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Mike Cernovich is a journalist, documentary filmmaker and best-selling author of Gorilla Mindset.

What BuzzFeed Ben Smith Gets Right and Wrong about New Right Media
Sunday, July 23, 2017 7:11 PM

BuzzFeed (yes, that BuzzFeed) has been providing some of the only useful and insightful commentary on the new right media. Charlie Warzel along with Abby Ohlheiser of WaPo are worth reading, even though they are liberals who aren’t thrilled with the new right’s success.

Being a real journalist means telling the truth, even if you wish the truth were otherwise. The non-stop hit articles on me struck me as odd. Isn’t it the job of journalists to understand and explain what is happening? I’m recognized in public daily, co-hosting the biggest and best parties, and have millions of readers and viewers. How was I able to create a media empire from an iPhone. Isn’t that the real story?

In an article on BuzzFeed, Ben Smith imagines a new world of new right media.

What if Trump TV was Good?
American journalists watching the rise of an aggressive new quasi-official Trump media have been able to take solace in one thing: Much of it is laughably bad. The websites are drowning in bizarre popup ads. The grainy Periscopes have a few thousand concurrent viewers at their very best. The television programs — even over at Fox News, the ambivalent mothership of them all — look clunky and dated to the 2017 eye.

Ben is right that our production value is low, that’s because we don’t have large corporate advertisers. BuzzFeed deletes articles at the command of advertisers, so we at least have independence. (“BuzzFeed Says Posts Were Deleted Because of Advertising Pressure.”)

Ben is right in observing that that everyone needs to step up his or her game.

There are exceptions: Alex Jones spends lavishly on production, and it shows; Mike Cernovich is figuring out publishers’ Facebook tricks. It’s easy to think that media in service of power must always be like this.

Ben is wrong about ratings and “low” Periscope view counts, and he doesn’t understand news cycles.

The ADL recently targeted me. On vacation at a vineyard, I released a 3 minute and 11 second response video. My “grainy Periscope” was watched by 75,000 people, created a news cycle, and even became an issue in the Ohio Senate race.

How many listens did Ben’s professionally produced podcast get? He doesn’t post the stats. Why not?

H.R. McMaster is holding town halls to address my Tweets.

@Cernovich/h-r-mcmaster-holds-town-hall-to-address-cernovichs-tweets-6ac25ebe4a7d" target="_blank">H.R. McMaster Holds Town Hall to Address Cernovich’s Tweets

Those “grainy Periscopes” create authentic human connection. Who in media is as beloved as “social media” stars?

New right wing media is part journalism, part activism. If someone is getting 10,000 real people watching their streams, that’s huge.

How many phone calls does it take to jam a phone line (legally and lawfully) by asking your viewers to call to complain about unfair press coverage? How many emails can someone like Ali get people to send?

Ali 👑 (@ali) | Twitter

As Nassim Taleb demonstrated as mathematical truth, “The Most Intolerant Wins.”

The Most Intolerant Wins: The Dictatorship of the Small Minority

10,000 hell raises are far more valuable for our movement than 100,000 or even 1,000,000 bored unengaged readers.

Why? Because we can’t get advertisers. What use is a “hate page view” to me? I don’t earn money on those clicks or views.

If I could find 10,000 people who would buy ever book I wrote, back every film I produce, and link to every article I published…How would that compare in value to having millions of page views from bored and disengaged media consumers?

New right media is running a 1,000 True Fans model of media.

A true fan is defined as a fan that will buy anything you produce. These diehard fans will drive 200 miles to see you sing; they will buy the hardback and paperback and audible versions of your book; they will purchase your next figurine sight unseen; they will pay for the “best-of” DVD version of your free youtube channel; they will come to your chef’s table once a month. If you have roughly a thousand of true fans like this (also known as super fans), you can make a living — if you are content to make a living but not a fortune.

Compare Ben Smith of BuzzFeed to Mike Cernovich.

How many people could raise six figures in a KickStarter? Hoaxed already has 1,000 backers and has raised over $125,000.

I owe advertisers nothing. No monied interest will have creative control.

BuzzFeed Ben Smith is right. We must all up our production value.

I’m not trolling here, Ben’s article should be a wake-up call for everyone. We need to continue doing daily videos and blogs, and we need to learn video editing, production, and other technical skills. (Or we need to hire people who have those skills.

Case study: My first documentary, Silenced.

Amazon.com: Silenced: Alan Dershowitz, Loren Feldman, Mike Cernovich: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Silenced was shot on an iPhone and Canon T6 DSLR.

Silenced’s cast includes Alan Dershowitz, Scott Adams, Dave Rubin, Gavin McGinnes, Anthony Cumia, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Mike Cernovich. And dozens of other great people.

Silenced could have been great, but the production quality was low. It lacked graphics, title cards, narrative structure, pace, musical composition, and energy.

The production level of Hoaxed is going to be…Well…See for yourself.

You can help us all up our game by backing Hoaxed today!

— — —

Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker.

H.R. McMaster Holds Town Hall to Address Cernovich’s Tweets
Saturday, July 22, 2017 5:22 AM

America’s National Security Adviser is a three-star general, and he held a meeting to discuss yours truly.

(Bloomberg View) — At a town hall for National Security Council staffers last week, their boss, H.R. McMaster, had a message for those assembled. “There’s no such thing as a holdover,” the national security adviser said, referring to the career professionals who stayed on the council after the presidential transition in January. McMaster went on to say that career staffers are loyal to the president.
He was responding to a series of tweets from the blogger Mike Cernovich, who singled out some lower-level staffers, by name, as alleged leakers. He was standing by the people who worked for him.

I have a lot of haters, and people love to claim I’m irrelevant. But facts are facts.

The National Security Adviser of the most powerful nation in the world is holding meetings to discuss my stories.

Is anyone talking about National Review’s stories?

Again, let’s be honest here.

Name someone, other than me, who is being singled out for attacks by McMaster and even the Soros-owned Foreign Policy.

@Cernovich/mike-cernovich-foreign-affairs-council-on-foreign-relations-a4d6f7ad37a9" target="_blank">Deep State Operative Pretends to be Journalist, is Exposed as a Shill by Cernovich

Those who support my work have proof that we are having a massive impact.

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The ADL Creates Hit List of Political Opponents, Inciting Terrorism #ADLTerror
Wednesday, July 19, 2017 4:00 PM

I wanted to kill as many people as possible,” mass shooter Floyd Corkins told police. Corkins was inspired to commit murder by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which had created a hit list of political opponents.

Corkins — who had chosen the research council as his target after finding it listed as an anti-gay group on the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center — had planned to stride into the building and open fire on the people inside in an effort to kill as many as possible, he told investigators, according to the court documents.

Inspired by the SPLC’s success and the recent mass shooting in D.C., which left Congressman Steven Scalise critically wounded, the ADL has added me and others to a “hit list.”

In a recent message sent out to its rich donors and unhinged fans alike, the ADL claimed 36 people, including me, were members of or leaders of “hate groups.”

No evidence or rationale was given for naming me as a hate group leader, and indeed there is no evidence. By the ADL’s own description, I’m a media outlet rather than a group leader. I don’t lead a love group or hate group. I write books, produce films, and break major stories.

The ADL’s intent cannot be more clear. They want their useful idiots to murder those the ADL disagrees with politically.

While I am not always blameless, there is no reasonable argument to be made that I lead a “hate group.” I don’t lead any group, and am instead best understood as an author, filmmaker, and media mogul.

Interestingly, Jake Tapper and Brian Stelter, who both claim that making cartoons of journalists is instilling terror, have remained silent about the ADL’s target list.

And when a right-wing group made a list of unethical university professors, the media called this action a “threat on free speech.”

List exposing 'left-leaning' university professors condemned

The ADL is trying to get people they disagree with murdered.

There is a word for what the ADL is doing — terrorism.

Floyd Lee Corkins is but one of many terrorists on the left.

DC shooter wanted to kill as many as possible, prosecutors say

The Young Turks likewise has a feral fan base, which includes several mass murderers.

@Cernovich/the-young-turks-and-cenk-uygur-inspired-terrorism-multiple-shooters-confirm-6140bb23ed08" target="_blank">The Young Turks and Cenk Uygur Inspired Terrorism, Multiple Shooters Confirm

That no one in the media has disavowed the ADL’s recent act of terror is one of many reasons people sincerely believe, myself included, that the mainstream media is trying to get people they disagree with murdered.

The NY Times celebrated the hit list.

The mainstream media in America is ISIS.

— — —

Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker. You can support his journalism here:

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Filmmaker Mike Cernovich Raises over $70,000 in Two Days for Latest Film, Hoaxed
Wednesday, July 12, 2017 5:32 PM

Filmmaker Mike Cernovich raised over $70,000 in only two days for his latest film, Hoaxed.

His haters are already jealous, to which Cernovich told this reporter, “Instead of making hate videos and Tweets about me, they should be developing their own skills. I’m an author who wrote a massively successful mindset book, then broke some of the biggest stories of 2017, and now I’m going to produce a major hit film. What have my haters done with their time?”

Cernovich produced a feature-length documentary on Free Speech, Silenced, which raised $71,000 a year ago on Kickstarter.

Cernovich hopes his success serves as an inspiration for others.

As explored in Gorilla Mindset, Cernovich grew up poor.

Yet he was able to overcome some of life’s horrible challenges by developing a systematic mindset model.

Since then Cernovich has continued to see success after success.

Everyone can achieve their dreams with Gorilla Mindset.

Accused Pedophile Pictured with Robby Mook and CNN Anchors— Will CNN Disavow?
Monday, July 10, 2017 5:50 AM

Jacob Schwartz was the president of the Manhattan Young Democrats. He has been accused of possessing over 3,000 images of children being molested and abused.

Here is a picture of Jacob Schwartz with Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook.

Why has Mook refused to disavow?

Here is a picture of Jacob Schwartz with Brooke Baldwin.

Will Brooke Baldwin disavow?

Jacob Schwartz was a guest on Chris Cuomo’s CNN show.

Why has Cuomo refused to disavow?

Clinton supporters: Racism, Russia among reasons she lost

Do CNN and Robby Mook endorse Jacob Schwartz’s conduct?

Under the standard CNN and the Democrats hold conservatives to, we must conclude that refusing to disavow a pedophile allows us to draw an adverse inference.

Unlike David Duke, who Trump hated, we have pictures of Jacob Schwartz with Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. Trump had to disavow Duke 9 or 10 times, because apparently public figures must disavow people they don’t even like.

Schwartz was an honored guest on CNN! He also led the Democrats’ official group, Young Manhattan Democrats. Schwartz was a real player within the Democrats. He even worked for Mayor Bill de Blasio.

My hope is that Robby Mook, Brooke Baldwin, and Chris Cuomo disavow pedophile Jacob Schwartz.

De Blasio administration employee is arrested for child pornography

Deep State Operative Pretends to be Journalist, is Exposed as a Shill by Cernovich
Sunday, July 9, 2017 7:40 PM

Because I broke the Susan Rice story, the biggest scoop of the year, the deep state is shook and wants to silence me. The official propaganda outlet for deep state shills and members of the Council on Foreign Relations is planning a hit piece on me.

War mongering is big business, and those few journalists who oppose the War Machine will face brutal attacks on their reputations. What most do not know is that “journalists” work as undisclosed spokesmen and spokeswomen for deep state. The latest planned hit piece on Mike Cernovich shows you how fake news works behind the scenes.

Cernovich received a DM saying:

Mike, Hi, I’m working on a piece for [prestigious publication] about your recent blog/tweets about career civil servants working on the NSC. I wanted to give you an opportunity to comment. How do you decide who to write about?

After an introductory back-and-forth, Cernovich responded:

Do you think it’s weird sources are coming to you to complaint about me? It’s like they are using you, trying to get you to write a hit piece on me. That would make you a PR agent for them, which wouldn’t be real journalism. I hope your article includes people who speak on the record. They should also reach out to me directly rather than use you like their PR agent. Delete this message Jul 6 Sent

The “journalist” was not amused, and showed her hand towards the end of the conversation:

1. You have posted allegations against career civil servants in government and others without any evidence. Some of those allegations are demonstrably false. For example, you wrote that Eric Ciaramella was fired, which was not the case. You alleged Hillary Clinton had Parkinson’s Disease, which she does not. And you promoted the “pizzagate” conspiracy, which was false. In our article, we will refer to these posts as attacks on the reputations of people, often with unconfirmed or patently false information. Do you dispute this description? 2. It does not appear that the people you write about are given a chance to respond to these allegations. Do you ever reach out to these people for comment? If not, why not?

Cernovich told this fake news purveyor what she really was:

Hillary Clinton is obviously unwell, as anyone can see. Explain why she was wearing anti-seizure glasses after her “pneumonia.” You can’t. You are a shill. There are powerful pedophiles in D.C. Anthony Weiner is going to prison for child porn. Weiner had access to Hillary Clinton’s emails and was a golden child of Democrats. Jacob Schwartz was friends with Robby Mook, and Schwartz has been charged with possessing child pornography. Has Robby Mook disavowed? And why did CNN have Schwartz on as a guest? Has CNN disavowed the pedophile they gave a platform?
You are a spokeswoman for globalist warmongers. You are the mouthpiece of death and destruction. Your fraudulent hit piece on me validates the strength of my work. One day perhaps you’ll do real journalism, and speak out against those who are hell bent on destroying the West and the Middle East.

No one Cernovich has criticized contacted him directly.

I am easy to reach. Why hasn’t H.R. McMaster or his globalist stooges contacted me directly?

What sort of “reporter” works as a PR agent for McMaster without disclosing these ties? Is McMaster one of her sources of leaks?

As you see, what will be presented as journalism is a “reporter” serving as a public relations spokesperson for the people Cernovich writes about.

Cernovich is honored that the Council on Foreign Relations is attacking him.

This is how much of an impact we are having. The official propaganda outlet for the Council on Foreign Relations is planning a hit piece on me.

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Creepy Andrew Kaczynski has History of Harassing Women, Spreading Fake News
Wednesday, July 5, 2017 10:43 PM

“We are going to hunt you down and rape you,” is but one message Justine Sacco received after one of her ironic Tweets were taken out of context. Fearing for her life, Sacco went into hiding. Who was it who led a rape mob against Sacco — none other than CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski.

Kaczynski, using his massive platform at Buzzfeed, widely shared and RT’ed Sacco’s ironic Tweet.

Kaczynski took a victory lap when Sacco’s life was ruined.

CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski has a history of spreading fake news.

Kaczynski was caught in a major fake news scandal in 2013 — one for which he never atoned for. After the Boston Marathon bombing, Kaczynski falsely accused a man of being a bombing suspect.

The next multiplier came from Andrew Kaczynski, a journalist at BuzzFeed, who sent out the police-scanner misinformation to his 81,000 followers and quickly followed up with: “Wow Reddit was right about the missing Brown student per the police scanner. Suspect identified as [redacted].”.

Why did CNN hire a proven purveyor of fake news.

Kaczynski did not merely spread minor fake news. He ruined a young man’s life by falsely accusing him of a horrific act of terrorism.

The Real Story of Sunil Tripathi, the Boston Bomber Who Wasn't

Kaczynski’s victim had committed suicide, devastating the family.

While the documentary focuses in large part on the collision between the Tripathis and cyber vigilantes and journalists who believed Sunil played a role in the bombing, Broffman says at the end of the day, the story that got lost in the chaos was Sunil’s own — how depression can lead to a nightmare for a family that would have done anything to save their son. Sunil’s body was found in the Providence River on April 23, 2013, and an autopsy revealed that he had committed suicide.

Creepy Andrew Kaczynski Harasses Women and Falsely Accuses People of Crimes.

He is exactly the caliber of person you’d expect to find at CNN.

— — —

Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker. You can support real journalism here.

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Politico Confirms Mike Cernovich’s Reporting on Tillerson’s Migrant Resettlement Plan
Saturday, July 1, 2017 7:06 PM

Politico confirmed Mike Cernovich’s scoop in an article that didn’t credit Cernovich. In a pattern all too familiar to Cernovich’s news fans, a Tweet from Cernovich — an afterthought — is big enough for a full write-up at mainstream publications.

On June 29th, Cernovich Tweeted:

The next day Politico reported:

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson argued with senior White House aide Stephen Miller over immigration issues last week in a second recent clash with the White House.

Tillerson’s State Department does not put America first.

Tillerson and Miller’s dispute concerned the State Department’s decision to lift the ban on allowing in migrants from terrorist countries, a story the NY Times reported in May.

U.S. Quietly Lifts Limit on Number of Refugees Allowed In

The State Department is being run by Never Trump’er Brian Hook.

Brian Hook has taken over control of the State Department, along with Margaret Peterlin. Hook, according to multiple sources, has been meeting with foreign heads of state.

The bottleneck in Rex Tillerson's State Department

One foreign leader from India found it degrading to meet with Hook, whose position does not warrant the level of power he holds. Hook, moreover, has committed several cultural faux pas and it seen as uncouth.

Brian Hook was a Never Trump’er.

Trump Critic Poised for Senior State Department Job

Why is a Never Trump’er in charge of the State Department?

Why is Brian Hook meeting with heads of state?

Why does Rex Tillerson want to allow in migrants from terrorist nations?

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Haters Wail as Cernovich Hits 300K
Wednesday, June 28, 2017 5:45 PM

Haters are wailing as Mike Cernovich hit 300,000 followers on Twitter on the second year anniversary of his hit book, Gorilla Mindset. Cernovich’s Twitter following has doubled since the election.

According to social media metrics measuring site SocialBlade, Cernovich is gaining an additional 25,000 Twitter followers a month.

Cernovich Twitter Stats Summary Profile (Social Blade Twitter Statistics) - SocialBlade.com

Cernovich’s other social media accounts have seen an increase, with his Facebook videos receiving millions of views each week.


When reached for comment, Cernovich told this reporter, “I’ll be finishing a book and film in 2017 this year, just as I did last year.” Laughing off claims he is an e-celebrity, he countered with a question, “What books have my haters written? Where are their films?”

@Cernovich/audacity-how-to-go-from-nobody-to-somebody-14d4cb7e8013" target="_blank">Audacity: How to Go from Nobody to Somebody

Cernovich has also been guest hosting the Alex Jones Show’s 4th Hour on Friday, with reports surfacing that he will be hosting a daily video and radio show.

— — —

Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker.

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Cernovich Media Donates $5,000 to Child Find
Sunday, June 25, 2017 12:57 PM

After the Manchester bombings, I knew there would be a great demand for my commentary. However I could not in good conscience earn money from SuperChat off of the deaths of children. The fake news media sells advertisements based on terrorism, which is why they incite terrorism.

I thus agreed to donate all money given to my in Super Chat to a children’s charity. Moreover, I agreed to match all donations dollar-for-dollar.

We raised $2,438 during an evening Super Chat, and I rounded that up to $2,500 and have matched it.

Cernovich Media has matched $2,500 donated by his readers and viewers, bringing the total donated to Child Find to $5,000.

Thank you for the generosity!

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