Yemeni Journalist: Israel Is Our Number One Enemy but It Does Not Try to Convert Muslims to Judaism
Wednesday, 15 January 2020 - 02:25 PM
Yemeni journalist Ahmed Al-Musaibily, an advisor in the Yemeni Ministry of Information, said in a January 5, 2020 interview on Suhail TV (Yemen) that even though Israel is the Arab world’s number one enemy, it at least doesn’t aim to convert people to Judaism in the same way that Iran tries to convert people to Shia Islam. He said that Iran is destroying the Arab world, but not for the sake of Sunni Arabs, and he claimed that it is doing so in agreement with Israel. He argued that there is no enmity between Iran and Israel and that no Iranian has ever carried out any attacks against Israel. He also said that the Houthis and Hizbullah, which are backed by Iran, haven’t carried out operations against ISIS or Al-Qaeda because terrorism and Israel are “two sides of the same coin”. Al-Musaibily also claimed that there are economic connections between Israel and Iran that might even include joint gas and oil projects.