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Turkish Elections: Betrayal of Atatürk’s Legacy
Tuesday, June 19, 2018 5:21 PM

In 1923, out of the ashes of Ottoman ruin, the Republic of Turkey was born. Its first President, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, was a respected Marshall who fought for the waning Empire in the First World War, a war in which he rose to prominence, before leading the Turkish War of Independence against the Greeks, Armenians, French and British forces who’d occupied Turkish lands following the Ottoman defeat. The Turkish armies secured the Western and Eastern borders and, against all odds, succeeded in securing Constantinople from the Allied occupation forces. Atatürk emerged from the independence struggle a national hero, duly acceding to the Presidency on 29th October 1923.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, born in Thessaloniki, modern-day Greece, defined his presidency through sweeping reforms to Turkish society. The old tenets of the Ottoman establishment; imperialism, Islamic theocracy, Persian as literary language, were discarded in favour of the ideology that became known as Kemalism. Turkish society was thus designed along Western enlightenment ideals, as Atatürk established a modern, secular, democratic society stretching from Thrace to Hakkâri. The caliphate was declared1 abolished and the Turkish Presidency became constitutionally separated from the ideologies of political Islamism. All promising signs for a nascent nation with an ambition to join the ranks of Europe’s most advanced and modern nation states.

Yet, Atatürk’s legacy is in grave danger of being entirely undone. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan embodies everything that Atatürk identified as being wrong with Turkish society that held it back and precipitated the decline of the Ottoman Empire; Islamism, theocracy, a lack of democratic accountability and the incessant interference in the affairs of foreign neighbouring nations.

The recent constitutional amendments, narrowly secured by way of a democratically flawed referendum, are evidence of this recent shift in societal structure. Amongst other things, the constitutional amendments drastically redesigned the executive branch of government, replacing the parliamentary emphasis with a powerful executive presidency with significant powers, such as the ability to dismiss governments, hire and fire supreme court judges, and decree a state of emergency on spurious grounds. Even the least cynical of observers will acknowledge that this was simply a ploy by President Erdoğan to centralise more power under his aegis.

The constitutional amendment referendum itself was indicative of Turkey’s recent shift from Kemalism to Islamism. Rushed through parliament in the aftermath of the 2016 Coup Attempt, the referendum campaign was characterised by events more akin to banana republic than modern secular democracy. President Erdoğan’s AKP (Justice and Development Party) monopolised television and radio broadcasting, imprisoned opposition leaders and permitted unofficial/unmarked ballots – of which there were over 1.5 million – to count towards the final result. Despite these tactics, the constitutional changes were approved narrowly by 51.41% of the electorate. The changes were opposed by clear majorities in the urban centres of Istanbul and Ankara.

President Erdoğan used the attempted coup d’etat as a pretext to clamp down on civil society, arresting 40,000 people including 10,000 soldiers and 2,745 judges.

Sunday 24th June marks the first General Election since these constitutional amendments took effect. The first round of the presidential elections will be held – followed by a second round weeks later if the result isn’t definitive – as well as elections for the 600-seat parliament, now largely reduced to the role of rubber-stamping budgets. All polls indicate that President Erdoğan will be elected by a large majority, perhaps even in the first round of voting. Equally, the parliamentary election is on course to be won by the ruling AKP party and its nationalist coalition partners (MHP).

Once this formality has been confirmed, it will mark the death of Atatürk’s political legacy. Turkey will have completed its transition from West to East, choosing to embrace neo-Ottoman Islamist ideological ambitions to the detriment of European secular democracy. Of course, should this be the genuine democratic choice of the Turkish people, then who are we to dispute their decision? But it will be a great shame for their future, as President Erdoğan’s ideological path will undoubtedly result in isolation and arrested development.

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EU Funds Turkey Border Wall, Leftists Silent
Saturday, June 16, 2018 6:16 PM

Last week the news was announced that Turkey has completed its border wall with Syria, expressly aimed at combating the illegal flood of people through its previously porous Eastern border.

Despite them being the loudest proponents of the globalist “bridges not borders” ideology, the European Union contributed an eye-watering €80 million towards this project.

The wall is 3 metres high and equipped with a range of technological features, including thermographic cameras.

Turkey has been flooded with over 2 million refugees since the start of the Syrian Civil War, making this border security measure a welcome addition to Turkey’s frontier defence.

Demonstrating how border security should be enforced, the Turkish Army routinely fires on illegal immigrants attempting to breach its Eastern front.

The European Union now has questions to answer over its criticisms of Hungarian Premier Viktor Orbán, who, in recent years, ordered the building of a razor-wire fence along its external borders.

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Migrants, Salvini: “Two More Ships Approaching Lybian Coasts, They Will Not Disembark In Italy”
Saturday, June 16, 2018 10:30 AM

Salvini tweeted this morning:”While the Aquarius is navigating towards Spain, two more NGO ships bearing the Dutch flag approaching Lybian coasts. Let it be known that Italy does not desire to be an accomplice to the illegal immigration business and that these ships will have to look for other ports to head to.”

Salvini is standing his ground the NGO problem and promises to keep the #CloseThePorts campaign going (#chiudiamoiporti in Italian). What will the two NGO ships do? Will we have to relive a similar situation we had to endure with the Aquarius, which tried to damage Salvini’s reputation by refusing medical help from Italian doctors? Time will tell, but a thing is certain, good times for illegal migrants and the mass migration mafia are finished.



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Reality Bites: Why Some Cultures Are Better Than Others
Thursday, June 14, 2018 8:00 PM

“You cannot rebuild your civilization with somebody else’s babies.”-United States Congressman Steve King of Iowa

There is perhaps no more important issue facing us today than wholesale demographic upheaval. The lethal threats to our way of life—dispossession, dissolution, Islamization, “Harrison Bergeron” egalitarianism—are reliant on and enabled by the damaging Leftist policies that weaken the military and security apparatus of the state, fund boundless entitlements and racial and gender preference quotas, and import huge numbers of unassimilable immigrants; these policies, plus the seemingly omnipresent Cult-Marx propaganda machine, contribute to an increasingly volatile discourse, turn the inner cities into a wasteland, poison the culture, and force big government and burdensome taxes on the hard-working, contributing members of society. Globalism and multi-culturalism are transforming the West beyond all recognition, and mass, undifferentiated immigration forms the tip of that spear. Islam, the equity racket, and other “interest groups” simply capitalize on the upheaval. Most of the problems the West faces radiate from the same rotten center of anti-Western policies and a culture that denigrates and seeks to undermine the very foundations on which it was built.

As the delightful Frogwave quipped on Twitter, “Westerners have a vague notion that nationalism is bad because they’ve been made to associate it with ‘hate’ and bigotry. It’s a false dichotomy where if you don’t want to import Africa it can only be because you are a hater.” And why wouldn’t you want to import Africa? It’s not like these Engineers of Tomorrow represent one hundred percent of the top ten least educated countries in the world (shown with literacy rate percentage):

  1. Burkina Faso 21.8%
  2. South Sudan 24.4%
  3. Chad 25.7%
  4. Niger 28.7%
  5. Guinea 29.5%
  6. Benin 34.7%
  7. Sierra Leone 34.8%
  8. Ethiopia 35.9%
  9. Mozambique 38.7%
  10. Senegal 39.3%

It’s not like the ten poorest countries in the world (with accompanying GDP per capita in US dollars) are all in Africa:

  1. Malawi 253.0
  2. Burundi 295.1
  3. Central African Republic 378.6
  4. The Gambia 422.8
  5. Niger 440.7
  6. Madagascar 449.4
  7. Liberia 461.0
  8. Congo, Dem. Rep. 475.2
  9. Guinea 550.0
  10. Ethiopia 567.8

It’s not like, according to the International Center for Research of Women:

One third of girls in the developing world are married before the age of 18 and 1 in 9 are married before the age of 15…While countries with the highest prevalence of child marriage are concentrated in Western and Sub-Saharan Africa, due to population size, the largest number of child brides reside in South Asia…Child brides often show signs symptomatic of sexual abuse and post-traumatic stress such as feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and severe depression.#_ftn1" name="_ftnref1" target="_blank">[1]

It’s not like, according to the World Economic Forum, ranked by the metrics of economic, social, and political freedom, legal protections, and safety and security, it’s all African and Middle Eastern nations that are the worst countries in the world for women:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Syria
  3. Yemen
  4. Pakistan
  5. The Central African Republic
  6. The Democratic Republic of the Congo
  7. Iraq
  8. Mali
  9. Sudan
  10. Niger
  11. Lebanon
  12. Cameroon
  13. Chad

It’s not like the top twenty nations on the Fragile State Index (meaning least stable), in order, are as follows: South Sudan, Somalia, the Central African Republic, Yemen, Sudan, Syria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Chad, Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti, Guinea, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Burundi, Pakistan, Eritrea, and Niger.

It’s not like the countries with the top violent death rates per 100,000 people are entirely the province of the Third World:

48ANGOLA10.89106CAPE VERDE3.35164ICELAND0.63

It’s not like the countries with the lowest life expectancy are Swaziland, Angola, Zambia, Lesotho, and Mozambique.

I cannot fathom how people are unable to put two and two together; how do you think these horrific conditions come to be? They just fall out of the sky like manna from heaven? The countries with the highest rates of violence, sexual abuse, dysfunction, corruption, and lowest levels of sanitation and infrastructure all happen to be most concentrated among non-white and non-Northeast Asian societies. The most violent white nation on that list is Russia at number fifty-six, and this is due primarily to their Moslem Caucasus region.

Many natural resource-rich countries like South Africa, Venezuela, Nigeria, Brazil, and Iraq are also profoundly dysfunctional, yet many countries with borderline-non-existent natural resources like Japan, South Korea, Italy, Iceland, Singapore, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Taiwan have all been able to construct very robust economies and high standards of living. Why is that? Could it have anything to do with…the people themselves?

Just for reference, here are the average IQs of the countries I’ve just listed:

Singapore: 108

South Korea: 106

Japan: 105

Taiwan: 104

Italy: 102

Iceland: 101

Switzerland: 101

Luxembourg: 100

Iraq: 87
Brazil: 87
Venezuela: 84
Nigeria: 84
South Africa: 77

A stable population that remains predominantly Icelandic, or Japanese, or Italian is all but statistically guaranteed to be low on all of the indicators that comprise the Fragile State Index, which ranks countries from least to most stable. Of the bottom twenty nations on the Fragile State Index (meaning the most stable), nineteen are European or were settled by and maintain a large majority of people of European ancestry. The other, Singapore, the former British colony, is positively thriving. Japan and South Korea are also very low on the FSI, with scores comparable to Spain.

For comparison, according to the World Economic Forum, ranked by the metrics of economic, social, and political freedom, legal protections, and safety and security, these are the best countries in the world for women:

  1. Iceland
  2. Norway
  3. Switzerland
  4. Slovenia
  5. Spain
  6. Finland
  7. Canada
  8. The Netherlands
  9. Sweden
  10. Belgium
  11. Singapore
  12. Denmark
  13. Germany
  14. The United Kingdom

This list is with the civilizational deficits created by migrants waging war on the Western world from the inside. As one example, before large-scale Moslem immigration and creeping Islamization helped foster the conditions that resulted first in Pim Fortuyn being shot in the head in 2002 by an animal rights activist who perceived Fortuyn as a “threat to minority rights,” and then in Theo Van Gogh’s butchery in the streets in 2004 by a Moroccan Moslem, the Netherlands hadn’t seen this kind of gruesome violence since the de Witt brothers were cannibalized in 1672. The Pilgrims who came to America famously left the Netherlands because it was too tolerant. I guess our “betters” have decided to rectify this tolerance disparity by re-building Western civilization’s genome.



#_ftnref1" name="_ftn1" target="_blank">[1] https://www.icrw.org/child-marriage-facts-and-figures/

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Democracy, But Only When It Suits
Thursday, June 14, 2018 6:26 PM

Anne Marie Waters, leader of the new “For Britain” party, was due to attend an independently organised hustings on the evening of June 12th. Waters, who is running in the East Lewisham by-election was due to appear alongside the UKIP & Liberal Democrat candidates. The Conservative & Labour candidates declined to attend and take questions from local constituents.

As expected, far left organisations such as Hope Not Hate, Antifa & assorted unions made their way to the Salvation Army in Catford, London, to apply pressure to close the event down and harass anyone who dared to attend. The protest, reportedly organised by Labour activists, would only have one outcome. The Met police were warned that there would be far left agitators present and a high possibility for trouble. The police however chose to ignore this warning.

When locals started to arrive to the hustings, they were verbally, and in some cases, physically assaulted. Despite this being caught on numerous phones around, which you come to expect nowadays, the police continued to do nothing about it. The event was subsequently closed down before the candidates had a chance to take questions.

This was seen as a victory by those who turned up, not to question, hear reason or even object, but to stop anyone else having the chance to do the same.



Sadly, based on the ethnicity of the area, Labour are most likely to win due to their capitulation to the Muslim & immigrant vote. With the far left increasingly try to suppress the normal, decent people of country, they are inadvertently giving ‘For Britain’ and other similar groups more publicity than they could possibly afford and that can only be a good thing in the long run. The more they try to silence the right, the louder they will get.

The election takes place today, 14th June.

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Italy Has a New Refreshing Approach to Immigration
Thursday, June 14, 2018 12:00 PM

The Aquarius, a boat which left Libya with 629 migrants, was turned away by the new ruling party of Italy who are rightly concerned about the sheer number of NGOs picking up the illegal immigrants from the water.

Italy’s Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, said: “Saving lives is a duty, turning Italy into a huge refugee camp is not.” & “Italy is done bending over backwards and obeying – this time THERE IS SOMEONE WHO SAYS NO,” he tweeted, with the hashtag #CloseThePorts.

Salvini said that the government “will have the same attitude towards other NGO ships” as towards Aquarius in the future. Another boat with 900 migrants docked in Catania today, after being rescued earlier this weekend. It is estimated that 700,000 immigrants have entered Italy by sea since 2013.

Spain, fearing there will be a humanitarian crisis, offered to let the Aquarius dock in Valencia however there are not enough supplies on the boat to complete the 800 mile trip. Today however, supplies have been provided for the 4 day trip and it is being escorted to Spain by an Italian warship.  This could have all been avoided had the boat returned the passengers safely back to the coast where they came from. As of June 6, there had been 785 deaths on the route from Libya, casualties which could be avoided if there were not boats encouraging the illegal immigration.


This comes after a recent announcement that Slovenia is taking 50,000 illegal immigrants due to the surrounding countries enforcing tougher restrictions. Perhaps if more countries start getting tougher on their borders, it will deter people from attempting to make the dangerous crossing; a crossing which is far more dangerous than the countries they are leaving.

Naturally, the EU are going to be taking a look a countries taking immigration policies into their own hands with promises of fines & sanctions. However, a fine would cost less than the damage caused by allowing 629 members of the third world into their country. Should they be encouraged to head east instead, to the likes of Egypt, Jordan & Saudi, where the way of life is similar to theirs?

The EU rule which states that “refugees” must see asylum in the first country they reach makes Italy & Greece the most open to the economic migrants. Greece, a culturally & historically important country is already feeling the strain of the influx. Some hotel owners in Greece spoke out last year stating they are going to refuse humanitarian groups from booking rooms as they want tourists back. Afrian prostitutes numbers have dramatically increased in the Spanish holiday resort of Magaluf, where on June 3rd 2018, 5 British Expats were charged with hate crimes after confronting the prostitutes.

Expensive flights, long queues, security checks and passport control are everyone’s least favourite aspects of travelling. Yet, we know it is a necessary evil to supposedly root out people coming into the country who may not be welcome here. It is becoming more evident that if you want a foreign holiday this summer without any of the hassle, turn up in a boat with your friends and say you’re seeking refuge, you’ll get a better deal than an ‘all inclusive’.

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Belgian Mentally Handicapped Girl Raped by Illegal Migrant in Horrible Attempt to Make Her Pregnant to Obtain Papers
Tuesday, June 12, 2018 7:08 PM

Karim, a 30 years old illegal immigrant, has been sentenced by a Belgian court to 4 years in prison for the 3 day long rape of a mentally handicapped young girl. He had already been deported from the country once and was prohibited from staying in the country for a period of 6 years. Unfortunately, he was residing in Liège nonetheless and crossed the path of a 19 years old handicapped woman, whose mental age is estimated to be around that of a 7 or 8 years old child.

In November 2014, the girl was reported missing for 3 days. She was with an acquaintance when she met Karim, who took her to a squat. According to the girl’s mother, the illegal raped her in the hope of making her fall into pregnancy to obtain legal documents. Karim then kept her from taking birth control pills and accompanied her to a planned parenthood centre to take a pregnancy test.

The young girl explained that he physically abused her and forced her to have sexual relations with him. She confessed that he was extremely violent, at the point that he made her bleed during the sexual abuse, and that he forced her to take sleeping pills. The suspect admitted he realised that the young girl was mentally handicapped, and accused their common acquaintance to be the 19-year-old real rapist. He then went on a confused rant, blaming the Belgian authorities to falsely accuse him in order to put him in jail at all costs.

The victim’s interrogation does not leave any place for doubt however. She claimed he threatened her with violence and dragged her by the hair. The poor girl had already been the victim of another rapist before she met this new abuser.

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Updates on Iuliana’s Murder
Tuesday, June 12, 2018 2:30 PM

The 15-year-old died on Monday after a knife attack in Viersen on the Lower Rhine. The seriousness of the murder provoked a region wide manhunt for the suspects. 

After following false leads on suspects, the alleged perpetrator who stabbed and killed Iuliana, a 17-year-old boy,  appeared at a police station in the city of Mönchengladbach along with his lawyer to turn himself in.

The 17-year-old teenager from Bulgaria lives in Viersen.

He was arrested. Investigations into the circumstances and background of the offense continue.

Meanwhile, to clear up the confusion surrounding the case.

Previously, a false suspect was arrested, but he has since been released.

A 25-year old from Turkey was suspected because he fled police when they approached him but later turned himself in. The man was released after he was acquitted of charges. The reason he fled the police was because he was afraid of being caught for possessing drugs.

“The man stated during his interrogation that he had withdrawn from police control because he was afraid of being investigated for a violation of the Narcotics Act,” the investigators reported.

Police then started a search in the town for the murderer, who witnesses described as being around 1.70 metres tall and “of southern appearance.”

The Rheinische Post reported, based on police sources, that the murderer was romantically involved with his victim.

Subsequently, after the Turkish suspect was released, the investigators consider the first testimonies of the perpetrator doubtful. 

“Who made this description, I do not know.Said prosecutor Stefan Lingens on Tuesday.

This information resulted in many, mostly wrong, directions. Alcohol may have played a role in the wrong information.

A witness, Ilja H., explained to EXPRESS: “I was sitting in the park. A young woman came running up to me and shouted “I’m dying, I’m dying”. I caught her. She collapsed. Then I alerted the ambulance. I saw a young man fleeing, he was dark-skinned, around 20 years old, rather southeastern European.”

The victim Iuliana R. is from Romania. Her family has been living in Germany for many years. Her ‘friend’ was Bulgarian.

Iuliana knew her killer.

The victim had met with her ‘friend’ in the park on Monday. The knife is said to have been rammed several times in the girl’s lower abdomen.

My daughter knew Iulia,” says the Viersenerin Johanna Pastos. “When we saw the picture of her in the paper this morning, the tears came directly into our eyes,”says Johanna visibly moved.

In the meantime, the girl’s parents have set up commemorative candles near the park bench where their child was murdered and our hearts go out to them.



Sources: TheLocal.de , #fromWall" target="_blank">BILD.de , Welt.de , DerWesten.de , EXPRESS.de

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Another Teenage Girl (15) Stabbed to Death in Germany
Tuesday, June 12, 2018 11:00 AM

Iuliana R., called Julia by her friends, only lived to be 15 years. Photo source: Facebook

by Egri Nök

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Young woman raped in Freiburg’s Colombipark – ‘Refugee’ suspect caught
Monday, June 11, 2018 8:40 AM

On Saturday a 25-year-old woman called the police for an emergency and said that she had just been raped in the Colombipark area by an unknown male.

According to the investigation, the woman was approached before the crime in the area of ​​the nearby railway road by two unknown men, one of which followed her into the Colombipark and raped her there, while she desperately defended herself.After the man had let go of her and escaped, the 25-year-old informed the police with her phone. The 25-year-old woman was left injured by the act. 

The culprit fled and left his backpack, which contained personal documents, at the scene. These helped the police in the investigation, and so at around 2:00 pm, police officers arrested the 23-year-old, who is a Syrian national residing in the district of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald at a refugee shelter.

He was presented to the magistrate at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Freiburg and has since been in custody. As the police communicated, he has not commented on the allegations and the investigation continues.



The Police Union: “Must get away from the perpetrator protection”

From the point of view of the German police union Baden-Württemberg (DPolG), this act shows that anonymous crime statistics and “political good-weather speeches” do not do justice to reality. This act, as well as many other acts not in Freiburg or Baden-Württemberg, but in Germany more broadly, put the victims in the center. “I expect that from the policy, if we talk about police laws or privacy,” said the DPolG state chairman Ralf Kusterer. “We have to move away from the protection of perpetrators to the protection of victims.”

Although the police crime statistics give no information about how often refugees commit violent crimes – at least, they do show how often such people were suspected. Overall, the police suspected an “immigrant” in 8.5 percent of all crimes in 2017 – this includes asylum seekers, recognised refugees, quota refugees, tolerated and illegally living in Germany. For crimes such as murder, homicide, aggravated assault and rape, this group accounts for around 15 percent of all suspects.

The figure is thus far higher than its share of the population. It follows the trend of 3rd world ‘migrants‘ being incomparable to the natives of Europe in crime statistics.


Source: Welt.de , Badische Zeitung

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