Iraqi Militia Leader: Israel Wants War in Region, Plans to Settle Palestinian Refugees in Iraq
Wednesday, 28 August 2019 - 01:51 PM
Qais Khazali, the leader of the Iraqi Shiite militia Asa'ib Ahl Al-Haq, said in an August 26, 2019 show on Al-Ahd TV (Iraq) that he believes neither the U.S. nor Iran genuinely want war, but that Israel wants war because it acts in accordance with ideologies and prophecies that have their roots in the Torah. He claimed that Israel wants war because it sees "Babylon" as its greatest enemy, and he said that there are people inside the American government who are advancing this cause. Khazali also said that the U.S. has been focusing its humanitarian aid to Iraq in the Al-Anbar province because it has a plan to cut Al-Anbar away from Iraq and use it to shelter Palestinian refugees. In addition, Khazali claimed that there is a plan for war to break out between Iran and the U.S. before the end of President Trump's first term, and he said that recent Israeli attacks against camps belonging to the Iraqi PMU and Federal Police have been the first steps in this war.