims. The Clintons are immoral grifters and an insult to America. They’ve left a very long trail of dead bodies. Seth Rich released info about the DNC corruption and rigging to WikiLeaks. He was murdered as a result. Prosecutors and investigators also have a habit of washing up dead.

Hillary enjoyed the rabid support of the mainstream media who raved about her being a historic and extremely experienced candidate. They dragged Trump through the mud for her at every turn. The DNC rigged her nomination and she spent over a billion dollars on her campaign. The debates with Trump were rigged in her favor. She was up against a man with no political experience. She still lost because too many Americans are fed up with the Clintons. They can’t stand Hillary and the system that rigged everything in her favor.

History needs to slam the book shut on the Clintons.

—Ben Garrison

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Ben Garrison’s response to the Think Progress article
Friday, September 8, 2017 12:35 AM

Ben Garrison’s response to the Think Progress article

If you’re a patriot and believe your country should come first, then you will be labeled a ‘nationalist.’ If you happen to be white you will then be called a ‘white nationalist,’ then smeared as a ‘white supremacist’ and then a ‘Nazi.’ That’s the modus operandi of the mainstream media these days as well as neo liberal lefty so-called ‘progressive’ sites.

I knew what I was in for when I granted an interview with “Think Progress” and of course they left out nearly all of the good things I said about President Trump and instead concentrated on my criticism of him.

Then they framed it all with a pejorative headline.The published biased interview confirmed my suspicions, this is what happens when you agree to an interview with Fake News Media.

As for my ‘hate speech is not free speech’ gaffe in 2014, it’s something I’ll never live down. In my defense, it pertained to Facebook and their community standards, which in my case they refused to enforce without a lot of legal persuasion. The reporter dug it up and added it in as a ‘gotcha’ side issue.

If he would have brought it up to me directly I would have explained to him that I meant that it’s not free on Facebook and other social media, which have rules against such stuff…but at the time Facebook was allowing libelous doppleganger pages using my face, name and altered cartoons to stand. Those vile pages featured a dopplegänger version of me who screamed for the murder of blacks, Jews and gay people.

I caught the flak and hate mail, to the delight of the trolls. Facebook allowed the pages to stand for long periods of time–most likely because of my conservative stances. They must have thought I ‘deserved’ it.  Facebook would explain that such pages didn’t violate their rules and I had to get my lawyer involved at one point.

Nowadays the MSM and Silicon Valley along with the SPLC and ADL all want to decide what hate speech is and that’s very dangerous. People are already getting censored for politically incorrect viewpoints. These days, just to be a Trump supporter is to be a ‘hater.’

—Ben Garrison

The man who has become white supremacists’ favorite cartoonist — whether he likes it or not

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Far Left Hurricane
Tuesday, September 5, 2017 1:31 PM

Storm clouds continue to gather on many fronts. There’s a nut job in North Korea with advanced nuclear weapons as well as the ballistic missiles to carry them. His continued saber rattling includes blowing up Guam and an EMP strike on America. The lefties criticize President Trump for speaking out against such bellicosity. Other presidents previously tried to buy off North Korea. The Clinton administration sent former president Jimmy Carter to cut a deal with the hermit state. We ended up giving them $5 billion in aid as well as two nuclear reactors. In return, North Korea agreed to stop pursuing nuclear weapons. We know how well that worked out. Recently the well-aged but still unctuously sanctimonious Carter criticized Trump for not pursuing peace.

Obama kicked the North Korean can down the road, but he maliciously aided Iran by giving them billions of dollars to further their nuclear weapons development. Iran wants to blow up Israel and the muslim Obama apparently likes that idea. The former president also helped muslim terrorists. It’s a familiar lefty pattern. Reward those who hate America and our allies.

There’s another hurricane brewing in the Atlantic even as flooding persists in Houston. President Trump handled himself admirably during the disaster, but still garnered no respect from the left-leaning legacy media. They criticized Trump for donating one million of his own money to help hurricane victims. They even made fun of Melania’s choice of footwear. Hillary and her mainstream media continue to push the ‘Russia’ lie without any evidence whatsoever. Clinton is also cashing in on her election loss with a book in which she whines about Trump ‘looming’ during a debate. The vile, lying money-grubber even has the unmitigated gall to ask over $2,000 per individual greeting on her book tour.

Michael Moore continues to lead the ‘resistance’ movement against Trump. The round man wants to do anything he can to thwart our President from doing what he was elected to do. Maxine Waters and others on the spoiled brat left incessantly cry for Trump’s impeachment.

Soros is a billionaire terrorist who funds the violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter movements. He helps flood Europe with endless immigrants who gladly show up to get free stuff. Some see it as an ideal chance to pursue their hobbies such as rape and pillage. Soros funds such operations as a means to destroy western civilization. He and his Illuminati friends are relentless in their quest for a new world order. Soros needs to be arrested and his wealth confiscated.

The far left lunatics possess the sound and fury of a category 5 hurricane. They gladly welcome America’s destruction because they foolishly want our Constitutional Republic replaced with their idea of a multi-cultural post-modern globalist, socialist, and politically correct utopia. Let’s hope President Trump can ride out their storm.

—Ben Garrison

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The Hermit Crab Nation
Sunday, September 3, 2017 11:09 PM

Here’s an idea I had for a cartoon that didn’t warrant a full-blown treatment. Instead, it’s more like an illustration. I kept hearing the phrase, “hermit state” to describe North Korea, so I decided to draw Kim Jong-un as a hermit crab.

China seems to be using the hermit state as a means to annoy and probe the weaknesses of the US and its allies. Kim Jong-un continues to violate all past agreements and advance his ballistic and nuclear capabilities. There is no negotiating with him. No agreement with the ‘norks’ can be trusted.

Kim Jong-un must know he and his country will be utterly obliterated should they launch a nuclear attack, but they will also cause millions of death in South Korea in a matter of minutes. It’s an untenable, no-win situation. All we can do is endure the hermit crab’s incessant saber rattling, but the ultimate responsibility for the madman’s actions lies with China.

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Wheel of Fake News
Saturday, August 26, 2017 2:43 PM

The failing mainstream media continue to spin absurd lies in their non-stop effort defame President Trump. I remember watching CNN during last year’s election campaign. Over and over again they referred to Hillary as “historic.” They called Trump “divisive” at every opportunity. I suppose they thought that would be enough to sway their brainwashed viewers. Except many of those viewers grew wise to the propaganda. Many more stopped watching TV news altogether and began finding the truth on the Internet.

In addition to the ‘divisive’ smear, the leftist corporate media said Trump was part of the KKK, a tax cheat, and, of course, a ‘racist.’ None of it stuck and Trump was elected president.

Once their historic candidate lost, the media ran with Hillary’s new directive: Claim Trump was in league with the Russians, who ‘hacked’ her election. Smear him as a traitor. Shills such as Bill Maher ran with this lie weekly on his HBO comedy show. They doubled down and then tripled down on the ‘Russia’ narrative even though they lacked facts to support it. Real facts pointed to leakers such as Seth Rich. The DNC rigged their own primaries and it backfired. Now their ‘Russia’ narrative has also backfired.

Most recently the media ludicrously blamed President Trump for the violence in Charlottesville because they claimed he didn’t adequately condemn the white supremacists and Nazis. Anyone who is a patriot who wants to protect our constitutional republic is now considered a ‘Nazi.’ Many on the left are even applauding the destruction of our historical statues and monuments. They want to destroy Trump and the country while they’re at it.

Give the mainstream media an inch and they’ll make a crude mile of nonsense out of it. The legacy media’s repeated failure is dangerous, however. If the Deep State’s megaphone isn’t working, they shadow government may resort to more drastic measures in order to remove our president–including war, false flags, a stock market crash, and perhaps even a civil war. The rats want to sink the president’s ship, even if they go down with it.

—Ben Garrison

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America’s Far Left Future
Thursday, August 24, 2017 12:50 AM

The divide between the left and right is widening in America. Instead of rational debate, we’re seeing more vitriol and trench digging. The mainstream media and the left want President Trump impeached. Their bogus ‘Russia’ narrative has unravelled, so now they’re calling Trump’s supporters ‘Nazis’ or ‘white supremacists.’ This is nothing but hysteria and completely ludicrous, but I’ve experienced similar attacks for years. I’m a libertarian cartoonist, but many on the left seem to think that makes me a ‘Nazi.’ No—we libertarians despise socialism in any form!

In order to bring down our president, the left seems willing to bring down the entire country including erasing our history. Statues of confederate heroes are being pulled down with increasing alacrity. Why? Because someone’s feelings may be hurt! Bill Maher said on a recent show that ‘feelings’ are reason enough to remove statues that have stood for well over 100 years. This kind of destruction to our heritage won’t end with the Confederate legacy being removed. Statues of our founding fathers as well as explorers will be next. Maybe even Rodin’s “Thinker” will be toppled. After all, he represents European logic and reason. They’ll want to tear up the Constitution eventually and replace it with “Das Kapital” or something. There has even been serious lefty talk about blowing up Mount Rushmore. America’s very history is being insulted. This makes it easier for the left to install socialism.

Old movies will no longer be available. They aren’t politically correct and they don’t want young Americans to see what our country used to be like. You know, with men and women who weren’t confused about their gender.

Conservatives will no longer have a voice on the Internet. This is already happening. We must fight this, but I’m not sure how. My site and blog could disappear tomorrow and I’d have no recourse. Obama was determined to give the Internet over the UN. That way a ‘global’ authority could stop free speech like they have in Germany. That will happen here if the lefties get their way.

The NFL is starting a new season soon and protestors are upset that Colin Kaepernick has not been signed! They claim the NFL is racist even though 70 percent of the players are black. They want Colin in there so he can do more protesting.

The over-paid QB’s ability declined after failing to win a Super Bowl. He became a mediocre player and was benched. What did he do? He decided to sit during our National Anthem. This trend has caught on and the pink-ribbon festooned NFL apparently endorses such behavior. Something wrong with society? Take it out on the symbol that unifies and represents ALL Americans.

Sure, they have freedom of speech and expression, but what would happen to the average worker if he or she did something that distracting and insulting on company time? Nowadays, anyone expressing anything slightly politically incorrect in the workplace can get canned.

Diversity and “inclusion” are now sacred words at HR departments everywhere. Anyone violating a long list of ‘no-can-say’ things could lose their job. Not so in the NFL. The league and the players enjoy raking in millions of dollars for playing a game while the NFL let’s them disrespect our flag.

The league itself pays no federal taxes, but their hard working fans would be harassed by the IRS in short order if they didn’t pay theirs. The NFL can officially be considered in the lefty PC camp. The game will continue to be tamed to the point where the refs may toss flags for overt displays of toughness or masculinity. The only way for the fans to protest is to stop paying for and watching the games.

-Ben Garrison

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Release the Bannon
Sunday, August 20, 2017 1:57 AM

I was very disappointed to see Steve Bannon leave the White House. Trump needs someone at his side to remind him about the policies that got him elected. Bannon proclaimed, “The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over.”

So soon? What happened? We know what the situation is now. President Trump is surrounded by deep swamp snakes including Soros. Why has Trump surrounded himself with globalists? He said he supports the country first and proved it by kicking the globalists in their collectivist shins when he shunned the Paris Accords.

He wants to limit immigration and build the wall to help protect our country. Does he still have the will or means to follow through on his promises?

McMaster is yelling for more war in Afghanistan and Cohn and the rest are pushing Trump to go along with the globalists to get along. It’s sad. All I can do is hope President Trump can somehow work to deliver on his promises that got him elected.

Bannon said he would attack the liberals and globalists that have taken over the White House and that’s good to hear. So I say, release the kraken that is Bannon!

—Ben Garrison

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Google Doodle Updated
Thursday, August 17, 2017 12:23 AM

A new take on the “Google doodle”, this one a little more accurate!

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