IRGC Commander-in-chief General Hossein Salami: I Wish I'd Crashed, Burned with the Ukrainian Plane
Tuesday, 14 January 2020 - 01:37 PM
On January 12, 2020, IRGC Commander-in-chief General Hossein Salami briefed the Iranian Majles on the circumstances of the downing of the Ukrainian Airlines passenger plane. He said that on the night of Iran’s attack against U.S. bases in Iraq, amidst all the commotion, the air-defense system showed an attack from U.S. cruise missiles, as cruise missiles fly at the same speed as a passenger plane does in low altitudes. General Salami added that “this brother of ours”, referring to the system’s operator, was momentarily disconnected from the security operations center. General Salami said that the IRGC was the source of the theory that it was an Iranian air-defense missile that had caused the Ukrainian airliner to crash, because of the proximity in time to the attack on the U.S. bases in Iraq, otherwise, no one else would have noticed. General Salami expressed his wish to have crashed and burned on that plane “rather than witness this sad affair.” He added that the only thing he and his “brothers” can think about is their wish that “one day we will be cut in pieces and sacrificed for the sake of [the Iranian] people, its wishes and its prosperity.” He continued to swear that from now on, the IRGC would “not allow a single Iranian to be harmed even in the slightest way.” General Salami’s statements were aired on Channel 1, Iranian TV.