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44% increase, nearly 1 in 10 pupils in Italy of immigrant background
Tuesday, April 24, 2018 6:00 PM

Nearly 1 in 10 pupils in Italy have immigrant parents, an enormous increase of 44% during the last 10 years.

A study from the Leone Moressa Foundation reveals that there are 826,091 ‘new Italians’, equal to 9.4% of the total.

In the last 10 years, their number has increased by 44%, while that of Italians has decreased by 5.7%. Mainly due to fertility rates and immigration. 

The amount of immigrant children is higher in lower-level schools: in nursery and primary schools it exceeds 10%.

The largest populations of immigrant kids are Romanian and Albanian followed by Moroccan. Greece and Italy have been on the forefront of tackling the immigrant problem and have accepted huge numbers of people thanks to the EU’s open border policies and generous welfare states. 

The Italian people are fed up with this ridiculous amount of immigration. The government must look after it’s own people first, and with very high youth unemployment and the economic issues that the overwhelmingly welfare dependent migrants have created, it becomes clear why the Italians are voting for change. We’ve seen where this shift in demographics leads to in the west of the continent already.

Sources: Westmonster , Repubblica

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Tunisian Muslim convicted of child abuse after marrying 15 year old Swiss in order to have sex with her
Tuesday, April 24, 2018 2:00 PM

An unemployed, Muslim, migrant from Tunisia has been found guilty of child abuse after having sex with (raping) a 15-year-old Swiss girl who the man is said to have ‘married’ during Ramadan in 2016.

The 40-year-old supposedly met the 15-year-old in 2016 and claims that she told him that she was 19 at the time. He ‘married’ the minor during Ramadan so he could abuse her.

“I had to marry her to be able to have sex with her during Ramadan.” said Habib, the union violates Swiss law: the bride was only 15 years old, far from the 18 required for a wedding.

The immigrant claimed to have suspected that the girl was underage and despite confirming this with her mother, he continued the ‘relationship’. In order to save face the two were married in the Mosquée de Lausanne where the age of the minor was, apparently, unquestioned.

After this ‘marriage’ the Tunisian went back to his country for a time and in the meantime learned that his ‘wife’ had been unfaithful whereupon he did not want her anymore.

The girl’s parents, who did not know about the union, between the 40-year-old and their teen daughter, filed a complaint with the police on her behalf.

The migrant, who is also said to have beaten his five-year-old child, was convicted and given a five year suspended sentence, and will be billed 12,000 Swiss Francs in court fees.

With the influx of immigrants from the 3rd world cases of child marriage across the continent have spiked, with more than a 1000 cases recorded in Germany in 2016 alone.

These cases are nothing special in the Middle East and North Africa, while Europe considers them abhorrent. Multiculturalism demands respect for these barbaric practices and Western politically correct leaders have yet to put a stop to this.

Sources: Breitbart , 20 Minutes

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Poll finds 60% of Swedes want less refugees
Tuesday, April 24, 2018 12:00 PM

Six in ten people who participated in the poll revealed that Sweden should accept fewer refugees overall than current numbers.

Less refugees and immigrants

41% said that they would prefer significantly fewer refugees to be accepted, while 19% said they would take a slightly lower number. 

12% answered that they think Sweden should accept more refugees than it currently does.

When this same survey was conducted in 2015, before the peak intake of refugees in Europe later that year, 36% said they would like to reduce the number of refugees taken in by Sweden, compared with 26% who said they would increase the figure. Before the joys of multiculturalism.

“This is a dramatic change, not least because it has happened so quickly,” Marie Demker, professor of political science at the University of Gothenburg.

Impression of the effect of immigration on Sweden has also changed in the newest poll.

The proportion of participants who said they thought immigration had an overall positive effect on Sweden shrank from 63% to 44%, while the opposite proportion, of those who said immigration was bad for the country overall, grew from 13% to 31%. After the joys of multiculturalism.

The survey was conducted from February 9th-19th this year through online interviews with 1,030 voters selected by a randomizing program.

Sweden has been one of the countries taking in the most refugees per capita, and the results have been less than desirable to say the least, finally Swedes are waking up and taking action to stop the destruction of their country.


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UK Government Humiliates The English With “Stephen Lawrence Memorial Day”
Monday, April 23, 2018 7:44 PM

The British government has moved to designate the 22nd April, the day before England’s national day, as ‘Stephen Lawrence Memorial Day’, in a cynical ploy to remind the English people how horribly racist they are.

Stephen Lawrence, a young black man, was murdered in 1993 allegedly by a gang of white youths. In the years since, we’ve been fed this manipulative narrative that the native English people are inherently racist and that, if this racism isn’t kept in check, we’ll all go around murdering young black men for no reason.

There have also been accusations of ‘institutional racism’ directed at the metropolitan police for their handling of the case.

Thus today, we are forced to observe weeks of sycophantic outpouring every year in the weeks surrounding the anniversary of Lawrence’s death. This year has been particularly intensive, with television documentaries, parliamentary questions and total print press saturation.

And now, as if to offer the English people yet another kick in the teeth, the Prime Minister announced – on St George’s Day – that the 22nd April will be commemorated as the annual Stephen Lawrence Memorial day. The timing of this announcement is no accident – the immigrant advocates want to ensure that the English people feel nothing but shame for their nation, clouding every merry occasion with a firm reminder of our guilt.

Of course, our esteemed conservative Prime Minister appears to have forgotten than hundreds of thousands of native English people have been the victims of coloured crime in the years since the Laurence murder. Conversely, one has to go back to 1993 to find an example of blacks being murdered by English people purely on account of their skin colour.

It’s estimated by police whistle-blowers that as many as 600,000 English girls could have been the victims of Pakistani rape gangs. In the main, these victims haven’t merited so much as a parliamentary enquiry, let alone a memorial day – presumably because they’re the wrong colour.

Additionally, a fact sheet produced by the British National Party in 2009 suggests that 167 white people had been the victims of racially motivated murder in the UK… compared to the one black man who was murdered for similar reasons in 1993.

And what of Lee Rigby, the British soldier who was hacked to death by two black men in the middle of London a few years ago, simply for being an “infidel”? Of course, the shameful British establishment can barely speak his name, let alone consider a memorial day.

The government of the United Kingdom is an abject disgrace.


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‘Gulf States Funding Islamic Organisations in the Netherlands’
Monday, April 23, 2018 6:35 PM

More than 30 Islamic organisations in the Netherlands have either received or requested financial assistance from several Gulf States, namely Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

For years, the Dutch government has made sure this information never saw the light of day –  until now.

Confidential documents

Today the Dutch newspaper, NRC, and television show Nieuwsuur, released – based on three confidential documents of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – a list of the Islamic organisations who have  requested financial support from Gulf States from 2010 and on. According to the documents millions of Euros have been ‘invested’ by both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

One of the documents shows, very specifically, the payments made to Dutch mosques. Both NRC and Nieuwsuur reported that almost 10% of mosques in the Netherlands have either requested or have already received financial contributions from countries in the Gulf States.

Al-Fath mosque in Dordrecht. Credits: Merlin Daleman

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in response to the article published by NRC, had the following to say: “The reason why these documents were never published in the first place, is due to the diplomatic nature of these documents – ergo the need for secrecy.

Furthermore, we’re afraid that if we don’t keep this information secret, these countries will stop telling us what organisations they’re financially supporting”.

Gulf States

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have been informing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about which organisations have requested financial contributions ever since 2010. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs would then judge whether the contributions were “desired” or not.

The Dutch parliament has requested the government to be more transparent about the financial support coming in to the country. Especially because of “Islamic fundamentalism” practiced in these Gulf States and its Salafist movement – more importantly: Salafi jihadism – spreading its ideology to Dutch mosques.

Islamic Radicalisation

Due to foreign financial contributions Islamic fundamentalism has grown staggeringly in the Netherlands. A confidential memo, of the NCTV (anti-terrorism coordinator) now in the hands of NRC and Nieuwsuur, shows that only four years ago ‘there were 13 Salafist mosques in the Netherlands’, in 2018 this number has increased to 27.

The amount of Salafist imams has equally more than doubled, from 50 to 110.

Even though the NCTV is an organisation that works closely together with the government, Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister, previously told parliament that “it simply isn’t possible to give an estimate of Salafist organisations active in the country”.

Mark Rutte next to Jean-Claude Juncker

Mosques in the Netherlands

The map above shows where the mosques are located that have received financial help from countries in the Gulf States.

On this map are the 39 mosques that have already been funded or have requested financial help from countries in the Gulf States. The names of the mosques are retrieved from the 3 lists that both Kuwait and Saudi Arabia shared with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kuwait 1, Kuwait 2, Saudi Arabia).

Mosques that have previously received financial contributions in the past, have already been included in this map.


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Generation Identity launches new Defend Europe mission in the Alps
Saturday, April 21, 2018 7:01 PM

Saturday 21st of April, hundred of Generation Identity activists from all over Europe launched the new Defend Europe mission with a majestic stunt on the Italian-French border in the Alps.

This part of the Italian-French border has been often used in the last years by thousands of illegal migrants as a route to reach France and northern Europe, today the Identitarian activists proved that things can be done to stop this. Equipped with 2 helicopters and hiking tools, a hundred of identitarians placed a huge banner saying:”Closed Border- You Will Not Make Europe Home- No Way!-Back To Your Homeland!”.

Identitarians are pushing the idea of implementing the Australian No Way policy to stop illegal immigration in Europe.

Here’s is the statement from the Defend Europe Facebook page:

“Illegal migrant routes – Col de l’Échelle – Alps
Generation Identity blocks the Franco-Italian border crossing.
The “Defend Europe” Alps Mission has started!

This Saturday, April 21st at 9am, a hundred Generation Identity activists took position in the Alps at the Col de l’Échelle, 25 km from Briançon, to block the path for illegal migrants. Our teams are patrolling the area and will stop any attempt to enter France illegally.

Since the summer of 2017, the flow of illegal migrants using this passage has grown continuously. More than 2000 illegal migrants have already been officially registered. How many actually got through? Macron’s government refuses to secure the border: we will prove that if there is the will, it is absolutely possible. Rather than releasing funds to create new reception centers for these migrants, the border police budgets should be strengthened.

Generation Identity demands an end to mass immigration and the definitive closing of the Col de l’Échelle passage. No migrants should be allowed to enter France illegally on this route. The French do not want any more immigration! These illegal migrants should be neither in France nor in Italy, but in their home country. The Defend Europe “Alps” operation has started!

Support us at https://generationidentitaire.org/support/

This is apparently just the beginning of this Defend Europe mission, the identitarians will monitor the border and signal to authorities the possible presence of illegal migrants caravans.

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Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood: 50 Years Later
Friday, April 20, 2018 6:00 PM

On 20th April 1968, Enoch Powell gave what transpired to be the most infamous speech of the 20th century. To an audience of Birmingham Conservatives, Powell spoke at length about the immigration problem that had been steadily growing in size and scope since the Second World War. He used a letter he’d received from an anti-immigration constituent – who was the only white woman in her street – to emphasise the scale of this problem, and to predict some of the consequences we would inevitably face if we remained with our heads in the sand. Whilst the vast majority of the British people supported Mr Powell, his political peers were not impressed. Tory leader Edward Heath promptly sacked him from the shadow cabinet, and Powell’s colleagues in the House of Commons moved to shun him from acceptable political discourse.

In a perverse way, this set the tone for immigration-related discourse in the modern era. Now, when this topic is raised, the bourgeois media-political class leaps forth in unison to effectively destroy any dissenting voices, and as many of you will know such criticism of immigration or immigrants themselves has been criminalised. One wonders if this is a reaction driven by fear, fear that one man with a message can ignite such support amongst ordinary people – sentiment that, in the eyes of the establishment, must be rooted out and ruthlessly crushed. It certainly was with Mr Powell. The sheer scale of popular support for the things he was saying put the fear of God into the establishment, along with their friends in the powerful pro-immigrant lobbies. Indeed, Powell received thousands of letters of support following his dismissal from the shadow cabinet, with very few negative critiques of his speech.

When he spoke, Enoch Powell told of the insanity of racial degeneration, of permitting ‘the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependants’, of the dangers of the Race Relations Act(s) which essentially gave social priority to non-white immigrants, and of the future we would face if this circus was permitted to continue. He also offered an immediate solution: to reduce immigration to ‘negligible levels. In interviews and speeches given later on in his career, Powell advocated a policy of voluntary repatriation for coloured immigrants, which would involve some financial incentive for Commonwealth newcomers to return to their native lands. In fact, something along those lines was offered in the Conservative Party’s manifesto for the 1970 General Election, although this was mere lip service to popular concern and it failed to translate into coherent government policy.

Rather more prophetically, Enoch Powell discussed what would happen if the political class buried its head in the sand and failed to tackle this issue. He stated in an interview in the early 1970s that, should politicians fail to tackle this issue, that ‘a third of London and a third of Birmingham will be coloured’, alluding to the dispossession of Britain’s native people in their own land. Even Powell never believed that we would actually find ourselves in the situation that we do now, whereby 55% of “Londoners” are in fact foreigners, and that the White British population of Birmingham now constitutes a minority of the city’s demographic make-up. Unfortunately, the same can be said of a growing number of towns and cities across the country. There are boroughs in London that are comprised almost entirely of non-white residents – to the tune of 85% in some cases.

Another eerily accurate prediction of Powell’s centres around his most controversial comments. The speech he gave to Birmingham Tories in 1968 has since become known as the Rivers of Blood speech, owing to the following section:

‘As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see the River Tiber flowing with much blood.’

In later years, Powell continued to warn of violence and unrest as a direct consequence of mass immigration and racial diversity. Despite the picture of a well-functioning multi-racial democracy that the liberals like to paint, Enoch Powell was proven right on all counts. Beginning with the Notting Hill race riots of 1958, which preceded Powell’s intervention on this topic, there have been numerous instances that have proven his prediction to be entirely accurate, if a little on the optimistic side. In 1981 and twice in 1985, blacks rioted in London ostensibly against police brutality, but these and others of a similar nature can best be described as anti-white opportunistic disturbances. Incidents such as these occurred throughout the 1980s and 90s, right up to recent times when in 2011 black youths rioted after the death of a black criminal. These, again, were superficially motived by perceived police brutality, yet it quickly degenerated into a free-for-all in which black youths looted shops and offices. Since the turn of the 21st century, we have also begun to see more overtly violent results of “diversity”. On 7th July 2005, the reality of Islamic immigration was brought home to the people as a group of Jihadists bombed trains and buses in Britain’s capital. Since then, of course, we have witnessed numerous terrorist atrocities on the streets of England, perpetrated by Sunni Muslims who were either second or third generation immigrants. Just last year, there were no less than 4 Islamic terrorist attacks in England, one of which resulted in the deaths of 22 mostly teenage girls attending a concert in Greater Manchester. Additionally, over the last 2 decades we have witnessed the rape of English girls by mostly Pakistani men on an industrial scale, with this scourge infecting towns and cities from Newcastle to Newport, Telford, Rotherham, Rochdale and many, many more. These are precisely the Rivers of Blood Powell warned of, and the reality has been so much worse than even he could have predicted.

It’s interesting that despite being presented with the evidence as demonstrated above, Powell’s detractors still dismiss his rhetoric as alarming and incorrect. This is quite an intellectually peculiar position to take, yet it’s very typical of the pseudo-intellectual liberal elite that runs Britain today; nothing can be permitted to infringe on their multi-racial utopian fantasy, even the truth.

So what of Powell’s legacy? To his detractors, of course, he will always be the truculent racialist that they’ve painted him as for the last half a century. Yet to his growing number of admirers, Powell has been posthumously vindicated. Indeed, he can now fairly be represented as the voice of moderation and reason in a world of pro-immigrant extremism. Everything he said is as accurate and relevant today as it was 50 years ago, and his analysis of the importance of race will unquestionably stand the test of time. There are probably, in fact, a number of people who derided Powell’s viewpoints at the time but who are now today, when faced with the overwhelming evidence, somewhat regretting their opposition. There is an entire generation of people who perhaps should have listened, should have taken notice, and should have heeded the warning he offered them. This was the generation who turned their backs on one of the greatest minds of British politics in order to remain closeted in their liberal bubble – the boomers, if you please. They failed to act, and now today we’re paying the price.

Whilst it is true that Powell has been more than vindicated by the events of the last 2 decades, this is of little consolation to his erstwhile supporters. Whether he was right or not, and regardless of who believes it, the British nation stands in ruin as a result of insane immigration policies. When Powell gave his famous speech, the number was 50,000 per annum. Today, the annual gross migration figure sits well over 600,000, almost 300,000 of whom are racially non-European. Around 25% of our population is non-native, a figure which discounts illegal immigrants and is only set to rise and rise in the years to come, given that our native fertility rate is around the 1.5 mark. Whether or not the United Kingdom is finished, time will tell. But taking Powell’s warning at face value would have averted probable catastrophe, which is why it’s with great bitterness that we say, Enoch Powell was right.

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Enoch Powell: Why They Hate Him
Friday, April 20, 2018 7:00 AM

John Enoch Powell MBE or, Enoch Powell as he came to be best known, was once a towering figure of British politics. By the end of his political career, he was hated by the left and right in equal measure for his stances on controversial issues such as race, race relations, immigration and Europe. However, this hatred was born mainly in the corridors of Westminster and did not translate into public opinion (well, at least not until the lügenpresse poisoned the minds of a generation). Now, thanks to the educational brainwashing of the British people along with the media’s mendacity, Enoch Powell is considered almost as a boogeyman of our politics, with anybody who dares to speak of immigration constantly frightened they may be compared to him.

The level of hatred that the political classes felt for Powell highlights a key issue in British politics, namely that politicians and their media accomplices are afraid of the truth. It is this fear that drives their hysterical responses to one who might dare tell it. This is why objective thinkers such as Mr Powell are attacked so viciously, because they, unlike the majority of politicians, do not bend the truth to match their world view, but rather their world view is shaped by the truths that they consume. This is a dangerous quality in the eyes of the Orwellian elite running this country.

And of course, there were none with a more objective mind than Enoch Powell. This can be shown quite easily with the common attack line used by the left against his politics, which was that he supposedly jumped on the xenophobic bandwagon and used the immigration line for political points. This is not true, but the theme of their point remains useful. They say that this man was an opportunist because after the second world war, he campaigned for non-white commonwealth citizens to come and work in Britain, yet as his career progressed he began to argue for them to be sent home. This is not an opportunist change in position, however, but rather the product of a political and intellectual journey on which a man grew to have a totally different opinion based on the truths as he saw them.

Perhaps a man of lesser intellectual capabilities could be accused of political opportunism, but not Enoch Powell and his detractors know this. Enoch Powell was no mindless demogogue; this was a man nicknamed ‘the professor’ at age three, who began reading ancient Greek literature aged 5, who graduated with a double starred first in Greek and Latin  from Cambridge University and who became a professor of Greek at Sydney University aged 25, as well as being a published poet and being able to speak Urdu, Welsh, Greek and Latin, amongst other languages. There can be no doubt that Enoch Powell was a genius of the highest order, yet this proved to be almost a hindrance to him at the height of his political career.

This is precisely why he was hated so vehemently. It is easy to attack those of a lesser intellect who speak of issues around race and migration because they so often fit the stereotype that the elitist clique wish to portray, yet when a man of such esteem talks about these things, they have a totally different proposition on their hands.

However, it was precisely his ability to shift his opinion based on new information that makes him immune from attacks in a rational world. Yes, he did in fact encourage immigration from the commonwealth after the second world war, as he saw that Britain had a labour shortage that would harm our economy if it were not rectified. Powell had not seen mass-immigration in action before, so had no prior experience to draw from that would have enabled any greater foresight.

When he saw how this migration worked out in practise, his opinions on the matter began to change based on the evidence before his eyes, as well as the need to represent the interests of his constituents. You see, unlike the majority of politicians, Enoch Powell did not view his constituents with contempt but rather he took their opinions seriously and gave their evidence the same credit as he would that which he saw with his own eyes. He saw ghettos emerging in and around our cities where immigrants refused to integrate, he saw immigrant communities demand rights over and above those of the native population, he heard countless stories of British constituents unable to get hospital beds, unable to get work and hounded out of their streets thanks to the demands of third world immigrants. He realised that something had to change.

He came to believe that the issues of race and race relations would lead to violence, and rather than use this for popularity (it gained him none amongst his peers), he used his voice to persuade change in order to prevent what is now inevitable:

“It is the belief that self-identification of each part with the whole is the one essential pre-condition of being a parliamentary nation, and that the massive shift in the composition of the population of the inner metropolis and of major towns and cities of England will produce, not fortuitously or avoidably, but by the sheer inevitabilities of human nature in society, ever increasing and more dangerous alienation.”

Enoch Powell, 1967.

His detractors are different. The political classes on both the left and right of British politics wish to brush these issues under the carpet, bury their heads in the sand and use pseudo-science to justify their biased points of view. They do not accept the reality, but instead wish to live in this fantasy world where all the evidence and scientific reasoning that support the arguments of people like Mr Powell does not exist. It is this intellectual laziness and stubborn will to hold onto provably incorrect world views that are the source of the hysterical attacks against Mr Powell and others like him.

This is why they hate him.

Unfortunately, the media are right about one thing; that we live in a post-truth society. However, they do not realise that it is they, as accomplices of the political elite, who are sustaining this world of lies. They have created whole new areas of pseudo-science and incorrect schools of political thought just to continue this fantasy world that they have built around them and by doing so, have enslaved the populations of nations within them.

It is this fantasy world that will prove to be the death of our civilisations and sadly, there is no room in this world for the truths and evidence based reasoning of decent men like Enoch Powell.

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IQ on the down in Norway and Denmark
Thursday, April 19, 2018 6:00 PM

A study was conducted by James Flynn, a leading researcher of IQ measurements, a few months ago, but the reasons are not being discussed in the mainstream.

Intelligence quotient in the Scandinavian countries had been on the up for decades, but the trend has now been reversed, according to a report published by journal Intelligence. This reversal correlates with an increase of ‘diversity’.

Measures taken as part of the study have shown that, in Norway, fewer people are reaching higher levels of mathematical and linguistic ability.

“This signals without doubt a depletion of people with high cognitive abilities,” Flynn said.

The IQ of Norwegians had been increasing since 1950 until a turning point around 1995. Until immigration from outside of Europe increased dramatically.

An annual reduction of IQ by 0.21 percent on average has been measured in Norwegians since that year, equivalent to a 6.5% decrease between generations. In 2017, Norway’s migrant population in 2017 made up 16.8%, most of which are non-European.

According to New Zealand researcher Flynn, intelligence levels had been increasing steadily in Scandinavia due to more abstract and rational thinking in schools and at workplaces.

But improvement of the quality of schooling has now stopped, he concluded.

“We have seen that work in schools is less demanding in many countries and that students spend less time studying and doing homework,” Flynn said to Swedish magazine Forskning & Framsteg. 

Mass uncontrolled immigration from the Middle East has had a disastrous effect on education across the Old  Continent. The migrants have significant problems with learning European languages, cannot compete with the locals in the job market, bring down wages and are a burden on the welfare states whose generosity attracts them.

People are different, not inferior or superior, and the smashing together, through immigration, of these differences is what is causing such damage across Europe.

The way forward is clear: borders need to be enforced, the welfare states need to put natives first and become smaller, and these migrants need to go back and build up their own countries.


Sources: The Local , Statistics Norway

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Nurse’s Death Caused by Teenager Who Splashed Acid on Her while Fighting with Another Man over Drugs Dispute
Thursday, April 19, 2018 4:30 PM

Xeneral Webster, 19, was on trial for the murder of 47-year-old Joanne Rand, a dementia nurse, after she was covered in a very strong acid.

Yesterday – a week into the trial – he admitted to manslaughter after arming himself with the substance he had intended to use to injure another man.

Mrs Rand died from blood poisoning 11 days after running screaming in pain to a nearby KFC restaurant in an attempt to douse herself in water in the English town of High Wycombe.

How it happened

Webster, from west London, had travelled to High Wycombe to confront Saqib Hussain over a drugs dispute. Upon finding Mr Hussain, the acid bottle was taken out of a satchel slung around Webster’s chest with the lid already having been removed, before he pointed it in the intended victim’s direction. Hussain then knocked it out of Webster’s hand and it was kicked away.

Nurse Rand was sitting on a bench after visiting the grave of her daughter who died in a car accident, when the chemical ammonia was splashed onto her hair, face, arms and feet. She was sat some distance away from the combat.

Mrs Rand died in a specialist burns unit at Stoke Mandeville Hospital 11 days after the incident in High Wycombe, on June 3 last year, after burns from the sulphuric acid became infected, causing multiple organs to fail from sepsis.

Alison Hunter, the prosecutor, noted: ‘Joanne Rand was sitting at a bench at about 4.30pm to 4.45pm when she felt something hit her on her right shin.’ ‘She saw a white bottle holding a yellow liquid. Her hair was wet and her face was burning. She then ran into the KFC restaurant behind her and doused herself with water before calling 999.’

Hunter added: ‘Dr Tina Lovelock confirmed the PH of the Sulphuric Acid was minus two. This is typical of a very strong acid, very corrosive and can cause severe progressive burns to the skin.’ ‘Mrs Rand’s trousers and blouse showed significant damage, with white stains across the front and a number of rips and holes.’

The jury heard that this was not the first time Webster had armed himself with the corrosive liquid and that he himself had been left scarred by an acid being thrown over him. A vicious cycle.


Detective Constable Aamer Khan from the Metropolitan Police, who had to wear protective gloves due to the danger still posed by the evidence, presented the 500ml bottle, which had contained the acid, to the jury from a safe distance.

The jury was presented with CCTV footage which showed Webster wearing a satchel containing the bottle of ammonia that was involved in the confrontation which led to nurse Rand’s death.

After months of trials – yesterday, he changed his pleas to admit manslaughter, possession of an offensive weapon – acid, and affray in relation to the High Wycombe incident.

He will also be sentenced in June in relation to another attack in London on April 19, last year, where he admitted to possession of an offensive weapon, ammonia again, a sword, and criminal damage.

Adrian Foster, from the CPS: ‘Joanne Rand was not the intended victim of the attack but the prosecution was brought on the basis that by producing an open bottle of acid and raising it to the face of another man, Xeneral Webster intended to cause that individual really serious harm.

‘The man fighting with Webster acted reasonably, in the circumstances, by deflecting the bottle away. Webster was responsible for the death of Joanne and had he not planned to hurt the intended victim, nurse Joanne would still be alive today. ‘We know that nothing will bring Joanne back to her family and friends, but we hope today’s conviction brings them at least a small sense that justice has been done.’ 


The Crown Prosecution Service accepted the guilty plea and Judge Angela Morris ordered the jury to formally acquit the teenager of murder. He will be sentenced on June 15.

This criminal had a history of violent crime, as is too often the case tragedies like this don’t teach the lessons they should. Some ethnic groups are more prone to crime, we at least must be able to admit this, and when we do, we can find a way to fix these problems.

Source: Daily Mail

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