Fmr. Kuwaiti Minister: Kuwaitis Who Convert to Judaism, Other Religions Should Not Lose Citizenship
Friday, 17 January 2020 - 01:52 PM
In a December 28, 2019 interview on ATV (Kuwait), former Kuwaiti Minister Ali Al-Baghli, who has also been a member of Kuwait’s parliament, was asked regarding whether a certain Kuwaiti man who converted to Judaism should be stripped of his Kuwaiti citizenship or not. Al-Baghli answered that there should be no punishment for this person because Kuwait is a country governed by laws that do not infringe upon people’s personal liberty to convert to different religions. He pointed out that if it had been a Jew that converted to Islam, everybody would have applauded this man, and that Judaism has been around for longer than Islam. Al-Baghli added: “If he is wrong, Allah will punish him. Why should we, as humans, interfere?”