Brexit betrayal by elites. Globalists corrupting world leaders to betray their own countries.
Saturday, 02 November 2019 - 04:29 AM
A bit of buffeting with the wind but still good.

Well the 31st of October has been and gone, and still Britain is in the EU. Seems like Boris is no Churchill and just another patsy of the EU.
It looks like the deal he's seeking isn't even a real Brexit according to Farage and the Brexit party, and I believe them.
Farage is offering to make a coalition with the Tories before the general election called for 12th of December. But as yet Boris is having none of it, which to my mind is crazy.
We'll see what happens.
In NZ Jacinda and her sycophants are determined to change the face of this country forever just to signal their virtue to their globalist paymasters.
We are indeed living through the age of global treachery, deceit, corruption, cowardice, and duplicity. This is unprecedented in human history the scale of what being done to nation states.

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