Brexit party need to be voted for above conservatives. Never ever vote Labour in any country!
Thursday, 14 November 2019 - 04:07 AM
Yesterday's video I got some feedback saying they're not voting as they don't trust these politicians.  I thoroughly understand them commentors for saying this as they've been let down so often by these scumbag politicians, especially conservatives who aren't real conservatives and labour who don't represent the working class anymore and are now islamophiles and communists.
Nigel Farage, i believe is doing what is politically expedient by not standing candidates in conservative areas, and only standing them in labour/lib dem areas.
Some commenters said Nigel has been got too or he's chickened out. I really hope they're wrong in their analysis. On the other hand I maybe wrong. Only time will tell.
If Nigel shows himself a charlotten then there goes Britain's last hope. Boris is like May, no good and a back door dealer to cheat the British people of a real 100% Britain's exit from the EU.
If Britain gets Brexit party parliamentarians into the commons then they can make Boris accountable and hold his feet to the fire.
Hopefully I'm not wrong.
If Boris cheats the nation then I believe civil unrest will follow or even worse.

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