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Trump names John Bolton National Security Adviser, H. R. McMaster is out
Thursday, March 22, 2018 10:48 PM

This is the best news I’ve heard since Trump’s Jerusalem announcement. He will be well served by this great statesman. I am a longtime Bolton supporter. He wrote the foreword to my first book,The Post American Presidency: The Obama Adminsitration’s war on America.

He is brilliant, tough, principled, a great fighter for freedom, here and abroad.

Good riddance to H. R. McMaster.

Trump to Replace H. R. McMaster as Security Adviser With John Bolton

President Donald Trump said he is replacing White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster with John Bolton, a former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, in the latest shakeup of his administration, Bloomberg News reports.

  “I am pleased to announce that, effective 4/9/18, @AmbJohnBolton will be my new National Security Advisor,” Trump said in a tweet. “I am very thankful for the service of General H.R. McMaster who has done an outstanding job & will always remain my friend. There will be an official contact handover on 4/9.”


Huffington Post claims FBI says militias targeting Muslims were stirred up by Pamela Geller
Thursday, March 22, 2018 10:07 PM

“A Chilling 2015 FBI Bulletin Predicted Militias Would Target Muslims. It Was Right,” says the Huffington Post, and claims I stirred up these militias by supposedly publishing “fake stories.” What evidence do they provide that anyone who attacked a mosque was ever influenced by anything I have written? None, of course, because there is no such evidence. I have never called for or advocated any violence.
The FBI Bulletin that supposedly said this about these “militias” dates from 2015 — when I was the target of multiple assassination attempts.
2015 was a busy year for jihadis in America: Geller: Jihad in America 2015: ‘The Danger to the Homeland Has Never Been Greater’The Huffington Post never wrote any of that up. They had nothing to say about the convictions of mulitple jihadis in various plots. But there was one thwarted mosque plot — one — and anyone who opposes jihad terror and sharia are smeared and defamed. Thousands of jihad plots and attacks, and the Huffington Post has nothing to say — but even think of making any Islamic connection, of quoting jihadis justifying their actions by invoking Islam, and the HuffPo will target you.

If this really came from the FBI, which has been exposed as immensely corrupt, it’s even worse. The FBI had an undercover agent at my free speech event in Garland, Texas in 2015, and he was in contact with the jihadis — but they had no one there to protect me or the other speakers or the members of the audience.

What is going on with the FBI?

There is some incredible massive deception here that is quite simply horrifying.

“A Chilling 2015 FBI Bulletin Predicted Militias Would Target Muslims. It Was Right.,” by Christopher Mathias, Huffington Post, March 21, 2018:

In 2015, the FBI issued a chilling intelligence bulletin. Far-right militia groups in the U.S. had new targets: Muslims. They were watching and plotting attacks against mosques. One group in Mississippi had discussed kidnapping and beheading a Muslim, then posting a video of the murder online. The increasing Islamophobia of these domestic extremists, the bulletin warned, could lead to “additional harassment of or violence against Muslims” in the years to come.

The FBI was right.

Earlier this month, 29-year-old Thomas McWhorter explained to the FBI why he and two fellow militia members bombed a Minnesota mosque last August. The attack, he said, according to an affidavit, was meant to send a message to Muslims: “Hey, you’re not welcome here, get the fuck out.”

Jury selection started this week in the trial of three other men, all members of a militia group called the Crusaders, charged in a foiled 2016 plot to detonate car bombs at a Kansas apartment complex occupied by Somali Muslim immigrants.

“The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim,” one of the Crusaders allegedly said in a recorded conversation. “If you’re a Muslim, I’m going to enjoy shooting you in the head.”

YouTube removed a horrifying video earlier this month that showed members of the militia group called North Dakota Security Force III% firing guns at a miniature model of a mosque until it explodes.

And last month a Muslim mayoral candidate in Minnesota contacted police after finding a disturbing message posted to her Google+ profile. An account called “Militia Movement” had threatened to “EXECUTE all muslims in America.”

Not only was the 2015 FBI intelligence assessment correct, it also appeared to be eerily prescient. Members of the growing anti-government “Patriot” movement, as it’s often called, repeatedly harass, threaten and plot attacks against Muslims.

The Southern Poverty Law Center identified 689 active anti-government extremist groups in the U.S. in 2017. Of those groups, 273 are militias, heavily armed organizations that train their members in paramilitary techniques.

These groups’ shift toward anti-Muslim violence is especially concerning given wider trends of Islamophobia in America, where the vilest ideas about Islam are lent legitimacy by a White House staffed with anti-Muslim conspiracy theorists and headed by a president who has said “Islam hates us.” Hate crimes targeting Muslims rose sharply in 2015 and 2016, according to the latest FBI statistics.

Which is all to say: Anti-Muslim violence by militias has the potential to get worse.

J.J. MacNab, a fellow at George Washington University’s Program on Extremism and one of the country’s foremost experts on anti-government extremism, said she’s “surprised” there haven’t been more attacks against Muslims already. It’s been frustrating, she said, to see what relatively sparse media attention the anti-government extremist movement has received in recent years.

“I don’t think [the media] give anti-government extremism the same amount of attention as neo-Nazis,” MacNab said. “But it’s more dangerous — guns, plots, shootings, murders ― you name it. White supremacists are more about getting camera time.”

The anti-government extremist movement has existed for decades and has been connected to a slew of high-profile crimes, including bombings, occupations of federal land, armed standoffs with police and murders of law enforcement officers. Militia members generally believe that they must prepare for an armed revolt against a totalitarian and globalist federal government.

These militias saw a surge in membership after the election of President Barack Obama in 2008 — a growth propelled by fears that the nation’s first black president was weak on immigration, anti-Second Amendment and a threat to land rights in the West.

The 2015 FBI bulletin stated that many militia members also felt that Obama “not only sympathizes with Islamic extremists but directs US Government policy to align with their goals.”

Many also subscribed to the racist conspiracy theory that Obama himself was a secret Muslim. John Martin Roos, a fanatical Donald Trump supporter, was arrested in 2016 for repeatedly threatening to kill Obama and federal agents. Roos was a member of a Three Percenter militia group in Oregon. Three Percenters are a loosely organized movement of anti-government extremists with chapters across the U.S. It takes its name from the false notion that only 3 percent of Colonists challenged the British in the Revolutionary War.

“Obama is nothing less than than a vile muslim trash,” Roos wrote in a Facebook post. A search of his home uncovered four pipe bombs, an AK-47-like firearm, a rifle and shotgun, a .45-caliber Glock, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. In another Facebook post, he wrote of wanting “to incite Patriots to wholesale cleanse our country of the muslim disease.”

“Good muslim = dead muslim,” he wrote in another.

The “general consensus” among militia groups these days, said MacNab, “is that the government isn’t doing anything about Islamic terror so they have to do it for them.”

The 2015 FBI intelligence bulletin concluded that militia groups’ fear and hatred of Muslims was fueled in part by “unfounded claims” and “conspiracy theories” that there were Muslim terrorist training camps in the U.S. (There were not.) The FBI pointed the finger at “self-appointed watchdogs of Islamic extremism,” including blogger Pamela Geller and some right-wing news media, including Fox News, for spreading these fake stories….

How Israel Saved Us From a Nuclear ISIS
Thursday, March 22, 2018 9:30 PM

The Islamic State (ISIS) with nukes, think of it. Thanks G-d for Israel.

Israeli military confirms it hit Syrian nuclear site in 2007

By The Associated Press, March 21, 2018 at 9:40 pm

TEL AVIV, Israel — The Israeli military confirmed on Wednesday it carried out the 2007 airstrike in Syria that destroyed what was believed to be a nuclear reactor, lifting the veil of secrecy over one of its most daring and mysterious operations in recent memory.

Although Israel was widely believed to have been behind the Sept. 6, 2007, airstrike, it has never before commented publicly on it.

In a lengthy release, the military revealed that eight F-15 fighter jets carried out the top-secret airstrikes against the facility in the Deir el-Zour region, 450 kilometers (about 300 miles) northeast of Damascus, destroying a site that had been in development for years and was scheduled to go into operation at the end of that year.

Israel’s involvement has been one of its most closely held secrets, and it was not immediately clear why Israel decided to go public now. The military would not comment on its reasoning, but the move could be related to the upcoming memoir of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who ordered the strike and has hinted about it for years. It could also be meant as a warning to archenemy Iran, which is deeply involved in Syria’s conflict.

“The motivation of our enemies has grown in recent years, but so too the might of the Israeli military,” Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Wednesday. “Everyone in the Middle East would do well to internalize this equation.”

How Israel Saved Us From a Nuclear ISIS
Home > World > Iran > How Israel Saved Us From a Nuclear ISIS
CP, March 21, 2018

Israel just produced evidence to show in 2007 it took out a suspected nuclear reactor in Syria, something Israel says is further evidence of Iran’s control over the country.

Later that area was largely controlled by ISIS.

It’s time to say thank you to our Israeli allies.

In this video, Israel Defense Forces Chief of the General Staff, Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot talks about the attack on the Syrian nuclear facility in 2007, when he headed the Northern Command.

Sgt Derrick Miller: Special Clemency Hearing April 4th
Thursday, March 22, 2018 9:05 PM

I have been informed there will be a special clemency hearing for Sgt. Derrick Miller on April 4th.  Apparently, all the calls, emails and letters written by all of you on Derrick’s behalf led to this “special” hearing.
It is my understanding Derrick will be up for parole next year, having served 10 years of a life sentence in Leavenworth.  Derrick did his duty on that last battlefield he was on, he protected his men.  All those who served alongside Derrick went home safely to their families.  Derrick’s homecoming is long overdue.
Please say your prayers that Derrick is granted clemency and allowed to go home to his family. Please continue to make calls to your representatives on his behalf.  Most especially, if you live in Maryland, please contact your Congressmen/Senators and ask them to please attend this “special” hearing for this brave young American from their state who served through 3 deployments on their behalf.
God Bless and Watch Over Sgt. Miller, his family, and all those who serve so selflessly on our behalf.  We must never take them for granted and when they need us, we must fight for them as they have fought for us!
With A Mother’s Heart,
Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers
Muslim migrant attacking hospital staff in Germany
Thursday, March 22, 2018 8:25 PM

Muslim migrants attacking hospital staff helping them. That sums it all up perfectly.

German nurses need self-defence courses against increasing migrant violence in hospitals

By Stan M, Voice of Europe, 19 March 2018:

Hospital personnel in Bielefeld are increasingly being threatened, abused and attacked, the Neue Westfälische reports. Especially younger nurses report of verbal abuse and physical attacks by migrants. The hospital now needs to take special security measures to protect its personnel.

If something isn’t going fast enough nurses are quickly called “sluts, bitches and incompetent” especially by “Southern” migrants, hospital employees tell the newspaper.

The hospital is now considering security steps like emergency buttons and classes in self-defence. One of the nurses reported an incident in which she needed to resuscitate a dying person and had another patient spit in front of her feet because he was tired of waiting.

Many employees have already quit their jobs due to long working hours, stress and how they are treated by patients. Male colleagues tell similar stories. One even spoke of a threat to his life and that he fears nothing will be done until it is too late.

Other large German cities have already hired security personnel for safety reasons as well.

US Taylor Force Act to become law despite Democrat and Palestinian Terror Authority opposition
Thursday, March 22, 2018 6:26 PM

Who would have imagined that the simple act of punishing terrorism would be such a herculean task, and the passage of the Taylor Force act (may his soul rest in peace) such an incredible feat? But in the age of the leftism, it is exactly that. A miracle in a dark age.

For those unfamiliar with who Taylor Force was, Taylor Force was an American Army veteran murdered by a Muslim terrorist in Jaffa in 2016.

The Democrats, party of terrorism, was of course, were a stmbling block to its passage.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that in order to achieve peace, P.A. leader Mahmoud Abbas must “stop paying terrorists who murder Jews.”

“You know how much he pays? He pays about $350 million a year to terrorists and their families, each year,” stated Netanyahu. “That’s about a little less than 10 percent of the total Palestinian budget. That’s an incredible number.”

The legislation was introduced in the Senate in 2016 by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Sen. Dan Coats (R-Ind.) and Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), and in the House of Representatives in February 2017. A Texas native, West Point graduate and U.S. Army veteran, Force was stabbed and killed by a Palestinian terrorist during a Vanderbilt University graduate-school trip to Israel.

A goodbye ceremony at Ben Gurion Airport for Taylor Force, a U.S. Army veteran killed in a Palestinian terror attack in Jaffa, before his body was sent back to America for burial in March 2016. Legislation named after Force would cut U.S. economic aid to the Palestinian Authority if it continues to issue payments to terrorists and their families. Credit: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90.

The two competing versions of the Taylor Force Act in Congress, however, have several key differences that have caused concern among advocates of the bill. Passed on Dec. 5 by the U.S. House of Representatives, H.R. 1164 adds several exemptions and loopholes to the original proposed Senate version. (JNS)

US Taylor Force Act to become law despite Palestinian Authority opposition

The law would dramatically halt US financial assistance to the PA absent reform, while retaining aid allotted to security cooperation and some humanitarian relief.

By Michael Wilner
March 22, 2018 03:27

WASHINGTON – Congress is expected to pass a bill this week that threatens to freeze State Department funds to the Palestinian Authority unless it ends its longstanding practice of compensating the families of terrorists convicted in Israeli courts.

The PA passionately opposes this bill, claiming that its “martyr” compensation scheme benefits generations of families that include those of legitimate combatants in the Palestinian struggle for independence. Israel argues that the program encourages Palestinian violence against innocent civilians.

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The Trump administration agrees with Israel, and US President Donald Trump has personally appealed to PA President Mahmoud Abbas in past meetings to end the program. Senior administration officials told The Jerusalem Post that Trump supports the legislation and plans on signing it into law once it reaches his desk.

The law would dramatically halt US financial assistance to the PA absent reform, while retaining aid allotted to security cooperation and some humanitarian relief. After negotiating some wiggle room into the bill, granting the PA time to phase out the program, Democrats wholeheartedly endorsed the GOP-drafted legislation.

​The legislation passed the House of Representatives in December with bipartisan support.

“After over two years of very hard work, we are on the verge of having the Taylor Force Act become law,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, who authored and introduced the legislation. “This is one of the most significant pieces of legislation I’ve been involved with. The powerful message from the Force family, along with effort from the pro-Israel community led by Sander Gerber, have made this possible.”

For decades, the PA has provided monthly stipends to Palestinians convicted of murder or terrorism relative to the length of their prison sentences, and to the families of slain terrorists. The PA considered the program a fundamental pillar of its welfare system.

Trump’s Middle East peace team characterizes the practice as contrary to the pursuit of peace. But passage and implementation of the Taylor Force Act comes at a delicate time in US-PA relations, when the peace team is trying to lure Palestinians back to the table, and when the PA already sees the US as skewed against its interests.

American Jewish organizations and Israel advocacy organizations, including the American Jewish Committee and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, support the legislation. The bill is expected to pass within an omnibus spending package.

Taylor Force was an American Army veteran murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in Jaffa in 2016.

100 French Intellectuals Issue A Warning About Islamic Totalitarianism
Thursday, March 22, 2018 6:05 PM

It won’t matter. The genie is out of the bottle — and the enemedia, academia, and the rest of left controlled institutions will continue to persecute, smear and destroy those of us still brave enough to stand up for freedom.

100 French Intellectuals Issue A Warning About Islamic Totalitarianism

By Hugh Fitzgerald, March 21, 2018:  

A group of 100 French intellectuals has just published in the newspaper Le Figaro (March 19, 2018), its denunciation of Islamic totalitarianism. Among the signatories are some of the most distinguished historians, philosophers, professors, jurists, and journalists, in France, known to all, and representing political leanings from Left to Right. Among them are some ex-Muslims. Not a group easy to dismiss. 

The following is a translation of their statement made by Leslie Shaw, a contributor to the Clarion Project:

We are citizens of differing and often diametrically opposed views, who have found agreement in expressing our concern in the face of the rise of Islamism. We are united not by our affinities, but by the feeling of danger that threatens freedom in general and not just freedom of thought.

That which unites us today is more fundamental than that which will undoubtedly separate us tomorrow.

Islamist totalitarianism seeks to gain ground by every means possible and to represent itself as a victim of intolerance. This strategy was demonstrated some weeks ago when the SUD Education 93 teachers union proposed a training course that includedworkshops on state racism from which white people were barred.

Several of the facilitators were members or sympathizers of the CCIF (French Collective Against Islamophobia) or the Natives of the Republic party. Such examples have proliferated recently. We have thus learned that the best way to combat racism is to separate races. If this idea shocks us, it is because we are Republicans.

We also hear it said that because religions in France are trampled on by an institutionalized secularism, everything that is in a minority — in other words Islam — must be accorded a special place so that it can cease to be humiliated.

This same argument continues by asserting that in covering themselves with a hijab, women are protecting themselves from men and that keeping themselves apart is a means to emancipation.

What these proclamations have in common is the idea that the only way to defend the “dominated” (the term is that of SUD Education 93) is to set them apart and grant them privileges.

Not so long ago, apartheid reigned in South Africa. Based on the segregation of blacks, it sought to exonerate itself by creating bantustans (territories set aside for black South Africans) where blacks were granted false autonomy. Fortunately this system no longer exists.

Today, a new kind of apartheid is emerging in France, a segregation in reverse thanks to which the “dominated” seek to retain their dignity by sheltering themselves from the “dominators.”

But does this mean that a woman who casts off her hijab and goes out into the street becomes a potential victim? Does it mean that a “race” that mixes with others becomes humiliated? Does it mean that a religion that accepts being one among other religions loses face?

Does Islamism also seek to segregate French Muslims, whether believers or otherwise, who accept democracy and are willing to live with others? Who will decide for women who refuse to be locked away? As for others, who seemingly do not deserve to be protected, will they be held under lock and key in the camp of the “dominators”?

All of this runs counter to what has been done in France to guarantee civil peace. For centuries, the unity of the nation has been grounded in a detachment with respect to particularities that can be a source of conflict. What is known as Republican universalism does not consist in denying the existence of gender, race or religion but in defining civic space independently of them so that nobody feels excluded. How can one not see that secularism protects minority religions?

Jeopardizing secularism exposes us to a return to the wars of religion.

What purpose can this new sectarianism serve? Must it only allow the self-styled “dominated” to safeguard their purity by living amongst themselves? Is not its overall objective to assert secession from national unity, laws and mores? Is it not the expression of a real hatred towards our country and democracy?

For people to live according to the laws of their community or caste, in contempt of the laws of others, for people to be judged only by their own, is contrary to the spirit of the Republic. The French Republic was founded on the refusal to accept that private rights can be applied to specific categories of the population and on the abolition of privilege.

On the contrary, the Republic guarantees that the same law applies to each one of us.. This is simply called justice.

This new separatism is advancing under concealment. It seeks to appear benign but is in reality a weapon of political and cultural conquest in the service of Islamism.

Islamism wants to set itself apart because it rejects others, including those Muslims who do not subscribe to its tenets. Islamism abhors democratic sovereignty, to which it refuses any kind of legitimacy. Islamism feels humiliated when it is not in a position of dominance.

Accepting this is out of the question. We want to live in a world where both sexes can look at each other with neither feeling insulted by the presence of the other. We want to live in a world where women are not deemed to be naturally inferior. We want to live in a world where people can live side by side without fearing each other. We want to live in a world where no religion lays down the law.

Waleed al-Husseini, writer

Arnaud d’Aunay, painter

Pierre Avril, academic

Vida Azimi, jurist

Isabelle Barbéris, academic

Kenza Belliard, teacher

Georges Bensoussan, historian

Corinne Berron, author

Alain Besançon, historian

Fatiha Boudjahlat, essayist

Michel Bouleau, jurist

Rémi Brague, philosopher

Philippe Braunstein, historian

Stéphane Breton, film maker, ethnologist

Claire Brière-Blanchet, reporter, essayist

Marie-Laure Brossier, city councillor

Pascal Bruckner, writer

Eylem Can, script writer

Sylvie Catellin, semiologist

Gérard Chaliand, writer

Patrice Champion, former ministerial advisor

Brice Couturier, journalist

Éric Delbecque, essayist

Chantal Delsol, philosopher

Vincent Descombes, philosopher

David Duquesne, nurse

Luc Ferry, philosopher, former minister

Alain Finkielkraut, philosopher, writer

Patrice Franceschi, writer

Renée Fregosi, philosopher

Christian Frère, professor

Claudine Gamba-Gontard, professor

Jacques Gilbert, historian of ideas

Gilles-William Goldnadel, lawyer

Monique Gosselin-Noat, academic

Gabriel Gras, biologist

Gaël Gratet, professor

Patrice Gueniffey, historian

Alain Guéry, historian

Éric Guichard, philosopher

Claude Habib, writer, professor

Nathalie Heinich, sociologist

Clarisse Herrenschmidt, linguist

Philippe d’Iribarne, sociologist

Roland Jaccard, essayist

Jacques Jedwab, psychoanalyst

Catherine Kintzler, philosopher

Bernard Kouchner, doctor, humanitarian, former minister

Bernard de La Villardière, journalist

Françoise Laborde, journalist

Alexandra Laignel-Lavastine, essayist

Dominique Lanza, clinical psychologist

Philippe de Lara, philosopher

Josepha Laroche, academic

Alain Laurent, essayist, editor

Michel Le Bris, writer

Jean-Pierre Le Goff, philosopher

Damien Le Guay, philosopher

Anne-Marie Le Pourhiet, jurist

Barbara Lefebvre, teacher

Patrick Leroux-Hugon, physicist

Élisabeth Lévy, journalist

Laurent Loty, historian of ideas

Mohamed Louizi, engineer, essayist

Jérôme Maucourant, economist

Jean-Michel Meurice, painter, film director

Juliette Minces, sociologist

Marc Nacht, psychoanalyst, writer

Morgan Navarro, cartoonist

Pierre Nora, historian, editor

Robert Pépin, translator

Céline Pina, essayist

Yann Queffélec, writer

Jean Queyrat, film director

Philippe Raynaud, professor of political science

Robert Redeker, writer

Pierre Rigoulot, historian

Ivan Rioufol, journalist

Philippe San Marco, author, essayist

Boualem Sansal, writer

Jean-Marie Schaeffer, philosopher

Martine Segalen, ethnologist

André Senik, teacher

Patrick Sommier, man of the theater

Antoine Spire, vice-president of Licra

Wiktor Stoczkowski, anthropologist

Véronique Tacquin, professor, writer

Pierre-André Taguieff, political scientist

Maxime Tandonnet, author

Sylvain Tesson, writer

Paul Thibaud, essayist

Bruno Tinel, economist

Michèle Tribalat, demographer

Caroline Valentin, essayist

David Vallat, author

Éric Vanzieleghem, documentalist

Jeannine Verdès-Leroux, historian

Emmanuel de Waresquiel, historian

Ibn Warraq, writer

Yves-Charles Zarka, philosopher

Fawzia Zouari, writer

Canadian parents plead for mercy ahead of jihadi son’s sentencing in NYC mass murder bomb plot New York City on concert venues, subway stations and Times Square
Thursday, March 22, 2018 5:59 PM

Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy was arrested in a mass murder ISIS plot to attack New York City concert venues, subway stations and Times Square. Mass death.

El Bahnasawy began planning a suicide attack on New York that was to include the detonation of improvised explosive devices at Times Square and in subways, and mass shootings at concert venues, court documents show.

El Bahnasawy recruited other purported Islamic State sympathizers to help co-ordinate and carry out the attacks, including one man who, unbeknownst to him, was an undercover FBI agent.

On May 21, 2016, under the guise of taking a family vacation, El Bahnasawy, then 18, drove to Cranford, N.J., with his parents and sisters to set the attack in motion, unaware that he was being heavily monitored by U.S. law enforcement.

He was arrested by the FBI upon his arrival.

Since being incarcerated in a New York corrections facility, El Bahnasawy has “marked the walls of his prison cell with images and statements expressing his support for ISIS and terrorist attacks, and warning that more attacks were to come,” U.S. prosecutor Geoffrey Berman said in a written submission filed to a New York federal court.

None of the news reports are covering this. It’s all about the boy. The poor, misunderstood savage.

One photo of El Bahnasawy’s cell walls submitted to court shows a scrawled list of high-profile terror attacks, including 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing, encircled by what appears to be a heart and the words, “and more coming.”

Now the parents are claiming “mental illness.” Is Islam a mental illness? — then classify it as such, but in the meantime, Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy  should receive no mercy, and be given no quarter.

Once again the family of jihad slaughters scrub and whitewash and cover for Islamic holy war.

“There are many issues in this world but I don’t want to lose my life or freedom to try fixing them, and I definitely do not want to resort to violence or harm to fix them. I sincerely apologize for my (behaviour) and I only ask for a second chance.”

A second chance at mass murder?

American prosecutors are requesting a life sentence for a Canadian man who admitted to plotting terrorist attacks on New York City landmarks at the behest of a high-ranking Islamic State operative.

Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy, a 20-year-old from Mississauga, Ont., pleaded guilty in October 2016 to planning bombings and mass shootings at Times Square, in subway stations and at concert venues while still a teenager.

With his sentencing scheduled for April 9, American federal prosecutors have asked a judge to send El Bahnasawy to prison for life, in accordance with U.S. guidelines for punishing similar terror offences.

“El Bahnasawy’s willingness to kill innocent civilians and martyr himself for ISIS, his absolute commitment to ISIS at the time of his arrest, and his deeply disturbing conduct since then ΓǪ powerfully support a single conclusion: the incapacitation of El Bahnasawy should be total and lifelong,” U.S. prosecutor Geoffrey Berman said in a written submission filed to a New York federal court.

El Bahnasawy’s lawyers have requested a sentence “no greater than necessary to comply with (the law),” and suggested he be released from custody in his mid-twenties, “when his cognitive development will be complete.

Canadian parents plead for mercy ahead of son’s sentencing in NYC bomb plot
Prosecutors say he’s a threat and deserves a life sentence; parents say he’s mentally ill and needs help

By Susan Ormiston, Nazim Baksh, CBC News Posted: Mar 21, 2018:

Khdiga Metwally, left, and Osama El Bahnasawy of Mississauga, Ont., hope a U.S. judge won’t sentence their son, Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy, 20, to life in prison for plotting bombings in New York City in 2016. (CBC)

The parents of a Canadian man convicted of plotting ISIS attacks against busy New York City landmarks say their son was a mentally ill teenager and doesn’t deserve to spend the rest of his life in prison, however horrible his crimes.

Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy, 20, of Mississauga, Ont., pleaded guilty in October 2016 to conspiring with ISIS operatives in the failed plan to bomb Times Square and the city’s subway system.

SFSU professor says that it is Islamophobic to NOT hate Jews
Thursday, March 22, 2018 5:33 PM

This is actually true — Islamic Jew-hatred is a central tenet of Islam. So if you are not a Jew-hater, you are challenging a very basic premise of Islamic texts and teachings. That is islamophobic, is it not?

The problem here is that the professor is teaching this as if it’s a good thing, a correct hate, much like Nazi intellectuals did in the 30s.

SFSU professor says that it is Islamophobic to NOT hate Zionists

By Elder of Ziyon, March 22, 2018:

San Francisco State University president Leslie Wong clarified his earlier position about Zionism on campus, by issuing an apology and statement that read in part:

My comments about Zionists and whether or not they are welcomed at San Francisco State University caused a lot of anguish and deeply hurt feelings.  I am responsible for those words and, after study and reflection, I have come to understand how flawed my comments were.

Thus, I want to sincerely apologize for the hurt feelings and anguish my words have caused.  Let me be clear: Zionists are welcome on our campus.

I know this apology alone may not be enough.  But I am committed to a new course of dialogue and actions to ensure that my own awareness and learning will move this great university forward.  Admitting fault and desiring a path forward based upon mutual respect motivates me.  Making peace is hard work.  And hard work has long inspired me.  I hope you will join me.

In response Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi, Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies/Race and Resistance Studies, wrote what would be considered an astounding statement anywhere outside of academia:

I consider the statement below from President Wong, welcoming Zionists to campus, equating Jewishness with Zionism, and giving Hillel ownership of campus Jewishness, to be a declaration of war against Arabs, Muslims, Palestinians and all those who are committed to an indivisible sense of justice on and off campus….

I am ashamed to be affiliated with SFSU administration and demand the immediate retraction of this racist, Islamophobic and colonialist statement, and the restoration of SFSU social justice mission.

At a time when we are marking 50 years since the 1968 SFSU student strike and the quest to decolonize the curriculum, it is embarrassing to have our campus leadership cater to donor pressures and the Israeli lobby.

The dear academic is saying that  the statement “Zionists are welcome on our campus” to be a declaration of war, Islamophobic, racist and colonialist.

Oh, and the only reason anyone would say that a campus can welcome pro-Israel opinions is because they are getting money from the “Israeli lobby” (wink, wink.)

A fun postscript: Leslie Wong addressed Abdulhadi’s group in 2015, and described her as a “first-rate scholar, the model of the kind of person that I want around young people.” (16:53 of video.) Already at that time the professor had been known to meet with real, honest to goodness terrorists.

That’s what universities have become.

Amcha Initiative has issued a press release about Abdulhadi’s hate.

Palestinian Muslim claim to Jewish Dead Sea Scrolls up next at UNESCO (Waqf)
Thursday, March 22, 2018 4:32 PM

The Dead Sea Scrolls are ancient Jewish religious, mostly Hebrew, manuscripts found near the Dead Sea in Israel.

The continuing islamization of the United Nations, due in large part of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation – 56 countries including the Palestinian terror authority) have all but rendered these agencies as Islamic religious police, arbitrarily imposing and enforcing Islamic conquest and rule.

UNESCO has lost any semblance of objectivity and reality, and now operates as the Islamic Waqf. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has already voted to make the Jewish holy sites — the Tomb of the Patriarchs and the Old City of Hebron Pinto alestinian heritage sites, despite intense pushback from Israel and the United States.

The Trump administration warned the United Nations: Anti-Israel bias is crippling UNESCO and preventing any sort of actual progress from being made. Chris Hegadorn, the U.S. envoy, said in one of America’s final speeches to the organization — final, because President Donald Trump has withdrawn from UNESCO, beginning next year — that the bureaucratic bloat and bias is mind-boggling.

He warned that America’s departure from UNESCO is simply a sign of how rotten the group has become, and that speedy reform is necessary.

Israel warned Dead Sea Scrolls may be claimed by Palestinians

As they were discovered in the West Bank, Palestinians argue the Scrolls are theirs, even though the area was in British hands at the time

Palestinian authorities may seek to claim as their own the archaeological site of Qumran and its Dead Sea Scrolls, the Simon Wiesenthal Center has warned.

The scrolls, discovered in the Qumran Caves in the mid-20th century, date from biblical times and comprise handwritten manuscripts of great historical and religious importance.

Palestinians and their supporters argue that, as they were discovered in the West Bank, this makes them Palestinian by right, even though the area was in British hands at the time.

They also claim that The Rockefeller Museum in east Jerusalem, where a significant number of scrolls were housed, was in Arab hands before 1967. Israel captured the museum, and the scrolls held there, in the Six-Day War in 1967.

Speaking at a panel on the denial of Jewish history yesterday, Shimon Samuels, the Center’s director for international relations, criticised the Palestinians’ record of claiming biblical and cultural sites since joining UNESCO in 2011.

He claimed that the request about the Scrolls might be raised at the next meeting of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee, to take place in July.

The Committee has previously ascribed to Palestine Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity in 2012; the site of the ancient Jewish fortress at Betar in 2014; and Hebron’s Tomb of the Patriarchs in 2017.

Palestinian authorities have a list of 13 additional sites it seeks to register at UNESCO, according to the Jerusalem Post.

For the first time since the discovery of the scrolls, a fragment went on public display at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem yesterday, the Journal Gazette reported.

The damaged piece of the story relates to the alighting of Noah’s Ark on the peaks of Mount Ararat after the fabled flood. Noah tells how he “atoned for all the earth in its entirety” by offering up various animal sacrifices.

In December the JC reported that the Frankfurt Bible Museum, in Germany, had to cancel plans to display sections of the scrolls after the museum could not secure the necessary guarantees from the German authorities that they would be returned to Israel.

VIDEO and PHOTOS: International Women’s Day celebrates Socialism and Sharia Law
Thursday, March 22, 2018 4:00 PM

March 8, 2018 –  5 pm – Washington Sq. International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day has been celebrated on March 8 for over 100 years, by SOCIALISTS, beginning in 1910; claiming this day to be:

  • Civil awareness day
  • Women and girls day
  • Anti-sexism day
  • Anti-discrimination day

A movement TROLLING for victims.

Socialism and Sharia Law – two brutal, collectivists systems.

The Soc/Commie/Prog/Fascisti rallied, denouncing capitalism, the police and Israel as their racist screeds of hatred filled the air; hatred that continued as they marched and chanted through the streets of lower Manhattan.

Supposedly a day to celebrate women, a recruitment day for hardcore Socialism.

ANARCHISM ruled, with Antifa itching for a fight while waving a pink AK47 flag.

But American patriots supported women in America and around the world, vs the horrors that plague women ignored by these anarchists.

Of course, the Antifa attack dogs considered the patriots to be more dangerous than any fascist, sharia-loving dictator.

So tempers flared, instigated by the Antifa. (see video)

Time line for video:
Snow/ice was thrown at the patriots (1:14 and 2:44-45)
Patriots signs were torn by the anarchists ( 2:24)

The NYPD had to intervene as the Antifa became more aggressive, physically assaulting a woman and a man (1:55-57)
The Antifa
did not stand down when the police demanded (2:00 and 2:08-9)
Unfortunately, pepper spray was used by someone who panicked and overreacted to the chaos. (2:05, 2:08)
difficult to see, but the pepper stream is there.

NEXT, Nerdeen Kiswaniof NYC SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) spewed her LIES about the IDF, stoking the fires of anti-Semitism.

Nerdeen, like all the Soc/Commie/Prog/Fascisti, ignored the horrors of Sharia law.

The BIG Women pics – challenged body shaming – I get it, but it seems like they went trolling for snarky Twitter comments.

From my friend Zhaver, a couple of moments I didn’t catch:

And more in Flickr slide show:

Found this as I searched the web, a university office CLOSED on March 8 – in solidarity with the Women’s STRIKE  [Facebook]

Posted by Meg Twss on Thursday, March 8, 2018

Hurl alert: McDonald’s flipped over its trademark “M” on social media to resemble a “W.”

Links to articles on feminism and IWD – NY Daily News, Slate and some background on Wiki.

Throughout the early 20th century, radicals saw March 8 as a chance to protest and disrupt a society they believed was built on the backs of exploited people, especially women, who were exploited as well as disenfranchised.”

Free Form TV on twitter gave us a “thoughtful” poster: “It’s time to kick our ‘I’m sorry’ habit to the curb. We won’t miss it.

 SHOULD WE apologize? … Or Not ….

[Where indicated, pictures and videos  property of Pamela Hall]
Vienna: “Devout Muslim” stabs soldier outside Iranian envoy’s residence
Thursday, March 22, 2018 3:00 PM

This is the new “diverse” Europe. The stabber was a Sunni Muslim and he was targeting the Shi’ite Iranian embassy. These battles have been fought in Muslim lands for centuries. Now they have come to Europe. There will be much, much more of this.

“Vienna Knife Attacker ‘Had Sympathy For Political Islam,’” RFERL, March 13, 2018 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

A senior Austrian security official says the man who was shot dead over the weekend after stabbing a soldier outside the Iranian ambassador’s residence in Vienna “clearly had sympathy for political Islam.”

Michaela Kardeis, head of public security, told a news conference on March 13 that for now there were no more details about the 26-year-old assailant’s background or possible motives….

Meanwhile, the Defense Ministry said that during his Austrian military service in 2012 the man was registered as a devout Muslim.

The Vienna-born man of Egyptian origin, named by police as Mohamed E., attacked the soldier outside the Iranian envoy’s residence late on March 11, stabbing him several times with a knife….

The Kurier newspaper reported that the man, who lived with his parents in a working-class area of Vienna, followed a German Salafist preacher on Facebook.

He was also a fan of a Facebook group that agitated for the “release of Sunni prisoners” in mostly Shi’ite Iran, it reported….

Disgraced FBI Deputy Director McCabe Was Investigating Sessions
Thursday, March 22, 2018 2:00 PM

Andrew McCabe was just fired from his deputy director position with the FBI by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

But in an interesting twist, it turns out McCabe had a year ago been investigating Sessions over testimony he provided Congress.

Sessions spoke in November 2017:

And what’s really intriguing is that McCabe’s investigation focused on whether Sessions was guilty of a “lack of candor” while speaking to members of Congress — the same phrase applied to McCabe justifying his firing.

ABC News has more:

Nearly a year before Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired senior FBI official Andrew McCabe for what Sessions called a “lack of candor,” McCabe oversaw a federal criminal investigation into whether Sessions lacked candor when testifying before Congress about contacts with Russian operatives, sources familiar with the matter told ABC News.

Democratic lawmakers have repeatedly accused Sessions of misleading them in congressional testimony and called on federal authorities to investigate, but McCabe’s previously-unreported decision to actually put the attorney general in the crosshairs of an FBI probe was an exceptional move.

One source told ABC News that Sessions was not aware of the investigation when he decided to fire McCabe last Friday less than 48 hours before McCabe, a former FBI deputy director, was due to retire from government and obtain a full pension, but an attorney representing Sessions declined to confirm that.

Last year, several top Republican and Democratic lawmakers were informed of the probe during a closed-door briefing with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and McCabe, ABC News was told.

In his own words: McCabe claims firing part of ‘ongoing assault’ on Russia probe
DOJ gives special counsel internal docs on proposed Sessions resignation, source says
By then, Sessions had recused himself from the FBI’s probe of Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election, giving Rosenstein oversight of the growing effort.

Within weeks, Rosenstein appointed special counsel Robert Mueller to take over the investigation and related inquiries, including the Sessions matter.

Two months ago, Sessions was interviewed by Mueller’s team, and the federal inquiry related to his candor during his confirmation process has since been shuttered, according to a lawyer representing Sessions.

“The Special Counsel’s office has informed me that after interviewing the attorney general and conducting additional investigation, the attorney general is not under investigation for false statements or perjury in his confirmation hearing testimony and related written submissions to Congress,” attorney Chuck Cooper told ABC News on Wednesday.

According to the sources, McCabe authorized the criminal inquiry after a top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont, and then-Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., wrote a letter in March 2017 to the FBI urging agents to investigate “all contacts” Sessions may have had with Russians, and “whether any laws were broken in the course of those contacts or in any subsequent discussion of whether they occurred.”

It’s unclear how actively federal authorities pursued the matter in the months before Sessions’ interview with Mueller’s investigators. It’s also unclear whether the special counsel may still be pursuing other matters related to Sessions and statements he has made to Congress – or others – since his confirmation.

During his confirmation in January 2017, Sessions told the Senate committee that he had not been in contact with anyone connected to the Russian government about the 2016 election. He also said he was “not aware” of anyone else affiliated with the Trump campaign communicating with the Russian government ahead of the election.

Two months later, after a Washington Post report disputed what Sessions told Congress, the attorney general acknowledged he had met the Russian ambassador twice during the presidential campaign, but insisted none of those interactions were “to discuss issues of the campaign.”

Sessions “made no attempt to correct his misleading testimony until The Washington Post revealed that, in fact, he had at least two meetings with the Russian ambassador,” Leahy and Franken said in a statement at the time. “We know he would not tolerate dishonesty if he were in our shoes.”

Sessions called any suggestions that he misled lawmakers “false.”

Nevertheless, charges subsequently brought by Mueller raised more questions over Sessions’ testimony to Congress.

In November, former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos admitted to federal authorities that during the campaign he was in frequent contact with Russian operatives about setting up a meeting between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Papadopoulos pitched the idea to Sessions and Trump at a meeting of the then-candidate’s foreign policy team in March 2016.
Sessions later told lawmakers he “always told the truth,” insisting he didn’t recall the March 2016 meeting when first testifying to Congress. He later remembered the meeting after reading news reports about it, he said.

“We are concerned by Attorney General Sessions’ lack of candor to the Committee and his failure thus far to accept responsibility for testimony that could be construed as perjury,” Leahy and Franken said in their March 2017 letter to then-FBI director James Comey, who was fired by Trump two months later.

It is a federal crime for anyone to knowingly provide false information to Congress – or to a federal law enforcement agency. No charges have been announced against McCabe, and there’s no indication that the FBI has recommended he be charged.

McCabe was fired Friday after the Justice Department’s inspector general concluded that McCabe misled investigators looking into how Justice Department and FBI officials handled matters associated with the 2016 presidential election.

In October 2016, hoping to push back on a series of news reports questioning whether he might be trying to protect Hillary Clinton, McCabe authorized two FBI officials to speak with a reporter about his efforts to boost the FBI’s investigation of the Clinton Foundation. When he was questioned later about that decision, McCabe “lacked candor – including under oath – on multiple occasions,” Sessions said in a statement announcing McCabe’s firing.

“The FBI expects every employee to adhere to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and accountability,” Sessions said. “As the [FBI’s ethics office] stated, ‘all FBI employees know that lacking candor under oath results in dismissal and that our integrity is our brand.'”

McCabe vehemently denies misleading investigators, saying in his own statement that he is “being singled out and treated this way because of the role I played, the actions I took, and the events I witnessed in the aftermath of the firing of James Comey.”

For more than a year, Trump and other Republicans have questioned whether McCabe harbored a political bias when making law enforcement decisions as deputy director. McCabe’s critics point to his ties to Democrats, particularly his wife’s failed Democratic run for state senate in Virginia nearly three years ago.

But in an interview with ABC News, McCabe insisted politics was “absolutely not” a factor in any of the decisions he made, noting he has considered himself a Republican all his life.

A representative for McCabe declined to comment for this article.

Franken, one of the two senators who pushed the FBI to investigate Sessions, resigned from Congress in December amid several claims of sexual misconduct.

VIDEO: Muslim migrant screaming “Allahu akbar” rushes at Angela Merkel
Thursday, March 22, 2018 1:30 PM

This is the Germany Merkel wanted, and that Merkel made. Maybe this adherent of the Religion of Peace just wanted to thank her for giving him asylum. She should have gone over and shook his hand instead of rushing away. What, was she afraid? How “islamophobic” of her.

“Afghan man rushes at Angela Merkel, shouting ‘Allahu akbar,” according to witnesses,” translated from “Un Afghan se précipite vers Angela Merkel en criant « Allah Akbar » selon des témoins,” by Léo Kersauzie, Medias-Presse.info, March 15, 2018 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

Germany – The Welt.de newspaper reports that an Afghan rushed to Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday in front of the Bundestag.

The individual was blocked by a bodyguard and then arrested by the police.

According to some witnesses, this Afghan man shouted “Allahu akbar” running towards the Chancellor, who was leaving the Reichstag after her re-election and was about to enter her limousine….

Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler defends “Palestinian” payments to jihad terrorists
Thursday, March 22, 2018 1:05 PM

The Washington Post whitewashed terror inciter and Jew-hater Linda Sarsour. Now this.

The Washington Post’s tagline is “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

Oh, the irony.
There is only darkness is when there is no diversity of thought.
There is only darkness is when genocide is sanctioned.
There is only darkness is when one opinion is allowed.
There is only darkness is when there is no debate.
There is only darkness is when truth is censored, forbidden.
There is only darkness is when the Washington Post does not allow us to rebut the lies and libel.
There is only darkness is when propaganda is sold as “real journalism.”
There is only darkness at the Washington Post.

“Washington Post Defends PA Martyrs Fund,” by Daniel Pomerantz, Honest Reporting, March 14, 2018 (thanks to W):

What is the Palestinian Martyrs Fund? Is it a reward for terrorists or a system of social welfare for those in genuine need?

A Washington Post fact-checking analysis attempts to make the case that the fund is not primarily a reward for terrorism but a misunderstood social welfare program, unfairly maligned by Israeli and American researchers:

A big problem is definitional. Netanyahu refers to “terrorists and their families.” In the Palestinian Authority’s budget, one can find $350* million in annual payments to Palestinian prisoners, “martyrs” and injured, but can one with certainty say they are all terrorists?

(*The Martyrs Fund has recently been increased to $403 Million.)

To this end, journalist Glenn Kessler repeats Palestinian arguments that the fund is a kind of social welfare, cherry picking examples that would appear to support the claim. He also criticizes rigorous Israeli and US research.

Finally, Kessler completely avoids examination of the one thing that would utterly topple his dubious case: Palestinian law itself.

Palestinian Law

  • Palestinian law requires seven percent of the PA’s annual budget be paid to the so called, “Martyrs Fund.” About this fact, there is no debate: it is the plain language of existing law.
  • The Palestinian Budget Book (2017) specifically states that payments to killed or imprisoned Palestinians and their families from the Martyrs Fund are not social welfare but a salary, paid because the recipients constitute a “fighting sector.”
  • The salaries referenced above increase directly in proportion to the severity of the crime involved.  For example, murder earns the perpetrator a higher salary than committing bodily injury, which earns a higher salary than possessing a weapon. Again, this not mere opinion or conjecture, this is the Palestinian law.

With no attempt to verify, Kessler repeats the following Palestinian claim:

…the PLO says martyr payments go not only to people who were killed or injured by Israeli forces but also to victims of other events, such as a fiery 2012 bus accident that killed seven children and a teacher.

This, and other similar devices, are the fragile scaffolding upon which Kessler attempts to build his case that the Martyrs Fund is not actually designed around terror, all while ignoring what the law itself actually says, and how it actually works.

I debated this very topic on i24 News with PLO Executive Committee member Mustafa Barghouti. (This is a highlight clip, the full segment can be found here.)

“One Man’s Terrorist…”

The Post goes on to draw a disingenuous moral equivalence between modern Palestinian terrorism and the Irgun’s bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946, using the tired and long discredited refrain:

As the cliche goes, one man’s terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter.

This phrase originated in the aftermath of 9/11, when Stephen Jukes, then the Reuters’ head of global news, implemented an official  policy of not using the word “terrorism,”saying in a leaked memo, “We’re trying to treat everyone on a level playing field.” Jukes caught a lot of flak for the news service’s terror-free policy.
Jukes later admitted that he had another, more cynical motivation for the memo:

…we don’t want to jeopardize the safety of our staff. Our people are on the front lines, in Gaza, the West Bank and Afghanistan.

It seems Jukes decided to forbid using the word terrorism…because of his fear that he might offend terrorists. (Terrorists who might then target his staff with…you guessed it: acts of terror.)

This is not a matter of mere semantics: combating terrorism begins with defining it. Numerous #gsc.tab=0" rel="noopener" target="_blank">scholars and media personalities criticized Jukes’ turn of phrase, explaining that its long-term impact makes it increasingly difficult to face, much less to combat, global terror. In 2004, Reuters and Canada’s Canwest media chain even had a standoff over terror when editors unilaterally added the t-word to Reuters content.

King David Hotel Bombing

Kessler’s description of the bombing at the King David Hotel is highly misleading. The Jerusalem hotel was a headquarters of the British military command and the British Criminal Investigation Division (CID), making it a military target. Before targeting this military headquarters, the Irgun called ahead to warn of their plan, urging the hotel’s evacuation. I’m not aware of any Palestinian terrorist ever making such a warning.

Both in 1946 and still today, many Israelis have mixed feelings about whether the Irgun was right to act as it did. Yet right or wrong, there was a clear reason: the British military was arresting and preparing to deport Jewish refugees who had fled from the Holocaust. The world’s horror over precisely these type of deportations led to formation of the modern international law on refugees.

By contrast, the Martyrs Fund pays people who kill civilians in pizza parlors and coffee shops, and butcher entire families to death in their homes. Whether you call that “terror” or “freedom fighting,” it bears absolutely no comparison to the Irgun’s attack….

Terror Warning, As Up To 30,000 People in Europe May Be In Terrorist Networks
Thursday, March 22, 2018 11:30 AM

Europol director Rob Wainwright said that up to 30,000 individuals could be living in the European Union, secretly plotting terror attacks.

Europol director Rob Wainwright

In an interview with a television station in Bulgaria, Wainwright warned there could be an “explosion” of terror-tied incidents in the coming years, for those living in the EU bloc.

And yet: The EU’s largely liberal leaders don’t see a need to clamp borders and control immigration from mostly Muslim nations?

The Express has more:

Up to 30,000 people have been radicalised and are part of terror cells or communities which could be inspired by groups such as Islamic State (ISIS), Europol director Rob Wainwright said.

In an interview with Bulgarian television, the Briton warned of an “explosion of terrorist activity in recent years”, adding there is “very complex” range of threats facing the EU.

Sofia-based news agency Novinite quoted Mr Wainwright as saying: “About 30,000 people in Europe are potentially part of terrorist communities.

“Things are not that clear. These people are inspired, but are not subordinate to an ‘Islamic state’.”

Mr Wainwright also warned Europe was facing a new generation of threats, including cyber attacks and danger posed by “many groups that resemble mafias in many countries”.

He made the comments while in the Bulgarian capital to meet with the oversight committees which monitor the work of Europol.

The agency was established in 1998 to combat terrorism and serious organised crime across the continent.

In a separate report by Bulgarian media, a study was presented to the country’s parliament today which revealed 800 people had travelled from the Western Balkans to Syria and Iraq to fight for ISIS.

The Western Balkans include several nations being considered for European Union membership, such as Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to Bulgarian news agency EU Scoop, the country’s former Minister of the Interior Tsvetan Tsvetanov said a stronger Europe was needed to combat the growing threat.

He said the threat of Islamic terrorism and lack of a cohesive European police force will lead to blind spots in the continent’s defence, according to the agency.

Commenting on the 800 people identified as ISIS fighters, Mr Tsvetanov was quoted as saying: “They are becoming a serious threat to the security of the EU.”

Both Mr Wainwright’s and Mr Tsvetanov’s comments come a day ahead of the first anniversary of the Westminster terror attack which left six people, including attacker Khalid Masood, dead.

Scotland Yard has said extra officers will be on duty tomorrow to reassure Londoners and visitors.

Judenrein Oslo Festival Imposes 21st Century Nuremberg Laws
Thursday, March 22, 2018 11:00 AM

A festival in Oslo, Norway, billed as a celebration of femininity and gender identity choice turned away six Israeli choreographers, saying they don’t belong because their Jewish nation uses culture to gloss over its treatment of the “Palestinian” people.

The artists had applied to take part in the “Feminine Tripper” event.

Six Israelis were banned from participating in a festival in Oslo, Norway.

But they received letters of rejection.

Event organizers said Israel uses “propaganda” to justify its “occupation” of “Palestinian” territories.

The Jerusalem Post has more:

The six Israeli artists who applied to participate in the “Feminine Tripper” festival — Eden Wiseman, Roni Rotem, Nitzan Lederman, Maayan Cohen Marciano, Adi Shildan and Maia Halter — received copies of a letter from the organizers saying that Israel “uses culture as a form of propaganda to whitewash or justify its regime of occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people.”

As a result, wrote organizers Kristiane Nerdrum Bøgwald and Margrete Slettebø, “We cannot with a clear conscience invite Israeli participants when we know that artists from the occupied Palestinian territories struggle with very restricted access to travel to international art venues and that they have little opportunity to communicate their art outside of the occupied territories.”

The festival opens on Saturday.

The choreographers called the rejection “reverse discrimination,” saying it holds artists accountable for the actions of their governments.

“Would you reject a Saudi artist for Saudi restrictions on women’s rights? Would you reject an American artist for the American policies regarding the ‘Muslim ban’ regulations?” they wrote in a letter, obtained by Ynet.
They also asked whether the ban would apply to Arab Israelis or Jewish-Israeli artists living abroad.

The organizers acknowledged receiving the Israeli reply but said that they could not address it until the festival was over because of their current heavy workload, Ynet reported.

CONVICTED: North Carolina Muslim who plotted to assassinate Pamela Geller and commit mass murder at free speech event in Texas found GUILTY of recruiting for the Islamic State
Wednesday, March 21, 2018 9:04 PM

Erick Jamal Hendricks plotted to kill Pamela Geller and hundreds who attended AFDI’s free speech event in Garland, Texas. He was found guilty of aiding and abetting ISIS. Once again, the family covers and sanctions jihad and blames islamophobia (in other words, the victims). His mother told the Observer in 2016 that her son was “patriotic,” and was facing trumped-up charges because he is a converted Muslim.

Hendricks had contacted Al-Ghazi over social media to recruit him months earlier. Al-Ghazi said Hendricks tested his religious knowledge and commitment, inquiring about his willingness to commit “jihad,” to die as a “martyr” and his desire to enter “jannah” (paradise). Al-Ghazi had pledged allegiance to ISIS in social media and made statements expressing interest in conducting attack.

Hendricks was part of a group responsible for a thwarted terrorist attack in Garland, Texas, prosecutors said. On April 23, 2015, Hendricks used social media to contact Elton Simpson, who, along with Nadir Hamid Soofi, was inspired by ISIS and launched the attack on AFDI’s free speech in Garland, Texas.

Charlotte man convicted of trying of recruit backers for terrorism on US soil

By Mark Price, Charlotte Observer, March 21, 2018:

Erick Jamal Hendricks, 37, of Charlotte, was convicted this week of conspiring to provide material support to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), a designated foreign terrorist organization.

His sentencing has yet to be scheduled, officials said.

The trial was held in Akron, Ohio, where government prosecutors successfully painted a picture of Hendricks as the driving force behind a proposed ISIS sleeper cell on American soil.

“Erick Jamal Hendricks represents the significant online ISIS threat that we face daily: A US citizen that becomes radicalized online and attempts to recruit and train individuals to commit jihad, all while on American soil,” said Special Agent in Charge Stephen Anthony. “The FBI is pleased that Hendricks was stopped before he was successful and now will spend a significant amount of time behind bars.”

 Hendricks moved to Charlotte from Columbia, South Carolina, in July of 2016 and was arrested at his home on Aug. 4 of the same year as part of a complex government investigation that included FBI operatives.

His mother told the Observer in 2016 that her son was “patriotic,” and was facing trumped-up charges because he is a converted Muslim.

Federal prosecutors and the FBI tell a different story, of an Arkansas native who spent months in 2015 trying to recruit ISIS sympathizers through social media to train and unleash terrorist attacks in the United Sates for ISIS.

Authorities say he was unaware that he was often communicating with an FBI operative, bureau informants and an admitted ISIS sympathizer who was arrested in Ohio after he illegally bought an assault rifle.

The latter was a man identified as Amir Al-Ghazi, who was arrested in Ohio in June 2015, after attempting to purchase an AK-47 assault rifle and ammunition from an undercover law enforcement officer. Al-Ghazi had pledged allegiance to ISIS in social media and made statements expressing interest in conducting attacks in the U.S, prosecutors said.

Hendricks had contacted Al-Ghazi over social media to recruit him months earlier. Al-Ghazi said Hendricks tested his religious knowledge and commitment, inquiring about his willingness to commit “jihad,” to die as a “martyr” and his desire to enter “jannah” (paradise).

Al-Ghazi said he believed that Hendricks was part of a group responsible for a thwarted terrorist attack in Garland, Texas, prosecutors said. On April 23, 2015, Hendricks used social media to contact Elton Simpson, who, along with Nadir Hamid Soofi, was inspired by ISIS and launched the attack on the “First Annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest” in Garland.

Simpson and Soofi opened fire, wounding a security guard, before Garland police returned fire and killed both Simpson and Soofi.

Al-Ghazi previously pleaded guilty to attempting to provide material support to a designated terrorist organization and being a felon in possession of firearms, officials said. He is awaiting sentencing.

Prosecutors say Hendricks’s potential targets included military members whose information had been released by ISIS and the woman who organized the “Draw Prophet Mohammad contest.” He claimed to have 10 members signed up for his group, according court documents and trial testimony.

The case was investigated by the FBI’s offices in Cleveland; Columbia, South Carolina; Baltimore; and Charlotte, with assistance from the U.S. Attorney’s Offices in the District of Maryland, District of South Carolina and the Western District of North Carolina.

France Proposes Criminals Monitor Online “Hate Speech” as Part of Community Service
Wednesday, March 21, 2018 7:32 PM

60 per cent of inmates in France are Muslims. What could possibly go wrong?

France Proposes Criminals Monitor Online Hate Speech as Part of Community Service

Bt Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, March 18,2018:

The French government is considering allowing convicted criminals to monitor social media for hate speech and cyberbullying as part of their community service.

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe revealed the government’s new strategy to combat hate speech and anti-semitism online earlier this week, promising to fight hate speech and hold social media platforms accountable, French business magazine Capital reports.

While the number of “hate-incidents” declined in 2017, for the second year running, Prime Minister Philippe said the government still needed to address the growing rates of anti-semitic and anti-Muslim incidents.

Part of the government plan involves devoting more resources to the French Interior Ministry’s PHAROS programme which monitors illegal acts on the internet such as “paedophilia, incitement to racial hatred, terrorism, and scams using the internet”, according to the Interior Ministry website.

To aid PHAROS, the government is also considering assigning convicted criminals to various associations to also monitor and report hate speech.

The programme could have unforeseen consequences, especially when it comes to anti-semitic hate crimes, as reports in the past have shown the growth of radical Islam among prison inmates and other reports that claim up to 60 per cent of inmates are Muslims. Many Jews living in France have reported a growing number of attacks from extremist Muslims, forcing some to move elsewhere.

Anti-hate laws have been the subject of controversy in the UK over the past two weeks after several prominent right-wing personalities, including activist and journalist Lauren Southern and Austrian Identitarian leader Martin Sellner, were banned from entering the UK.

Sellner, who planned to give a speech in Hyde Park’s famous speaker’s corner, was detained for three days along with his girlfriend, author and political commentator Britanny Pettibone. Despite the ban, Sellner’s speech was read out at Hyde Park a week later by former English Defence League leader turned citizen journalist Tommy Robinson to a crowd of thousands of cheering supporters.

Earlier this week, Scottish Youtuber Mark Meechan, known online as Count Dankula, was convicted of hate speech charges after he trained his girlfriend’s dog to give the Nazi salute as a joke to annoy her.

Ontario synagogue hit hard by anti-Jewish attack
Wednesday, March 21, 2018 5:27 PM

I was scheduled to speak at this synagogue in 2013/14. The event was cancelled because a Muslim cop blackmailed the Rabbi, threatening to remove his chaplain status.

Thornhill, Ontario’s anti-Jewish policies are bearing fruit – as did the rabbi’s capitulation to Islamic demands to silence proud Jews.

Rabbi Mendel’s facebook post:

Our cameras’ show a man walking by our Shul… stopping multiple times looking for rocks — and then running back TWICE to hatefully smash the glass doors. York Regional Police are on the scene and a manhunt is underway. I will post the video shortly.

Please share and forward any information you might have to YRP at 1-866-876-5423, or or leave an anonymous tip for Crime Stoppers of York Region at: 1-800-222-8477 or text TIPYORK or leave a tip online at 1800222tips.com.

I don’t expect the sharia police to pursue this crime.


“Here are the videos. Clearly this is a willful and premeditated attack on a Synagogue.

Yet despite this obviously anti-Semitic and hateful act, replete with the historically ominous imagery of shattered glass — posted hours ago on here on my Facebook wall and shared umpteen times by so many — there has been nothing but deafening silence from the very same moralizing elected officials who flipped out when a young Muslim girl faked an attack on her Hijab.

I guess racist hate …directed against Canadian Jews is all that important… Sickening. Infuriating. And quite frankly, frightening.

Will any public officials have the courage and gumption to acknowledge the truth and deal with this glaring disparity?!”

Posted by Mendel Kaplan on Wednesday, March 21, 2018