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Canada: If You Don't Want Returning ISIS Fighters On Your Streets, You're Racist
Monday, January 15, 2018 11:00 AM

Don't want an ISIS fighter living on your block? One Canadian party thinks you're racist ... We can't make this up.

From Breitbart:
An MP of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party slammed protests in his city directed against returning Islamic State fighters, calling the protestors “racists” and “white supremacists.”

Liberal Party MP for St. Catherines Chris Bittle took to Facebook earlier this week to condemn a protest against Islamic State fighters returning from the Middle East to Canada in front of his office.

For Mr Bittle, the four or so people who carried signs reading “Jail ISIS Fighters” were, in his words, “white supremacists”, using the issue of Islamic State fighters to “promote their hateful, racist views.”

Since making the post Bittle has received over two thousand comments, with many asking Mr Bittle to point out the protesters’ links to white supremacist movements or ideologies. While Bittle did link to an post allegedly made by a person who he claimed led the protest which contained anti-Muslim imagery, many were not satisfied.

When one user asked Bittle to “put Canadians first” and refuse entry for returning Islamic State fighters, Bittle said “returning fighters are Canadians who have not been charged with a crime”.  He added that most returnees had come back to Canada under the previous conservative government.

Returning Islamic State fighters have become a major issue in Canada, with many seeing the Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau being incredibly weak on the issue.

Many slammed Mr Trudeau when he insisted that returning fighters would be deradicalised with podcasts and poetry, and that many of the returnees would be “an extraordinarily powerful voice for preventing radicalization.” [...]
Corrupt Politicians And Terrorism Directly Linked In Iraq, Say Officials
Monday, January 15, 2018 9:00 AM

From Arab News:
Government corruption provided Daesh and local militias with the umbrella they needed to seize power in Iraq, officials and lawmakers told Arab News on Thursday.

They said Iraq’s security and political stability will remain threatened as long as corrupt officials continue to control the country’s assets.

Iraq is high on the list of the most corrupt countries. The Iraqi Parliamentary Committee of Integrity told Arab News that the estimated value of “looted” amounts during the past 12 years has been more than $200 billion.

Almost a third of Iraqi territories in the north and west fell into the hands of Daesh militants in June 2014 after the dramatic collapse of the Iraqi Army. That was the result of financial and administrative corruption which undermined the security establishment at the time.

The results of an eight-month-long investigation by the Iraqi Parliamentary Committee for Security and Defense in August 2015 showed that financial and administrative corruption played a key role in widening the gap between the residents and the security services of Mosul, Iraq’s second most populated city.

Corruption led to the fall of the city and its suburbs into the hands of the militants in 2014. The report states that Nuri Al-Maliki, the former Iraqi prime minister, tops the list of officials responsible for the fall of Mosul as he was in charge of “the appointment of incompetent leaders … and the lack of accountability of corrupt security officials.”

Late in November, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi established a campaign to combat corruption.
“The corrupt (officials and politicians) and those who seized state funds are the ones who caused these disasters (the fall of Mosul and other cities into the hands of militants),” Abadi tweeted last week.
“Daesh was only able to occupy cities because of corruption,” he said.

Iraqi lawmakers involved in the fight against corruption told Arab News that financial and administrative corruption had provided cover for the armed groups, and not vice versa.

“Before the emergence of Daesh, there was a great deal of evidence that the governors of these provinces (the three seized by Daesh) were involved in many thefts of state funds,” Talal Al-Zubaie, the head of the Parliamentary Committee for Integrity, told Arab News.

“The armed groups emerged as a result of this corruption, which aimed to undermine the authority of the state so no one could discover the thefts by some governors, which would make it seem as if Daesh was responsible,” Al-Zubaie said.

“The corruption provided cover for armed groups to ensure that chaos continued to serve the corrupt officials,” he said.

Mossa Faraj, the former head of the Integrity Committee, a governmental body established in 2004 to combat corruption and supervise the government’s performance, agrees with Abadi and Al-Zubaie.

“The relationship between politicians and terrorism in Iraq is direct and cannot be denied. It (the corruption) aims to seize power, not to accumulate money or wealth,” Faraj said.

“Seizing power requires headquarters, weapons, cars, militiamen, TV channels, and thousands of followers. All of these require a lot of money every month,” he said.

“Because of this, all Iraqi political parties have been involved in corruption since 2003,” according to Faraj.
Iranian Cleric Calls Kurdistan A 'Second Israel'
Monday, January 15, 2018 8:30 AM

For many Muslims, Kurds aren't Muslim enough.

 From Kurdistan 24:
During a Friday prayer sermon in Tehran, Ahmed Khatami blamed Erbil and other capitals of being behind the wave of anti-government protests in Iran, and called the Kurdistan Region a “second Israel.”

Protests erupted across Iran over a week ago, spurring up in various cities. Twenty-four people so far have been killed in some violent incidents, while hundreds of protesters have been arrested as police and government headquarters were being targeted.

In a Friday sermon in the Iranian capital, Ahmed Khatami, a senior Iranian cleric, also accused the US of wanting to create a “second Israel” in the region, but claimed that Iran had successfully “thwarted the plan.”

Khatami was referring to the referendum on independence held in the Kurdistan Region on Sep. 25, which saw an overwhelming support for secession from Iraq.

Iran has played a pivotal role in helping Baghdad in punishing the Kurdistan Region, by closing its borders – and only recently reopening them – and with its proxy network of Iranian-trained and funded Shia militias, known as the Hashd al-Shaabi, who helped the Iraqi forces forcibly take control of disputed territories in retaliation to the vote.

The Friday prayer leader claimed the US would attempt to send weapons for anti-Iranian operations through Erbil and via the Afghan border.

“This was aimed at putting an end to the Islamic Republic,” he stated.

The Kurdistan Regional Government has refrained from commenting on the Iranian protests since they first broke out.

On Wednesday, Iran deployed their Revolutionary Guards forces to three provinces to crackdown on anti-government protests following six days of country-wide demonstrations which left 22 people dead and hundreds more arrested.

Pro-government demonstrators, however, have accused the United States, Israel, and Britain of instigating the anti-government protests.
Turkmenistan: No More Black Cars!
Monday, January 15, 2018 8:30 AM

From RadioFreeEurope:
Turkmenistan's president, Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov, thinks white cars bring good fortune. And that's bad luck for owners of black cars in the capital.

For weeks, officials in Ashgabat have been impounding black vehicles without warning, wreaking havoc for owners who need special permission for repainting and then reregistering their cars.

While there don't appear to have been any official announcements, Berdymukhammedov has expressed frustration at swank black cars in the capital, known as the "city of white marble," and motorists told RFE/RL that the traffic stops and towing of parked dark cars began late last month.

The campaign is also foisting unforeseen costs on residents in a city where the State Statistics Committee puts the average monthly wage at under 1,200 manats, roughly $300 at the government-established exchange rate or less than $200 per month at the black-market rate that many are forced to use. [...]

Research Scholar With Great Future Joins Terror Group
Monday, January 15, 2018 8:30 AM

But surely all terrorists are disenfranchised?

From WION:
Mannan Bashir Wani, a research scholar from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has reportedly joined a terrorist group in Kashmir.

The research scholar, who hails from Kupwara in Kashmir, was today expelled by the Aligarh Muslim University authorities in the wake of reports alleging that he may have joined a terrorist group. A team of senior AMU officials sealed Mannan Basheer Wani’s room this morning immediately after they received a letter from the Aligarh Superintendent of Police about his alleged “nefarious” activities, university officials said.

Also read: Highest number of Kashmiri youth joined militant groups in 2017: Report

A recent Facebook post hints that the 26-year-old scholar joined the group “Hizbul Mujahideen”.

Wani, in a Facebook post, was seen holding an assault rifle. The caption of the picture indicated that he joined the group on January 5.

According to a media report, the research scholar was driven to join the militant group after he was humiliated by the armed forces in November 2017. He said the car he was travelling in was stopped four times by armed forces and each time he had to get down to prove his identity.

The report also said that he was mocked by an army officer from resembling a militant commander. The picture caption said that his code name is Hamzah Bai.

Wani, pursuing PhD in Geology at Aligarh Muslim University, had taken a break from his university to visit his family in Kashmir.

A local news agency stated that Wani hails from a well-off family and is a son of a lecturer….
UK: Muslim Couple Meets On Online Dating Site, Then Plot Christmas Attack
Friday, January 12, 2018 11:00 AM

From The Independent:
An Isis-supporting couple have been found guilty of preparing to launch a terror attack using a homemade bomb and chemical weapons in the UK.

Security services feared Munir Mohammed and Rowaida el-Hassan were ready to strike before they were detained in December 2016, with police saying a “significant loss of life” had been averted.

Mohammed, 36, had already amassed two out of three core components for triacetone triperoxide (TATP), the unstable explosive used in recent Isis attacks, including in Paris and Brussels.

He had also downloaded manuals on how to make mobile phone detonators and ricin, a deadly poison that can kill an adult victim with just a few grains.

Mohammed, of Leopold Street in Derby, and El-Hassan, of Willesden Lane in north-west London, denied preparing terrorist acts between November 2015 and December 2016 but a jury found them both guilty….

The Old Bailey heard that El-Hassan, a pharmacist, became a willing participant in the plot after meeting Mohammed on dating website SingleMuslim.com.

She had advertised “for a simple, very simple, honest and straightforward man who fears Allah” who she could “vibe with on a spiritual and intellectual level”.

Prosecutors said Mohammed was specifically drawn to her profile in late 2015 after seeing she had a masters’ degree in pharmacy, aiming to use her chemical knowledge in the attack.

Jurors were told the pair had a “rapidly formed emotional attachment and a shared ideology” and were in regular contact on WhatsApp by spring 2016, meeting in a London park near El-Hassan’s home.

Records of their messages show they shared extremist views and videos, while Mohammed was put in touch with a man he believed was an Isis commander via Facebook.

Prosecutor Anne Whyte QC said Mohammed “resolved upon a lone wolf attack”, while working making sauces for supermarket ready meals, and El-Hassan was well aware of his plan.

He pledged allegiance to the man, known as Abubakr Kurdi, and offered to participate in “a new job in the UK” – a phrase jurors were told referred to a terror attack.

In September 2016, Mohammed complained he had not received his instructions, telling his contact: “If possible send how we make dough [explosives] for Syrian bread [a bomb] and other types of food.”

El-Hassan, a 33-year-old divorcee with two children, advised Mohammed on what chemicals to buy for a bomb, the court heard.

That November, Mohammed got hold of a video containing information on how to manufacture ricin, and days before his arrest he was captured on CCTV buying “acetone free” nail polish from Asda, in the mistaken belief it was a component of TATP.

He also looked at pressure cookers at Ace Discounts, which the prosecution said could be used to contain the explosives, according to several terrorist manuals.

Police found hydrogen peroxide in a wardrobe and hydrochloric acid in the freezer of his home during a raid on 12 December 2016 but Mohammed claimed they were for domestic purposes.

He told the Old Bailey he sent El-Hassan extremist videos “mainly for the news” and claimed his intention was “to marry her”.

But Mohammed had an arranged marriage in Sudan with a woman he had never met called Fatima, who he was hoping to bring to England on a student visa.

He had arrived in Britain in the back of a lorry and claimed asylum in February 2014, the court heard.

After awaiting a decision for more than two years, he appealed to his local MP Margaret Beckett for help, but she was told his case had been referred to a “specialist unit for consideration”.

El-Hassan, who came to Britain from Sudan at the age of three, told jurors she had sulphuric acid for her drains and got face masks to wear as she dealt with a damp problem in her flat.

Asked if she had feelings for Mohammed, she said: ”It was mixed feelings at the time. Yes, there was emotional attachment.

“There were feelings developing and we were getting to know each other. I was grateful for things he helped me with. And he was grateful for things I helped him with. I liked the attention he was giving me.”

Police said it could not be proven that El-Hassan was an extremist before she met Mohammed, but could have been in no doubt about his jihadi beliefs.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Greenwood, who led the investigation, said the website they used was a “normal place to look for a relationship”.

But Mohammed used it to get advice on where to source chemicals to manufacture TATP from El-Hassan, who was previously unknown to the security services.

“Munir shared with her some really graphic and brutal execution videos, lots of other ideological material, including children executing Isis prisoners and children involved in military training in the name of the Islamic State,” DCI Greenwood said….
UK: Labour’s Jess Phillips Sides With Lily Allen in Defending Muslim Rape Gangs
Friday, January 12, 2018 10:30 AM

This is logic?

From Breitbart:
Labour MP Jess Phillips has come to the defence of singer Lily Allen, after she claimed grooming gang victims would have been “raped or abused by somebody else at some point” if Muslim groomers were not present in the United Kingdom.

Asked if the victims, who were overwhelmingly white working class, would have been groomed if their abusers were not present in the country, Allen claimed that, “Actually, there’s a strong possibility they would have been raped and abused by somebody else at some point. That’s kind of the issue.”

The celebrity then tried to divert attention from the subject of grooming gangs by saying people should be concerned with another type of abuser — “men that have sex with their stepdaughters twice a week for years at a time … neighbours, uncles, gardeners, priests, fast food restaurant managers that do it over and over again” — who she characterised as 100 per cent “British white males”.

Labour MP Jess Phillips has come to the defence of singer Lily Allen, after she claimed grooming gang victims would have been “raped or abused by somebody else at some point” if Muslim groomers were not present in the United Kingdom.

Asked if the victims, who were overwhelmingly white working class, would have been groomed if their abusers were not present in the country, Allen claimed that, “Actually, there’s a strong possibility they would have been raped and abused by somebody else at some point. That’s kind of the issue.”

The celebrity then tried to divert attention from the subject of grooming gangs by saying people should be concerned with another type of abuser — “men that have sex with their stepdaughters twice a week for years at a time … neighbours, uncles, gardeners, priests, fast food restaurant managers that do it over and over again” — who she characterised as 100 per cent “British white males”.
India: Third Wife Sets Fourth Wife On Fire
Friday, January 12, 2018 9:00 AM

As Jihad Watch points out: "The Qur’an allows Muslim men to take up to four wives, as well as sex slaves “the captives of the right hand”: “Marry those that please you of women, two or three or four. But if you fear that you will not be just, then one or those your right hand possesses.” (4:3) That’s the command, but it cannot overrule human nature. Jealousy among wives in polygamous arrangements is common. The Qur’an treats women as commodities; some women are not willing to put up with that. And so this kind of crime is going to be committed, and it demonstrates the inhumanity of the Qur’anic provision."

From the Times of India:
BHOPAL: For refusing to divorce her husband, a woman in Nishatpura was set ablaze by the fourth wife of her spouse. The accused wanted the victim to divorce her husband so that she could live with him.

Nishatpura police have registered a case under sections of attempt to murder. Police have identified the accused as Ayesha and her mother Wasima, while the victim has been identified as Shabnam. Police said that Shabnam and Ayesha are the third and fourth wives respectively of Saleem, a security guard in a housing society.

The incident took place on January 4. Ayesha wanted Shabnam to divorce Saleem; but when she refused, Ayesha and her mother poured kerosene on Shabnam and set her ablaze….
Hungarian PM Calls Muslim Refugees 'Invaders'
Friday, January 12, 2018 8:30 AM

From RT:
Refugees in Europe are just “Muslim invaders” and economic migrants seeking better lives, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban has said, adding that the large number of Muslims in the EU had led to the appearance of ‘parallel societies.’

Asked in an interview with the German Bild newspaper why Budapest does not want to accept any refugees, Orban replied: “We don’t consider these people to be Muslim refugees.” Instead, the tough-talking politician said they were regarded as “Muslim invaders.”

Asylum seekers must cross four countries to reach Hungary from Syria, all of which are not as rich as Germany but are economically stable, the PM said. He was apparently referring to Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia – a common route for migrants heading for ‘wealthy’ Europe.

“So, they are not running for their lives [in these countries]. They are merely economic migrants seeking a better life,” Orban concluded. He stressed though, that he can only speak for the Hungarians and they “don’t want” immigration. In his view, the government simply can’t go against the will of the people.

Going further, the prime minister noted that no refugee wants to go to Portugal, for example, adding that the majority of asylum seekers simply wanted to live in prosperous Germany.

“The reason why people are in your country is not because they are refugees, but because they want a German life,” he said, describing the issue “politically” as a European problem but, “sociologically,” as a German problem.

Orban specifically targeted Germany and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ‘open-door’ policy towards asylum seekers. “I’ve never understood how chaos, anarchy and illegal border crossings are viewed as something good in a country like Germany, which we view as the best example of discipline and the rule of law,” he said.

The recent wave of refugees reaching Europe is merely an invasion, according to Orban. “If someone wants to come to your house, he knocks on your door and asks: ‘Can we come in, can we stay?’ They [asylum seekers] didn’t do that, they crossed the border illegally,” he stated.

In the interview, he said that multiculturalism was only “an illusion,” as Christian and Muslim societies “will never unite.” According to the Hungarian leader, the presence of a large number of Muslims results in the appearance of “parallel societies.” No such situation exists in Budapest due to a low number of migrants, he said.

Orban, a harsh critic of migration and mandatory migrant quotas, has repeatedly cast doubt on the validity of migrants’ humanitarian plight. He once called asylum seekers “a Trojan horse for terrorism.”

In September, Hungary claimed that fences on its borders with Croatia and Serbia had helped to cut the inflow of migrants by over 99 percent since 2015. The country’s border fence has been repeatedly criticized by other European states, as well as by EU politicians, but Budapest has resisted pressure to remove it.

Last month, Budapest, along with Poland and the Czech Republic, defended its “right” to reject EU-imposed refugee quotas amid pressure from the European Commission. Despite repeated EC warnings, the three countries continue to pursue a course of non-compliance, arguing that migrants pose a direct threat to the public’s security…..
Racist Abuse? Or Something Else? The Case Of The First Austrian Baby of 2018
Friday, January 12, 2018 8:02 AM

Christine Douglass-Williams has an interesting take on the noise surrounding the first 2018 newborn in Austria, a Muslim child.

Here's her post from Jihad Watch:
In today’s world, critical thinking is in short supply, which includes differentiating between varying circumstances. For example, it is prudent to oppose unvetted immigration that excludes the essential principle of a two-way street approach to immigration. This does not mean one is racist or “Islamophobic” to promote a two-way street. It spells logic.

It is also not racist to oppose political Islam, Islamic supremacism and jihad; this should be a given for all who enjoy Western freedoms. Unfortunately, there are Muslim groups (such as CAIR and its allies) that are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas terrorist financing. They push a victimology agenda that claims that any criticism of Islam, however justifiable, must be seen as “Islamophobic.” The case of baby Asel Tamga provides a opportunity for these charlatans to employ their bogus victimology agenda yet again.

As far as they are concerned, to point out global atrocities, abuses of women, murders, efforts to delegitimize and obliterate the state of Israel is “Islamophobic.” This victimology subterfuge strategy has been employed by the Muslim Brotherhood for some time, with full support from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which is a main driver of the “Islamophobia” canard.

Now for the case of the Muslim parents who gave birth to Austria’s first newborn of 2018. Congratulations, and may this new child be a blessing to the nation of Austria, fostering integration, harmony, human rights and the like. To attack this couple and levy abusive language against them because of their coreligionists’ misdeeds is atrocious, and undermines the real efforts to battle the sinister forces of political Islam and its Islamic supremacist bullying of Western society.

Still, there are legitimate concerns about the Islamization of Austria and Europe in general, as represented by this birth, the hijab of the mother, etc. Europeans and North Americans are becoming frustrated with the stifling of legitimate voices warning about Sharia expansion, and the penalizing of the same. Assaults to democratic rights and freedoms are being perpetrated by leaders who ignore legitimate concerns and who have abandoned their responsibilities to protect their citizens. In their cowardice and determination to appease, they fail to advance the principle of human rights for all, regardless of color or creed.

Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen has condemned “the hateful attacks on Baby Asel…After wishing Asel welcome to the world, he added that; ‘all people are born free and equal to dignity and rights.”

Let’s hope that the Austrian president truly supports the dignity of all without partiality, which includes standing against the appeasement of questionable Muslim lobbies that are falsely parading themselves as proponents of diversity and opposition to racism. But the chances of this are most unlikely. Back in April, Van der Bellen called on all women to wear headscarves in solidarity with Muslims to fight what he referred to as “rampant Islamophobia.”

These are the types of politicians who stir divisions in their countries, setting Muslims above every other citizen and rendering empty the words that “all people are born free and equal to dignity and rights.” There remains a gross cognitive dissonance of values among the far-left on issues of human rights, freedom and the equality of women, due to their blindspots and political posturing when pandering to Muslims.
Somali Immigrant Allegedly Tried To Rape Woman In Labor
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 9:30 AM

From the Daily Caller:
…Alì Abdella, 38, has been accused of sexual violence and theft by attempting to rape an unidentified woman, 43, while she was in labor at the Sant’Eugenio Hospital in Rome, reported Italian outlet Il Libero Quotidianno. Abdella allegedly stole and donned a green hospital uniform, entered the woman’s hospital room, and began groping her thigh and masturbating in front of her, reported La Stampa.

The woman began screaming, alerting hospital staff who called the police, accoring to pupia.tv. Abdella, who has been living in Italy for the past five years and has a history of crime, was arrested Dec. 31 by the Epozione police department….The defense team is calling for a psychiatrist’s report.
Political Cartoon: Iran's 'Reform'
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 9:00 AM

Source: Gulf News
France: French Kosher Store Burns Down on Attack Anniversary In Suspected Arson
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 8:30 AM

From Breitbart:
A suspected arson attack on a French kosher grocery store revived fears over anti-Semitism on Tuesday, three years to the day since an assault on a Jewish supermarket by an Islamist gunman.
Prosecutors said the store in the southern Paris suburb of Creteil caught fire overnight, days after it was daubed with anti-Semitic graffiti.

“The damage is believed to be very severe,” Creteil prosecutor Laure Beccuau told AFP.

A source close to the police probe said it was “too soon to discuss motives” though Beccuau said investigators do not believe the fire was an accident.

The Promo & Destock store was one of two neighbouring kosher shops in Creteil that were daubed with swastikas last Wednesday.

Israel’s ambassador to France Aliza Bin Noun called the fire a “shameful provocation” on the third anniversary of the January 9, 2015 attack at the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket in eastern Paris.

Jihadist gunman Amedy Coulibaly killed three customers and an employee in an attack that triggered deep concern over growing anti-Semitism.

That attack came two days after Coulibaly’s close friends Said and Cherif Kouachi gunned down 11 people at the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, kicking off a wave of jihadist attacks in France.

– ‘Deep-rooted’ anti-Semitism –

That year, a record 7,900 French Jews emigrated to Israel, many of them citing increased fears over anti-Semitism.

Though the exodus has since slowed, a string of anti-Semitic crimes have continued to worry France’s large Jewish community.

In April 2017, a Jewish woman was murdered, pushed from a third-floor window by a Muslim neighbour, while a Jewish family was beaten, held hostage and robbed in what rights groups said was a hate crime.

Former prime minister Manuel Valls told Europe 1 radio that more needed to be done to tackle anti-Semitism, which he said had become “deeply rooted” in France.

“What has changed over the past three years is the awareness of this level of anti-Semitism,” he said.

Valls said French society as a whole had failed to mobilise in support of Jews following attacks such as the 2012 Islamist shooting at a Jewish school in Toulouse in which four people were killed, three of them children.

“These are crimes that must be prosecuted and condemned, we need to do more,” he said.

Abdelkader Merah, the brother of the jihadist who carried out the school attack, was handed a 20-year jail sentence in November in a trial that reopened wounds for French Jews.

He was convicted of encouraging his brother Mohamed to carry out a shooting spree targeting Jews and French soldiers, though he was cleared of having a direct role in the attacks.
Acid attacks: Retailers Sign Up To Voluntary Ban On Acid Sales
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 8:30 AM

From BBC:
Some of the UK's largest retailers have agreed to voluntarily stop sales of acids to customers under 18 years old.

The move comes amid continuing concern over the use of corrosive substances as a weapon.

In the year to last April, police recorded more than 500 attacks in England and Wales, double the number five years ago, with the majority of incidents in London.

A fifth of attackers who had been identified were under 18 years old.

The true level of acid crimes may be much higher than official records show.

A Freedom of Information request found the Metropolitan Police alone recorded more than 450 noxious or corrosive fluid incidents in London in 2016.

A Home Office analysis estimated the true national rate could be as high as 900 crimes a year. 
The Home Office has already proposed new legislation to ban the sale of corrosive substances to under-18s as well as an additional offence of possession in a public place without good reason.

This would bring the law for household acids and harmful chemicals that are not already subject to legal restrictions into line with crimes relating to knives.

The public consultation on that proposal, which would have to go through Parliament, closed last month.

In the meantime, DIY chains B&Q, Screwfix and Wickes, along with Waitrose, Morrisons and the Co-Op have committed to impose their own voluntary bans on sales to under-18s.

The British Independent Retailers Association, which includes independent DIY and hardware shops, will also ask its members to sign up to the new voluntary ban.

Under the voluntary ban, retailers will agree not to sell to under-18s any of their products that contain harmful levels of acid or other corrosive substances, such as powerful drain cleaners.

Staff will be expected to challenge buyers to prove their age in the same way that they do in relation to solvents, spray paints and knives.

Crime minister Victoria Atkins said: "I'm pleased that so many of the UK's major retailers are joining our fight ... and signalling they are committed to selling acids responsibly.

"This is the next step of our acid attacks action plan that has already seen us consult on new laws to restrict young people's access to acids."

The Home Office has also announced that experts at the University of Leicester are beginning detailed research into the characteristics and motivations of attackers.

Acid or other corrosive chemicals have been a weapon in a range of crimes, including revenge, so-called "honour crimes", gang violence and theft from delivery drivers.

In one of the most serious recent cases, a man who threw acid in a packed London nightclub, injuring 22 people, was jailed for 20 years.

Another man is facing trial later this year for the alleged murder of a woman who died after she was splashed with a corrosive substance.
Jihad's New Home
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 8:30 AM

An interesting piece in The Week about the boost in Africa's jihad activity:
With ISIS largely defeated in Iraq and Syria, the fight against Islamist terrorism is shifting to Africa. Here's everything you need to know: 
Why Africa? 
Widespread corruption, poor governance, and large numbers of impoverished young men disillusioned with society have made many parts of Africa fertile breeding grounds for jihadism. The al Qaeda affiliate al-Shabab has terrorized Somalia and neighboring Kenya for more than a decade; Boko Haram began trying to overthrow the Nigerian government and set up its own small Islamic state back in 2002. In recent years, the African terrorist groups have expanded and become more aggressive. IHS Jane's Terrorism and Insurgency Centre recorded 171 Islamist militant attacks in Africa in 2009, resulting in 541 fatalities; in 2015, 738 attacks left 4,600 dead. ISIS's defeat in the Middle East last year exacerbated the problem, as thousands of African jihadists started returning home. Tunisia alone accounted for up to 6,500 of the Sunni terrorist group's foreign fighters — more than any other nation in the world. "The more we succeed in the Middle East," says Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), "the more we are going to see the snakes run to Africa."

Where are ISIS militants going?

Their main stronghold is Libya, which remains embroiled in a chaotic civil war. The terror group seized the coastal city of Sirte in 2015 — its only major outpost outside Syria and Iraq. They were driven out the following year, by militias backed by U.S. airstrikes, but have since regrouped in remote rural areas. ISIS's other North African hub is Egypt's largely lawless Sinai Peninsula. An ISIS affiliate called Sinai Province has claimed credit for 800 attacks in the region since 2013 and was widely blamed for the massacre at a Sufi mosque in November, in which more than 300 worshippers were killed. Mokhtar Awad, a research fellow in George Washington University's Program on Extremism, says ISIS is trying to inflame sectarian strife in Egypt in the hope it'll lead to "the country's unraveling."

Is al Qaeda still a force?

Increasingly so. While the world's attention has been on ISIS, al Qaeda has been seeking to make a comeback, and its leaders are grooming Osama bin Laden's favorite son, Hamza, for a prominent role as an inspirational leader. The terror group's most prominent African affiliate is al-Shabab, the former radical youth wing of the Islamist organization that used to control Somali's capital, Mogadishu. Al-Shabab carried out the 2013 attack on Nairobi's Westgate Mall and the 2015 massacre at Kenya's Garissa University; it was also blamed for the truck bomb in Mogadishu last October that killed more than 350 people. The group, which enforces a strict Wahhabi version of Islam, no longer controls any major towns or cities — it was ousted from Mogadishu in 2011 by an African Union–led offensive — but still has a significant presence in southern rural areas. Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, which mainly operates in Algeria and Mali, is the group's most profitable branch: Since 2003, it has made $100 million through kidnapping, drug smuggling, and extortion.

What is the U.S. doing?

The Pentagon has about 6,000 troops engaged in security and counterterrorism missions in Africa. Two-thirds are based in Djibouti, home of the continent's only official U.S. military base; another 800 are in Niger, 400 more are in Somalia, and the rest are spread out across 47 other countries. These numbers have risen significantly in recent years. In 2008, U.S. troops carried out 172 missions, training exercises, or other activities in Africa; last year, they were involved in 3,500. At least 1,700 of the 6,000-strong deployment are special forces, whose official role is to "advise and assist" — train local soldiers and offer them battlefield guidance. But they take part in a broad range of missions, including retaking enemy territory and capturing terrorist leaders. The Pentagon is also increasing its use of drones for surveillance and for targeting individuals and training camps with airstrikes. The U.S. conducted at least 30 airstrikes in Somalia in 2017, compared with 34 over the previous eight years.

What's the long-term strategy?

The Pentagon's primary aim is to prevent an Islamist group from taking control of large swaths of territory, as ISIS did in Iraq and Syria. But this strategy carries risks. Local armies struggle to retain control of areas they recapture from militants. Drone strikes inevitably lead to civilian casualties, which can alienate local populations and serve as a recruiting tool for terrorist groups. Above all, there are fears on both sides of the Atlantic that the U.S. could become bogged down in yet another long-term foreign conflict. "African governments want a small U.S. footprint," said Brig. Gen. Donald Bolduc, then head of U.S. Special Operations Command Africa, last year. "They watch what we've done in other places, and it scares the hell out of them. Quite frankly, it scares the hell out of me too. [You] end up in a much bigger fight than you'd prefer." [...]
Sweden: Grenade Goes Off Outside Subway Station, One Dead
Tuesday, January 9, 2018 6:24 PM

From The Local:
A man has died in hospital after he was injured in an explosion near a Stockholm subway station on Sunday.
The explosion occurred late on Sunday morning outside the Vårby Gård station, injuring a man in his sixties and a 45-year-old woman.

"There was something on the ground that the man picked up, and then it exploded," Sven-Erik Olsson of the Stockholm police told the TT news agency.

The man died in hospital in the early afternoon, the police announced on their website.

Stockholm's police force said the man was unlikely to have been purposely targeted by whoever left the explosive at the station. They added that there was nothing to suggest terrorism. [...]
'Fatah Day' At Bir Zeit University: Fatah Youth Activists Wear Dummy Explosive Belts, Threaten Israel With 'Volcano Of Fire'
Tuesday, January 9, 2018 1:00 PM

The Fatah Youth rally and parade at BirZeitUniversity were attended by several hundred students, many of them masked, decked in uniform and carrying Fatah flags. Some wore white robes resembling shrouds and dummy explosive belts, and held up copies of the Quran. Photos of this Bir Zeit event were posted on the Fatah's official Twitter page and on Facebook pages affiliated with the movement.[#_edn1" target="_blank">1] The message conveyed by the event was one of support for armed struggle, such as Fatah's actions before the Oslo Accords and during the second intifada.[#_edn2" target="_blank">2]
Chechnya's LGBT Muslim Refugees Struggle To Cope In Exile
Tuesday, January 9, 2018 11:00 AM

From WBUR:
Abdul Kadr's wife found out he was gay the night his relatives came to kill him.

She hid him inside the home in Grozny, Chechnya, where they lived with their four young children, and told him she'd stand by him.

"She saved my life," says Abdul Kadr, a silver-haired former businessman in his 40s.

Being married to a woman was how he hid his eight-year relationship with another man, also a married father. It was a way to survive in Chechnya, a largely Muslim southwestern republic of Russia where gay men are reportedly sent to torture camps and even killed.

Abdul Kadr is not his real name. He chose it for himself as protection from what he calls "the long arm of the Chechen secret police," which he fears will reach him even in the Netherlands, where he sought asylum early last year. A recent Human Rights Watch report suggests Chechen authorities are able to track down gay Chechens seeking asylum in Europe.

The Netherlands is one of a handful of countries in Europe offering protection to gay Chechens.

I meet Abdul Kadr outside the Amsterdam train station. He's with Artur, another Chechen who has also chosen a new name out of fear for his safety.

Artur says the Chechen secret police force gay men into outing their friends.

"The police electrocuted my friends, beat them, denied them food and water," says Artur, a mop-haired, 25-year-old former student with bright blue eyes.

The suspected gay detainees "slept on the ground, on concrete, while the drug dealers and terrorists slept in beds," he says. [...]
Swastika Daubings On Kosher Food Stores In Paris Suburb Leave Residents Anxious
Tuesday, January 9, 2018 10:00 AM

From Algemeiner:
Residents of the Paris suburb of Créteil expressed shock this week after five huge swastikas were daubed on the metal shutters of two kosher food stores in a popular shopping mall.

The vandalism was discovered on Wednesday morning as the owners arrived to open their stores. One of the targeted establishments was the Créteil branch of the HyperCacher supermarket chain — which became a household name in January 2015 when its Porte de Vincennes store was attacked by Islamist terrorists in the same week as the assault on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Four Jewish visitors to the store were murdered during the 2015 attack.

The National Bureau of Vigilance Against Antisemitism (BNCVA), a Jewish communal organization, declared in a statement that the approaching third anniversary of the HyperCacher atrocity on January 9 was the motive behind the vandalism in Créteil. The area is home to 20,000 Jews, and is the largest Jewish community in the Paris suburbs.

The vandals “wished to mark in their own way the anniversary of the anti-Jewish attack,” the BNCVA said in a statement.

French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb expressed “deep indignation” at the vandalism, pledging his support “to the residents targeted by this attack and to the Jewish community in France.”

Francis Kalifat — president of the French Jewish communal organization CRIF — declared in a statement that this latest “expression of antisemitism, a few days before the third anniversary of the attack on the HyperCacher, where four people were killed just because they were Jewish, is appalling.”

“CRIF expects that the perpetrators will be apprehended and heavily penalized,” Kalifat added.

The manager of the Promo & Destock grocery — the second of the two stores vandalized in the mall in Créteil — told local media outlets that he believed the swastika daubers were trying to “import” the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians into the local community.

“What I see is that the communities live very well in Créteil,” the store manager, whose name was given as  Aziz, told the newspaper Le Parisien.

“I am a Muslim myself and I have been selling kosher food here for almost ten years,” Aziz said.

One regular customer at the store, who gave his name as Pascal, observed that the vandalism had come at a particularly sensitive time in France. “In this atmosphere, when our families just want to live in peace, it’s very disturbing,” he said.
'We're Not Muslim Enough' Fear Turkish Cypriots As Poll Looms
Tuesday, January 9, 2018 10:00 AM

From The Guardian:
When Turkish Cypriots go to the polls on Sunday, they will do so under the shadow of the giant Hala Sultan mosque.

Before its foundation stone was laid in a remote spot on the road to Famagusta barely four years ago, there was little else towering over the Mesoria plain that engulfs northern Nicosia. Now, its monumental domes and minarets are by far the biggest in the eastern Mediterranean.

For many, the building symbolises Ankara’s tightening grip over the breakaway Turkish-occupied northern Cyprus.

“So much hangs on this election,” says Esra Aygin, a prominent Turkish Cypriot moderate and member of the bi-communal lobby group, Unite Cyprus Now. “The mosque represents the change in lifestyle and culture that Turkey would like to impose on us. It is very important that the forces of reconciliation do well if [President Mustafa] Akinci’s hand is not to be weakened and further mistrust avoided.”

Turkish Cypriots are seen as being among the most liberal Muslims in the western world. Most enjoy alcohol – attributing their penchant for whisky to colonial rule under the British. The majority also abhor the idea of women wearing headscarves and frequently joke they would only go to a mosque to attend a funeral. In such circumstances, Islamisation has been met with trepidation.

Like the outcome of the parliamentary election at stake, secular Turkish Cypriots worry that religion – and policies aimed at promoting a resurgence of Islam – could be the next big impediment to reconciling with Greek Cypriots in a united Cyprus.

Increasingly, concerns have been voiced that Turkey – which launched an invasion in 1974 to protect the minority in response to an Athens-inspired coup to unite the island with Greece – is now bent on erasing a way of life that is not only cherished but central to their identity.

Friction recently boiled over when the Turkish Cypriot daily, Afrika, ran a cartoon from an Athenian newspaper depicting a Greek statue urinating on the head of a grimacing image of the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Turkish Cypriot nationalists, including the state’s deputy prime minister, Recep Akdag, denounced its publication as an insult to the “entire Turkish nation”.

Sener Elcil, who heads the Turkish Cypriot teachers’ union and is a vocal critic of Ankara’s growing influence over his homeland, has watched the Hala Sultan mosque being built with a mix of fury and anxiety.

“We don’t want Sunni Islam imposed on us but they are working systematically to radicalise the system and change the fate and culture of Turkish Cypriots,” he told the Guardian. “All this is alien because culturally, we are very close to the Greek Cypriots.”

Under Erdoğan’s watch, Turkey has embarked on a mega mosque-building programme across five continents.

When the Hula Sultan mosque in Nicosia opens its doors this year, it will be able to accommodate 3,000 worshippers. Many faithful will be settlers – mainland Turks brought in initially in the 1970s as part of efforts to “Turkify” the north.

“It is not only that Turkish Cypriots have become a minority in their own country, they are now trying to replace the secular education system with religious schools,” said Elcil. “Over 400 imams have been sent here as missionaries to target the children of settlers. Instead of English, lessons in Arabic and the Qur’an are being taught. Religion has never been a point of conflict in Cyprus, nationalism, yes, but not this.”

Mass rallies have taken place outside the Turkish Cypriot parliament, attended mostly by young people deploring Ankara’s attempt to mould their culture into one more in tune with Islamic norms. Among points of grievance were the attempts by Turkey’s ruling neo-Islamist AKP party to impose single sex swimming pools at universities.

“In the past, there were efforts to make us more Turkish because it was felt we weren’t Turkish enough,” lamented Aydin. “Now we’re not Muslim enough and the answer is more mosques, more religious classes, more Qu’ran courses. The only thing we want, and can’t be, is Cypriot.” [...]
Bangladesh: Rejected Man Beat Up Woman Inside Mosque
Tuesday, January 9, 2018 8:30 AM

From Gulf News:
A businessman beat up a housewife in a mosque after she refused to date him and turned down his sexual advances, a court heard on Tuesday.

The 43-year-old Bangladeshi housewife was said to have received a phone call from an unknown number and the caller offered her a job in March.

When the housewife asked the caller how he got her phone number, according to records, the caller, a 37-year-old Bangladeshi businessman, claimed that he got it from a cafeteria’s deliveryman.

The 43-year-old woman instantly hung up the phone once the caller asked her to become his date and have sex with him.

Two days later when the woman went to pray at the mosque, the businessman took her by surprise and came from behind and beat her up brutally.

Police and an ambulance were summoned to the mosque where the alleged attack happened and the 37-year-old Bangladeshi was apprehended.

Prosecutors charged the suspect with assaulting the housewife and causing her 25 per cent permanent disability.

Dubai Police’s forensic examiner confirmed that the woman sustained a permanent blurred vision. 
The suspect pleaded not guilty when he showed up before the Dubai Court of First Instance last week.

The housewife told prosecutors: “When he called and asked me over the phone to date him and become his mistress, I refused and told him that I am an upright woman and do not follow that indecent path. Later he attacked me in the mosque while I was praying … he threw me down on the floor of the mosque and repeatedly punched me. He broke my cheekbone and bruised my eye.”

A policeman testified to prosecutors that the suspect said during questioning that he had been having an affair with the woman but denied beating her.

The trial continues.
PLO official says “Palestinians” Will Demand “The Annulment Of The Oslo Accords”
Monday, January 8, 2018 5:30 PM

You mean the Oslo Accords that prompted a Palestinian intifada?

From Breitbart:
TEL AVIV — The Palestinian Central Committee will convene in the middle of this month to discuss the formation of a Palestinian strategy in response to the historic decision by President Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. 
Jamil Mizher, a politburo member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the second-largest group in the PLO after Fatah, told Breitbart Jerusalem that during the meeting of the Central Committee, his organization will demand “the annulment of the Oslo Accords, a declaration to this effect and a declaration that the Palestinians are no longer bound by all the agreements, especially security cooperation and economic agreements.”

The Palestinian Central Committee is an institution within the PLO that connects the Palestinian National Council, which effectively acts as the Palestinian parliament with representatives from all over the world, and the PLO’s Executive Committee, which acts as the government of the Palestinian people and includes leaders from various factions.

According to Mizher, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is trying to organize the committee meeting in Beirut or Cairo and not Ramallah in order to allow leaders and representatives of the terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad to participate.

“We really want the leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and representatives of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, who can’t come to the West Bank, to be able to participate in the meeting because of the sensitivity and importance of the matter,” said Mizher.

He added that his group has taken action “so that all the organizations will be committed to the demand to cancel the agreements signed with the occupation, especially the Oslo Accords and all their clauses. As far as we’re concerned, in action and reality, this agreement is over and it no longer has any place in light of recent developments, especially Trump’s declaration regarding Jerusalem.”

“The occupation” is a derogatory and misleading reference to Israel. Palestinian factions refuse to recognize Israel’s right to exist.

The alternative to the Oslo agreements, said Mizher, “is the obligation of all the Palestinian factions to unit around a national campaign for liberation and the removal of the occupation. There are no other options before the Palestinians besides coping with and confronting the Israeli-American project. We will need to handle them with all our power.”

Last month, just a few days after Trump’s speech recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, the military wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, announced that the organization will begin targeting “American targets in the Palestinian territories from Rafah in the south (on the Egyptian border), to Rosh HaNikra (on the Lebanese border) in the north” in reaction to Trump’s declaration.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is the group that in October 2001 murdered the Israeli tourism minister Rehavam Ze’evi in response to the elimination of the organization’s leader Abu Ali Mustafa just a few months prior.
Ex-Marine 'Slave Of Allah' 'Planned To Funnel Crowds Onto San Francisco Pier With Pipe Bombs And Shoot Them Dead In Christmas Terror Attack Sparked By Trump Naming Jerusalem As Israel's Capital'
Monday, January 8, 2018 9:00 AM

From the Daily News:
A federal grand jury indicted a California man on charges of plotting to use homemade bombs during a Christmas Day attack on San Francisco's Pier 39.

Everitt Aaron Jameson intended to use pipe bombs to funnel people into an area of the popular tourist destination in order to shoot them, the indictment alleges.

The indictment replaces a criminal complaint against Jameson, 26, a Modesto tow-truck driver, but keeps the original charge of attempting to aid a terrorist organization.

He's now also charged with distributing information relating to destructive devices.

The FBI arrested Jameson on December 22 after he allegedly talked about his plans to undercover agents, including one he thought was associated with ISIS.

The indictment and a previously released FBI affidavit say he described to agents how to build pipe bombs, described where he intended to assemble the bombs, asked for remote timers, and described how he intended to use the bombs 'to funnel people into an area in order to shoot them.'

Assistant federal defender Charles Lee said he hadn't been presented with the evidence and that his office would investigate the possibility of an entrapment defense.

Lee said the FBI found no bomb-making materials when they searched his home, and that two rifles and a handgun were legally owned by a relative and were locked in a gun case where Jameson couldn't get them.

He said the federal charges are built only on statements his client posted on his Facebook page. Lee added that his client told the FBI undercover employee: 'I also don't think I can do this after all. I've reconsidered.'

Jameson was discharged from the Marine Corps after little more than four months in 2009 for failing to disclose a history of asthma.

The FBI affidavit said he asked for a fully automatic assault rifle and noted that he earned a sharpshooter qualification.

That is a basic marksmanship qualification and Jameson was never trained as a sniper during the brief time he spent at Camp Pendleton, California, said Marine spokeswoman Yvonne Carlock.

Jameson is set for a court hearing Friday in federal court in Fresno.

Federal Magistrate Judge Erica Grosjean last week ordered him detained without bail in part because he has no substantial known financial resources.

She also found that Jameson has a history relating to drug abuse and appears to have a mental condition that may affect whether he would show up for future hearings.
U.S. Suspends At Least $900 Million In Security Aid To Pakistan
Monday, January 8, 2018 9:00 AM

From Reuters:
The United States said on Thursday it was suspending at least $900 million in security assistance to Pakistan until it takes action against the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani network militant groups.

The U.S. State Department announced the decision, saying it reflected the Trump administration’s frustration that Pakistan has not done more against the two groups that Washington says use sanctuaries in Pakistan to launch attacks in neighboring Afghanistan that have killed U.S., Afghan and other forces.

The department declined to say exactly how much aid would be suspended, saying the numbers were still being calculated and included funding from both the State and Defense departments.

Pakistan has long rejected accusations that it fails to tackle the militants battling the Kabul government and U.S.-led foreign forces in Afghanistan, from sanctuaries on its side of the border.

On Friday, Pakistan criticized what it called “shifting goalposts” and said the U.S. suspension of aid was counter-productive.

U.S. officials said two main categories of aid are affected: foreign military financing (FMF), which funds purchases of U.S. military hardware, training and services, and coalition support funds (CSF), which reimburse Pakistan for counter-terrorism operations. They said they could make exceptions to fund critical U.S. national security priorities.

CSF funds, which fall under Defense Department authority, are covered by the freeze, said Pentagon spokesman Commander Patrick Evans, saying Congress authorized up to $900 million in such money for Pakistan for fiscal year 2017, which ended Sept. 30. None of that money has yet been disbursed.

The freeze also covers $255 million in FMF for fiscal year 2016, which falls under State Department authority and whose suspension has already been announced, as well as unspecified amounts of FMF that went unspent in earlier fiscal years.

Briefing reporters, U.S. officials stressed the suspension did not affect civilian aid to Pakistan and that the money could go through if Islamabad took decisive action against the groups.

“Our hope is that they will see this as a further indication of this administration’s immense frustration with the trajectory of our relationship and that they need to be serious about taking the steps we have asked in order to put it on more solid footing,” a senior State Department official told reporters.

“We’re hoping that Pakistan will see this as an incentive, not a punishment,” he added.

The Trump administration briefed Congress on its decision on Wednesday. [...]
UK Government Has Lost Track Of Hundreds Of Jihadis From Britain Fighting For ISIS
Monday, January 8, 2018 8:30 AM

From the #ixzz53KQbPHVL" target="_blank">Daily Mail:
The whereabouts of hundreds of Britons in the Middle East fighting for jihadist groups is unknown, the security minister has admitted.

Around half of the estimated 850 people from the UK who went to Syria and Iraq have returned home, but Ben Wallace said the Government ‘don’t know where’ those still in the region are.

Many have been killed in fighting, some are returning to Turkey, but it is unclear whether others are now living, he admitted.

Mr Wallace denied that the authorities had ‘lost track’ of the suspected terrorists, adding: ‘They went into a very hard part of Syria to reach into the Euphrates valley and then were dispersed from there.’

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: ‘What we do know is about half have come back to the United Kingdom of the original 850-odd that went out of concern.

‘About 15% to 20% we think have died out there either in military action, and at the moment we are seeing in dribs and drabs some of them coming into Turkey, maybe some of them trying to get back to us here, but there’s a significant number that at the moment it is hard to actually tie down exactly where they are.’…

A fierce debate has raged about how to deal with the estimated 360 battle-hardened jihadis who have returned to Britain after fighting with Islamic State in Syria and Iraq and the ones who may come back now after the fall of the so-called caliphate.

Terror law watchdog Max Hill QC caused a storm earlier this month when he said ‘naïve’ teenagers should be allowed to reintegrate into society, while Foreign Office Minister Rory Stewart said most followers of IS’s ‘hateful doctrine’ posed a ‘serious danger’ to the UK and should be killed.