Fatah Revolutionary Council Member Abdel-Elah Atira: Arafat Hinted to Us to Start the Intifada
Wednesday, 15 January 2020 - 02:34 PM
Fatah Revolutionary Council member Abdel-Elah Atirs said in a January 1, 2020 interview on Palestine TV (Palestinian Authority): “Yasser Arafat, may he rest in peace, signed the Oslo Accords and came here. Later, when he saw [the opening of] the Western Wall Tunnel, he was the one who told the people to take to the streets and fight, and so we waged an Intifada. When he went to Camp David and saw that Jerusalem, or part of it, was not part of the deal, he came back and hinted to us to start the Second Intifada. Fatah’s thermometer is ready to move in any direction.”