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Mike Cernovich is a journalist, documentary filmmaker and best-selling author of Gorilla Mindset.

Higher Education Goes Low, as @Georgetown Board Member Wishes a #MeToo Moment on a Young Female…
Sunday, January 14, 2018 11:57 PM

Higher Education Goes Low, as @Georgetown Board Member Wishes a #MeToo Moment on a Young Female Journalist

“Wishing you a #metoo moment. Maybe then you won’t be so insensitive”

Why is @TeamYouTube Censoring My Videos and Cutting my Subscribers?
Saturday, January 13, 2018 12:21 AM

YouTube unsubscribes people during my streams, and manipulates my video results.

In April 2017 I began developing my YouTube channel in earnest. My subscriber count quickly doubled, and on some days I gained close to 2,000 subscribers.

I quickly jumped from 25,000 subscribers in April to over 50,000 in June.

Then YouTube began manipulating my channel, and started unsubscribing people.As you can see on this chart, I went from gaining 1,780 subscribers on one day to losing 45 the next, and it’s been all downhill since.

My live streams went from having around 1,800 simultaneous viewers to have 10 or 20. That’s not a typo, and this drop happened overnight.

I stopped streaming on YouTube as it wasn’t worth my time.

Now I have new tech, which allows me to easily stream to all channels simultaneously. I’m back on YouTube.

Today I only had 55 people watching my live stream. I didn’t forget to add a zero, that’s fifty-five. 55 people out of over 65,000 subscribers were watching live? How does this make sense?

Every video platform I’m on is seeing an increase in subscribers. No, it’s not me. It’s YouTube. They are f-cking with my account.

YouTube unsubscribes people very time I do a live stream. Yesterday during my live stream, YouTube unsubbed 86 people.

Why is YouTube censoring my channel?

Again, this isn’t my ego getting the best of me. Data from every other platform is up. People enjoy watching me on video and listening to me, including haters, who spend more time watching me than even my steadfast supporters.

YouTube is manipulating my channel, and this is a problem, considering what vile content they promote.

While YouTube was censoring my channel, they allowed pedophile and child abuse content on their website, and only took action after advertiser outcry.

YouTube goes after child-exploiting channels and videos

Why did YouTube censor me while profiting from pedophiles?

Consider how much time and effort they spent censoring my channel while promoting predatory content. This was an editorial decision they made, and yes, members of Congress are asking questions about these decisions.

YouTube's Search Autofill Surfaced Disturbing Child Sex Results

If YouTube doesn’t fix my channel immediately, we will be holding a march and a free speech rally in front of YouTube Headquarters.

It is clear that YouTube does not respect the will of the people, and they must meet the people in real life, to understand we will not be ignored.

Maybe there was some glitch, which YouTube is now aware of?

Or maybe YouTube has chosen to censor me while profiting from pedophiles.

We’ll see what happens.

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

Click here and you’ll be able to subscribe, and be sure to turn on notifications.

— — —

Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker.

Bannon’s Beefs
Saturday, January 6, 2018 12:19 AM

Even a street fighter needs friends.

“What the f-ck is up with this Mooch stuff,” I asked a close mutual friend of Steve Bannon and Anthony Scaramucci several months ago. “Is this some pro wrestling shit?” The beef was real, he and other mutual friends assured me, which struck me as folly. No one wins. What a waste of time and energy.

The Bannon-Mooch beef was one of many that mutual friends tried to end. Bannon was always getting into it with someone within the White House, which frustrated people during Trump’s first 100 days, as it seemed like nothing was happening.

When talking to sources I heard everything from, “This is unproductive,” to, “Hasn’t Steve watched The Godfather? War is bad for business.” Business was a reference to ending DACA, building the wall, and not allowing the GOP establishment to dictate policy goals.

In April 2017 I reported that a long-time Bannon confidant said, “Steve’s big mistake was not bringing more people into the White House.”

@Cernovich/mike-cernovich-white-house-report-trump-83e6d97258aa" target="_blank">Dispatches from Trumpland — Part 1

Bannon sees himself as a street fighter. He’s great a starting fights, and less effective at winning friends. In a town like D.C., where “it’s chess boards all the way down,” you need allies.

While Bannon waged war within the White House and isolated himself, Never Trump’ers kept their heads down and employed people who actively seek Trump’s demise. As GOP establishment figures worked together, the barbarians who crashed the White House gates fought pyrrhic turf wars.

Bannon’s identity crisis.

Is Bannon a movement leader? Movement leaders live in golden cages. You get fame, you get long lines to meet you, you get money if you want it. In exchange, the crowd owns you.

People wonder why I don’t troll anymore, and rarely make outrageous comments to get a rise out of people. I was famous for being a “bomb thrower,” and now I play it straight.

Trolls for Trump

Somehow through trolling I became an American icon, and leaders understand that it’s no longer about you. You must ask yourself: How will this behavior impact the movement? Leadership is slavery.

Is Bannon a street fighter?

There’s a lesson every fighter learns , “You come at the king, you best not miss.” In no world does Bannon win a fight against Trump or Don Jr. In no world does anyone win that fight. Although MAGA was an idea long before Trump understood it, today Trump is MAGA, and he and Don Jr. are at the top of the pecking order.

Is Bannon a vassal to the rich?

The Mercers may let you fly on their jets and even hire security to protect you, but they aren’t friend with their servants. The learned Bannon may want to heed Diogenes the Cynic:

Diogenes was knee deep in a stream washing vegetables. Coming up to him, Plato said, “My good Diogenes, if you knew how to pay court to kings, you wouldn’t have to wash vegetables.” “And,” replied Diogenes, “If you knew how to wash vegetables, you wouldn’t have to pay court to kings.”

Bannon will be back.

Bannon views himself as a historical figure. He thinks of himself, as all great men and women should, as simultaneously being protagonist and story teller.

Being removed from the kingdom is a story arc. Trials and troubles and tribulations are what happen in a story, and and it what makes the story engaging for an audience.

Only losers view being down as being out. Even Trump, now calling Bannon “sloppy,” isn’t calling him a loser. Hate Bannon or love him, he’s not going anywhere.

Bannon will be back, though how or when is a story only he can tell.

— — —

Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker. You can buy his best-selling book Gorilla Mindset worldwide.


CNN Caught Spreading Iranian Government Propaganda
Sunday, December 31, 2017 2:40 AM

CNN was posting images from Tasnim News Agency, the official media arm of the Iranian government

What the f-ck is CNN doing,” one of my Persian family members screamed, “They are posting images from the Iranian government in their coverage of Iran!” Unlike me, my extended Persian family trusts CNN, and they were appalled to see CNN post images from Tasnim News Agency.

The Tasnim News Agency’s mission, it says right on their site, includes “Defending the Islamic Revolution against negative media propaganda campaign and providing our readers with realities on the ground about Iran and Islam, specially current wave of the Islamic Awakening in the region are top on our agenda in Tasnim News Agency.”

Here’s the image CNN used for its article about the anti-regime protests happening in Iran.

Here is that same image, which was first published on Tasnim.

CNN had to issue a correction after its Twitter account was busted Tweeting out Tasnim images.

CNN is worse than fake news, they support despots and murderers.

CNN is literally a propaganda outlet for the Iranian regime.

— — —

Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker. You can fund his honest journalism via Bitcoin.


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Paul Nehlen Betrayed a Lot of People
Thursday, December 28, 2017 6:18 PM

Jake Tapper and the book burners are trash, and so is Paul Nehlen.

It’s embarrassing that “journalists” freak out because people read edgy books. I’ve never read The Culture of Critique, and don’t plan to. But if Nehlen reads it, so what? I thought Nazis were the ones who burned books.

It’s also embarrassing that Nehlen’s thought he was in high school, and posted a picture of a book to show a bunch of Nazi LARP’ers how cool he is.

Nehlen ingratiated himself with Trump, Bannon, and others in the movement. Nehlen’s team would beg me to interview him, and it got tiresome actually.

Nehlen found Bannon and Breitbart, they didn’t find him. Nehlen joined a team, and offered assurances that he was a normal functioning adult.

I went to Wikipedia to find Nehlen’s age. He’s a 48 year old man, and he is posting memes sent to him by teenage boys. This isn’t normal behavior.

A lot of people will say that I’m the wrong person to call out anyone’s antics, and you’d be wrong. I’ve carved out my own slice of the world without begging people to promote me, and without joining a team.

I even caused outrage when I said I wasn’t “pro-Trump.”

In Our Cynical Age, No One Fails Anymore - Everybody 'Pivots'

I create distance between myself and other people, for their protection. Leave me in peace to say whatever the f-ck I want to say and to read books and do documentaries.

Find a picture of me with anyone prominent within the MAGA movement. No one has any idea who I know or talk about, because I don’t run my mouth and rush to events to get my picture taken with high profile people.

(Plus, you’re a loser if you need derivative social status. I know so-and-so is a way of saying, “I’m not important enough on my own, and must name-drop people to show you I matter.”)

One of my favorite books is written by a communist general who was responsible for leading the war efforts against America during the Vietnam War.

Military Art of People's War

I can talk about the Military Art of People’s War by Vo Nguyen Giap without wondering if people will use me as a weapon against the MAGA movement. “Look! Cernovich is a commie!”

Some will say I’m c-cking, and they are wrong. There is no “redemption” act in the Cernovich play. I’ve said enough to end over 9,000 political careers. I have NEVER apologized.

Cry more about my words, I don’t care, this isn’t about Nehlen’s words or his choice to read a book. It’s about his lack of character as a man.

When you join a team, you’re making a commitment to put the interests of the team above your own.

Nehlen’s interest isn’t in winning, it’s in receiving the validation of teenage boys.

I don’t disavow Paul Nehlen because his ideas are too edgy or because I’m so afraid of talking about “Jewish interests.” (If you think you’re edgy, talk to some Orthodox Jews. There’s a long, ongoing conversation happening, I’ve had many controversial conversations on these issues. Pro tip: People will talk about anything with you when they find out you’re curious, and not “just asking questions” as a way to mask legitimate hatred.)

Paul Nehlen is not a man of character, he does not honor his word or commitments. He’s not welcome at any event I organize.

I don’t disavow people, because I’m not the Internet Cop.

My God, if I disavow Nehlen today, tomorrow I’ll have to go all ADL on the Internet and start policing metaphors. Think I’m joking? Here is the ADL president telling someone to not use “genocide” in the same sentence as “hummus.”

People can say and do as they like, and I will say and do as I like.

If you legitimately hate straight white men, straight people, blacks, Muslims, Jews, women, gays, transgenders, or anyone else: Stay far away from me and my events.

Edgy jokes are welcome. I’m a big fan of Owen Benjamin. #UnBEARables.

Owen Benjamin 🐻 (@OwenBenjamin) | Twitter

There’s a point where you’re in a room laughing at a joke. You look around to see other people aren’t laughing. They are taking it seriously.

I don’t want to be in those rooms.

— — —

Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker.

A Night for Freedom — FAQs
Tuesday, December 26, 2017 6:38 AM

Answering your questions about a January 20th gathering of freedom fighters

What is A Night for Freedom?

A Night For Freedom is a cultural event, it’s an art show, it’s a comedy special, it’s a party.

A Night for Freedom is a gathering of patriots and political dissidents who are bored with mainstream political events. We don’t want to sit around eating rubber chicken while some boring person repeats platitudes from behind a podium.

Who are the confirmed speakers?

Confirmed speakers include Stefan Molyneux, Gavin McInnes, Owen Benjamin, Owen Shroyer, Mike Cernovich, and many others. Milk N Cooks will be DJ’ing.

What’s the event schedule?

Sponsor and VIP doors open at 3 p.m. We’ll have a meet-and-greet with Gavin, Stefan, me, and others. From 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., guess will enjoy a private podcast and open-ended Q&A.

General Admission doors open at 6 p.m.

Happy Hour is from 6 to 7 p.m. (Food will be served from 6 to 8 p.m.)

The Main Show starts at 7 p.m., and will include a comedy routine from Owen Benjamin, and speeches and talks by Gavin, Stefan, and others. There may be musical performances and other surprises.

The Party starts at 9 p.m. with DJ Milk N Cooks.

Where will the event be held?

Due to security reasons, we will not give out the exact location until the morning of the event.

A Night for Freedom will happen in Midtown West. The venue is spectacular.

Will we have security?

Security is a high priority. We will have the level of security I would provide for my own family, as my wife will be attending.

There will also be undercover security in attendance mingling with the audience.

In addition, many current LEOs and veterans will be hanging out as guests. This isn’t the location to try pulling a stunt.

What is the dress code?

Dress to impress! Recognize that you want yourself to look good, and you want the event to look good. By attending the event, you become a brand ambassador. Do you want to make us look professional, or do you want us to look sloppy?

Suits, cocktail dresses, or business causal attire will work fine. Dumpy jeans and t-shirts won’t get you in the door.

Does the general admission ticket include speeches and festivities?

Yes. General Admission tickets will enjoy speeches and much more.

VIP tickets get you into a private podcast recording, which is from 4 to 6 p.m. A Sponsor ticket gets you into the private Sunday brunch.

Will there be media at A Night for Freedom?

I don’t send out any press releases or beg media to attend my events. Other than a few people who are working on long-term projects, there won’t be credentialed media in attendance.

I’m bored of the media lying about me and us, and have no interest in press coverage.

That said, there’s nothing to stop a reporter from showing up undercover. Be smart.

Can members of the media receive press credentials?

Unless you’re working on a specific long-term project (book, film), then this isn’t the right even for you to cover. It’s a party. We want to have a good time.

A few other notes for attendees:

I may have a “no streaming” rule. Don’t shove a camera in somebody’s face without asking. This is a PRIVATE event, not a public street, and some people may not feel comfortable being on camera.

A Night for Freedom is a classy event and it’s taking a lot of time, effort, and money to put on. Attendees who do not show up for the right reasons will be escorted out, for the benefit of people who want to be there.

GOOD VIBES ONLY. I’ve learned from leadership that it only takes a couple of people with a bad vibe to ruin it for everyone, and negative or toxic people will be removed at our discretion. Show up to have fun, meet great people, and to help take us all to another level.

Those who show up expecting an enlightening good time will find one, and I look forward to meeting you all at a Night for Freedom!

Where can I buy tickets for a Night for Freedom?

You can buy tickets here until Wednesday at 9 p.m. PST. Then tickets close down, as we want an accurate head count for the caterer.

— — —

Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker.

“LOL Rape,” Ben Collins and the Daily Beast Make Rape Joke in Hit Piece on Mike Cernovich
Sunday, December 24, 2017 5:10 AM

Rape is funny, according to the Daily Beast.

“LOL and “rape” don’t go together like chocolate-and-peanut butter, unless of course you’re writing for the Daily Beast.

In any article about my wildly successful AMA on Reddit, Collins used an image of a Reddit icon “LOL’ing” at me with the accompanying headline, “Mike Cernovich Hounded on Rape Allegation in Reddit AMA.”

After I pointed out why this image was problematic, Collins removed the “LOL” from the image. But let’s go deep into what Collins is communicating with that image.

Either he thinks false rape accusations are funny, or he thinks rape is funny. Both options show Collins is a creepy guy who will soon find himself on a Sh1tty Men in Media List, assuming he’s not already on such a list.

But no one should be surprised that the Daily Beast find rape (and false allegations thereof) funny.

Cenk Uygur’s business partner referred to a 14 year old girl as “wh*res in training,” and Cenk himself promised The Young Turk audience he would give them “sex pictures of young girls” and offer up “young virginal interns.”

Does young mean older than 14? That’s a fair question to ask.

The Young Turks: Cenk Uygur's Sexist Past And Current Workplace Issues

Here is what Cenk and his business partner said about teenage girls:

In one small Pennsylvania town we stopped for gas, and while Cenk filled up I went to talk to these three girls who were walking down the road nearby. Turns out they were three teenage girls, wh*res in training, literally looking for boys to pick them up. Cenk soon joined me and we discovered these three little spoiled brat b*tch young American girls on their way to becoming abused porn actresses or dispensable property in a New York City prostitution ring. The girls live in a small town nearby, and were in this town visiting the grandma of one of them. They were around 14–16 and in a few more years will be pretty damn good looking, but not great.

The Young Turks is a liberal media outlet, and is praised by Same Seder, Dave Pakman and other liberal #MeToo men in the media.

They also enjoy watching revenge porn at the office.

Young Turks' History of Sexism Extends to Cenk Uygur's Nephew, 'Woke Bae' Hasan Piker

Anti-woman behavior isn’t limited to e-celebs. “Real” journalists Glenn Thrush of the NY Times is keeping his job despite sexually harassing female co-workers.

Exclusive: NYT White House correspondent Glenn Thrush's history of bad judgment around young women journalists

Here is how the NY Times treats women:

Thrush and the young woman met at her colleague’s going-away party at a bar near the Politico newsroom, she told me, and shared a few rounds of drinks in a booth. The night, she said, ended on a Washington street corner, where Thrush left her in tears after she resisted his advances.

The truth is that none of these white knight media men care about women at all.

At Vice, Cutting-Edge Media and Allegations of Old-School Sexual Harassment

Now some would say I’m a bad person who should never talk about these issues, and my answer is, I don’t pretend to be a good boy. No one has to wonder if I’m pretending to be a very nice male feminist over 9,000 respecter of women because of a hidden agenda.

But if you see Cenk, or Glenn, or Ben….Watch those drinks they buy you as they ask about your favorite feminist author….

— — —

Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker.

Is BuzzFeed a media outlet, or a public relations firm for alt-left groups? (UPDATE)
Tuesday, December 19, 2017 5:56 PM

Yesterday I reported that an ANTIFA blog bragged about pouring concrete on train tracks. In my Tweet I wrote, “No [one] knows if ANTIFA was involved in Amtrak derailment.”

As expected, messages from “journalists” started pouring in. They immediately lied about what I posted. Here is one example:

I’m writing to ask you for comment again after your tweets about antifa and today’s Amtrak disaster. Your Tweets are strongly implying antifa may be connected to the derailment.

I responded to this loaded and dishonest with all the respect it deserved.

My Tweets and a periscope expressly said no one knew if ANTIFA was involved. Here’s a direct quote from a video that any reporter could have watched: “Could be something, could be nothing, nobody knows.”

The larger question is, Why does BuzzFeed rush to defend ANTIFA? Is BuzzFeed a news outlet, or a public relations firm for left-wing domestic terror groups?

BuzzFeed might claim they aren’t doing PR for ANTIFA. They just really really really care about fake news. If that’s true, then we should be able to find examples of BuzzFeed calling out fake news from the left.

With the exception of Joe Bernstein collecting Louise Mensch’s lies way back in April, I cannot find many exposes into left-wing fake news.

In fairness, BuzzFeed has published a few articles critical of fake news from the left.

One might say they still seem more on guard from fake news by conservatives, although it’s still refreshing to see a more mainstream outlet going after fake news from the left at all.

Yet BuzzFeed lets some fake news go unchallenged.

Think Progress lied about me, falsely suggesting a Russian operative gave me the John Conyers document.

However, even though the new account had only a few thousand followers, it had already claimed to have played a role in the recent revelations regarding Rep. John Conyers (D–MI) and sexual harassment. According to BuzzFeed, which first reported on Conyers, the incriminating documents were provided by noted conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich. While it remains unclear how Cernovich obtained the documents, the new @TEN_G0P account appeared to claim credit.

An anonymous account claimed credit for giving me something? SCOOP! Get real. And BuzzFeed knows that the Think Progress article was trafficking in a conspiracy theory, because BuzzFeed broke the Conyers story.

BuzzFeed spoke to the source of the Conyers’ documents. Russia had nothing to do with the Conyers story. The Conyers documents were a once-in-a-decade jackpot win.

BuzzFeed didn’t rush to call out Think Progress for spreading conspiracy theories and strongly implying, based on an anonymous Twitter account, that Russia played a role in the Conyers story.

Where was BuzzFeed’s story talking about Think Progress spreading fake news about the Conyers story? Whywasn’t there a rush to debunk conspiracy theories surrounding the Conyers documents?

We see BuzzFeed and the rest of the media rush to call out “fake news” from the right, even when, as in my coverage of ANTIFA, they have to read words I didn’t write in order to drum up a story.

The same reporter has a pattern of doing PR for ANTIFA.

Back when I gave a speech at Columbia, ANTIFA marchers were seen holding a sign which said, “No Pedo Bashing.”

Many have said the sign was a prank. But there is no proof it was “planted.” ANTIFA people held up the sign, and that’s a fact.

Some might say the sign was planted to demonstrate that people who show up to ANTIFA protests are mindless zombies. What sort of mindless zombie blindly follows orders and holds up a sign without looking at it?

BuzzFeed rushed to tell people the sign was planted, even there is no proof it was.

Here's How A Picture Of Protesters Became A Misleading Far-Right Story

Even if the sign was a prank, who cares? Why is that newsworthy? Pranks happen dozens of times a day, and many YouTube prank videos get millions of views. Does BuzzFeed rush to debunk every prank video?

We are starting to see a pattern. “Fake news” about ANTIFA is newsworthy. Actual fake news about right-wing figures isn’t newsworthy. Living by those rigged rules is how public relations firms, not journalists, behave.

BuzzFeed rushes to defend ANTIFA and attack ANTIFA’s enemies, and this has reporters look foolish.

Blake Montgomery, whose reporting is among the best you’ll find as he goes to events and streams happenings live, was so far up ANTIFA’s butt that he said honoring victims of communism was a white nationalist talking point.

BuzzFeed reporter says honoring victims of communism is 'white nationalist talking point'

Blake is a real reporter, and what he said was foolish beyond words. He didn’t act maliciously. He fell victim to confirmation bias.

Good reporters look like fools when they choose a side and rush to attack anyone on the other side.

BuzzFeed needs to decide if it’s a media outlet doing real journalism, or a Super PAC for far-left interest groups.

If they want to be the former, they need to start debunking fake news from the left with the same zeal as they attack perceived fake news from the right.

Of course, they can do whatever they like. But given their recent financial outlook, they should ask if they want to end up like Mashable and other hard-left propaganda blogs.

Mashable Sold at Fire-Sale Price of $50 Million to Ziff Davis (Report)

There’s a strong demand for hard-hitting news that hits both sides.

My Facebook has wild reach, after only a few months. We’ll have reached one billion people before year’s end.

BuzzFeed’s business will grow if it views itself as a journalistic outlet that breaks news and calls out everyone, rather than as a PR firm for far-left groups.

The world needs more journalism. Will BuzzFeed provide it?

— — —

Mike Cernovich a journalist, author, and filmmaker. His bitcoin wallet is here:

@Cernovich/cernovichs-bitcoin-wallet-2ac221a288b7" target="_blank">Cernovich’s Bitcoin and Bitcoin Case Wallet

How I Spotted a Forged Document Falsely Accusing Chuck Schumer of Misdeeds
Thursday, December 14, 2017 6:09 AM

Charles Schumer was the victim of a hoax, as were I and many other people. The story of how this happened involves a forged document, a detailed back story, and identity theft.

I along with ABC, CNN, and others received what struck me as a realistic complaint alleging sexual harassment (it was since revealed to be a high quality forgery), and began chasing the story. My friend Chuck was in touch with the source, and he asked the source how he got it.

The source’s story (read the texts below) went as follows: He and a married co-worker were having drinks. After a few too many, the husband told the source that he could have ruined Schumer. According to the source, the husband told him that Schumer tried to have sex with his wife, and when that failed, paid her hush money.

The source gave Chuck his name, and my search revealed that a person with the source’s name worked with the husband. (I won’t identify the employer or give any other details that might out the husband, wife, or name of the identity theft victim.)

In a series of texts, the source tells an odd, but in these unusual times, believable tale.

The sources goes on to say that he was asked by the husband to help recover files.

Once the source obtained these files, he got the husband drunk and began asking questions.

The source said he was reminded of the forged complaint after the Conyers story broke.

The story struck me as unusual, but some details did check out.

The man’s name (we know he stole someone’s identity) checked out as having worked alongside one of the people mentioned in the Complaint. It also made sense that the woman might not want to talk to a reporter, as many sexual harassment victims don’t want their stories told. Would it even be ethical to report on the story if the woman didn’t want her story told?

The Complaint had some problems, however, including the fact that it contained language similar to documents from the Conyers sexual harassment story. I became suspicious around 11 a.m. PST.

The story unravelled for me at around 1:42 p.m. when an unusual email arrived from the source.

The email read: “Did you really give my number to a wapo hack you scumbag? Or was that chemically salty cernolisp?” (I hadn’t shared the source’s number with anyone.)

Chemically salty is an alt-right meme about me. Years ago I found a bizarre story from The Otherground about a person doing a lot of drugs and having sex with a transexual. I posted the story with block quotes. Due to a formatting error, the quotation marks were stripped out. The post included this line, “I remember tears coming down my face a little when I vaguely realized what I was doing, it had this weird chemically, salty taste.”

Whenever people on the alt-right want to mock me, they mention something being “chemically salty.”

However, the plot thickens!

“Cernolisp” is an alt-left / Weird Twitter meme.

The email threw in some memes from the alt-right and alt-left. The source was way too versed in these subject matters to be a respected professional at a prestigious job.

I told Chuck the source was either an alt-right or alt-left troll, or was someone with deep knowledge their memes. To prove the source worked where he claimed to, I told Chuck to have the source call from a work phone number.

The source replied that he wouldn’t call from a work number, and also dropped another alt-right meme.

The source said you want “proof of my identity so you can run to wapo and the nyt (whom you’ll never write for) and drag me through the mud.

You’ll never write for the New York Times is a meme created by Sam Hyde. When BuzzFeed’s Joe Bernstein called Hyde for an interview, Hyde pretended to not know what BuzzFeed was, and taunted Bernstein by saying, “You’ll never write for the NY Times.”

At 3:40 p.m. PST I went public with my findings.

During a Periscope I began, “At this point, this could be a complete and elaborate hoax.” I discussed what was happening without identifying anyone or giving any hints about who was named in the forced document.

Mike Cernovich @Cernovich

Relieved that I could return to Christmas vacation, I wound down for bed. Then this already odd story took another turn. Chuck Schumer went to the police.

Schumer calls cops after forged sex scandal charge

After Axios broke the story (after trying to confirm if the Complaint was true) that Schumer had been the victim of a hoax, I went to Periscope to discuss what happened.

Mike Cernovich @Cernovich

This morning I woke up to fake news stories pretending that I didn’t call the Schumer document a hoax at 3:40 PST the day before. The stories instead falsely claimed I spread the Complaint (false), and didn’t say the document was a hoax until after Schumer went to police (false).

What went wrong and what went right?

I thought I had a huge story, and teased it out without mentioning any names. In the future, I won’t discuss a story until its fully bulletproof. Like Apple, I let people know when something big is coming in order to create anticipation.

Once it seemed the story wasn’t going to be confirmed, I deleted Tweets hinting about a big story. Unlike other journalists, I won’t leave up Tweets that are inaccurate in order to get RTs.

It’s an outright lie to claim I passed the Complaint around, or refused to say Schumer had been hoaxed until after he went to police. I avoided a hoax, and the fake news people at The Daily Beast have spread one about me.

Mike Cernovich @Cernovich

Readers were able to see I won’t run an unconfirmed story. Unlike CNN, which ran a fake story only a couple of days ago, I worked hard to confirm what looked like an authentic document, and when I couldn’t confirm it, went online and explained the process to you. This level of transparency is unparalleled.

CNN still refuses to identify the two sources who hoaxed them, and in turn, lied to millions of people.

The U.S. Media Suffered Its Most Humiliating Debacle in Ages and Now Refuses All Transparency Over What Happened

The hoaxer will be caught.

The hoaxer texted from a cell phone using unsecure means. He disconnected his phone number, but it won’t matter.

Schumer has gone to the police, and I’ve retained an elite private investigative firm to find out who this person is.

I won’t release the hoaxer’s phone number because someone else may end up getting that number, but the area code was a Los Angeles-based 424.

Was the hoaxer from the alt-right, the alt-left, or was it a nefarious plot to discredit all sexual harassment stories? Was I the target of the hoax, or was it designed to fool as many people as possible?

Right now the most interesting story is, Who created this hoax and why?

Whatever the case, we caught the hoax in time.

We live in a Golden Era of journalism, and while the rewards have never been higher, the same is true of the risks.

It is a source of amusement in my household that the media holds me to a higher standards than they hold themselves.

One person in my house said, as I typed this article, “You are one person, and CNN has millions of dollars to investigate stories. CNN actually posted a fake story last week, and all you did was hint that you had a big story coming out. Big deal. They are threatened by you, because you’re effective, and that’s why they want to shut you down”

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Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017 9:10 PM

Timestamps prove the Daily Beast is Fake News

The media’s level of dishonesty is on another level. Today the Daily Beast reported that I spread a hoax (rather than exposed one), when time stamps prove otherwise.

Yesterday, after being unable to confirm the authenticity of documents, I went to Periscope to report on what was happening. This occurred at 3:40 PST.

Mike Cernovich @Cernovich

Three or four hours later, Axois reported that Chuck Schumer went to the police to report a forgery.

Schumer calls cops after forged sex scandal charge

Today the Daily Beast reported, “Cernovich quickly backtracked once it was reported Schumer’s office had gone to the police on Tuesday.”

Axios reported that Schumer’s office had gone to the police 18 hours ago. Check the link for yourself.

My Periscope calling the document a hoax was 21 hours ago.

Maybe they don’t learn math at the Daily Beast, but 21 hours ago is before, not after, a report published 18 hours ago.

This is obvious a coordinated fake news media attack on me.

As you can see, they will lie even when verifiable timelines vindicated their victims of fake news.

This is why you must never believe any story about me in the media. They will fabricate timelines and forge documents to attack me.

Mike Cernovich @Cernovich

If the Daily Beast will lie about verifiable facts and timelines, do they ever tell the truth about anything?

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Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker.